Nicola Bulley MEDIA BOMBARDMENT PSYOP? / Hugo Talks

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125 Comments on “Nicola Bulley MEDIA BOMBARDMENT PSYOP? / Hugo Talks

  1. Hi Hugo, The Body Language Guys are establishment. They analyse convicted serial killers & then explain how they know he was lying. Tell us something we don’t know! They also gossip & gloat over victims of crime, like a bunch of old washer women but nastier.

    I said in the comments ‘why not analyse the father of the Hampstead Heath satanic abuse children? They said he forced them into satanic ritual abuse which included teachers in the Hampstead junior school. He’s obviously acting in the interview (he is an actor) when he cries & denies it. The kids were taken from their mother & placed with their father by social services after she complained to them about it. The children later said it was all lies but if you watch the film you can see they were being honest. They went into the tiniest details & both their stories matched up. They’re in Hollywood now with the satanic dad & their mother is still trying to get them back but authorities say she was the abuser. They didn’t want to touch that though did they? They don’t want to do anything useful it’s just gossip.

    • The father also almost beat the daughter to death for telling the truth. It’s a horrific story. My heart and soul cries out for the innocent children!

  2. Not really got a clue Hugo, just watching with interest at the moment, it smacks as something not at all right with the story though. The partner is definitely NOT traumatised, his eye’s are clear and bright, he’s getting sleep. The best friend is wearing false eye lashes and full makeup, REALLY when your best friend is missing. No one in connection with her seems to be short of sleep. You should see me when I’m short of sleep, trust me you wouldn’t want too. I do not believe she fell into the river, she is a strong healthy woman, if she did fall into it, she was strong enough to grab the plentiful grass on the river bank while she screamed for help, who put’s their phone down on the bench and then stands up to walk away, you put it in your pocket when you stand or before, you don’t put it on the bench. So, many holes in this story AND, it’s becoming a great DISSTRACTION, but, FOR WHAT.

  3. Talking about body language I have found the Police response to this very suspicious. They are obsessed with her being in the water despite an intensive search and no evidence. It is as though they are distracting us.
    However I think the last couple of minutes of this video explains what is going on, it’s a psy op towards getting us all chipped. There was a documentary on C5 last night (not watched), I have never heard of that before whilst someone is missing.
    Expect her to turn up safe and well and go in front of the camera saying something like “if I was chipped, you would have found me”.

  4. Re:
    “mole” lol
    Welcome to Specialist Group International:

    A world-renowned provider of 24/7 Specialist Rescue, Underwater Search and Protester Management response to Police, Fire and other Government Agencies.

    Speaking from his home in West Sussex, dad-of-three Peter Faulding says: “I was very close to my dad and just loved being underground with him”

    This published 6 days prior:


  5. she certainly had alot of photos of herself for use and display. I can just picture her making a deal with the government to be their actress for this whole show. I hope she is safe somewhere and laughing all the way to the bank. Just all too slick. It’s just aggravating to us who don’t buy it to be forced to talk about it and pray for UKRAINE all the time.

  6. Well, who is she really? Who is her boyfriend?? etc, etc!!!!
    There is always something behind a Psyop!!
    Thank you Hugo. Blessings to you!

    • Most likely for the government to get citizens to put tracking device into their hands for social credit score/digital currency/digital ID. Put fear into citizens then they will say “these chips in the hand will save your life should some kidnap you”. WEF always has an evil angle.

  7. Phone found at 9.33am. kids are 6 and 9. Been together 12 years! They love the numbers!!!

    • The boyfriend even had a “darkened right eye” in his first appearance with the media (nice fresh black eye), trying to hide it with a wooly hat pulled low, but the remnants of it were still visible on the cheekbone in his documentary appearance just screened.

  8. As you say with the psyops they are done for a reason. The prevailing narratives from the public are 1. The botched and unusual police response, fairly definitively saying she was in the river with no evidence etc.. 2. The coverage and lack of answers made the public speculate and come up with their own hypothesis. But public not allowed to theorise, must trust the experts/authority like with covid etc. 3. Many suspect the partner of Nicola because of his body language in that interview, comparing it to Chris Watts. The globalists managed decline of the west is made harder and hampered by a healthy citizenry. That’s why the minority grievance groups like blm, lgbt, stop oil etc are weaponised to attack and destabilise the healthy majority. Innocence until proven guilty no longer exists in certain contexts. For example because of sins of the fathers, colonialism, patriarchy, industrialisation etc.. the majority group is “systemically” or inherently privileged and guilty. So here is the theory, might be bollocks but it fits in keeping with the present day culture war. They know or strongly suspect the partner but are prolonging action to drum up as much publicity as possible. The partner is an average everyday type representative of the majority demographic, the one that must be successfully weakened in order for the globalists to have a smooth managed decline. By making it the biggest thing ever when the partner is finally hauled in, it will be so big it will be psychologically damaging to the morale and perception of the entire demographic and will be paraded and used as another example of how bad that demographic is and deserves the decline. The overall percentage of the public willing to uphold the concept of innocence until proven guilty when it comes to this demographic may also drop. Would that not be a successful psyop for them? Again I have no evidence just making up a wild conspiracy theory..

  9. I must admit as soon as I heard it, I thought there was something strange about this story, but wasn’t sure what it was. Possibly, maybe they’re trying to bring in division hate that shit you should be frightened of men, but actually what you said in relation to the tracking actually makes sense. I definitely think there’s definitely something strange with this but what are they trying to do to push the narrative but if you were to try and say this to anybody in the general public they think you are crackers but anyway, yes we did have to wait and see what happens but the best thing we can all do. Sadly just to ignore this case and not engage with it.

  10. Yes, certainly something off here. Just too much media bombardment. Intuitively, this seems linked to ID and biometrics. This is perhaps priming us and later, a child will be abducted and more seeds will be sown. Eventually the public will be worn down to a tired nub and acquiesce, Hugo – many years ago, there was a horrific case of a pregnant woman being murdered on the side of the motorway. She went to make a call at one of those motorway emergency phones. That incident (if it ever actually happened?) galvanized such fear and horror, that people went out and bought mobile phones ‘just to be safe’ The tech companies used or created this incident to get everyone on board with owning a phone. Now it seems they are plying our human emotions for yet another similar move. At the end of this, the public will be begging for whatever tech/digital tracking control rubbish they have ready to make our lives ‘safer’

  11. Dead on, Hugo – you literally took the words right out of my mouth!

  12. this afternoon on our walk around the neigbborhood there were cops and cameramen at our neighbor house doing something and at the end they all were out on the stoop laughing and hugging and saying goodbye. making a training film? making fake news? just so weird and out in broad daylight???? can’t wait for the superbowl halftime illuminati show tommorow. probably will be alot of gestures. but why? Isn’t the cat out of the bag yet? so dumb. whatever story the drive by’s go with has to fit their narrative some how. Even my Dad who isn’t completely red pilled can tell you that there are only three companys that actually own all the beer makers so that’s why not only budweiser will be promoted at the super bowl, which is probably rigged bc online gambling is now legal. If my dad is on to them they really might as well come out in the open and just be who they are. He reads the new york times. I explained to him that the reason you don’t hear about paris hilton is that she is controlled op and is featured more in new york post. that explains it. Come Lord Jesus! Might be something to the micro chip and rapture theories. every time i use my debit card i brace myself for it to be declined bc i don’t have the vax or don’t wear the rainbow or something.

    • ‘If my dad is on to them they really might as well come out in the open and just be who they are.’ This makes me literally laugh out loud every time i come across it, as i return here to check new posts and further info. It could be (semi) unintentional- yet it ‘s hilarious anyway LOL. Good luck to you – and your dad and thanks for the laughs 😀

  13. ♫I swear I left her by the river
    I swear I left her safe and sound
    I need to make it to the river
    And leave this old Nebraska town♫

  14. I don’t indulge in fakestream news entertainment or commercial TV of any kind; I don’t even own a smartphone. So, why all this talk of psyop as if that’s any revelation? It’s all psyop, damnit!

    It’s reality TV! It’s entertainment! The readership/viewership needs drama to feel alive. They’re addicted to it. Three years ago, they were locked up in their houses, kept out of their workplace, being convinced that their world was overrun by deadly unidentified nanosized particles.

    A year later, the majority are convinced they’re under attack and most willingly roll up their sleeves to receive multiple shots of an unproven gene therapy that programs their bodies to make a deadly protein posing as a vaccine.

    Last year people that shouldn’t be dying started dropping dead… in droves! Curiously, they all had something in common; they had all rolled up their sleeves the year before.

    Now it’s all about keeping them pacified, distracted from the realization that they were duped, duped by their government, their corporate employers, their mainstream news media. So, to escape their own fearful predicament their live vicariously in other’s dreadful dramas provided by the same murderous bastards who convinced them to get jabbed in the first place. It’s a circle jerk and a pretty sorry state of affairs if you ask me.

    • To put it very eloquently and clearly. fully agree. That ‘s why i wasn ‘t drawn in, it ‘s actually boring and annoying to say the least. People are dramajunkies, it ‘s a bottomless pit. It ‘s staggering since its so obvious and transparant yet they need their fix. Even more aggrivating is the ‘my heart is broken for the family….’ declarations of deep sympathy. Right. Where were all those ’empaths’ storming the comment sections, when ‘they’ were after their loved ones. Too busy condoning a crime, i quess.

  15. Whenever something is pushed in the MSN, it’s usually to distract the public because they’re pushing something through as law without us knowing…

    Right now they’re doing exactly that with the Digital ID

    Earthquake in Turkey and Syria now dominates the headlines, not Nicola Bulley

    Establishment will use whatever story they need to hide what they’re doing

    Only God knows whether this is a PsyOps or not

  16. just seen on facebook “find Nicola bullet ” page someone is suggesting air tags. well done Hugo !

  17. Wouldn’t surprise me if it could be all part of a push to get people chipped. Where they come out and say we’ve got new tech that allows us to track missing persons so that we don’t get cases like Nicola Bulley, Claudia Lawrence, suzie lamplugh, madeleine McCann etc.

  18. I only watched 3 minutes of the video.
    Hugo, tv news always have to find something to keep people DISTRACTED… it doesn’t really matter what it is; in this case it is the case of this woman’s disappearance. I don’t think it’s related to any specific ‘agenda’… it’s just pure distraction, they need to fill their news space with distortions and distractions.

    • Yes all of the media stories are distractions, all of them, bur they are all fulfilling different agendas, which are all nudging people towards the mark. This I believe has been ongoing for decades.

  19. I haven’t even bothered to follow this story- I have no tv or mobile phone or smartphone so stay away from all this BS. But the point about tracking and implants is probably part of it. They have been microchipping pets for decades- a practice that is cruel and barbaric and kills many shelter animals. Yet people do it without a second thought in the false belief it will keep their pets safe.They are making it a legal requirement for cats, which is just indescribably cruel as cats suffer badly due to having different nervous system wiring to dogs- though both suffer needlessly. The microchipping of pets has been part of the priming of the public to accept implants. There is no place for microchipping any sentient creature full stop.

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly, and thank you for saying it. I’ve never had any of my cats chipped.

    • Hi Mary, i didn ‘t know that. So pets and domesticated animals suffer and even die from the chip? Never heard of this, could you explain it a bit more please. What are the causes and (direct) consequences? I bet i wouldn ‘t find much on the web about it but i was already wondering about the agenda and programming behind it. It ‘s widely accepted by now and it ‘s very concerning indeed, for humans but no less for animals.Thanks in advance.

  20. Hugo … investigate the fake earthquakes in Turkey / Syria — no blood — no crying — only the same fake media photos of demolished buildings – some fake news videos show them imploding in the background … and people not even reacting to the implosion. Google photos and videos of the earthquake and decide for yourself !!!

  21. Down in Australia back in 2021 I remember the media going nuts over the death of a mother and her children. They immediately blamed the father, despite the fact there was no proof he did it. I mean really the guy was at work when it happened and yet every channel that aired this story apparently just had to bash him for it. They even ended the segments with numbers for domestic abuse lines.
    Anyway, turned out it wasn’t him. The mother had murdered her own children before killing herself. After that they started airing footage of interviews with neighbours who had noticed the woman’s behaviour becoming more erratic and ended it with numbers for depression lines instead.
    Any Australian here probably already knows about the ludicrous claims of rising domestic abuse over the past year or so. Maybe it’s so the government can further crack down on the whole ‘it’s for your protection’ mindset. Maybe it’s to hide the fact that death from alcohol poisoning quickly shot up to the 10th leading cause of death. Why blame the lockdowns for erratic behaviour when you can create boogie men to take the blame instead (apparently in Australia that boogie man was men, yeah that’s right just men).
    There’s always some kind of agenda behind what the media says. The emotions these tragedies induce can make it harder to see if your not paying attention. I guess we could just watch and see what happens but ultimately there are only three endings. They’ll either find her alive, dead, or she’ll just remain missing. As heart breaking as it is to hear someone’s lost a loved one there’s nothing I can do, and frankly it doesn’t affect my life in any way. We really have no business watching this like it’s a circus act.

  22. I think the king wants a clean coronation. So nothing in the news about Megan and Harry and Andrew. So there putting this missing woman on tv.
    Pizza boxes
    Black & white checkered floor. Christmas tree the time 9:33 very strange but I hope this woman is ok for her kids 6/9

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