Netherlands 🇳🇱 To SHUT DOWN 3000 FARMS / Hugo Talks

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63 Comments on “Netherlands 🇳🇱 To SHUT DOWN 3000 FARMS / Hugo Talks

  1. Nice to see you back Hugo reporting on the Facts. This is truly ‘ The Great Reset’ where you will own nothing……..
    Absolutely nothing but you will be Happy. Or so they think .😉

  2. Doing the same with Portugal Spain and France new high speed links between the 3 countries to reduce flights but nothing about the 24/7 chem trail planes

  3. I feel sorry for these farmers in the Netherlands. This is outrageous.
    Many farmers are in families who have been farming for hundreds of years. Even if they do not have animals what about the farms closing which produce crops. ☹️
    Farmers in New Zealand are having a hard time too but it dosen’t get reported.
    We can see where this is going, how long before it happens here.
    Thanks for the report Hugo.

    • Why do you feel sorry for them? These useless idiots played a part in this whole ordeal by complying at the start. What is the vaccination rate in the Netherlands and New Zealand? What % were farmers that went along that made the whole “pandemic” possible?

  4. And it’s about the Kalegri plan. The UN : 60 million migrants (especially Africans) to Europe by 2050.

    I am from the Netherlands and the last years I also tried to wake up farmers and their reactions were the same as the (other) sheeple. Now these hypocrites have protest flags in front of their houses.

  5. They don’t think people will be happy at all – but they do think they can brainwash them into not kicking up too much fuss until they have them well and truly shackled.
    I hope that they underestimate people and that the voices of quiet, firm-minded rebellion grow. Together, ‘the masses’ must terrify ‘them’. I doubt many of ‘them’ are capable of looking after themselves if not sitting on their pedestals surrounded by their support structure. The higher you raise yourself, the more you look down on the diversity that sustains you – and the further there is to fall.
    Somewhere, deep in everyone, is a survival instinct – and I believe that there has to be a tipping point.

    • The natural tipping point in jabbed humans has changed. I believe that is part of the reason for the vax.

  6. The usual suspects !! The EU spurred on by the WEF, emboldened by Biden’s idiotic fossil fuel hatred and cheered on by the Green imbeciles. The world is being destroyed by a small bunch of halfwits with what is intyended to be a pretty horrific outcome for the MAJORITY of us ! We desperately NEED a rallying point to fight back against this insanity !!

  7. It is true that factory farming is responsible for the emission of huge quantities of greenhouse gases (apart from terrible animal suffering), but this is not a civilized way to go about things. It seems that the long, creepy hand of the WEF is probably behind this imposition, and farmers are being trampled on by these so-called ‘elites’. The next time – if the WEF-ers are not stopped in their tracks – it’ll be people from another sector who are pissed on from a great height.

    • Greenhouse gases?
      So you’re promoting man made climate change as a real thing.

      • Well said, Rob.
        Fucking fraudulent pseudo science, for weak and fickle minds….

  8. I’d love to witness the Dutch rise up and drag the decision makers from their homes and then destroy their homes.

  9. There is nothing the devil does anyone’s else’s advantage. Its all about trying to get as many souls as he can so that they burn in the lake of fire together. Those being used NY the devil should know that men don’t leave on bread alone but the Word that proceeds from our Lord Jesus Christ’s mouth. What they are trying to torment is the flesh BUT fortunately the soul that belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazarreth is in tact.💃💃🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  10. Thank you Hugo as always.

    The Dutch are smart people,
    They will not sell their land to loose everything
    they have been doing & working hard at for centuries
    and Good at it!!!
    may I add.

    Love to the Netherlands
    Keep strong people.

    • I would agree…they are smart people…all 17.5 million….small land mass….population small too…

    • Somehow I do not think you fully understand the concept of “compulsory purchase”…..

      • I do John
        thank you so much.
        I just don’t want to see this happen.
        Nothing wrong with me being hopeful for people.

  11. The works of the UN are well under way. They want us to live in a communitarianism state. The Vatican has recently been ascended to a member state of the UN from their previous position of observer status. Pope Francis has written an encyclical named Frutelli tutti. It calls for solidarity and fraternity…the common good must supersede your own liberties. You will have no choice ( the state knows what is best for you) but you will be happy….A communist manifesto. The Jesuit’s have a history with communism. They set up communist community’s called “selective’s” in South America. Pope Francis is a Jesuit…continuing their plan for us. A new world order under the governance of one religious authority.

  12. Those behind this are pure evil and it’s our duty to raise awareness of such plans, among everyone we know that will listen; (some folk are beyond help!). As for their climate lies, it would be interesting to see how things improved if they stopped spraying the skies with goodness-know-what…

  13. I found an article from the NL Times from 24th August 2022. It says that the EU is worried that the Dutch buyout plan may actually be illegal as it does not comply with EU regulations regarding state aid. And that if the EU later rules that it is in fact illegal then the farmers would have to repay any excess monies paid. And you are going to love this one. We know what the real reasons are of course. But the `official` reason given for the buyouts is due to livestock on the farms producing too much nitrogen which are too close to vulnerable nature reserves !

    Anyway here is the article. It is a quick read only one page long:

    • Its not just livestock, also vegetable farmers have to go. The Dutch government is now even dictating them what crops they “may” grow when and where and forced growth of non-food plants to take out “stikstof” from the soil. After that they will need even more chemical manure to grow anything. They will be the next to default. Sorry for my bad English, I am Dutch.

      • @Spooked, your English is very good. Well, this is from the point of view of a foreigner, too 😉

    • Deadly Nitrogen 70% of the earth’s atmospheric air for billions of years under which life flourished….
      These destructive children who have been handed power as a reward for their total incompetence and lack of moral fibre are way past the limit for compulsory post natal abortion!

      • The earth is 6000 years old..not billions take your satanic brainwashing elsewhere- The Bible documents the birth and lives of the first people born and their descendants.When you add up the dates it shows the earth is 6000 years old.
        The oldest reef 4400 years, the oldest writing system 4400 years.It is 4400 years because 4400 years ago GOD did his great reset with the flood.Thos who reject the Bible and follow man deserve what they will get

  14. That’s why food growing communities are so important right now. Let them have the cities. Their last empire and kingdom spoken of by Daniel and John.

  15. Thank you Hugo.
    Marc Rutte is a ‘student’ of KSwabb…he has talked openly ‘he’ is going to control the ‘food distribution’ globally…..Whilst the PLANdemic is well underway….people have clearly been very busy behind the scenes….

  16. I was recently flying about the western US and struck up a conversation with a well-spoken, professional gentleman from the Netherlands who was traveling on business. A casual remark about the ridiculous TSA clown show being performed for our “safety” quickly moved to government overreach, WEF, climate hoax, etc. When I inquired specifically about the farms and the land buyback, he essentially said that the farmers had been so threatened by confiscation, that even the reluctant ones were eventually taking the bribes, feeling unsupported and desolate in their plight. I asked what the government was doing with their newly acquired land, and he told me about massive “tent cities” springing up, housing thousands of government-sponsored immigrants from northern Africa. He stated that between 1,000 and 2,000 of the most dangerous sort of extremist Islamic militants were being brought in weekly, and that these “cities” were no-go zones for the Dutch. He mourned the fact his country was becoming more and more like Sweden in this regard, and stated that most of Europe was already “lost”. He echoed once again what I’ve heard from so many of my overseas friends: that the US, being the only major country with 2A rights protected, was the last hope for the planet. Sobering. One encouraging side note: the gentleman standing in line behind us, whom I suddenly noticed was eavesdropping on our convo, began nodding his head in agreement and said to me, “Everything you are saying is true.” There are more people “awake” to the globalist agenda then perhaps we believe; sometimes you just have to be the first person to say something.

  17. I see nothing wrong with this. Eating meat is a bestial thing to do, and we should have evolved from this wretched practise by now.

      • Be Quiet Sinner. When you address me, you address me with respect. Capisce?

    • Philip, why are you here on earth? This is the game here on this planet: eating each other, how horrible that may be, you need meat. Your digestive system has been evolved to eat meat for your animal proteins, b12, iron, etc. Some are doing well on a vegetarian diet but most of them stop this diet after 2 years because they get very tired and sick. Did you know plants excrete stress hormones when you cut them off? Everything here is life, you eat life in order to survive. Its a horrible system but otherwise you die. And your horribly authoritarian comment to Alan is laughable, you’re a pathatic loser.

      • You wouldn’t call me a pathetic loser if we were in the penitentiary. You’d call me Daddy, and I’d be your special friend an’ pimp yo sweet white ass out to the Bruthas, for cigarettes and Rahman noodles …

      • Everybody should change their name to “Easily Trolled”

    • 100% wrong, philip.
      We are evolved to be ultra carnivores.
      Plant based diet and agriculture was always for paupers.
      Our vegetarian cousins are still dangling from trees and playing with their own shit.

  18. Same happening here in Australia, milk companies dropped the price per litre by two thirds, and most dairy farmers in Victoria went out of business.
    Now we have ‘contrived’ floods ruining the harvest from our two ‘foodbowl’ States.
    It isn’t going unnoticed though, the most unaware people are saying that life has changed for the worse since lockdown.

  19. As with the previous ‘industrial revolution’ that was sold as good but in fact trapped people into cities, slaveships (employment) and loss of quality of life and environmental damage, this proclaimed new industrial revolution is the most sinister of all. They built a system of mass food production based on animals being treated as things. I am a meat eater but it’s nothing but factory produced meats and vegetables that are grown in labs without sun and under UV lights nowadays. Zero nutritional value. They have and are continuing to poison everything they can get their hands on. Injecting trees and animals with poison shots. But don’t worry, they want to cut down CO2. CO2 is the lifeline of the planet. A warmer planet would boost crop and food production. But they don’t want that. Demons! I read somewhere once that Holland is the biggest user of agri chemicals in EU. There are more pigs than people. Scotland has pig factories that slaughter millions of pigs to ship out to China! And this apparently, according to Bill G, is better than small farms! Most people cannot afford to buy meat from local small farms. They are destroying the food supply system and with that upping the ante with all out war against humanity.

    • I am not sure, if cannot afford to buy from a local farmer is a correct statement. At least, not where we live. Lamb shank/ shoulders/ chops bought from my neighbour is 2/3 of supermarket price, in turn pork is more expensive – pigs roam free. We rarely eat pork and beef. We overpay for milk more than 100%, free range. being mindful that we are moderate meat eaters, three times per week plus fish, the balance is probably zero.

  20. I am checking this news with a relative who has lived there for 20yrs.
    If this is true, you are correct. This is to seize land for infrastructure = ‘smart’ city = a prison. Exactly the same has been intended in one of the Eastern European countries. A large ‘airport hub’ is planned to be built in its centre. Never mind there we have plenty of airports over there. Yet East is East, more like SA: expropriation without compensation; farmers were to be evicted and moved to the blocks of flats. So far, no avail – they resisted. How long, though?
    Just being sentimental, but this takes me right back to the days, when we used to buy fish straight from the fishermen, at the seaside, just after the sunrise. In the early 90s government bought their, usually family run businesses, for lump sum money.
    Fishermen, some in their prime, were laid off and many of them soon became impoverished, if they squandered their pay off. This opened the door to international fishing trawlers which still indiscriminately combs a seabed, destroying its diversity. Exactly what harvest combine does with the ground (someone may accuse me for spreading non-sense, I am ok with that).
    Funny enough, more than 10yrs back I spoke with a fellow from the Balkans. He wasn’t keen on EU; he explained to us what I’ve just written, namely fishing trawlers combing the seabed of their beautiful Adriatic. It was more important to him that the heritage of seafishing by the families would have been preserved.
    If the Dutch are to be turned into vegans, my heart goes out to them. For their tomatoes and strawberries have an exquisite paper-like taste.

    • Ethical vegans shun animal products because they care about animals. This is nothing to do with animal rights; it is so the monsters can control the food system and starve the masses.

  21. What is completely ignored are the number of suicides by farmers. You don’t hear about this, no imagine. When I see my social network, this happens almost weekly, in and in sad.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

    • @Piko, Viv. True. Farmers have been always in vulnerable position, especially if they are on their own. Their job description is ’24/7′ no bank holidays, unless they have workers, lone working hours. My friend is a meat cattle farmer in the UK. Her children helped with daily chores as soon as they could. Back where I come from, farmers’ children did not play like other town/city kids. They ploughed the fields on massive tractors. Children did not fertilize though, did not spray herbicides. Extended family of farmers did not suffer food shortages under communism, but they were fully involved, especially during harvest. They would take annual leave to commit to farming drudgery while we kids were simply on holiday camp = child labour. This, however, shapes a robust grown-up individual.
      It is a shame that people tend not to see it that way. They are usually focused on material side. Farmers are not short of anything, but they pay price. They are vilified for apparent cruelty to animals. Yes, farmers are not sentimental, they would fall apart if they were, but for anyone who chastise a farmer, my advice is: try to grow your weekly shopping trolley without a farmer.

  22. Absolutely unforgivable, and yet the likes of sc#mbag Gates are allowed to buy up land like it’s literally going out of fashion. I’m not going to pretend I know how because I don’t, but people worldwide really do need to gather together, form some kind of alliance that’s going to fight back. I have my health problems but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be to stand up and fight these psychopaths

  23. Last time a maniacal dictator has illusions of controlling people and making them suffer, resulted in millions of deaths. Klaus of the W,E and F is behind this

    • Then they will expropriate them later, thats what they’re discussing now, forced expropriation. Their farmland will become worthless as you may no longer do anything with the land. Many farmers have even killed themselves over this.

  24. According to my source in the NL, this is another instruction from Brussels….farmers are encouraged to ‘convert’ to a different ‘branch’ or they will be penalised to make their life more difficult. EU states that cows/pigs affect emissions, they emit nitrous oxide or dioxide (not my words). I wonder how much greenhouse gases we emit and how inconvenient we are…

    • Sad thing is roaches, centipedes have higher rates of methane gas released than cattle so are they going to kill all the bugs too? Will the govt and special interest groups ever be happy? What do they think they are going to live on?

  25. I live in the Netherlands and it seems that the numbers do not really match. The general story is true but the numbers are over inflated. For me it makes no sense to reference the farmers closing down on one hand and then making an associated link to a metropoll city seems far fetched and untrue. Below is what a dutch political activist said. I quote.

    “he’s getting a bit carried away but about the farmers is true because of nitrogen emissions and the dutch government being morons as usual, long story. But i doubt it will be 3000 in the end, probably much less”

    Very interesting.

  26. Just an observation… Has anyone noticed a limited choice of grains/pulses in supermarkets? unless I did not look thoroughly enough… but some ominous thoughts crossed my mind that the govs do not want us, and most importantly the next generations, to know how to cook from scratches, as there did not seem to be shortage of any tinned beans, peas etc..

  27. The only genuine healthy food available is the meat these farmers produce.
    It has the lowest percentage of pesticides and other harmful inflammatory substances of any food source.
    The plan with food mirrors the plan for domestic energy, it is to be turned into a commodity and your disposable income is to be eradicated.
    Unless you fight this this, this will be your bleak future.
    Fight it by raising demand for all foods and products that they wish to commoditise, eat lots of healthy meat, drive your petrol cars and boycott their attempts at “transformation”….

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