Nicola Bulley Coverage Censorship & DELIBERATE BREADCRUMBS / Hugo Talks

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45 Comments on “Nicola Bulley Coverage Censorship & DELIBERATE BREADCRUMBS / Hugo Talks

  1. Obviously the hook was set and the people bit. Of course it’s set up to introduce a strong case to tighten online laws. This is just a beginning I feel, there will be a few more cases or traps set yet.

    • I check the news headlines several times a week, and it was impossible to miss this story. It was on the top. Yet, I bothered to read that a mother of two went missing , then sometime later, that she had alcohol problems + riverside walk. It is not a rocket science to add the two together. It is a shame, that she lost her life, children lost their mum. Coverage’s purpose seemed to have been to drain energy from its followers. Selfish to say but I have plenty going in my life not to get dragged into similar stories. I feel that with all the misery going in the world, it is necessary to look after my own mental balance. If I didn’t put myself first, sadly, I would not be able to look after those whom I hold close to my heart.

  2. If the media didn’t advertise then people would not be interested

  3. I think the Sister-In-Law of Mackenzie Crook will be the next big news missing person.

    • To be fair anyone missing is awful , Nicola Bulley partly got attention as shes a good looking mother. Mackenzie Crook’s sister in law is just as important. When it comes to TV McKenzie Crook is pretty unique his writing for the Detectorists is intelligent, gentle and witty, a rarity.

      • Who is his sister in law? Great description of crook

  4. Don’t think for yourselves, it’s the Governments job to govern your mind.

  5. Follow scripture instead of the script should become a motto, our mantra. We should all recite it three times as soon as we wake up each day and every night just before retiring. And while we’re at it, let’s all have a few words with our Lord and Savior.

    Isn’t it ironic how the fakestream can scold the public’s “conspiracy theorists” for lying when every movement of their foul mouths is a lie. What has a front has a back, and the bigger the front the bigger the back. The internet has become a powerful enemy of the people.

    • It’s not called “the web” for nothing! (Hidden in plain sight.)

      • With Satan as the spirit sucking spider in the middle, effectively the soul of Satan made manifest in our earthly realm. Hidden in plain sight, indeed.

  6. While disengaging from this would be ‘healthy’, the ‘laws’ will be pushed thru anyway. It’s not like ‘they’ will say “hmph….nobody biting? Drat….we can’t pass the laws now!” Some of the exposure of this case is highly entertaining and making the media and Police look incredibly foolish…..the problem being that most people still buy into what they are being instructed to believe. Personally I still think people should pay attention to the nonsense AND attempt to reveal the BS. Otherwise we’re all just passive as the ‘laws’ are pushed thru anyway. At least some people may listen to the ‘conspiracy theorists’ and become…..converts(?)

    • If people didn’t engage with the media, and were so drawn to following whatever they say (script) and then allow themselves to indulge in the gossip and theories from the breadcrumbs that the media deliberately left, then people online wouldn’t have done or said some of the things, that the media can now accuse them of.

      • @hugotalking – Exactly! The fakestream are clearly liars or more specifically, sociopathic/psychopathic.

        Here’s my mantra for dealing with this ilk.

        Love them
        they deplete you.
        Challenge them
        they scorn you.
        Ignore them
        they fade away.

      • Yes but the whole episode is still a psyop being played on the largely unwitting/witless public.

        The horse has long bolted on trying to somehow thwart the engineering of psyops or eg introduction of digital currency etc.. It’s happening.

        At least challenging this stuff directly and putting out your own breadcrumbs to try & encourage people to see an alternative message has a bit of a purpose.

        If it somehow fast-tracks the ‘laws’ and intrusions so be it – it’s happening either way.

        People won’t snap out of daydreams until they have the wet fish moment. Why prolong it by preaching to the converted?

      • If people don’t respond the way the controllers want the desired response will be faked anyway.

  7. Yes, this is a media circus is to get people using social media to feel like or be vilified for speculating/asking reasonable questions and that the result is social media needs regulating (as though it isn’t already ‘controlled’ content wise by e.g. 77th Brigade etc etc). Problem/ reaction/ Solution, the same old globalists operandum modi!
    BUT, don’t just abdicate responsibilty and ‘switch off smart phone’ as a simplistic answer ( I don’t own one anyway).

    The Online Safety Bill is in the Lords currently, this needs to be stopped as it will completely censor social media content with massive fines/prison sentences if the ajudicator (OFCOM, yes really), decides it is misinformation. Just like the great turnout in Oxford at weekend to protest as 15 min cities, councils will now be frightened of the masses. If you just opt out, refuse to engage, this is what they, the globalists/WEF/UN etc want. GET INVOLVED IN VISIBLE PROTEST, the masters fear that, not disengagement.

    • “councils frightened of the masses” Yeah, just like our fearless leaders/puppets were afraid of us when they enforced lockdowns, social distancing, masks, and toxic injections!

      Social media is a prime intelligence resource and a means to tweak the trajectory of “their” worldwide agenda. This business of “fines/prison sentences” is just another stimulus / test probe for the Profane to register our reaction through social media.

      Remember not so long ago when Austria became the first country by law to require the whole country to get vaccinated? How about some of the outrageous threats from Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria?

      Let history be your guide.

      • I wrote by mistake, “This business of “fines/prison sentences” is just another stimulus / test probe for the Profane to register our reaction through social media.” We are the Profane!

    • I agree . I am going to the BBC on Saturday for the protest against the war . I hope there will be good numbers there as their were at the Covid Demos

    • I agree. There are times to disengage from nonsense…but we’ve reached the point where that’s a dwindling option.

      Media weaponising complete insanity such as this ‘lady vanishes’ Jackanory tale is a complete affront to ‘the public’. The name ‘Bulley’ seems to be a bit of a giveaway regarding the intention here.

      But this particular threat to ‘freedom’ ie relating to ‘harms’ is doomed to fail. They can hold it over the heads of people but they can’t control human behaviour no matter how much it sometimes seems so eg. the ‘pandemic’ shaming etc..

      The kind of tyranny people have been fearing/resisting (and complying with) may just be a sideshow.

      Maybe the bigger concern is the engineering of an expansive ‘war’. That can’t be disengaged from. We’ve really been at war for our entire lives of course…but has this been the real intention of the past few years? All focus on ‘health’ has been dropped completely now. The war drum is quickening. The rhetoric is confrontational.

      Is the genocide going to be via the tried n tested method after all?

      I can’t help but think of that Deagel website from a couple of years ago. ‘Real’ or ‘fake’ the noted population reductions seemed to refer to aftermath of war..

  8. The devil and his demon spirits are hidden amongst us within those who have sold their souls and are spiritually possessed; those who have succumbed to the Devil’s Faustian bargain – like John Lennon and Bob Dillon admitted to – for the promise of untold fame, wealth, amazing skills, prestige – to be treated like god’s by the adoring masses as did the Devil, in disguise as the serpent promised to Eve in the Garden of Eden – sharing the Devil’s tricks, sorcery, witchcraft, his preternatural powers and wizardry – to cast magic spells on those who are ignorant of his wiles. He is the consummate master of deception, lies and misdirection. He knows how to make every peaceful community incandescent – sowing dissention amongst everyone – whispering lies into their ears – he hides amongst the unwary – insidiously chipping away at their insecurity until he has everyone riled up.

  9. scripture, script, seems they are telling us something. revelations isnt prophecy it is a revealing , ie: a script of plans

  10. I see that Yugo is getting in his scripture yet again. Waffling on about the words, allegedly, of St Peter, the illiterate Galillean fisherman, who somehow learned to write in Greek like an intellectual in his two letters. What Yugo fails to understand about the Bulley case is that the reason for the fascination, lies in her attractiveness, her being middle class, and residing in a village close to a slow moving river that only appears to be about twenty feet wide. It was a genuine mystery. Now of course, the media are scum, and they feed like the worst type of parasites, off the misery of others. I actually stopped following the story when I could see that they were deliberately putting the partner into the frame, it reminded me of that teacher, Christopher Jefferies, and how the media persecuted him during the Joanna Yeates case back in 2011, and also, how the British media persecuted Amanda Knox over the Meredith Kerchner murder in Perugia.
    But going back to Yugo, he sees to much Psy Op in almost everything, but typically, fails to see that the scripture he is now forever spouting, in Middle English no less, is the ultimate Psy Op …

    • Knox was as guilty as hell. She had malignant narcissist written all over her. The Italians virtually admitted it after she was back in the US.

  11. Why do you persist in calling Hugo “Yugo”? Are you deliberately trying to provoke a reaction? If so, this says much about your character. It’s obvious to me, and to anyone else with an ounce of discernment, that Hugo has been given “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” by none other than Yahweh Himself. The KJV version of the Bible is full of mistranslations and inaccuracies and because of this, it is banned for study in Bible Colleges. Don’t forget that Hugo is a “newborn” in God’s Kingdom. It may be the only translation he has or knows from his youth. It doesn’t matter what you or I think regarding his use of “middle English”. This is Hugo’s website and he should be perfectly free to quote from whatever translation he deems fit. If you don’t like him “waffling on” and “spouting scripture”, what the heck are you doing following this website? Don’t you have better things to do with your time than to continually harass someone who is trying to make people aware of what is really going on in this world? Shalom.

    • Hear, hear, chelseagirl001!!! Such arrogance from the Old Cigarette or is it just about spreading misery and discontent? And what a handle! Like calling oneself Expired Milk or Rotten Egg or how about Used Toilet Paper 😆

      • His handle amuses me. His continual attacking of other people does not. Yet he boasts he has recently been to a “Bible study”. I hope he doesn’t verbally attack the people that also attend. Studying the Bible and meeting together is supposed to build and lift up your faith. The vitriol spouted from this man would do just the opposite. Shalom.

        Your other comment gave me a chuckle. Thank you. My friend used to call herself Old Sour Puss online, until I reminded her that we have to be careful what we speak over ourselves and others. The Holy Spirit must have convicted her because she changed it a few days later.

      • @chelseagirl001 – On the subject of handles, some have wondered about mine considering goy/goyim is sometimes used with a pejorative sense, but it works both ways. There’s actually more behind my handle, too.
        By the way, I once lived just outside of Chelsea, Massachusetts. Lots of places in New England reflect back to England and we even speak a little like you folks. Most people here like the British accent while many make fun of my “Yankee” accent, imagine that? 🙂 Peace.

      • Fascinating. Everyone’s a “goy” that is not Jewish, so I don’t see it as a derogatory term at all. Chelsea is my childhood nickname as well as a posh (wealthy) suburb of London. Thank the Lord I don’t live there, although I do speak in what most people would call “received pronunciation”. I’ve only travelled to Florida to visit my American friends. I don’t think I would be able to understand the East Coast accent, lol! I have a friend who is a cabby in New York and have trouble understanding him on the phone. I’m sure yours is delightful. Enjoy your day.

      • @chelseagirl001 – I appreciate your support and laughed over your experience with your New York cabbie friend. Considering I no longer live in New England my accent sort of moved down the coast with me. A Rhode Islander born and raised with a distinctly different accent from someone living in Chelsea less than a hundred miles away seems to have morphed into a New York accent along the way. So, I imagine I may sound a lot like your cabbie friend. 😆 God bless you, chelseagirl.

      • Old Cigarette was the character that Keith Carradine played in Emperor of The North Pole, a 1970s film with Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine.

      • @Old Cigarette – “Old Cigarette was the character that Keith Carradine played in Emperor of The North Pole, a 1970s film with Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine.”

        Vaguely remembering that movie, I had to look it up to find your character. Turns out his name is Cigaret. So, in addition to taking liberties in your biblical interpretation, you seem to have taken some here, too. 😆

    • You Believers make me giggle. Have you ever seriously looked at what passes for orthodox Christian belief? which is that an all perfect and holy super spirit, who lives outside of space and time, creates the universe and our planet, then populates it with Adam and Eve, who are conned by the Serpent into eating a piece of Magic Fruit from one of two Magic Trees … And then God, who is perfect and righteous goes nuts with them. Sin enters the world, and everyone born after that fateful day deserves to be tortured for all eternity in Hell … But God has a Master Plan, which is to send his Son to be tortured to death in our place so that perfect, holy, righteous and also incredibly angry God, who is also love, can forgive us if we come to him, and we get to live with him forever in a kind of Heavenly holiday resort, because we’ve said The Sinners Prayer and had a bath in the Blood of the Lamb …. But everyone else gets to go to Hell ….. Does any of that make sense to anybody with a brain? But then again you are known as Sheep.

      • The Bible according to an Old Cigarette. Seems like your taking things a little too literal and rather juvenile I might add. But I’m curious, care to expound on the meaning of life, why we are here, how we got here, what is the point of all this? Take your time. Think it through. I’ll gladly engage with you. Peace.

  12. I do surveys for You Gov (of Nadhim Zahawi fame) as I find it interesting what questions they ask, and how biased they are. Today’s was all about ID for elections, and ended asking for my view on National IDs.

  13. As the 3 letter agencies have totally taken over any and all media platforms, we should all question the narrative and be careful what we post. Anyone who speaks out of line is undoubtedly on a watch list of some kind, as I said “be careful what you say online”, as one day it will be used against you.
    #rage against chips in our head.

    • Surely this is what “they” want – for us all to be quiet and not speak out against anything? If we think that our e-mails are private, between friends, then I think some are in for a shock. MS has sent me targeted adverts after I’ve mentioned a particular brand in a private e-mail to a friend only a few seconds after I’ve sent it. It wouldn’t surprise me if our governments know to the penny how much is in our bank and savings accounts either. “Big Brother” has been watching us for a very long time. No doubt all of our posted (and deleted) comments are saved somewhere up in “the cloud”.

  14. Whenever I point out to TV watchers that the front page publicity given to this previously unknown woman is not logical, I get that strange retarded liberal stare in response.

    • “TV watchers” and “a strange retarded liberal stare”. Like the spring with the fall and Aunt Jemima’s pancakes with her syrup.
      Well done, Liam, well done! 😃

  15. It is next to impossible to go missing.
    Do you know anybody that does not carry a tracking device called “smart phone” when leaving home in case of an emergency?

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