Car Tracking Tech Becomes MORE INVASIVE / Hugo Talks

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46 Comments on “Car Tracking Tech Becomes MORE INVASIVE / Hugo Talks

  1. I went into the back of someone several years ago. I barely touched her car as I was only in first gear yet she went to the doctor and claimed she had whiplash. My insurance paid out 瞿7k to her. The insurance clerk told me that they knew she couldn’t have whiplash as there was hardly any damage to her car yet because she had a doctor’s note they wouldn’t challenge it.

      • Wolf, Hugo speaks about vehicle insurance being a mandated government scam. savvyshaz commented on how her insurance company was probably scammed by a whiplash claim.

      • Yeah, I thought that after I had written it but the mere mention of insurance stills annoys me and shows that truth and honesty stand for nothing against the institutions of this world. .until Jesus returns.

    • Going off track here, won’t take long. I have an 80 odd year old ( pain in the fecking arss ) woman moved in next door a couple of years ago, she only got the council bungalow because of a “doctors note”, wouldn’t mind but the bloody woman can run rings round me, (65) never seen a pensioner so blood active, those bloody so called doctors are guna have a lot to answer for one day. Rant over, thanks for being patient.

      • The consolation is that all these Doctors are going in the Lake of Fire.

    • I am no longer of a religious bent. Having said that, given the state of the world we now live in, it would seem to me that Lucifer has the upper hand in terms of power !

      • No it seems that way because his time is short, and he knows it so he is like a lion looking for whom he can devour.
        Relationship with Jesus is not dead religion, it is a living relationship.

  2. Hugo, I love the fact that you are warning people that we are in Biblical times and that you talk about God. The people are lost in their sin without repentance and putting trust in the Lord Jesus. That is the only hope. How about putting this Gospel message of hope on the end of every video. We must do all we can to reach the lost with the complete Gospel as it is our only hope. God bless.

  3. Not so long ago when technology was nonexistent, life was so much more natural, good and real. We don’t really need all these complications.

  4. Here in the Netherlands it has been possible for a long time. The police drive behind you scan your license plate and know exactly what the condition of your car is. Inspected and or insured. And it is indeed a small step to add something to this.

  5. Now listen to this, I cancelled my Direct debit on my van tax because of the impending CBDC but my tax is paid up until April 2023 and I have notified them about this but it is falling on Death ears. When you pay Vehicle Tax you pay 6 months up front as we all know and they threatening to clamp it. I have now installed a camera near by for proof of damage to my vehicle. The Scam rolls on 不不

  6. Great video as always, and wonderful closing Hugo! Thank you!儭歹

  7. The introduction is in Spanish, but if you go to 5:45 Lord Monckton makes a presentation in English, and after listening to it the conclusion I make is that the policies Europe are going to implement regarding Climate Change are part of a big scam, and an excuse to abolish democracy and to implement a totalitarian system disguised as a “good cause”. Please give a like to the video. “The Great Reset. A World without Carbon |Lord Monckton & Douglas Pollock””

    • Thanks for this Luis, the video is perfect to send to my friends and family who wont believe me when I tell them that CC is about control and is not an issue.

      • In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine, and the like would fit the bill. In their totality and interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which demands the solidarity of all peoples. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap about which we have already warned, namely, mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”

        Decisions made a long time ago…

  8. Someone stole a part of my car while it was parked outside my house, the insurance excess was more than the cost of buying the part & having it fitted professionally, Insurance is a waste of bloody money, I used to have my animals insured, but they refused to pay out when it was needed.

  9. As an Electrical Engineer I want to say that all this tech is not new, Many of these technologies are pretty damn simple to make and have existed for a pretty long time, Image recognition is just good old statistics for example, It is just now the time that the Khazarian Mafia and whoever works with them (Knight Templars, Masons, etc.) launched their attack and got really crazy and want to shove trackung tech everywhere to track everything we do and to automatically electronically decide who must take a psychiatric treatment if he is recognized as dissident or does not go along with the system (starting to happen in Canada, unvaxxed will be recognized as mentally ill), It is an all out attack by the Khazarian Mafia to confine and limit the mind of the Goyim so we won’t be able to recognize who is the real enemy, It is much more easier to control a Goyin nation when the Goyim are mentally ill, full with autism and down syndrome from their “medications” than an highly aware and smart nation of Goyim, They too much rely on / believe that Silicon Stones (Yes, There are stones that literally can execute commands and do some math that exist in nature, But this property comes into effect only when those stones are in a highly purified state), Those technologies cannot stand a united nation of Goyim that are aware to their plans, One Goy cannot do anything, But a bunch of Goyim can do a lot (take down their cameras for example), So better to wake up, They are eliminating the normies out of existence. Also the Khazarian Mafia tends to call AI / Artificial Intelligence to a ton of standard manufacturing processes and software development stuff that we’ve had for ages, Like the making glass houseware etc. For statistics for image recognition they call AI, And for trigonometry for manufacturing equipment they call AI too, Those processes are not AI at all, And they call it that way because when a Satanists see a Silicon Stone doing some stuff when you tell it what to do, They believe probably that there is some “unatural spirit in it”, Though we in the Electrical and Software Engineering fields know it is just some natural semi-conducting phenomena that Silicon Stones exhibit in a highly purifed state. Also Satanists do not have the Technical Know How, They are just the investors and employers who print all the money, So they indeed may think that those stones have an unatural/evil spirit in them which they can commad to control this world, Those systems will definitly fail to control the world, Also they want one language for all of us, In computing we 30 languages that are used in conjunction all each with their pros and cons, No one can maintain such systems to achive the control that the Khazarian Mafia wants, They bet to much on electronics and they will ultimately fail overtime. And again, those technologies are old and exist out in the open freely (databases, statistics, image editing etc. all exist freely as open source packages / bunch of codes for anyone to use for everything, If someone is into that and wants for example to build a manufacturing line for lets say car parts or glass houseware, He can even interact with the open source community and they will give him advices/designs and even computer codes and mathematical equations and share that with him freely while not charging him for a single penny), the Khazarians are just repurposing tech that already exists out in the open against us, the Goyim, using their centralized control power structure / monetary system and utilizing the fact that all companies in the world are under their hands (BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street etc.) so all companies are working together to achieve that goal, The best thing to do is decentralize everything, Buy locally, And use technology only when absolutly necessary and if you need for long periods of time then use and install open source software directly on your desktop computer (i.e. no need to rely on remote server connection, This is where they send all your data to when you use closed source big tech apps) to evade/mitigate the tracking.

  10. That was very interesting – thanks Hugo.

    I receive surveys from YouGov, co-founded by the creepy Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi. The surveys are always asking what type of technology you have at home, how many hours you spend watching TV, what you think of various influencers, brands etc.

    I don’t think you mentioned smart motorways. We are told that smart motorways will be much safer but some people (people with a brain) are very worried about them because of the removal of hard shoulders. I am sure they will be much safer, because I believe their purpose is to track and stop people travelling, not to facilitate movement around the country.

    During lockdown, I travelled between London and the NW a number of times, during the day and at night. The lockdowns allowed lots of work to take place on the motorways to make them ‘smart’. For miles and miles, there would only be one lane open, and at night, parts of the motorways were closed and the little traffic there was had to make big detours. This would not have been possible with the usual traffic. In fact, it was almost as if it had been planned ….

    I believe very strongly in Intelligent Design by a higher being. I remember years ago I used to go to a vegan restaurant run by 7th Day Adventists. One of them said something which first made me believe this. Basically, it was to do with how giraffes can possibly get water to go up their very long necks whilst they were bending down at the lake. She said they had sphincters to stop the back-flow of the water. She questioned how that could be explained by the theory of evolution. It must be Intelligent Design.

    More information on giraffes, if you are interested, and more evidence, I believe, of Intelligent Design
    High blood pressure in humans is often associated with heart failure, edema, strokes, and episodes of fainting. Giraffes never show these. Edema, the abnormal collection of fluid in the lower legs, is prevented in giraffes by a combination of thick basement membranes of capillary blood vessels, which probably reduce their permeability to proteins, a very high tissue pressure that resists flow of fluid out of capillaries, and efficient mechanisms for returning blood to the heart. Fainting occurs when blood flow (and thus oxygen and glucose supply) to the brain is reduced. When a giraffe lifts its head after drinking water there is a sudden reduction of blood flow to the head, and fainting should result. Fainting is avoided because the blood flow that remains is diverted completely to the brain by a unique arrangement of blood vessels and nerves, and by structures that maintain the perfusion pressure of the blood flowing through the brain. Strokes can be caused by rupture of small blood vessels in the brain when they are exposed to high blood pressure of the kind reached in the head of a giraffe when it drinks surface water. Rupture of brain blood vessels is prevented in giraffes by mechanisms that reduce pressure. The posture adopted while drinking, baroreceptor-mediated reduction in cardiac output, the effects of the carotid rete, diversion of blood away from the brain, an increase in cerebrospinal fluid pressure, and passive and active constriction of blood vessels, all contribute.

    • The governments like some pharaohs and their Jooish/Phoenician financial advisers will be ordering big construction projects to prevent slaves from rebelling. I reckon they will be constructing motorways without end but fewer will be able to use them anyway and as you said they will be permanently under construction/renovation.

      Not to believe in the Intelligent Design is to commit a mental suicide.
      I am not saying that only Joos want us to defy God and only believe their masters -> Phoenician oligarchs & their corporations.
      It all revolves around lying and how lying is profitable high up in the so called “food chain”.
      Even the libertarians (very often atheists) say that whatever Joo banksters at Federal Reserve, ECB or Bank of England say it is always a lie and they only tell truth when retired or when drunk (what happened to Bernanke). So whatever they say the opposite is true.

      If you watch Hollywood’s movie “Network” premiered in 1976 they also admit that media (Joos) “lie like hell”.
      Why do you think they released such movie in the 70-ties? “I am mad as hell and I am not gonna take this anymore!”

      In a couple of years we should expect a similar production from Hollywood maybe after another plandemic, war and/or higher inflation people will be in a similar state of mind like the ones from 1976. The movie was to let go of viewers frustration.

      Of course in that movie the main character moved the blame from real perpetrators Phoenicians and their Jooish pawns to Arabs.
      You can see how they play with us.

  11. When your sitting somewhere an not on your phone can be pretty liberating. Even when Im in a busy mood I see my other half sitting looking at that smartphone an it just looks soul draining from my perspective even though I do it myself. I look an think, your wasting you god dam time looking at other people doing other things in their life an yeah some videos are positive but most are just complete garbage that you will forget in a hour yet youve wasted your hour with their hour, see where Im going with this..

    We are being programmed to waste our time watching others play with there time. We need to snap out this spell an just get out there an do something for ourself even if its just a walk In nature.

    Yeah I get whats going on in the world an how unfair or evil things are but what can any of us really do? I think we need to learn how to disengage from the (net) the net has connected us all but we need to recognise we are putting out energy into the wrong hands. My iPhone is cracked an wont be long before it breaks, Im serious thinking about going back to basics with the phone, use my computer if I want to find out something or use it as means of finding knowledge etc, ask yourself this, what knowledge did I learn today or did my phone give me positive energy with being on it? If both answers are no.. then you wasted your time an energy once again, reading crap or looking at crap. Dont let your life slip past you by listen or watching other people in the world.

  12. Hi Hugo! When you started sharing Bible verses I thought “Praise the Lord”. Glad you said that prayer and it was answered – as He does to those who seek him. I hope you’ve also given your life to Christ as Romans 10:10 states: For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
    Keep doing great work for those of us who are awake, and now also for the Kingdom of God.
    Jesus is coming quickly! We have little time. The evil ones will pay, but not by our hands, but vengeance is the Lord’s as the Bible says!
    Keep the faith!

  13. Haven’t got a smart meter and never will have, as far as it can resisted. Got a phone call this week from them thinking they were phoning to arrange a date for installation (Never even got asked!). I quickly rattled off a few reasons telling them why I am not interested, didn’t give them a chance to speak and continued with 1.They are often faulty and unreliable. 2.The energy company can increase my rate per kwh up to 20+ times a day. 3.I read not long ago that someone got quoted 瞿400 to have it removed. 5. They are an unacceptable first step towards control and manipulation of my appliance useage. They quickly ended the call. To their credit, they did listen to what I had to say but instantly knew they were wasting their time. Refuse these and all ‘SMART’ devices and we win.

    • Let’s wait when the burglars start talking to these “smart” meters to check if the owners are home. They like the carjackers will definitely be intercepting the signals smart meters transmit.

      • While hacked into your meter they cam also turn your power off. Think of all the security items that would then stop working.

    • Much more terrible is the meaning of Genesis 6:9
      9These [are] the generations of Noah: Noah [is] a righteous man; he *has been perfect among his generations* ; Noah has habitually walked with God. Noah was not genetically altered.

  14. This is all in the Rockefeller plan.
    They will continue to increase penalties for road offences.
    Now penalty points stay for like 5 years.

    Insurance is also a banksters scam.
    American universities insure themselves for the risk of fewer students from China.
    That is how these universities are desperate for Chinese money to function and they insure themselves for such “disasters”.
    Who is paying for all this stuff? We pay in inflation while Joo banksters create money for their agendas.

    People who are really into science are more often true believers into God.
    It’s only the mainstream science that was hijacked by the shysters is to separate you from God and that is also the reason why mainstream science has not made any progress but spread lies and confuse anyone who comes close.

  15. More interesting information on ID plans and agenda 2030 of the elite and of course BillyBoyGoats is right up there with it giving massive funding. Big steps moving towards the M>O>B.!!

  16. Funny this video popped up just I became aware that I have been effectively excluded from making online purchases.
    I do not own a mobile phone and have no plans to buy one.
    Two factor authentication has effectively excluded me from having access to my money.
    This is a human rights issue.

    • @John Davies, sorry to hear this. I am sure that you will be okay and find the way to bend the factor, then you pick how to bend more factors ;). Look, you are not whining, but are focused on solution in your last sentence.
      We are also not in tune with the progressive flow. Sticking to my phone though and will do, but otherwise we hail going ‘backwards’.

  17. Dont agree that car insurance is entirely money for nothing Hugo.

    If one or more persons are killed in a collision and a qualifying living dependent(s) needs to make a claim for damages under the Fatal Accident Act 1976, the claim is made against the insurer of the person deemed to have caused the death(s). If that same person also died in the collision, the claim by the dependent(s) is still made against the insurer, which is regarded as the Estate of said person.

    However, I agree that this useful piece of technology can and likely will, be used for nefarious use.

  18. Well done Hugo for standing up for your faith, l believe we are living in the last days as told by Jesus Christ when his disciples asked for signs to look for when the end is near, l believe this passage is in Matthew re: jesus’ sermon on the Mount ( of olives )

  19. KB
    Re: Giraffe, it’s an interesting quotation, I’ve actually read the source, but please note as we share the same kingdom and class: mammals, and while I don’t doubt that a giraffe is indeed a wondrous creature, we share the same anatomical characteristic with it, namely a sphincter, which, in a case of giraffe prevents backflow of water, in our case – it prevents backflow of food. However when we overeat or become older, obese sphincter dilates, hence acid reflux. We can also kneel down and drink from the ground – spring water.
    Therefore a giraffe is not that unique. No doubt a giraffe is a highly adapted mammal, but it’s not that perfect, once if falls it may drown in a poodle from which it drank
    ‘High blood pressure in humans is often associated with heart failure, edema, strokes, and episodes of fainting. Giraffes never show these.’
    Giraffes never show these, as they are unlikely to live to the ripe old age when these conditions: strokes, HF, oedema, occur. By then they will be scoffed by the predators. Also aforementioned conditions do not occur in typical healthy people, but they do: in overweight and obese. There are not obese wild animals.

    Giraffes are unique, they are not affected by the postural hypotension as you quoted, but we also seem to cope well.. We merely get lightheaded or dizzy after sudden standing up from sitting down/squatting position when our BP drops.
    We seem to have advantage over giraffes – animals in captivity (cultured and reasonably nurtured) live longer.

  20. Here in the States, we had a TV series by the name of “Person of Interest” some years back. If you have access to that program, you ought to watch some of that. Odds are, today’s hi-tech is the very thing behind all that.

  21. Great explantion of Faith Hugo!

    Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony. By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible.

    Hebrews 11 1-6

  22. What is your take on the Balenciaga scandal?Why did they governo themselves away?

  23. Absolutely Hugo. It takes MORE faith to believe that all this happened by accident for no purpose at all.
    Youre right on the money, the Bible is clear that faith is THE most important thing to God, and he is constantly rewarding and protecting those that have it in Him.
    You should check out and watch his prophesy updates, I think youll find them very interesting.
    Actually thats how I found you, through pastor JD talking about your videos in a couple of his prophesy updates. Youre doing great work, keep it up and dont listen to the naysayers!

  24. “I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well.” Psalms 139:14
    Great explanation Hugo. Keep on believing and sharing your faith.
    Yah bless all who believes. And those who do not, believe now, there’s not much time left. Let Him be the Shepherd of your souls. Please Repent and trust Him.

  25. Dear Hugo.. We thank Almighty God for waking you & us up to the reality of Jesus Christ Yesuha.
    (as it says in the Word of God, (KJV) ( He New us Before we were conceived)..

    Your videos are powerful & yes, all your videos are Truth, we thank you for exposing the darkness into the Light.
    I have always known Jesus Christ & brother, your in our daily prayers, you & your family Hugo..

    Jesus Christ said I will be with you to the end of the age, so when the time comes for you to stop your videos, Hugo, the Holy Spirit will keep us informed, as the Holy Spirit is with the ones that have excepted Jesus Christ into there Hearts, lives & Souls… ((John 3 16) (KJV)

    There is a song, by Don Meon,, (( Trust & Obey, for there is no Other way, to be Happy in Jesus, Just trust & Obey….))

    Obedience is key Hugo, your speaking life into us through your videos..
    Thank you, for your obedience & discernment.

    Only look to Jesus Christ, as only Jesus Christ Saves John 3 16

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