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    • Bullshit johnson would say “omicron kraken of the covid variant”😀…
      Lying fat sellout pig he is

      • @Tom, With respect, but there is no way Bozo Boris has sold out, for he is not English, nor is he British – he is a Turkish Jewish subversive, an alien enemy who should be summarily stuck against a wall and shot – that’s after a Nuremberg style show trial, as that is all he deserves.

  1. @thetruthnotdoctrine

    Stop twisting the scriptures to suit yourself.

    Luke 23:34
    Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” And they divided His garments and cast lots.

  2. I would recommend one watch the 2013 film ‘ world war Z ‘ . Full of predictive programming , and then ask yourself is everything planned … ? The answer is obviously ‘ yes ‘ which is why you should put your trust back in the lord and believe in the prophecies . The majority will not and they will become the ‘ Z ‘ that is on the tanks … the non believers are the mobile zombies 🧟‍♂️…

    • Also “Cell” (2016) produced by John Cusak, based on the novel by Stephen King. All Hollywood movies are to instill/program their intentions into our subconscious for the purpose that you stated. It prepares us so that we are not shocked by it when it happens and will not respond as strongly if was totally new to our awareness.

  3. In 2022, I was living in France – as I had been for the last 19/20 years. But…the Covaids wrecked everything.

    I wasn’t allowed to go into our ‘local’ bar – nor the terrace.

    I wasn’t allowed to get on bus or a a train, which I would need to do, in order to get to an airport, in order to leave the country.
    I thought that I would never see my family again.

  4. Yes, none of the responses gave the choice that you stated, or one such as: “NO. Never was and never will”.

  5. According to the fake stream news last night, there were only 33 people in hospital with flu in December 2021

      • It’s a very earthly kind of power I would not dare to compare to God’s power.
        It’s something that exist only because it exploits the weaklings sometimes simply bribes them.

      • @Flavius Stilicho, Of course it’s not Yah’s POWER, but it is a spiritual power, so not to be underestimated, and as you have seen demonstrated here, by some, with their love of the unmentionables.

      • “unmentionables” this is a good one

        “If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.”

      • @Flavius Stilicho, Yes I use it regularly (((elsewhere))) and it seems to work and my comments are not deleted – a growing problem on the web, and proving to us who is in control. I had a run in with Brand N(J)ew Tube over this issue.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine
        If you don’t mind I am going to adopt it.
        It’s funny but also some people will appreciate it more as they have to think who these “unmentionables” are.
        It’s not obvious to everyone.

      • @Flavius Stilicho, Feel free, it’s only a word in a dictionary. Ah, but the ones who have not learned how to think yet, are the ones we’re after, and nothing opens a mind quicker than them learning all about the unmentionables and their Holohoax money making racket. LOL

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine
        some not to call them by their real name go to ridiculous lengths. Recently I come across a guy who called them “Western Leftist avant-garde”

      • @Flavius Stilicho, That’s the weakest slogan I have ever seen – he must be a lily-livered conservative, still half in the box. He would have been nearer the mark by saying: Avant-garde = “Debauched as in (((1920’s Berlin)))”

    • They are certainly more earthly…

      Eve devoured the forbidden fruit.
      Fruit is the result of your works.
      The work of God is to believe in the one He sent (John 6:29)
      This means Eve did not believe, she did not have FAITH.
      Therefore the serpent (devil, satan, dragon) is not some entity but simply UNBELIEF.

      Mat 12:28 But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you

      • @JK If the fruit was evil why did Adam and Eve cover their genitals and not their mouths? Eve certainly devoured something, but it wasn’t literal fruit – it was most likely the first blow job done on the serpent creature, followed by her being reamed by the serpent creature! – apologies for the language and graphic nature of my comment, but sometimes it’s necessary.

      • TTND – I can understand why you are thinking along those lines, but I have to disagree. I didn’t say it was literal fruit, I said fruit is the result of your works. Due to their unbelief they see themselves as gods knowing good and evil. They clothed themselves with fig leaves – it’s symbolic not literal.

      • @JK, Unfortunately your just reciting fakestream Christian explaining away of what really occurred – they covered their genitals, which means they had become SEXUALLY AWARE – before that point in time they had been totally innocent and their man/wife union not consummated.

        Even if they had consummated their union they would not have felt guilty afterwards and would not have covered themselves. So allow me to explain: they felt guilty because they had both engaged in a threesome with the serpent creature – the first pornographic act, hence they felt guilty thereafter and covered themselves to hide their shame. It really isn’t rocket science, and takes very little imagination to work it out.

      • TTND – I would never recite anything but that’s for me to know. I sincerely hope you find the way.

      • @JK, I can assure you that I have found The Way or rather The Way (The Father) found me, and I have showed you The Way, but it looks like you’re not interested in it, which is a shame, but not surprising.

      • @jjirah11 Eve was created from one of Adam’s ribs, so if that’s what you mean by ‘sent’, then fine, we are in agreement.

      • No…we just “forgot” the Truth when we entered into “sinful” Flesh…¶…And I said to the savior, “What is the forgetfulness?” And he said “It is not the way Moses wrote (and) you heard. For he said in his first book, ‘He put him to sleep’ (Gn 2:21), but (it was) in his perception. For also he said through the prophet, ‘I will make their hearts heavy, that they may not pay attention and may not see’ (Is 6:10).

        “Then the Epinoia of the light hid herself in him (Adam). And the chief archon wanted to bring her out of his rib. But the Epinoia of the light cannot be grasped. Although darkness pursued her, it did not catch her. And he brought a part of his power out of him. And he made another creature, in the form of a woman, according to the likeness of the Epinoia which had appeared to him. And he brought the part which he had taken from the power of the man into the female creature, and not as Moses said, ‘his rib-bone.’ …

  6. The Rig is a new series on Amazon Prime, it was released in late December or early January, but considering it was probably made at least a year to 2 years prior there is something in it which proves that the latest scariant was always going to be “nicknamed” the “KRAKEN” and how do I know this, because one of the characters on the Oil Rig, where the series is based AND from the book that he is reading, the title of that book is The Kraken Rises and is all about a new life form or scariant virus coming out from deep undersea.
    The people who run this world, the NWO death cult, are a bunch of sick and twisted perverts, most are inversions, which they love to push, perhaps in the belief that these perversions against nature are angels, but they have been manipulating the masses for too long now, time to stop them in their tracks.
    MASS NON COMPLIANCE is the ONLY answer.

  7. “and on the 8th day, God made invisible zombie unicorn bugs that do nothing but harm us, for laughs” people that believe in viruses have zero faith in God. Period.

  8. Nothing said or done, by the deplorables amongst us, is what it seems to be – it is, however, invariably the antithesis. Unless you recognise this reality and act accordingly, your soul will be taken from you and your eternity in Hell will be assured. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFPRzvB3ao0

    • @talleyrandcm I do not agree with that. Eternal Hell is only for those that oppose Yah with a false gospel and actively oppose Yah, that is, fake liberal ‘Christians’ or Zionists, Cultural Marxists and Communists, who are not Christians at all but will tell you that they are = liars and deceivers.

  9. I can’t believe that people on here are arguing about a book written by retarded sheep herders and filled with bullshit stories about talking snakes and donkeys and angels and scary devils and every other infantile gobledeegook that even a four year old child would realize is absolutely made up crap just like these fictitious fecking viruses ffs.

    • You are blasphemous against Father God and our lord JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH ✝️ and the holy spirit and the scriptures! 
      I REBUKE you Satan in Jesus Christ of Nazareth mighty name ✝️🕊️🙏 AMEN 

  10. The new pandemic will be called SEERS, and/or SPARS. Bill Gates et al. have already run through the scenario, just like event 201 in 2019.

    • All pre-planned crap like the first “pandemic”….
      More idiots will believe it all😷

  11. I’m a hairdresser and most of my clients are bored with it all. They are vacinated, but have said enough is enough and no more vacinations. The feed back is. They’ve never felt so ill and have no enthusiasm to do anything any more. All since the jab. So it doesn’t was with people anymore. They don’t trust the government and don’t watch the bbc anymore. Great working with the public to assess the last 2 years 👏 

    • @Lisa pryke Rutherford, Great information, thanks for that.
      Message to all – please click on my user name for the link to my blog, thank you.

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