‘New World Order / New International Rules Based Order’ / Hugo Talks

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116 Comments on “‘New World Order / New International Rules Based Order’ / Hugo Talks

  1. Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) were predicted in the Bhavisya Purana (one of 18 Puranas) 5,000 years ago.  Vedas, Puranas, Srimad Bhagavatam, Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita written by incarnation of God (Krishna) Srila Vyasadeva.
    Christ, Cristos, Krystas, Krishna.  So why do you quote from KJV?  King James, John Dee, and Francis Bacon further “contaminated” The Bible.  King James was a homo-sex Freemason.  John Dee was a Black Magician and Freemason and Francis Bacon also Freemason!  All Satanic and Luciferian with strong Masonic imagery and Satanic symbolism illustrations within KJV Bible
    Only true Christians today are Mennonite and Amish!  The Church is FINISHED! JUST A CONGLOMERATION OF ZIONIST, SATANIC CHILD MOLESTERS AND MONEY GRABBERS!

  2. Satan runs this world, but he puts a bible in every hotel bedroom, he’s hiding God alright 🤣

    • no the Gideons place those and we give them out at fairs, hospitals; jails, schools etc. it’s super fun. kids love them.
      sometimes i just wish the globalists would just get it over with…all their evil schemes and plans and crap.
       it’s like waiting to barf.  But then i remember they have to be on God’s timeline so I just have to be patient for the Lords return.

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