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83 Comments on “UFO PSYOP INCOMING?? Hugo Talks

  1. Hugo, the Scripture … is it not a script …, where is God… he surely loves his flock … millions die in wars etc…
    Your part about Alien life ? Well if This God is real, and if Aliens were real, who made them …
    You surely have your flock following you… you believe in what you want,… barking mad if you ask me

    • You are English so PSYOP means the involvement of British Intelligence! (MI5). So who is being PSYOPED? Quoting from KJV “Bible” (which in case you don’t know was co-written/translated by John Dee (The founder of British Intelligence!).

  2. Apparently the giant’s or the neathelin, however you want to call them. When they died, their spirit remains on this realm to plague mankind. They have also been called demons, so with this lot and the fallen angels. We sure have a battle on our hands, wouldn’t you agree. So now we have aliens too contend with, which must of been here already. Unless they know away to pass through the firmament. Bring on the show. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  3. Genesis 6:4 is distorted by legions of protestants… many were conditioned with jewish fables, like stories about the “nephilims”!!!
    When it mentions the ‘sons of God’ resorted to the ‘daughters of man’, means, God’s children, the descendants of Adam and Noah messed with women from PAGAN TRIBES… not with angels, demons or anything like that as physical relationships with the invisible world being is IMPOSSIBLE, as THERE IS NO SEX IN THE INVISIBLE WORLD, angels and demons have NO SEX!!!
    So NO demon HAD CHILDREN WITH HUMANS… and even less “corrupted human DNA”… sorry, but these two theories/ideas are simply preposterously ridiculous.
    This is similar to the gibberish that the ‘mark of the beast’ is a piece of modern technology, and not a spiritual mark that will be received if one participates in a ritual of initiation into the jewish luciferian cabala, as David Spangler stated:
    * David Spangler, freemason and outspoken luciferian new ager, UN director of Planetary Initiative:
    – “No one will enter the new world order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship lucifer. No one will enter the new age unless he will take a luciferian initiation.”
    When are you people going to learn that christian stuff is SPIRITUAL, and not physical? Men were or are bad NOT because of any “corrupted DNA”, but due to satanic influences, SPIRITUAL satanic influences…
    Bloody hell, now you link biblical events to ‘bloodlines’, “DNAs” and stuff like that? This is why scripture isn’t down to individual interpretations and scripture itself does say exactly this!!!
    This video would be fine if you had topped it after 5 minutes… the rest is gibberish… sorry.

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