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  1. 2023, obviously 23 =33 and Genisis 3:22. Skull n Bones 322. Often see 72 which is Solomons 72 demons, revers to the “27 club”. 88 another, 8 x 8 chequer chessboard that has CC=33 etc duality black white, 11, 22, 66 on and on all depended upon the psy-op…their numerology OCD maybe their giveaway

    • There are 33 degrees in the Scottish Rite Free Masonic Order.

      • plus isnt the triple 3 / 333 lodge the highest you can get.All the highest level evil creatures on earth are in it.

    • It’s a Masonic Occult number along with 3,6,9,11, and combinations of any numbers that add up in these types of news articles. For example “two children aged 4 and 5 were……” or a shooting at 9 Oak Street on Nov. 11th. Always watch for numbers and combinations of numbers. It’s saturnian, masonic, luciferian all the same thing.

      • Thank you. But why do they publish numbers anyway? Is it a coded message to each of ((them)) that tells something we’re not supposed to know, or what?

      • @Jane Jones, All the numbers you mention have been usurped and corrupted by The Adversary, and are of Set Apart [Holy] Scriptural significance:

        33 was Yashua Messiah’s age when He died; 3 is Yah’s (God’s) number for Finality; 4 is Yah’s number for ever increasing Family; 5 is Yah’s number for Grace; 6 is the number of Man; 9 is for The Fruits of The Set Apart Exclusive Spirit; 11 is for The Father and The Son, that is, 1 + 1 = 2 = The Duality Yahhead (Godhead).

        Triunism and monotheism are both 100% religious and satanic. Triunism = Fakestream Christianity; Monotheism = Judaism and Islam.

        Roman Catholicism is NOT Christianity; Eastern (Russian & Greek) Orthodoxy is NOT Christianity; AngliCAINism is NOT Christianity; PROTESTantism is NOT Christianity.

        The Counterfeit Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion:

    • Sylvia, it’s Masonic tie or connection usually.

    • In Freemasonry 33 is regarded as the top rank when the most coveted knowledge is revealed to only a very select number of members.
      Many religions regard the 3 as special eg holy trinity, Christ died and rose again at age 33, Buddhist initiates are encouraged to go on retreat for 3 years 3 months 3 weeks 3 days, hindu triad of 3 gods-Vishnu Brahma shiva and 33 vedic gods.
      In numerology/gematria when a number is repeated it is thought to have more power.
      There are 33 vertibrae in the human spine.
      Water becomes a liquid at 33 deg f. Boils at 33 (newton scale)
      So 33 represents illumination or a change to a superior state of being.
      Why would this keep appearing in the news? My guess is that its like a calling card for secret groups that members can recognize and infer extra meaning. Maybe also deliberate hidden mockery for the uninitiated masses.

      • I am glad someone finally explained it on here to those who don’t know

  2. Andrew Tate tweeted Greta that he had ’33’ cars fuelled by dead dinosaurs

  3. Jabs + Chemtrails = mass murder, and they’ve only just got started.

  4. I’ve copied this from a a trustable source:

    In my article posted in early August of 2022, about the staged and fake FBI raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, I wrote about their ongoing script of playing out the Book of Revelation — how Trump most likely is the Seventh King and that Obama is the Antichrist.

    In that article I mentioned Kraken, the Beast or the Antichrist, as a metaphor for something hidden and/or something that rises, as the Beast rose from the sea. One of my predictions were that we could possibly see references to the ‘Kraken’ in their next planned and fake wave of the Coronavirus Plandemic. This is what I wrote then, back on August 11:

    “Also, since the Kraken is a symbol of rising up, it would not surprise me if we see a reference to Kraken in their script of the staged and fake pandemic. Simply mocking us and hint to us that something bigger is lurking ahead. For example, another computer-generated variant of the non-existing Omicron variant named ‘Kraken’ as the fake “infections” once again rise and overwhelm the public. As we are approaching 2023, and the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays, when people always get sick due to relaxing, changing their sleeping habits, and consuming a shitload of unhealthy food, it would be the perfect time to fake another wave. Also, 2023 is the year of Order 322 (Skull and Bones,) as ‘2023’ is written as ‘223’ in numerology, like ‘322’ in reverse, another made-up wave would fit their agenda perfectly, and they might indeed call it ‘Kraken.’”

    I also mentioned Kraken in the silly ‘Artemis I’ script by NASA and their scrubbed attempts to launch their phallos into the sea due to cracks, which sounds like Kraken. In that article, I also mentioned a connection to the fake pandemic and to the Omicron variant. And here we are, a few days into 2023, the year of Skull and Bones Freemasonry, and the media is reporting on a new “outbreak” of the latest variant of Omicron, the ‘Kraken.’

    Now there are two possible scenarios that I can see at a first glance. The first is that this is a revelation of the method, a kind of mockery to keep the virus-lie alive and tell us that the Kraken is rising, that something bigger is coming later this year or even the next. That “something” bigger could be a fake nuclear or EMP attack, or it could be the looming economic crash that will introduce a One World Digital Currency, although I do think that will not happen yet in a year or two, not until the Digital ID is firmly in place and Social Credit Score Systems are being rolled out – as in the Mark of the Beast.

    The other scenario is that this will be the wave that escalates, that leads to new lockdowns and even more forceful attempts to vaccinate people, as in poisoning them, making them even more sick before they hit us with the next big thing.

    The main point is that the Kraken is rising, as in the Beast rising from the sea, and that something big is about to happen. That they soon are ready to take the next big step towards their Agenda 2030.

    So, be prepared for more pandemic-nonsense. And, more importantly, step up your game in educating people around you. As long as the virus-lie is alive, they can continue this madness and everything else they have planned. I’ve said this from the start, and although I see a lot more people waking up and questioning the virus- and contagion bullshit, we need a lot more to wake up. The more that do, the more people we have to form our own communities with, communities that can live outside of their Beast System, communities that can live and thrive by trading goods and services all by themselves.

  5. We’ve not watched news since before Christmas. So glad not to be up to date.

    • I gave up TV altogether about 8 years ago. I am not wasting my time watching crap and pay for it.

  6. Happy 2023 to all the like open minded in the Hugo’s Tribe. Everyone Here is participant one way or another of the resistance against these vile scumbags in power. It’s utterly unbelievable that those who we elect wether are councillors, MPs and our PM all join the CABAL to inflict misery and devastation in our lives and children lives

    As Hugo’s video, they still pushing this non-stop agenda 2030 from all fronts. Fuel shortages, toilet shortage, food shortage, electric car propaganda, energy shortage due to Ukraine and Russia war, open borders for immigrants creating overpopulation, rail strikes, Postal strikes, nurses, border control officers strike, and then digital control.

    But they are forgetting the power of the people not the SHEEPLESS.. the only way to fight again these tyrants is depleting their main weapon.. THE MSM.

    You STOP their propaganda for reaching those already trapped into their plans and the message will not reach you.

    Remember how powerful our protests during the last year of the planedemic? The MSM didn’t covered it but it worked because the masses got together and showed we are not going to be fooled again.

    We have to do it again in show of defiance soon because behind the curtains the scumbags in parliament are going to approve legislation against the right to protests and also new online Bill which will stop us from getting in touch or spreading the message against them.

    Kraken? Variant most dangerous than previous? Same ball of crap as any scaremongering variant since Omicron ” our saviour” came out.

    I have noticed yesterday more poor souls wearing face nappies in the London underground and I feel no sympathy towards them. Also, MSM using the Twindemic term as amazingly FLU is back after 2 years.

    There’s in the past year 2 massive football tournaments where millions of people attended, we ha a lovely summer and Xmas but they started 2023 as they did 2020. This time, we are MORE awakened people.. specially glad to be in this community.

    People, keep fighting, keep spreading the truth, let’s keep UNITED.. we will never give up our civil liberties.

    • Don’t forget all the people cueing for hrs to say goodbye to queen Elizabeth. They weren’t worried about spreading the Kraken COVID then. No masks were worn either. What a load of CRAPOLA

  7. We are NOT SO NAIVE to believe these satan slaves …let them all die soon…

  8. Very interesting, a freemasonic number. The devil leaves his fingerprint everywhere.

  9. And guess what the tabloids are doing to distract the public from what this evil government is up to???? Plastering their pages with endless drivel about those blasted royals, that’s what!! It’s absolutely ridiculous now, a complete media circus! I’m avoiding the newspapers and all mainstream media now as they are clearly up to no good. Has anyone else noticed how much the so called news is totally dumbed down these days? It’s all utter rubbish!! Have a good day everyone.

    • @Carolyn King, “Bread and Circuses” from the days of Ancient Rome – one of the oldest tricks in the book for dumbing down the masses and keeping them occupied = “There is nothing new under the sun and ALL is vanity.” – King Solomon

    • What a pile of shit…
      WHO are run by a facist that has no scientific background and corruption right through it…
      This variant bullshit is just common ailments renamed under a stupid made up name…
      But the brainwashed will believe it…

      • I keep telling everyone. They will never stop. And just like you said. The masses will just keep falling for it. When you and can clearly see 👀

      • @Stuart, There are no Fascists in power today – The Serpent Seed Jews would NEVER allow it. They’re ALL Communists at the W.H.O.

        “Dealing with The Jews requires a Jewish primer on how the Jews talk and how they use certain words:

        1) “Fascist.” Jews call someone a fascist when that person prevents the Jews from taking control of the politics of a particular nation.

        2) “Fascism.” The political status of a particular nation that keeps the Jews in their place and out of power.

        “There is not a single instance when the Jews have not fully deserved the bitter fruit of the fury of their persecutors….We come to the nations pretending to escape persecution, we [Jews] are the most deadly persecutors in all the wretched annals of men.”

        — Samuel Roth, Jewish writer, Jews Must Live (NY,NY: The Golden Hind Press Inc., 1934) pp. 64-65

    • 2 ladies in a queue said when they saw the tabloids about harry “oh meghan had brainwashed him”…
      Your not brainwashed then i thought…

  10. Deception is the order of the day by no other but the Father of lies, Satan.
    All those who believe in the Almighty must be prepared, Armoured up. And for those who don’t believe, call on His name, Repent & be saved. Time is shorter than we think. Peace.

  11. Hi Hugo, another amazing video yes again people on this site or not for for this nonsense however sadly it’s a stupid people out there that listen to the mainstream propaganda that we know that will unfortunate there’s no getting through to them as I can’t call them stupid anymore because that’s being insulting, but as I said, surely some of these people are being insulting by: also anti-Baxa, and whatever else, but anyway that’s by the point Enjoyed the video the tickly the bit at the end, I must admit I’ve started looking into numbers not entirely sure what they mean but you’re definitely do you see quite a few numbers on the same number popping up time and time again. I just heard the radio on last night and the news was on and again they said about something another happening and then at the age of the person was 33 I thought. Blimey something else been made up honestly if you want to see you’ll be able to see obviously as a blind person I find this hard to say but as the Bible says I’m not always good at remembering “if you have ears to hear Ld I’m here any if you have eyes to see let them see and that’s the thing I think everyone on this site does have the ears and the eyes and we’ll see exactly what’s going on and we’re gonna stay completely out of it. If those people aren’t seeing alright here and then it’s basically their own fault. Sorry to say keep up the good work.

  12. @truthnotdoctrine: yes you’re absolutely right. Best thing to do is to complete avoid all newspapers, especially the tabloids as they’re all absolutely full of this garbage now, and I find it absolutely infuriating. The whole thing is one insane circus and surely is only of interest to people who are fans of the royals. I personally believe that there should be a completely separate newspaper or magazine for those idiots who want to follow the royal “soap opera”, or watch a separate channel on digital TV, and then the main newspapers should then report the real news about what is going on in our world. Let the royalist goons read their garbage 24 7 to their hearts content and have to pay for it, while the rest of us see the real news!! As I said earlier, I’m avoiding all newspapers now completely. One more photo of Harry and Meghan and I will absolutely blow a gasket!!!!!!!

    • @Carolyn King, Stay calm Carolyn and take some deep breaths, us bursting gaskets is just what they want, for they do it on purpose, so it’s best that you do what you have already said you would do and avoid them altogether – then you win.

  13. @truthnotdoctrine: Absolutely right you are! I’m going to focus on my music this weekend, so that will help me to keep nice and calm, cool as a cucumber!! I’m so incredibly blessed to have something so wonderful to focus on right now!! I will be very busy as I’m playing piano in church, leading our music group for our All Age morning service on Sunday, and then when I come home after lunch I will get my new soprano saxophone out for a good blow! It’s certainly a beautiful instrument, and I’m absolutely loving taking up something new, a really wonderful way to spend my leisure time at home with my hubby actively encouraging me. Have a good weekend everybody. Xxxx

  14. KRAKEN makes some good rum though the dark rum is better than the golden.
    O, you mean the Covid myth the masks might just as well be made out of chicken wire the virus is 100s of times smaller than the weave of the masks??

  15. @truthnotdoctrine: thank you so much for your encouragement and really good advice, hugely appreciated. Xxx

  16. What is that 33???

    Also why are the comments up side down??
    I wish to be leave a comment on the top, as everywhere working like that.
    Here, you need to scroll down for a while to leave a review. Even fb better. Can you please change it back to normal….

  17. Understanding 33.
    I posted a brief description earlier but realised i could have given a more comprehensive explanation. Also people keep asking so i decided to have another attempt, so here goes…….

    To understand 33 we must first understand 3, as in numerology /gematria a repeated digit is thought to have more power eg 33 carries more weight than 3. To put it another way 33 is like 3 on steroids.
    Numerology /gematria allocates a significance to numbers seperate to their quantitative value.
    To understand 3 we must understand 2 and to understand 2 we must first understand 1.
    Understanding the significance of numbers comes from a religious, mathematical and scientific perspective.

    Number 1:
    Mathematicaly described as the smallest positive integer. The first in an infinite sequence of natural numbers.
    1 is mathematically unique in many ways.
    1 denotes the first, leading or top thing in a group- the winner.
    From a religious perspective 1 represents divinity and perfection – In the beginning was THE WORD ( being singular). The original, the creator, the big I AM, the 1 and only.
    So 1 is devine and unique representing perfection and unity. The beginning of infinity. In modern science a singularity.

    Then along came 2 and this changed everything!
    Number 2:
    Think Eve from Adam. Cane then Able.
    Now we have polarity, 2 opposing forces or duality. An unbalanced situation from which chaos can ensue.
    In numerology 11 is 2 as 1+1=2.
    11 is a great visual representation of this polarity as the number is literally 2 poles.
    Masons represent this duality with their black and white chequered floor. This is representative of a chess board where a battle between 2 sides takes place. Like an analogy of our current situation in the world.
    Its no coincidence that the powers that be actively encourage duality in our world. We constantly see baiting in the msm between female /male, young/old, left/right politics, gay/straight, sports team 1/2, ethnic race 1/2 , country 1/2.
    Polarity between people or even an unbalance in a person is great for the controllers as it keeps us distracted from our real problem-them!

    We are constantly presented with a binary choice. Never a third option.
    Although they want us in duality they love and worship trinity and aim for this state for themselves.
    Number 3:
    For many religions the 3 is special. Think holy trinity, hindu triad of gods- Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva and the traditional retreat for Buddhist initiates of 3 years 3 months.
    3 represents harmony, reconciliation and balance.
    Like a bridge between 2 sides. Mother father child. Healthy body+healthy mind manifests best action. The strength of a triangle. Balance between left brain (critical / analylitical) / right brain (artistic / intuitive ) manifesting best response to a situation. Problem reation solution – order out of chaos.
    So we could say trinity resolves the problem of duality. Through harmony and reconciliation we can proceed to a superior state of being or even enlightenment.
    3 its the magic number (1 of them anyway)

    Whats beter than 3? Well, 33 of course!
    Number 33
    Christ died and rose again at age 33. 33 references to Elohim in opening chapters of genesis. 33 vedic gods. Islamic prayer beads arranged in sets of 33.
    33 vertibrae in human spine on average.
    33 degrees of Freemasonry, 33 being top rank where a select few receive the most secret knowledge.
    Water becomes a liquid at 33 degree f and boils at 33 (newton scale ). No coincidence rather newton and farenheight paying homage to the number.
    Again 3 or 33 represents harmony,balance,reconciliation and results in illumination or a change to a superior state of being.

    When we see 33 in the news my guess is that its secret societies covertly showing a calling card to each other, infering hidden meaning and or mocking the ignorant mases.

    Hope this isn’t too long winded an explanation and helps shed light on the subject.

    • @ mark J.
      But it’s not just the number 33

      They love the # 3,6,9,11,13,18,19, 22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99

      You will find alot of fake news stories and with the division of 19. For example 38,57,76 and so on. 1776 in when America received its independence 19+19+19=76. Covid 19. 19 = chaos in numerolgy. Its really just Covid 19 Chaos

      The fake space station is coded ISS. I =9 S=1 S=1. 911. This is how these bast*** work.

      The fake scary group called ISIS is I =9 S=1 I =9 S=1. Law of reversal and you get 19 19.
      We live in one big fat matrix of lies. Built on signs, symbols and numbers. Its how they communicate and mock us

      • Jeff, you forgot 36 being 666 as a triangular number, 31 as eleventh prime, 216=6x6x6 and the recently discovered prime
        1 000 000 000 000 0666 000 000 000 000 01, lol.
        Totally agree! symbols and numbers are key.
        When i found out Pythagoras was a father of both modern numerology and secret society it got me thinking.
        Hadn’t taken numerology seriously until then.
        Before Pythagoras revealed circle theory it would have been considered occult knowledge or even magic.
        For me the above crazy long and sinister prime proves numbers can provide an insight into the mechanics of the matrix. But i also know for me at least, i will never do much more than scratch the surface. Even doing my best to understand.
        Fascinating subject though.

      • @ mark. I did forget 36. 666. That’d definitely one of them

      • I am glad to see someone else that understands how these bas*** work

      • But at least you know enough to see what they are up to. Most don’t care to even try. It’s easy to see we live in a matrix of lies. They code all their psychological operations. Fake shootings. You know the drill

      • Jeff, not much on 4 and less on 5. Any thoughts?

      • Jeff, i agree we are surrounded by lies. But the rules of this reality (the matrix) were made by the creator. I think the creator is good. The nasty one is always on our shoulder. The controllers have been seduced by him and i think he has given them extra knowledge so they can serve him with an advantage over us.
        We can find this knowledge if we look hard enough with intuition and critical thinking.
        Reality is a test, all we can do is our best.
        Stay positive, never give up.
        Peace brother

      • Hey Mark
        I beleive we may think a little different on good and evil and who the creator is. I believe In the Bible. And the devil is the ruler of this world right now. The Masons serve the devil. The masons have there symbolism all over the place. At least you know they work in numbers. Peace to you Mark. I appreciate your wisdom on this subject

    • Jeff, Yeah 5 is pentogram and pointed star but can be both positive or negative depending on vertical orientation. Dunno much else about 5

      • @mark
        But it does have something to do with Baphomet.

      • Jeff, “we live in a matrix of lies” disagree m8, the matrix is the truth. Thing is they already understand, try to keep it hidden, we just got to find out. Then they loose their power over us.

      • @mark.
        I guess we will have to disagree on that on Mark.

  18. I find now that the alternative media is saturated with so many rabbit holes that you are left even more confused by it. Working on 5D thinking to just get on with my life and concentrate on my stuff.

  19. During the first few months of Covid I took screenshots every day of news articles mentioning “COVID-19” and “33.” I got up to 2000 before I stopped because my point was proven. They are all in an album on my Facebook page but I don’t use social media anymore.

  20. Ezekiel 33:33

    And when this cometh to pass, (lo, it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them.

  21. They are concocting another variant called the R2D2-C3PO variant as well…
    Or the Zippy and Bungle variant

    • Yes great 🤣or the 33 variant that will affecting people from the age of 33 and destroy 33 countries.
      Maybe it will uncover Hillarys 33,000 emails that went missing.

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