National Grid EXTORTION / Hugo Talks #SmartMeters

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51 Comments on “National Grid EXTORTION / Hugo Talks #SmartMeters

    • Thanks for fixing my account Hugo. Great video as always. Thank you!!!

  1. Always I not be doing what they want I will go off grid  

  2. Was going to put some washing in today think I’ll wait till 5pm now and have that and dishwasher and everything else running too

  3. I volunteer for a large group on FB which helps people with debt. We are not linked to the government or debt charity and do not receive any funding. We do it as a part of the fight against the system. We have been warning people about accepting smart meters for ages. My water company wants to put a smart meter in.

    • We do not have debts, it is a lie.  When you study the commercial laws you will see that you are not a debtor, you are the creditor and every time you sign your name, you generate credit.  I have tried it and it works.  There are various ways to discharge your debts, which you can find under the Bills of Exchange, but they are trying to move us away from paper contracts into their digital system.  There is a reason the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 is on the Government’s website; we just do not know our rights.  I feel like I am living in a gansters’ paradise; the real gangsters are bleeding us dry.

      • @Patricia1620, Well done Patricia, I knew you would speak The Truth eventually, all I have to do now is get you up to speed on the Set Apart Scritptures and, of course, revealing the identity of the (((gangsters))) you mentioned. 
        Message to all – please click on my user name for the link to The Truth, thank you.

      • Could you give me some full examples of cases where it has worked. I have seen so many where people have said it has worked for them, but never any proof.

    • Watch the film “Bank of Dave” on Netflix. A true film.  This is the way it should be, local banks for local people.  I love this man Dave Fishwick of Bolton.

    • We educate people about their rights and show them how to fight back against the system, using the system’s own laws.

  4. Satan can not take someone’s soul by force, it has to be given, you have to sell it, whether that be through trickery or coarsion, which is the same thing. 

  5. This will warm Hugo`s heart.
    I just read the PDF download of the FES ( future event scenarios ) report dated July 2022 , part of the National Grid ESO. It goes into all their goals about net zero etc. Only 45% of households in the UK have a fully functioning smart meter. Shock horror. Oh no we can`t have that as we won`t reach our goals. We need to intentivize people. Especially check out the section titled `Policy And Delivery` four pages down. Where it talks about `significantly accelerating the transition`.
    Hugo also wanted to know which energy suppliers , if any , are not taking part in the great bribathon / switcheroo off malarky. The National Grid has a list right here.
    The whole web site has several detailed areas to peruse if you fancy spending about 12 hours being bored to tears.

    • Cheers for info Tanya.
      you made me laugh at end, when isn’t ‘paper work’ boring lol, it’s kind you have shared it.
      Take care Tanya sending best wishes to you.

      • Humour is essential 🙂
        I think someone at Yahoo must be following Hugo`s videos and reading the comments on here as well. As i am typing this they just put up a story about the power saving and included the exact same link to the website i did for the list of providers.

      • Hi Tanya that would not surprise me with the things that pop up when commenting.
        No platform is from Eyes looking In Tanya it’s ridiculous isn’t it. We are the ones being affected by the madness that goes on day to day. That’s why I keep a sense of humour for sure . Hope you well take care now .

    • 97% of real meterologists disagree with Al Gore on almost everything

  6. Do these smart meters work if they are wrapped in tin foil?  Does their signal get through?  Does anyone know?

    • @diana, They can be isolated with something, but I don’t know if tin foil does it. However, once they’re no longer receiving information from your meter they come knocking on your door to find out why. Best not to have one at all and if you have one get them to remove it on health grounds. 

      • You’ll be lucky if they will remove it on health grounds- or even be stopped from putting one in. Despite the fact that Anglian Water had removed one based on my health information some years back when I was at another property, they are now ignoring the precedence they set and trying to force me to have one, despite evidence of the injuries caused. They just robotically quote Public Health England on the matter and say it was just “information, ” not eveidence. GPs won’t stand up for you either due to vested interests regarding their career or because they don’t know how harmful EMFs are. Even if they do, these companies have legal teams who can choose not to accept the “information” from a GP and override it on the PHE so-called evidence. So the fight continues. Watch Arthur Firstenberg’s excellent discussion on the horrific problem with smart meters and other EMF technology at: 

      • @Mary Barber, Ah there are ways to do all manner of things when it comes to commerce, but it would take too long to explain it all here. Suffice it to say that no utility company would gain access to my property without severe financial penalty for having done so. 

    • We have anti-radiation curtains. They are glass curtains (see through veil) made of Pure Stainless Steel. Sounds heavy but theyre Not. the. There’s anti-radiation paint. And Most importantly a Radiation METER (a Good one). Look on They have many ideas and solutions!
      God Bless!

      • Sorry it’s 
        They have so much anti radiation 

  7. Ha! yeah right, my finances are tight enough as it is and like most people I’ve been using the heating sparingly because I simply can’t afford to run it all hours of the day despite the frigid temperatures. Offering me a cheaper rate if I agree to stay cold and miserable for longer is the sort of genius strategy that only the mindless sheeple would buy into. Guilt tripping people into this nonsense and then blaming any future blackouts on those least able to heat their homes is despicable. I’m hoping that Rishi ponders on this idiocy on the way home, preferably with the seatbelt off whilst approaching a contraflow and a slippery patch of black ice.

  8. Heating, washing machine, lights ON. They can FRO 🖕🏻🤡 Thanks Hugo 🤩 Hello to all ♥️x

  9. Not a single person I know, owned by the smart meter, praises them. Completely opposite – they moan how much anquish they’ve experienced by looking at the cost of toasting two slices of bread, boiling the kettle etc. but… wasn’t this easy to imagine?

  10. According to the website, at 17.50 it was showing as maximum demand and almost maximum output. I don’t know if this meant that hardly anyone took them up on their generous offer, or whether all the bolshies cancelled-out the effect by switching everything on.

  11. I’ve been searching the internet for alternate heat sources to use indoors and came across Tinder but I’m not sure that God would be very pleased. Ecclesiastes 4:11 if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone?

    • @Hylas Cryde. When you roast your dinner put a chamotte or even an ordinary brick in an oven or ask your neighbour to put one into his his wood burner, unless you have your own. Wrap it up in a towel. This is ‘a hot water bottle’ which is better than an actual one.👍

  12. Hugo do you have gas / oils / electrics that are part of something you rely on… supplies you depend on in order to carry out your duties ?  Do you dictate to the bus or train what time it should be picking you up ?  Who gave us  ‘ central ‘ heating and running tap water   ?  Do you yourself survive literally in the wild as one intended or pick and choose your comforts … 

  13. About 15min cities and 5G Icke was pushing 5G as a weapon I could not buy it. More likely 5G is an ultimate survailance tool.I think the shysters foresee that many people will listen to Hugo’s advise and get rid of smart phones and or keep them in a box made of lead or a Faraday Cage.Do you remember that Icke was/is also pushing Israel to buy trust? Icke is a top shill a very successful deceptor.

    • Oh I see that there are some Icke’s supporters who still think he is for real.Over this many years he made many people to invest their trust into him that is why it’s hard to get off Icke and his shilling.

  14. Have you come across any other AI solution than this ChatGPT thing?This is worrying that all the corporations talk about this single Phoenician invention.You would expect that Microsoft would develop it’s own AI rather than plug in to some 3rd party that They all talk about this shit, Andrew Tate must be dissapointed as he is no longer the most mentioned (banned person) on the Internet.

    • I have no idea what it is. I only came across it the other day. it seems more like a marketing hoax (sorry hook) than anything else.
      If any of them are real, I would class Larry Fink’s Aladdin as the bigger/biggest threat.

      • after Andrew Tate now ChatGPT is heavily promoted on YT. Most channels are talk about it, it’s like a sin not to talk about it.If you have any intel on Alladin write an article about it and share it.I would not be surprised that ChatGPT is directly connected to Alladin or will be very soon as these two will give the Phoenicians absolute control and people are feeding ChatGPT with valuable input so the Intelligence can make decisions including investment decision on the fly.

  15. Thank God I’m SMART enough not to fall for their bull shite.

  16. An article on devices that may spy on you in Daily Trash today. ‘How devices in your Home spy on you’ or something like that. And may I just add that all of the mentioned fancies, we own just an old crap-top?😜

  17. Can I extend this discussion by exposing what Calor Gas users are experiencing. 
    There is little to none to be had. Households on LPG are not using a lot of energy – and it’s not by choice.
    Calor blame Covaids/Russia blah, blah, blah…but the shortage began in 2018 – way before they had any excuses.
    One can, only, assume that all gas is bad and all behaviour needs to be moderated towards electricity…until it smarts.

  18. Hi Hugo, thanks for your uploads, this is a different topic and forgive me if you find it irrelevant, but please have a look at Google ir youtube Barcelona olympics ceremony 1992, they open with a sea of cells and a corona virus made up of….  a bit scary and i cannot quite see if it is real people, but with the black v ac guoo  , people covered in red tomato sauce and the whole lot

    • No they`re not Rebecca. Or at least not at the moment anyway.

  19. To be honest, I’ve lost trust in everything. What and who can we believe these days? It’s unnerving. I think someone else here has said they’re smart enough to not be sucked into getting these devises… I won’t get” Smart” anything either. 
    The human race is regressing… We’re becoming Eloy and the fatcats are the Morlocks… A fantastical notion but sadly it’s becoming our reality 

  20. If I was to have my own gas and electric meters fitted (need to check this relative to rented accommodation), who would I contact? Is there a specific company and what is the job title of somebody who could do this for me? 

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