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188 Comments on “CELEBRITY HEALTH ISSUES / Hugo Talks

  1. My dad had a mild stroke on Wednesday. Just another one of those really common, rare medical events. Sadly this last 2 years have shown us how easily fooled people are, within 12 months people will not remember it was never normal for 12 year olds to have heart attacks, or for large numbers of people to be suddenly dropping dead.

    • So sorry to hear of your dads stroke & hope he does recover reasonable well. My dad has had capillary leak on jab 1, shingles on jab 3 & blood clots on jab 3. He has finally stopped having further jabs but still refuses to believe our government could have caused this harm. I hope this evil will be stopped & those pushing for more jabs will be found out & brought to justice one way or another

  2. Christians are told to forgive their enemies, but that does not mean the people who have caused so many deaths and injuries should not be charged and sent to prison. The Nuremberg Code was set up after World War 2 to prevent human experimentation.

    The medical professionals were paid a lot of money to convince people to take the jab. Celebrities, governments around the world and the media were paid. Pharmaceutical companies made huge amounts of profit. What about people who raped and murdered children? Do we just forgive them so that they can live happily ever after? The laws of God still apply – do not kill, do not cause harm to your fellow man or woman, especially not to children.


    • @patricia I agree with what you say . I have has you know , since you guided , well into biblical study . Forgive me if I’m wrong but’ a eye for a eye ‘ is very much justified … it’s a shame that the majority can’t understand – don’t do on to others that you wouldn’t want done on to you . All the best .

      • @Andy

        No, I did not mean an eye for an eye. Jesus did not say, an eye for an eye. I am talking about the judicial system we have in place for serious crimes – put them in prison, so that they cannot continue their evil deeds; there is a final judgement coming.

    • You do not believe mainstream media and satanic governments now,why do you continue to believe in fake history?

  3. I have serious doubts regarding any stories about so called celebrities and their families – to which we can add that Eastenders actress. These people are all fakers. I wouldn’t be surprised if, as well as to traumatise the masses, the enemy release this stuff so that those of our persuasion will jump up and down shouting, “See, see, it’s the jabs, it’s the jabs!” All the world’s a stage and I refuse any role offered to me.

  4. Nobody gets to a recognised place until promoted , the ‘ place ‘ depends on the intended audience … 🧐 there are many crowds and many authorities . But sit blind to them , look within , if you have a ear then you will hear and in light you will see .

  5. Oh, brother Hugo!!!
    The NEWLY INVENTED “Stiff Person Syndrome” that Celine Dion allegedly has, is just a psychological operation (PsyOp!) to cover up all these ‘death spiral’ deaths & injuries that we are seeing from all over the world these days!
    Here’s a new patch: https://www.bitchute.com/video/S5fU479M8cFp/

    The devil is just using her (as his PUPPET WITCH) to further OBFUSCATE and INDOCTRINATE the masses and create a false •PSEUDOSCIENTIFIC explanation / justification• for what people are seeing on all this footage.
    So that people would not connected to the real reason, which is the JAB!!! 💉💉

    Please wake up, people.
    She is not sick, and of course she hasn’t been jabbed, because all the elites and high-ranking puppets know what’s in the jab and what is their endgame here!!!

    Please, always look deeper! Things are NEVER what they say they are.
    ALL celebrities and politicians are the devil’s demonically possessed minions, whom he uses to push his agenda on all fronts.
    Everything is just more and more and more deception and lies; we’re living in the worldwide SATANIC THEATER of smoke and mirrors! ⚠️📛⚠️

    Please wake up completely at last and see the whole truth! Not just bits and pieces of it.
    Please always look and dig deeper, because all the agendas and psychological operations ALWAYS have SEVERAL LAYERS of deception to them! It’s not just what you see on the surface or under the first surface layer.
    It’s layers upon layers upon layers of deceit and obfuscation and secret agendas!!!

    Because the devil’s main goal right now is to DECEIVE EVEN THE ELECT ONES of God!
    Everybody else he already owns.

    Matthew 7:7-8.
    Godspeed and shalom to all TRUE brethren in Christ!
    Be blessed in Lord Jesus’s holy name. 👋

    • Totally agree. I don’t believe for one minute, any of these ‘celebs’ have had the jab. Especially these ‘superstar’ ones. Satanic agenda pushers.

    • OK, I went deeper. You using a fallen angel name, satan. You using God’s son’s name, Jesus. BUT when you mentioned him, you somehow forgot to use his name. The word “God” is not his name, that’s a title, or his “job” title.. Have you dig? As you said that we always have to dig to find the truth. So what did you find?
      What is God’s name?

    • Looking at Celine Dion, I can’t believe that she gets lovemaking anymore, I mean, who the fuck would want to fuck that? Maybe she pays for it, gives dollars to some young stud with a mighty lovemeat, but I just know that nobody could tap that arse for free. Not even if she’s singing My Heart Will Go On, while riding the guy.

  6. MEDIA REACTION: “There is nothing to see here. Go get your booster shot. Move along….”

  7. Isn’t stiff person’s syndrome, arthritis? I have that but as the day goes on it gets a tiny bit better, could also be death but I don’t have that yet. We should NEVER, EVER take any kind of advice from these celebs, mostly they’re jabbed and insane, you only have to look at them. No jab for me and mine, I’ve donated all mine to the turdeau in case they should ever run out.

  8. these people will only learn the hard way. you reap what you sow and i have a strong feeling these fact checkers are working hand in hand with the government intelligence services. We are actively being spied on and attacked by our own government. This celine dion illness would only of been diagnosed at a early age.

  9. Watch as the presenter starts talking about celine and makes a triangle with her fingers. It’s a lie. 0:57

  10. I honestly think they are being asked to step down from society. I watched an Australian interview with the USA military & the South Pacific is being deployed with USA military intervention plus 20 other countries & continents while they flush out the child abusers & Celine was one of them. They are literally flushing out Governments & asking them to step down. She isn’t sick she’s been given an ultimatum.

    • Please stop pushing your BS. You still haven’t said what church or intelligence agency are you. Let me think, maybe CIA or some crazy evangelical?

      • Lol. Tell you what sod off back to info wars and let the adults talk.

      • @Flavius Stilicho That’s rich coming from Hugo Talks’ in-house Jesuit subversive!! Looks like Bishop Williamson is an enemy within Satanic Popery and touched your evil Jesuit nerve! LOL

      • @Leigh. Well you info wars is indeed controlled opposition. But what are you doing on a site like this if you don’t believe CIA could be involved in anything? CIA is involved in everything on the net. Give me a break

    • Oh, for goodness sake – neither of you are in possession of the truth!

      You can argue all you like, but the truth has been hidden away for hundreds of years – about 400 years, by my estimation (in our historical timeline). The Crown Corporation are at the heart of this.

      And…there are NO EXTANT texts from before 800AD. That means that everything you read from before that time has been transcribed and taken as read.

      But, just you carry on…

      • @kerenibus, Unfortunately you have no idea who The Truth is, once you have learned that, you’ll be ready for an adult conversation. Just stick to your secular realm where even there you have limited understanding. THE TRUTH has always been available for those with open inquisitive minds!

  11. Fuck em no time for the sheeple anymore. Sooner their gone the better

      • Ron Kelly: I can only speak from where I am, and through what The Lord has done. I overcome satan by The Blood of The Lamb and the word of my testimony. The Lord has worked everything I have lived through to work for my good. He died for all, and to lay one’s life down for Christ is to follow Him wherever He leads. The Lord asked me to forgive because my I in forgiveness and hate regarding my parents was at a ‘murderous level’. No one would have known, neither did I! My parents were in the dark about their own condition. The Lord convicted me when I read the words to forgive. I asked for help and The Lord helped me. Consequently both parents died knowing The Lord because I walked in forgiveness towards them in spirit and in truth. The Lord brought them through to a living knowledge of Himself. What of The Father and the prodigal son; the son left with his inheritance… his father made no sound, no word of warning or condemnation…. before or after.
        Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. A chicken and egg moment….. for every sin is first and foremost committed against The Father God, not others first and then God. My utter gratitude for the saving Grace I received from The Lord caused me to be a part of the work The Lord completed in my parents. How could I withhold forgiveness when I had been forgiven much…. This was a family situation, not an ecclesia one of brethren in fellowship….
        I don’t glide through my Christian life on wheels..seemlessly; I have learned that in and of myself, my heart is deceitfully wicked, and the renewing of my mind is so needful, for the walking in love that is required. 🙏🔥🙏👑

      • @sisterevelyn, “I have learned that in and of myself, my heart is deceitfully wicked, and the renewing of my mind is so needful,”

        So you’re not born of Yah (born again)? May I suggest full immersion Baptism into Yashua Messiah’s (Jesus Christ’s) name alone, followed by the gifting of The Set Apart Exclusive [Holy] Spirit, so that He can take that deceitfully wicked (stony) heart away from you, forever, and give you a new heart of flesh!

        Ezekiel 11:19 (MCV) And I WILL give them one heart, and I WILL put a new Set Apart Exclusive Spirit within you; and I WILL take the stony heart out of their flesh, and I WILL give them a new heart of flesh:

        Once you have a new heart the renewing of your mind will follow automatically according to your desire to follow Him.

        In Yashua Messiah’s name
        Messenger Charles

      • Beautifully said. Dont listen to false teachers telling you that you are not saved.

  12. I have no forgiveness for these “people”. They destroyed my livelihood and set me back years. Destroyed and divided my family and killed my mother. Why should I forgive them? Maybe God can!

  13. An American football journalist has died of a heart attack at Qatar. He had been seen wearing a rainbow t-shirt a few days before.

  14. I’ve held the belief that when more people wake up to what’s happening we will know. It’s when top government officials, and other pushers of the ‘penetration’ start leaving the world stage, no doubt to their fortified bunkers to escape the 💩 hitting the fan. 🙏🕊️

  15. Another great video.Thanks for the words about forgiveness.As a person who has been saved for 55 yrs i can always tell when a person spends a lot of time in the word.

  16. Well I’m seeing a lot of Smaller Jabbed Woman, starting to look old quickly, personality changes, very scared and becoming a lot more just mental like a crackhead permanently on edge looking for there next fix just on convid juice, looking like effecting smaller people first there literally becoming zombies, could be the effect of 3 years of media BS and FEAR but why is it not effecting larger woman yet ??

    They’ve all got super high blood pressure aswell and having lots of time of work due to stress.

    Bank Protection to stop 2008 happening again, buy some time and ensure 2008 happens only worse, before forcing us to digital currency.

    Hunger Games like areas being split into territories to save the planet LOL yeah right, sheep aren’t even aware of this, that would wake them up a bit you’d think, but there unable to see it or care, very very strange.

    We are royally FUCKED!! The Sheep have killed us all!!

  17. We already know that nothing airs on the fakestream media unless it’s part of the agenda, including controlled opposition.

    So… …it’s likely that the Celine Dion story, same as the Justn Bieber so-called bell’s palsy story, are released to normalise and sanitise medical conditions that we on this forum know are associated with the jabs.

    However Celine and Justin claim their ‘illnesses’ are due to other causes, and therefor nothing to do with jabs. Thus their millions of fans across the world will doubt anyone claiming their liiness is due to their jab.

    As for Kanye West’s recent highly staged and highly publicised anti-semtic rant, followed by mass condemnation and loss of millions in sponsorship, you can guess why that was allowed to be aired – “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to critisize”.

  18. A family friend lost their daughter this past week. Early 30s, beautiful girl, full of life. She had recently been diagnosed with blood clots.
    She was found dead in her bed.
    Her job required the vaccination.
    I’m heartbroken for my friend.

  19. Could also be used as another creative way for money laundering through donations for this “cause”

  20. Just check the vaccination (bio weapon) status of these people and the mystery is quickly cleared up.
    Conspiracy theories are spoiler alerts.

  21. It seems Celine was having trouble stifling her ” Dupers delight.” This psyop is intended to normalize this condition so you aren’t alarmed by it and you accept it as normal because you see the celebs experiencing it. Of course They aren’t really JABBED at all.

    • But the majority of the blind programmed world believe they are jabbed. Dolly Parton the country and western singer was just mocking us when she acted like she got the vaccine. Ever heard of her famous song Jolene. She started singing that song and instead of saying Jolene she substituted the word Vaccine. I knew from day this virus was fake.

  22. I subscribe to a couple of French websites, having lived there for the last twenty years and, given that she’s French Canadian, they are interested in her ‘condition’.

    Dion appears to only have become, ‘ill’, after her, ‘inoculation’. There has been speculation for well over a year, in France.

    The conversations are, now, pretty much the same as here.

  23. Be aware that everything is a scripted play just like in a theathre! Hollywood with its predictive programming, celebrities, the sport word, the propaganda from the media and politics, guess what nothing happens in politics unless it’s planned. Trust no one. Not on any platform. The only truth is in the Gospel. The world we live in is dark and evil, normalizing things that 30 years ago or so would be unimaginable, radically transformed… pretending to be good and enlightened. We live in the great tribulations. The Bible revels it. Confess, repent, be baptized.

    “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

    “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32

    bellow is a great video about the n w o deception

  24. When I was a child, so many people kept hurting me, like school mates because my mother neglected me, and didn’t feed me or buy clothing, it was in Hungary. I was extremely skinny, wearing odd clothing, like my jumper was elbow long as it was couple of years old.
    But once, later on someone said sorry, I forgive straight away.
    Than it happened again and again, and once they said sorry, I forgive straight away
    Than I was angry at myself.
    I thought I am stupid, or week, or I don’t know, and though that I shouldn’t forgive them.
    So I tried to be “strong” and not to forgive.
    I couldn’t.
    People are sheep or goats.
    I am still want to be a sheep, of course with knowledge, but the same kindness. X

    • I was poor as a kid too. You accepted the sorry cos poverty really does make you more humble. You did what you felt was right in the moment and thats not a bad thing.

    • If you can forgive people it can be better for you ultimately. You can get rid of all the resentment and bad feelings that can eat you up and cause you harm.
      I wish I was better at it.

    • A strong man in faith! Forgives! A weak man! In faith! Does not!
      “We must forgive! Or, our Father in heaven! Will not forgive us!
      This is what sets a true man of faith apart! God! Loves a tryer! If you carry ill feeling in your heart! It will destroy you! Over time!
      Let it all go! And you will see! A burden has been lifted from your heart!
      “But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.
      Give to everyone who begs from you and as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them..
      ” If you love those who love you, what benefit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them, And if you do good to those who do good to you, what benefit is that to you? For even sinners do the same..
      But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the most high, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil. Be merciful, even as your father is merciful “.
      We must always strive to do, with a good heart for all!
      ” what we do to others, we do it to “Jesus Christ” also!

      “I was thirsty and you did not give me a drink.. I was in prison and you did not visit me..”
      We are all children of the most high God! With eternal souls, Don’t judge a book by its cover “.. You’ll be surprised what you find? You might be entertaining an Angel!
      God bless!
      Christ is king!

      • @Gabriella
        Please read this

        FIND OUT
        How to go to Heaven
        How to get right with God
        Home Content Index False Beliefs False Belief Essentials Serpent Seed
        What is the Serpent Seed doctrine?


        The serpent seed doctrine is a belief based on poor biblical interpretation and superstition. It is a primary doctrinal resource for those who want to use Scriptures to justify racial prejudice. The serpent seed doctrine is also closely related to other erroneous beliefs such as the Christian Identity Movement and the Kenite doctrine. Like many false beliefs, it has a built-in defense mechanism; that is, anyone who disagrees with it is accused of being a son of the serpent. One of the most unfortunate problems with the serpent seed doctrine is that it so heavily relies on prejudice and warped biblical interpretation that it can be very difficult to discuss rationally.

      • @Gabriella

        Continue reading please

        Simply stated, the serpent seed doctrine teaches that the sin of Eve was not simple disobedience, but sexual contact with the serpent, and that Cain was the son of Eve and the devil. Cain’s descendants are, according to this idea, the sons of Satan, and this includes most any race or group that the serpent-seed believer chooses to dislike. This idea is rooted in superstitious beliefs and is particularly popular with white supremacists and anti-Semites; the Unification Church also supports this idea. Noted false prophets and false teachers such as Arnold Murray of Shepherd’s Chapel and William Branham espoused the idea. Although an idea should not be criticized when it is wrongly applied, it is appropriate to condemn an idea when it logically leads to sin. A philosophy that teaches that some races or people are universally satanic, like the serpent seed doctrine

        Those who support serpent-seed ideas cite many passages in the Bible as proof that their idea is correct. Almost without exception, these “proofs” require an interpretation that is totally inappropriate to the context of the passage. For example, Genesis 3:13 is often cited, with the claim that the word translated “beguiled” in the King James Version really meant “seduced.” Context and scholarship would disagree. Proverbs 30:20 metaphorically compares eating and sexual immorality; this is greatly overstated by the serpent-seed believer as proof that the Fall was sexual. Another passage is the parable of the tares in Matthew chapter 13. Those who believe in the serpent seed doctrine teach that Jesus’ description of the “children of the devil” in this parable is true in a biological sense. Again, only one who is trying to force this belief into the Bible will see it this way; it is not naturally read out of Scripture.

    • @ Gabriella
      Whatever you do. Please do not go to that demons site. Just read the link and you can see the pure evil resonating from him.

  25. I don’t have the authority to forgive them from all the dead people they murdered so they are just going to have to burn in hell.

  26. Don’t bueve a word this demon say. She is promoting gender neutral clothing line for children.

    • Absolutely correct, just view “its” video for the gender neutral clothing line to know that if this so called illness is true, karma is coming!!

  27. Absolutely Hugo. “Do not judge.’ May Yah help all those who encouraged others to have this experimental jab. Their blood is on their hands.
    Yahweh bless you all.

  28. Trust science, funny how they now don’t know why all these sudden deaths are happening…

  29. “Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace”

    • @GeorgeDee, You agape love them in order to gain peace, but you don’t have to forgive them unless they repent!

      Luke 17:3 (MCV) Take heed to yourselves: If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent (changes his behaviour), forgive him.

  30. “Her “injury” has nothing to do with……”
    Fact checking fail hiding in plain sight!

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