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106 Comments on “IRELAND REFUGEES What Is It REALLY ALL ABOUT?? / Hugo Talks

  1. You are absolutely right Hugo. It is a manufactured crisis to push UN, WEF political agendas. All controlled media to support the social-economic destruction & CBDC digitID surveillance. Problem, reaction, solution. #politicalcorruption

  2. Thanks Hugo. Who’s keeping all these people? Is the Ukrain sending money for their keep?

    • We are. That’s why everything in Poundland is £1.25 now 😵‍💫

      • Ha! Nice comment…and surely Ukraine is empty by now…
        Anyway without Ukrainians there’s a housing crisis in Cornwall as well as many areas of Britain. Too many second homes and holiday homes. Not enough for local people. Surely charity starts at home and the government should sort out the issues here and house British people before taking on more?

  3. So many insightful responses. It’s obvious how close this subject is to people’s hearts, but it was something “Jack herer” wrote which I hadn’t considered before. The seemingly illogical immigration quotas being promoted in Ireland are probably designed to compensate for the excess death in the overly compliant Irish response to the jab. The controllers have their cake and eat it too. They mask mass death and dilute the culture in one fell swoop… dirty bastards.

  4. I’ve been listening to you for a while now and you are really rather good. 
    Having said that this video made my blood boil. Two facts you got wrong one of them dangerously wrong. 
    Firstly 11,000 Irish homeless not 10,000 was 10,000 February 2022 before the Kalergi plan went full nitrous..
    Secondly Immigrants not refugees ( refugees are escaping war. ) These are unveted, military age black  undocumented men losing , destroying documents mid flight ! ( One incident a chap was found to have 13 passports from men on his flight. He was deported but the 13 guys were lost in the system and nobody knew which plantation center they went to !!! ) 
    The right wing as you pointed out the main stream media call the protesters are in fact Irish nationalists. There are the good guys and they’re winning especially in East Wall Dublin.
    Rapes every day even a Somali bloke in a Post Office threatening to rape and kill the women behind the counter unless they gave him money!!! 
    Stabbings Killarney and Dublin plantation centres since New Years day. 
    Irish Git on Telegram excellent place to start your information gathering his videos are short . The one he did for transgender using a female Wash room lasts 13 seconds 🤣. But most around 90 seconds .
    Keep up the excellent work Hugo the video you did on my local priest in listowel was brilliant you knew more than I did 👍. 
    Got to go the ducks are coming in the house. 

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