Electric Car HELL Is Not Only For Christmas / Hugo Talks

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117 Comments on “Electric Car HELL Is Not Only For Christmas / Hugo Talks

    • @Darren, Nonsense. Geocentricism: The Earth is a FIXED GLOBE, with a circumference, at the centre of the universe, with the sun and moon orbiting the earth. The Stars move in the aether. Space vacuum is a myth. Einstein’s theory of relativity is bunk.

      • @untruth
        It’s flat with hills you spam sender with a solid firmament above us. Go crawl back in your hole

      • @@untruth
        What alter do you worship at? The serpent seed alter?

      • @UNTRUTH
        The earth is flat buddy. With a solid firmament above us and water above the firmament to bad you love serpents

    • @Darren, The CIA Flat Earth crap is all part of (((their))) divide and conquer scam:

      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

      — William Casey, CIA Director (from the first staff meeting in 1981)

      • @ the untruth.
        You are part of the blind leading the blind leading the blind

      • @thenutter
        And you attended that staff meeting

  1. All true Hugo . These idiots fell for the hype under the belief they were saving the planet * eye roll . And that they were zero road tax

    My near neighbour had the RAC out to his electric “ milk float “ last week. Hideous things ! You are right all about control again !! The 15 minute smart cities , tracking everywhere you go . Like the nonsense coming to Oxford and other cities . Dystopian future for sure ! I’ll be dragged kicking and screaming from my petrol motor !

    • And these are relatively new.
      Give these batteries a few more years and they will be useless at holding a charge.
      Another government initiative the sheep jumped on without questioning.
      Bet most are fully vaccinated too.

  2. I’de say that’s fake ..where I live there are plenty of charge points that are always available….and they arent electric cars..they are coal powered pieces of expensive junk

  3. Electric cars are a scam for the following reasons, and there is no such thing as a zero emissions vehicle its a myth.
    The real question is where are the emissions associated with an electric car? Because what you do with an electric vehicle is you don’t eliminate emissions you export them somewhere else. You have to dig up about 500,000 pounds of materials to make a SINGLE 1000 pound battery! It takes around a couple of hundred barrels of oil to manufacture a battery that can hold ONE BARREL of oils global energy. Just manufacturing the battery can have a carbon debt rate ranging from 10 to 40 tons of CO2 and the plans that are in place to increase the use of batteries will require an increase in production of minerals like Lithium, Cobalt and Zinc. Demand for those minerals will increase between 400% and 4000%! Question is is there enough mining in the world to make enough batteries for that many people for their cars?!
    If you are considering one of these vehicles for your next purchase, please save your money and the planet and DO NOT buy into this BS.
    Besides once the power is out your F’d anyway when your charge runs out!

    • In addition, roads have to be built and maintained. This is costly, polluting and can only be done using lots of fossil fuels. Do you think they will maintain roads for a small number of elec-trick cars?

  4. I’m with you Hugo, I’ll bow to no one other than God our Creator.
    I have no sympathy for those who won’t research! They only need to look into the NWO as I’ve been shouting about for 10 yrs or more on social media, (when I’m not being chucked off of course)! Well all my conspiracy theories are unfolding sadly, l truly wish l was wrong. The globalist, oligarchs are not going to stop. They can taste our captivity! The gullible bought into the plandemic, and they’ll buy into the next one, which I sent you a notification on. Gates has already conducted the next pandemic simulation in Oct – SEERS …
    Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome. I emailed you about it Hugo!


    Sadly they will have learned nothing from the last one, but those who looked into the Lockstep Programme by deceased David Rockerfeller will know the next one will be more deadly! Sadly I lost my copy when my computer died along with everything else, but it was a step by step process of how it was going down. Never found a complete version on the Internet since, just remember, if you don’t know Jesus yet, now is a good time to seek him my friends, because He is the only true relief you are going to get from what is charging down upon us at full throttle! Stay safe people, seek Jesus x

  5. Very true good v bad God v evil my soul with God 🙏✝️✝️✝️

  6. Local supermarkets have the odd one two in some the carparks.

    I watched mayhem once
    at them charge points with people wanting to charge their car,
    in the short time I was waiting for my friend.
    People were just coming to the store to ‘charge’ the cars.

    So people trying park to do a shop had issues etc getting out & arguing breaking out it was ridiculous.

    Still nothing shocks me anymore lol

    Cheers Hugo

  7. It is funny because I talked with someone at my work today and she said that where she lives, the county has put of too many of the electric charge stations. There is almost no one living there who even use an electric car. The chargers are installed and ready but almost no one are using them. This is northern Sweden.
    God bless Hugo and all

    • well well… I agree soo much with Hugo…
      and as I see it, there are no way enough electricity created on this Planet, neither for these many privately owned electric cars, the city busses and ferries, that is being sold to private owners and are placed around the country where I live. .this is in Denmark
      no way enough electricity to run all these..
      I do live on an a biggish island with 38.000 other people…trying to maintain ourselves famous, as an island of sustainability calling ourselves a very eco-friendly island of the North, where I live..
      My information for this electric car noncense is this:
      we have plenty if Charger points/stations put all over the island…but most of them are closed, as we have not enough electricity being made for the use in these, anyways!
      My mechanic told me the other day, that he cannot no more sel, electric cars, as he knows now, that people over here, are beginning to realise, its not at all worth it, buying an electric car. Simply because, we on this island, don’t make enough electricity and cannot make it, as of yet, at least, to satisfy customers falling for this new trend, and for us islanders to run an abundance of electric cars..
      The trouble is here already, as basically we have more cars than we have electricity in total on the entire island, for use in these
      And on top of our own fleet, we also have a lot of tourist coming to visit, mostly in the Summer time, and of course, they too will find many of our electric Charger Pounts/ stations, not open or in use at all.

  8. They reckon electricity is generated by induction of earth’s magnetic fields into the tall high voltage cables that litter the country. So it’s a scam – we’re being charged for free electricity! Take look at Dave Murphy’s lecture here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QPJzlyfV7M&t=127s

    Jet fuel is another hoax! Only used for take off and landing and for the auxillary power unit at the back of the plane https://www.bitchute.com/video/MZBdBD437x1w/


    • @Maxer, Yes you’re right, plus everything is already paid for within The National Bankruptcy. We should therefore go into shops and sign for things, and that would be the ‘payment’ for the goods, as WE are the creditors in the National Bankruptcy.

      In truth, under their system, the receipt that they give you when you purchase (not buy) with their debt notes, is the money.

      EVERYTHING in their system is in a mirror = Lewis Carroll was trying to tell you, like Frank Baum in the Wizard of Oz.

      • Yes I believe the wizard of Oz has a deep meaning. Oz = ounce the measurement of the weight of gold. The straw man is how we have been hoaxed via the birth certificate (CAPITAL LETTERNAME) which is not the living person so corporations can conduct commerce with us. https://www.bitchute.com/video/lzUwMxaFGXXR/

        Very interesting and I learnt so much (red pilled) in the last 3 years about all the hoaxes. But I’m delighted I discovered with my own eyes that we were created and not the result of some freak cosmic reaction! Knowing this sets you free!

  9. Hugo there’s only one person you can trust , regarding everything , and that’s yourself . From the day we are born we are told who we are , how we should behave and think , how we should dream . We are controlled from day one until the last day . Trapped consciousness , god’s energy ruled by the bodily beast , who deceives one’s perception .

  10. And fake Christians that don’t even know the difference between a KINGDOM and a church.

    • @Leslie Kendall, And blind guides will tell you that there are TWO Kingdom’s of Yah, when there is only ONE, which commences when Yashua Messiah returns to this earth in the not too distant future.

      • Christ’s kingdom on THIS earth PRECEDES Satan being loosed from his pit (Rev 20:7), precedes him deceiving and gathering the nations and surrounding the camp of Jerusalem (verse 8), precedes God IN HEAVEN wiping Gog-Magog out (Rev verse 9), precedes the devil being cast into the lake of fire (verse 10), precedes THIS earth and heaven fleeing away, (verse 11), precedes the judgment of the dead (verse 12), precedes the ungodly dead being released out of hell and being judged (verse 13), and precedes Death and Hades being cast into the fire (verse 14). AND THEN THE KINGDOM OF GOD, the New Jerusalem on the NEW earth comes, Rev 21.

      • @untruth
        Yah is kabbalists. The synagogue of Satan has you all fooled with those names

      • Jesus is the Word of God, an aspect of God, not the Father Himself.
        And when the SON was baptized, the HOLY SPIRIT appeared like a dove, and the FATHER GOD said, “This is my SON in whom I am well pleased”.
        They are One AND separate.

      • @Leslie Kendall, What is it with you snakes? I didn’t ask you for a load of circumlocution BS.

        I asked you (in as few words as possible) if you believe that Yashua Messiah is Yah (God), that is, Yah (God) with Yah (God) from before the beginning – The Elohim – The Yahavah – The Eternal, and always self existing, who then became The Father and The Son = Yah (God) in heaven and Yah (God) on the earth! and who now sit in Heaven with The Father Yah (God) on His Throne and Yashua Messiah Yah (God) at His right hand? All it needs is a simple yes or no!

      • @untruth
        You are the one who is a snake in the grass. You call your own synonogue of satan brothers serpents 🐍 and you call The Father Yahoo. I mean What the heck dude? You a Kabbalist and teach it.

      • Yes, truthnotdoctrine, ELOHIM….PLURAL.
        God, Son, Holy Spirit.
        Three AND One.

      • @Leslie Kendall The only Oneness of The YahHead is their NUMBER ONE status, that is, TOP with no one above, and their likemindedness unity, that is, unified in thought, word and deed. There is no oneness in their Being! Look up the meaning of the Hebrew word ‘echad’ (one)!

      • @Leslie Kendall, OK so from that I’ll take it that you admit that Yashua Messiah is Yah (God), and the He will reign as King of kings and Master of masters for the 1,000 years which means Yah (God) will be ruling his Kingdom = The Kingdom of Yah (God) in the Millennium.

      • Plural, darling, PLURAL.
        1 Cor 15:25-28, The Son must reign UNTIL….the
        Father puts all enemies (in Rev 20:7-14) under the Son’s feet. The Father being excepted. At which time the Son ALSO will be subject to the Father so that (in the kingdom OF GOD), GOD will be all in all.
        TRY to hear what it’s saying.

      • I understand the concept is too abstract for you. I refer you back to John 1:1. And
        TRY to hear what it’s saying.

      • @Leslie Kendall, I’ll take that as you saying that Yashua Messiah is not Yah (God). Now I know what level of blasphemy I am dealing with – an anti-Christ blasphemy!

      • 🤪. Read it again and understand. ONE GOD who has THREE “aspects”.
        Picture two colored circles intersecting. One is red, the other is blue. Red is the Holy Spirit, the blue is the Word/Jesus, and the center PURPLE is God. The THREE ARE ONE but also separate.

      • @Leslie Kendall, THAT IS NOT PLURAL – THE ELOHIM – Yah (God) with Yah (God), you’re a blaspheming papist trinity liar! I am giving you one or two more chances!

      • More chances???
        AS IF I get my justification from YOU.

      • @leslie
        And then he turns around and sends another link to his satanic website. He basically spams everyone with that nonsense. Laughs and mocks as if what he is sending is automatic truth lmbo. Just wow

      • They are One AND Three. If you’re incapable of understanding an abstract
        concept, not my problem.

      • I already answered you. The Word was WITH God (showing separateness) and the Word WAS God (showing oneness/diety). And your lie comes in when you make the claim that the Word BECAME God. The Son never “became” the Father.
        The Messiah is sitting ON THE RIGHT HAND of the Father. NEXT TO…get it?
        No, I’m sure you don’t.

      • @Leslie Kendall, I’m beginning to think you people have the IQ of a gnat!! Are you saying that The YahHead (Godhead) are not TWO distinct Spiritual beings!

      • Are you losing your mind? Now you’re contradicting yourself. And this is the 2nd time I’ve seen you do it.
        You CERTAINLY must be a member of the snake.

      • And he’ll never change until he’s willing to look up what I show Him. And why does a
        Kabbalist waste his time talking to Christians unless it’s just to cause chaos, which is what the snake does?

      • @leslie
        See you are wise enough to know its to cause Chaos. Thats what his job is.

      • @UNTHRUTH
        A snake always talks out of both sides of its mouth 😒

      • Darling, you started out the entire issue saying that the Son is God Himself. And then said am I trying to say the One isn’t two separate beings.

      • @Leslie Kendall I am saying and have said from the get go that Yashua Messiah is (Yah) God with God (Yah) in a Duality Yahhead (GodHead) = TWO DISTINCT SPIRITUAL BEINGS WHO ARE NEVER AT ANY TIME ONE BEING! You are moron with all your papist three in one BS.

      • “The Word was WITH God and the Word WAS God”, John 1:1.
        Believe Scripture or don’t. You’re not calling ME a liar, you’re calling Scripture a lie.

      • @LESLIE
        The Bible is corrupted but his own hand written version called MCV is not. Its literally his version. His admits changing scriptures. I mean dude.

      • The preachers who have taught us have ALSO lied and changed Scripture to fit what the itching ears WANT it to say.
        That’s what I’m trying to correct by showing how everything in prophecy is true but you won’t listen or look up what I say, either.

      • @I have never read one of of his links. Lol. I refuse on his actions alone. I know what he stand for by just his headlines

      • What I find really strange as if the strong delusion is already happening is the fact that I can show people STRAIGHT OUT OF SCRIPTURE that this earth doesn’t flee away until after the 1,000 years are finished, Rev 20:11, and that 2 Pet 3:7 agrees saying that this earth is being reserved for fire to when the ungodly are judged which is after the 1,000 years are finished and people come back at me visciously calling me a liar. It’s just SO BIZARRE.

      • Hey Leslie
        I don’t see you on here trying to decieve folks. But i do see that snake on here deliberately lying, decieving and manipulating and i will continue to call him out. He is very dangerous to those searching for salvation. He will never agree with Leslie. And he always has an answer with a link. It’s ridiculous. He is scripted. He is trained to do what he is doing. It’s obvious.

      • I was more frustrated with Rob. I would look up what he was referencing. I would look at the Greek and the context to see if it created a contradiction to what I was saying and then I would answer him. And I kept telling him to LOOK UP what I was saying (I HATE having to repeat myself) but he wouldn’t address my references, he would just come back at me, usually with something that wasn’t even related to what I was trying to show him. And then he threw the being a woman in my face as if that made him automatically in the right and somehow made me, by default, stupid. Hey, I’m a true Christian woman and if a man is uninterested in what I have to say and tells me to submit, then I submit. Men seem to know THOSE verses by heart but neglect to put it in their hearts what it says about how a man should treat a woman.
        Okay, end of rant.

      • I don’t agree with Rob on some things but he is not a deciever and he does not teach blatant heresy like the serpent seed doctrine. That should be an automatic red flag for any true Christian. Charles is a Kabbalists. Anyone with any degree of knowledge of this subject and wisdom would know this.

      • See here is the problem with the Strongs Concordence. There is to many different meanings for the same word and the KJV scholars used the right word in context of the passage and now men want to go in and use the CONcordences to change the meanings. Not saying you are doing that. But plenty are. Thats exaclty what Charles the untruthful does

      • I don’t use the concordance. I look at the original Greek if there seems to be an issue.
        And when I was trying to see if prophecy could be read to where there were no contradictions, I found that all a person needs to do is just read what it says. There are 2 crucial places where the King James isn’t written correctly from the Greek that a person needs to understand what it’s saying (as far as the order of events goes). A person doesn’t have to change or make up A THING.

      • Everyone thinks they are experts at the original Greek and Hebrew and Latin. I am so sick of it. I trust only the KJV. All the newer versions of the Bible have left out whole verses and even added a few. No person is this day and do I trust. Not a one. To many self centered egotisticals Think they know it all. No one will ever agree on these blogs. It’s not set up that way. There are plants on here to keep that from happening. Jesus is the name above all names period. We all must be ready because Noone knows the hour of his return. Instead of arguing about it. Just be ready. The only one I really have a problem with on here that I think is pure evil is Charles theuntruthguy and he plays many roles. Everyone else is just throwing off what they been taught on their side. Whether it’s in line with God’s word or not. But they are not purposely deceiving.

      • I don’t claim to be an “expert” in Greek but anyone can go to biblehub.com and look up the English/Greek of any verse by tapping on the “Interlinear” or “INT” selection.

      • The mason preachers use all of those to decieve. It’s easy to

      • “Mason preachers use to deceive?” Give me a break. No one would be deceived by them or anyone else if they cared enough to LOOK IT UP and see if they were telling the Truth or not. Why in hell do you believe the “regular preachers” if you’ve never studied it to see if that’s what it’s saying or not??? MAYBE they’re ALL Mason preachers.

      • Have you not read anything I have said. All the Churches are ran by Masons. 5013c approved government controlled. There job is to decieve. There is not one uncompromised church. If you want to worship God. You do it in Spirit and Truth because you get no truth from any main stream church They are Churches of Satan. They all follow the governments narrative or play the controlled opposition narrative. I read the Bible for myself and get a little from other beleivers who have wisdom.

        I don’t care about prophecy. Because there are no prophets now days. And i will let God show me. Not any man or woman who are arrogant about it.

      • Was just trying to point some things out and show people how prophecy all
        agrees and fits together perfectly. The rapture isn’t for another 1,000+ years and there’s a specific and perfect reason for it. And it’s not to take anyone to heaven NOR to “wait in the clouds”. MARK MY WORDS. The flesh and blood people in 1 Thess 4:14-17 are meeting the Lord in the air (after He was again at the right hand of the Father) for the judgment of the dead, and they’re rising up in the air to the New Jerusalem on the new earth.

      • And that’s why what I show seems so strange to people. It’s not that Scripture or I are the ones lying but it’s THE. APOSTATE LYING PREACHERS who are LYING.

      • And I wouldn’t be so sure that knowing what prophecy is really saying has “nothing to do with salvation”. You
        already know what 2 Thess 2 says about what’ll happen to people who believe THAT lie.
        Well, a person being deceived about prophecy and believing they’re better than Jesus is blasphemy, imo, and that’s a very serious charge.

      • And you’re doing what many do when faced with anything that might correct what they presently believe. They revert to the “prophecy doesn’t matter for salvation” mantra.
        It doesn’t matter to me whether a person’s interested or not but when I see someone making a prophecy statement and it’s wrong then I correct it per WHAT SCRIPTURE ACTUALLY SAYS….AND cite the verse/s. Whether they care enough to check it out is their business. But I KNOW how it all fits together without contradiction and I’m not going to let someone tell me I don’t.

      • Reading prophecy in a way that’s “just what it says” clears up contradictions. Major ones that say there are flesh and blood people in Christ’s millennial kingdom as opposed to a passage that says that flesh and blood CANNOT inherit the kingdom of GOD. And it clears up little ones like “How is Satan released from a planet that the preachers say no longer exists?”. Or that preachers say “time ends” when Christ returns when Rev 20 says there’s another 1,000 years. When a person understands the true order of events, ALL of the contradictions are reconciled.

      • If you’re capable of seeing the TWO, the Son and the Father, are separate then why can’t you see the difference between the TWO kingdoms? Oh yeah, that’s when it’s more convenient for you to say they’re One and the same. 🤪

      • @Leslie Kendall, I would believe that there were two kingdoms IF Scripture mentioned The Gospel of The KINGDOMS of Yah (God) but it doesn’t. What it says is KINGDOM OF GOD singular 70 times now I know why, just for people like you.

      • Just because you think only one kingdom is “being preached” doesn’t make Rev 20 a lie. Nor does it make 1 Cor 15:24-28 a lie. Nor does it make the 6th Seal and 7th Trumpet the same event when the angels don’t RECEIVE their Trumpets until the 7TH Seal….AFTER Jesus has already returned.

      • Every word of Rev 20 I have given straight out of Scripture. And it’s in chronological order. EVERYTHING that’s listed after verse 6 happens AFTER THE THOUSAND YEARS ARE FINISHED.
        VERSE 11 says THIS earth doesn’t flee away until AFTER the 1,000 years which AGREES with 2 Pet 3:7 that says THIS earth is being RESERVED for fire UNTIL the judgment of ungodly men which is ALSO AFTER the 1,000 years.
        SO…unless you can show me where there are two earths existing at the same time, the New Jerusalem on the NEW earth CANNOT come until THIS one has “fled away”. COMMON SENSE.
        I don’t “interpret”. I just read WHAT IT SAYS.

      • @Leslie Kendall OK, I am done with you, and the dust is now removed from my shoes, go and waste the time of that piece of Zionist excrement called Jeff!

      • When Rev 20:4 says “And I saw THRONES”, it’s talking about the judgment of the NATIONS in the valley of Jehoshaphat (Matt 25:31) and “The Great White Throne” in verse 11 is the judgment of THE DEAD…..”AFTER the 1,000 years are finished”.

      • @Leslie Kendall, The Thrones of The Elect who are going to rule and judge The Nations IN THE KINGDOM OF YAH (GOD) during The Millennium!

      • Correct EXCEPT “the kingdom of GOD” is the eternal, incorruptible New
        Jerusalem on the NEW earth that begins 1,000 years after Christ’s reign begins on THIS earth.

      • Of course, with the Elect being the martyred apostles and martyred prophets, Rev 18:20, the martyrs of the trib, Rev 20:4-6, and all MARTYRS of Jesus, Rev 18:24. Oh, and any of “Daniel’s people” who are resurrected in Dan 12.

      • @untruth
        Yahhead is your version. The King James scholars had enough sense not to use kabbalist Egyptian Babylonian hogwash. Godhead is KJV thing. Not a Charles thing. Yahhead even sounds ridiculous. I think your IQ is starting to fail you Charles. 🤔

    • “Where two or three are gathered in my name, That is my Church ” – Jesus. 🙂

    • The mark of the beast (MOTB) is going to be what Scripture says it is and Scripture also tells us that the MOTB isn’t until the last 45 days of the beast’s 42 months and after Babylon has fallen.

  11. I can believe this scenario, Hugo. Two weeks ago, my friend had a nightmare journey in her EV from London to Wales with two distressed kids. An EV map (a work of fiction ‘identifying’ locations of chargers) led them to a series of non-functioning machines or machines for ‘Tesla models only’… or no chargers at all! She was forced to stay the night at a hotel.
    How have people fallen for this EV BS?
    I was in Cardiff a few months ago… A TV company was stopping people in the shopping centre asking us to send a message of support to Mark Drakeford who was travelling to some kind of ‘climate-change talks’ in a brand new, gleaming EV… I laughed and said it would never get him there. I don’t think they used my quote, sadly, LOL.

    • Chrissie that sounded very traumatic for your friend.

      You had me laughing at the end of your message tho
      I bet they never used it ,
      because you spoke the TRUTH!

      Truth hurts don’t it Chrissie
      So good for you.
      Have great day now

  12. That is why we have to stay vigilant because some Palestinians have left West Bank for a better life and in general people don’t give a damn about gulags but the thing is if you deal with trauma induced psychopaths they make sure Palestine and gulags will come to you and as it seems they want to convert urban centers into such things. Wait not too long before they start erecting walls between the zones then organizing wars between different isolated neighbourhoods as an entertainment.

    You can see that Elon feels uneasy with himself being pushed around by these Phoenicians. Do you think they and his mother holding him on a short leash?

    • It’s in process already isn’t it
      to build ‘barriers’ between the neighbourhoods as the ‘15 minute city’s’ are being rolled out now.

  13. Here in Netherlands there is no way to Awaken the Electric Vehicle Suckers.
    It is the Ultimate display of Perfect Citizenry.
    It has become part of their Virtuous Egos and even if they get stuck on the road daily in a Dangerous Snowstorm Blizzard, they Will Not let go of this fantastic addition to their Ego Collection.

  14. Local council put 10 or 12 7 Kw chargers in the local car park. Except for their own council EV’s they get hardly used. Same with the ones at the nearby Tesco store. Only 7 Kw per hour. At least some appear to use them, since there are a few EV’s in our area.
    Years ago I had a lecture about the different types of customers. With EV’s they targeted the group that always wants the newest stuff, like clothing and tech, lets call them “trendsetters”, always eager to follow whatever big corporations tell them to follow.
    The big car manufacturers will eventually keep the combustion engine as their main product, unless they find a better and cheaper way to produce light weight batteries. Normal cars would use less fuel if they weren’t so heavy because of all that luxury shite in them. How often do you move your seats, adjust the outer mirrors or steering wheel that you need little motors for it? Worked just fine manually. Same goes for all the sound proofing.
    So far the EV scam has allowed the usual suspects to generate money for themselves, I’m sure they own the lithium, copper and cobalt mines, the usual stuff.
    But whether it’s EV or normal cars, in the long run individual transport will die. If only because the roads are so poorly maintained that you can hardly use them. Around here it takes ages before they fix the potholes (kindly marked with yellow circles) and even then they do it badly, so it’s an endless cycle.

    • Yes and them electric side mirrors are Not cheap to replace if broken

      And your right, the interior of some the cars are just ridiculous
      My last car I never used even half of the crap they sell it with
      I did a short motor maintenance course some years back so I new a bit here n there if in trouble on my jack.
      Today it’s all computer run it’s one fault after another and ‘diagnostics problems’ is the favourite excuse costing more to then take in to be re set etc.

    • This delivery guy on a electric scooter didn’t look happy. I think his battery was out.

      Gulag 2.0

      Wondering if it is going to be similar to China during the Opium Wars? I think in the end the Phoenicians won over the Chinese.

  15. The other day, my son was telling me about one of the managers at his workplace who was complaining about his electric car, saying that it didn’t have the range he needs for his job and that he has to plan ahead for long distances–and worse still–even when he gets back to the office, he can’t charge it at work and instead has to use the charging station at the business next door.

    • Let’s say it, it’s a gimmick even in California.
      I think the idea is not to become one of the so called “early adopters”.
      EV cars are here for quite some time now but they still call them the early adopters.

  16. For God so Loved the World that he gave his Only Begotten Son that Whoever believes in him will not Perish but will have Everlasting LIFE 🙏🏻 John 3 16 🙏🏻

  17. Andrew and Tristen both making secret society hand signs when the police escorted them out of house.

    • Because they are all in on it. Even the freaken police. Police = 33 For 33 degree masonry. You can trust anyone in authority

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