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47 Comments on “FAKE MEAT COMPANY FAILS / Hugo Talks

  1. “tooting my horn” Or swearing. “I can control it” Bollocks,

  2. Beyond Meats advertising department missed a great opportunity here to promote healthy eating, using Kim K with her fake ass and tits to promote its products when they really should have gone with a FTM for the fake meat and two veg.

    • So they know the pushing the ulez just pushed out the pollution. This means anyone on the outskirts will now be engulfed in concentrated pollutants.
      Considering they’re no recording all of the particulates we have no real idea.
      The 20mph zone that now cover all of london. Means more break dust, which seems to be more damaging than the gases….m

  3. I read a report stating for each $1 made the spend was $1.83. The writer pointed out that the company must be being shored up financially. Everything is part of their plan. They probably don’t mind losing $millions while they push ahead. Still I love seeing the packed sections in the supermarket. Heh heh.

  4. Yes, the governments of the world are giving out grants to make meat free companies, that’s why they are all making a loss. They are not being driven by consumers, they are being artificially pushed.

  5. I’m excited to announce I’ve discovered the universal cure for road rage!!!
    What is it, you might ask?
    Saint Hildegard of Bingen’s music at full volume! 🙂


    “So now let there be praise to God, who always fights against the ancient serpent in such a way that he removes every wrinkle of sin until the consummation of the world [cf. Eph. 5:27], when every disposition of his faithful will fully appear as he originally arranged it. Then the ancient serpent will be completely overthrown, since he will not be able to do anything for himself or to others, nor will he be able to give glory to anyone. (Vita S. Dysibodi episcopi, c. 54)”

  6. “A little while and the wicked will be no more
    Though you look for them, they will not be found”

    Psalm 37:10

    This is an epic quote- thank you! I will never forget this

  7. I have been vegetarian for 40+ years now. When I first started, it was incredibly difficult to find a selection of foods without meat products in. I believe that when Linda McCartney first launched her products, it gave meat eating parents and relatives of vegetarians a simple and convenient replacement to offer their loved ones: Not a bad idea really, as it meant you didn’t have to totally rethink the menu, but it’s not something that should be relied upon for day to day consumption. Over the years it has become easier and easier, to find meat alternatives, however, now it has passed from the sublime to the ridiculous: There is no end of processed junk out there. There are very obviously other agendas at play here and, like everything today, narratives that were once good have been hijacked and twisted. It is also worthy of note to add that just because something says it is plant based, does not mean it is animal byproduct free… Recently, I have taken the opposite path to the processed route: I would say for the past six months, at least three quarters of everything I eat has come out of my garden and is freshly cooked most nights. I’m not going to knock my 84 year old Dad if he gets the odd quorn or Linda McCarney product in for Christmas, though…!

  8. No eggs at all in my local Coop store today. Thanks, Hugo for all your hard work.

  9. I was vegetarian for 30 years as I’ve never enjoyed eating meat. Never really understood the fake meat either and the taste wasn’t great in my opinion so I mainly ate vegetables. Now just to spite these demons I’m eating meat. Still don’t like it but I dislike them and their agenda more. Up yours Bill and Klaus!!

  10. I have been a vegan for nearly 28 years, helped with animal rights campaigns, including attending demonstrations, ran a local animal rights group, visited animal rights people in prison, given hundreds of school talks. Brought up a christian but certainly do not consider myself a christian these days as I don’t want to be part of any religion that believes it is OK to be involved in animal suffering and to take animal lives.

    I am quite happy to eat vegan sausages and burgers, because they do not look or taste like parts of animals.

    However, I refuse to eat anything that actually looks or tastes like a part of an animal. When I first became a vegan, it was really difficult to find vegan food, so I made most of mine from scratch, and mostly still do. I should have been happy when so much non-animal food became available, but I wasn’t, as I was well aware what the agenda was, and it was nothing to do with animal rights. I have seen the foods changing from being labelled as ‘vegan’ to being labelled as ‘plant-based’, proving that this move towards synthetic meats has very little to do with the animal rights message. I didn’t know that Bill G was behind that company, but I am happy to say I have never eaten any of that highly processed crap. I tend to avoid anything endorsed by so-called ‘celebrities’.

    • Hi KB
      We Christians are not OK with animal suffering. Proverbs 12:10 states, “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal.” There are more verses that supports the good care of animals.
      I just wanted to correct that.

      Just my own thoughts; Fertilizer. It is what grows most of the vegan food worldwide. Animals is kind of always part of the food system somehow so being 100% ultra vegan and completely avoiding animals every step of the way is pretty difficult.
      What do vegans think of that subject?

      Have a good day and God bless!

      • That is not correcting anything. Most Christians seem to be happy to take the lives of animals (or pay other people to take the lives of animals for them). They are happy to turn a blind eye to the animal suffering on farms, particularly factory farms. and at the slaughterhouses. Some so-called Christians go hunting etc.
        I see you are trying to turn the argument to how bad vegans are because they eat things grown in fertilizer. Next you will be using the argument that vegetables have feelings!
        I agree it is not possible to completely avoid animal products, animal testing etc, but vegans try very hard to inflict as little suffering on animals as they possibly and realistically can.
        I don’t wish to be blessed by a god which allows this, thank you.

    • I am not going to further this potential never ending discussion. Life teaches us to never argue with an idiot because you can’t win, even when they are wrong. So, I thereby declare you the winner of this discussion.
      If you know what I mean.

      God bless

    • I find it interesting that people only started eating meat after the flood (Genesis 9:3) and prior to that people ate fruit and veg (Genesis 1:29). In the Bible it suggests that one day peace will be restored amongst the species (Isaiah 11:8), which suggests that our situation today is not the ideal. Isaiah 1:11 tells us that the blood of animals brings no pleasure to God. It’s seems apt then that Christianity brought an end to the sacrifice system. I too long for the day where there is peace amongst the species of the Earth and that there will be no more dying. I used to worry about what diet I should follow ethically, until I read this verse (Matthew 15:11) “it’s not what goes in your mouth but what comes out of it.” I think that our purpose here is to grow close to God, being loving to one another (including animals). Sojourning in this foreign land until the Kingdom is restored and the lion, lamb, wolf and child can play together once again.

      • Sam
        I remember being accosted by someone on the street quite a few years ago, holding a picture of the lion lying down with the lamb. I feigned interest to see what they had to say. When they said about this future where their god will intervene and there will be no killing, I asked the person why they could not take responsibility for what they ate now, instead of waiting for this intervention. The person just looked at me blankly.

        Sadly, Christianity did not bring the end to sacrifice. Billions of animals are sacrificed in slaughterhouses, animal testing laboratories, for clothing, because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, it is not just animals who are being sacrificed, lots of humans are too, in old people’s homes, in man-made disasters, wars etc. Many will be sacrificed this winter, in cold homes, and with the things they are allowing to be inserted into their arms.

  11. Hugo, you exaggerate.
    This kind of production is a completely new thing. It’s like a laboratory, these people are just learning.
    The early adopters of fake meat products will get sick so even better LOL

  12. It seems that Douglas Ramsey, Chief Operating Officer of Beyond Meat, was so meat deprived that in the frenzy of road rage he seized the opportunity and went cannibal… totally embarrassing yet completely hilarious!

    And what a shame the Beyond Meat company is failing, but not to worry, this industry and all others remotely associated with reducing cow farts will continue hook or by crook… all part of the new world odor and it stinks if you ask me.

  13. Other than the fake meat industry failing, there is the NHS trust (forget which) that has brought back mask wearing in hospitals, all upset because people are refusing to wear them. And, Poundland (yes, I know) have in at least one store taken out all the self service checkouts and replaced them with human beings. Small signs of hope.

    On the issue of veganism, I sometimes wonder what these people will be eating when the climate change cult gets their way and there are no longer any imports of food from the other side of the world. As far as I’m aware the UK is not the greatest producers of nuts, soya beans and lentils, and we’re pretty far down the list of land given over to paddy fields. Still, most vegans I presume belong to the man made cc cult, so will welcome the opportunity to starve – for the sake of the planet.

    • Storm Brewing
      On the issue of meat-eating, where do you think the soya comes from which farmers feed to cattle? Where does the cheap meat come from? Not from this country. Vegans need far less land and water for production of their food than do meat eaters. Lentils and quinoa etc are now being grown in England.
      Although veganism dictates almost every aspect of my life, I don’t fall for all these scams of the ‘elites’. I used to go on lots and lots of animal rights demonstrations when I was younger, and there was never any reporting of them in the media, unless some agent provocateur had been used to kick off violence. That is why I was instantly suspicious (and I mean ‘instantly’) of Extinction Rebellion, long before its sponsors were discovered. I have been very interested in the environment for many years, but I am also well aware that the climate change crisis is manufactured to scam of us of green taxes, increase prices of everything, cause fuel shortages, allow control of homes’ energy supplies using smart meters for electricity, which will be the only energy source allowed.

  14. Food for thought, everyone needs a black sin and a white sin to be involved in, one person black sin is the others white. If you wanted to create a distraction to draw in all sides you have to create a menu to suit every taste. Just think of every tiny issue they write about or talk about in opposition, one week tea is good the next poison, red wine, butter, meat on and on and on ad-Infinitum. They know those people caught in the system and what makes them tick, but they also know what those outside the system want and need to keep them busy.

    Video games/non-violence
    immigrants/freedom of movement
    money waste/furlough
    jab/no jab
    mask/no mask
    conspiracy/conspiracy theory
    global warming/business
    Russia/The West
    etc etc etc

    The list is endless, they know what is coming and they are just giving everyone something to discuss instead of letting them coming to an understanding of what is required for repentance and salvation.

  15. Holy Face of Jesus prayers are being heard…..

    1/May God arise and let His enemies be scattered and let those who hate Him flee before His Face!
    2/May the thrice Holy Name of God overthrow all their plans!
    3/May the Holy Name of the Living God split them up by disagreements!
    4/May the terrible Name of the God of Eternity stamp out all their godlessness!
    5/Lord, I do not desire the death of the sinner, but that he be converted and live. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

  16. Hugo, you talk as though filth only happened in fake food factories, I’ve worked in a real food factory and believe me you would not touch the bloody stuff if you new what happens in some of them, I tried secretly reporting it to the authorities, but nothing was done about it.
    Re- road rage, I was the passenger in a car once where the driver was about to undergo some rage towards another driver, it was one of the most scariest moments I had to endure, won’t forget it, ever.

    • Since he is talking about fake food factorie it’s pretty relevant to the subject, notice he doesn’t mention football. That’s because football is not relevant either.

    • You just reminded me of a summer job I had as a student – on the raspberry freezing line. Birds wings, parts of mice…and, once, something which looked suspiciously like a finger went by. I was mostly hungover and just picked out the fat raspberries because that was my job.

      However, at the end of each day, we used to scrape up everything up off the floor and put it in tubs – which were labelled, ‘St Ivels’.

  17. Yep had a similar conversation with a veggie. She told me what I didn’t know what that they loved meat, they just chose not to eat it.
    Having been vegetarian a number of times, I never partook in fake meats, I ate vegetables, nuts etc.
    Beyond stupid!

  18. Great connection to that Bible verse, I had not thought of that, love your videos, Just signed up for your Patreon. Keep them coming

  19. The usual argument from vegans is they like meat but couldn’t kill an animal. I couldn’t build a house but I still live in one.

  20. Not in favour of veganism…
    I have no doubt that a great deal of suffering goes into meat production. Coming from a large family with quite a few livestock/crop farmers, we often helped with daily farming chores, as well as with the harvest.
    Ground gets prepared before sowing that involves herbicide sprayed after harvest. This renders establishing any diverse ecosystem impossible. Any habitat established during the crop growth, becomes destroyed by harvest combine that causes indiscriminate carnage – death and injury of animals which did not manage to escape. Pesticides/ herbicides are known to destroy population of pollinators. I hope that animals friends and vegans know this…
    Before the harvest crops are almost regularly sprayed with Round-up to accelerate drying period. Literally days after being sprayed, crops turned golden brown and ready. GMOs are round-up ready, they apparently do not need spraying, round up is edited in their DNA. Any lover of oats, wheat, linen seeds, etc.. hopefully knows that they/ we consume round-up in regular amounts.
    Share your experience of growing fruit/ vegs and the effort which this involves in terms of weeding, I am curious…
    Being infrequent meat eaters, we choose free and local range, as my nine old says…If we don’t eat it, it’s gonna end up on someone else’s plate.

    • My French neighbours of the last 10 years had a beautiful vegetable garden which measured 11m x 44m. Along with buying and processing goats milk every spring and raising a pig (of which nothing was wasted) every year, their pantry was well stocked. They never sprayed, occasionally rotated (but not every year) and absolutely never tilled. Their paths were of tramped down earth and they hardly ever had to weed or water. Their fertilisers were ‘blood and bone’ or ‘fish meal’.

      Didi knew how to conserve all their produce and the only thing she didn’t enjoy was the making of the black pudding (it takes a long time of stirring), which was the very last part of the pig to be dealt with.

      I have now moved back to Scotland and my window looks on to a field which had barley in it this year. There was no spraying of any sort during its growth (I only arrived in high summer though) nor before it was cut. And as soon as it was cut, the wildlife moved back in – pheasant, deer, wood pigeons, geese and birds of prey (which means that there were small rodents around).

      I do not doubt that what you describe happens – but, not everywhere…yet.

      Btw – peoples’ urine is an almost perfect fertiliser and when I was young, men were encouraged to pee in the garden.

      • Human waste from the water companies is treated and used as fertiliser on farm land.
        I am trying to grow more of my own food. The vegan rescue animals in my household happily contribute their waste to my compost bins, and the amount of compost worms in the bins is incredible.

      • @kerenibus – “men were encouraged to pee in the garden”, as in “Just going to step out for a moment to have a pee in the garden, Martha. Shall it be in the tomatoes or the cauliflower this evening?” 😆
        Ahhh, the good old days.

    • Kerenibus, the garden described by you sounds good👍.
      I am talking about large acreage of commercially grown wheat, rye, rapeseed.
      Nothing will germinate on untreated soil. Weeds emerge first and supress the germinating cereal crops. Weeding done by hand is realistic in gardens not in fields. Herbicides do the job. As for speeding up the drying period..look up use of glyphosate in drying crops before harvest or a similar phrase. We all consume Round-up.
      Last summer we went for a woodland walk, only to see that beautiful crop of linseed that was golden days before, had turned brown. Farmers work also when we are asleep.
      As for the small mammals that established in the fields. Once combine is used, nothing is left.

  21. I just discovered the terrible ad campaigns from balenciaga and adidas that came out very recently, did you guys see this yet? Ugh!

    They had teddy bears in bondage gear being held by little kids for a holiday product line (its been scrubbed but lots of screen grabs fortunately so you can see for yourself how horrifying it is).

    They also had a photo of a balenciaga/adidas purse on a desktop that also had documents from a famous Supreme Court ruling regarding child abuse- this has been a shocking public display of child sexual abuse normalization.

    Many celebrities- (including Kim K) are closely tied to these brands and as a result it has become a very big deal that mainstream media is ignoring of course. (BTW- I can’t believe the prices they charge for such ugly clothes- who buys this stuff?)

    Something seems very “off” about the whole thing for many reasons:

    It can be argued it’s all “too obvious” and “too easy” to be only what it seems to be at the surface level, even though it is obviously meant to be subliminal suggestions within the advertising.

    Of course the “bots” are also out in full force saying “I don’t see any bondage gear” And calling everybody “Karens” or whatever (Uh, really?!)

    The info I found regarding this spring 2023 “ad campaign” came first from the n.y. post, then I clicked through their link to find the twitter investigators (awesome work- thanks to all those regular people who are calling out the child abusers!)

    As I continued to dig around online, it turns out twitter was singled out a couple years ago as hosting by far the most child abuse images of all social media platforms!

    AND, right now we are witnessing a total media circus regarding twitter, the musk buyout (transhumanist creep), replatforming trump but not jones (both controlled opposition), and more. Did Trump actually rejoin? (Not that I care btw but the timing is important, especially since it’s a holiday)

    To add to the confusion the fashion brands mentioned above quit twitter because that rapper supposedly said something antisemitic, but his wife was photographed wearing the same luxury brand AFTER the twitter boycott AND the disgusting ad campaign came out- What is actually going on here?!? Talk about circus!

    We already have witnessed the total demonization by the mainstream media of regular people who were researching the horrible podesta wikileaks docs (awesome regular people, it’s horrible they were demonized) yet also we know that wikileaks and Bottle Blonde Assange are being protected by the hard-core elites and the podesta papers were released right before a very major election…(all obviously controlled opposition elements)

    Hmmmmmmm……… I can’t help but think this newest scandal is not exactly what it seems to be- is it a competing brand trying to get market share? Is it a “honey trap” for identifying people who speak out against child abuse? Is it to cover up twitter’s terrible past with child abuse images?

    Regardless, we can’t remain silent on images of child abuse because then the abusers are emboldened and children are definitely being abused by them.

    Is this the Hegelian dialectic trying to get everyone to cheer for less freedom of speech and eliminate our right to privacy (like having encryption, etc) in order to “protect the children” but will ultimately be used for future totalitarian control of regular decent people by the beast system in order to more easily sexually abuse our children?

    Is it to distract us from the impending ecological collapse we face?

    Or the most likely answer: ALL OF THE ABOVE ??? !!!

    Hugo: you asked about topics- I think this is one of the most important topics to cover right now, can you do some deep dives on this one?

    We need to be able to understand the complexity of this issue, especially with the horrifying wayfare sex trafficking through cabinets discoveries, the obvious increase in cartel activity everywhere and all the new censorship. (And drag queen story hour for kids, child abusers hiding behind the gay rights movement and the sexual grooming of children in schools and media)

    Let us never forget the very suspicious death of Chris Cornell who was supposedly going to be revealing information regarding child sex slavery before he died.(another red scarf victim, who else died with a red scarf?) There also is the suspicious death of researcher Issac Cappy and the strange tweets by tom hanks that seemed linked to it, etc.—> On and on it goes!

    There is so much complexity here to understand and people need help to understand the depth of it.

    Thanks for reading my letter and I am wishing all the best to everyone as we move into uncharted territories. Thankfully we have the protection of our Most High Creator so there is no reason to feel fear.

    Thanks for all you do Hugo and all the other genuine truth seekers out there!!! God Bless!

  22. Factory farming is evil ! End of. Look into it , its vile and cruel. We aren’t designed to eat as much animal meat as we nor antibiotic ridden and abused animals . I would rather not partake .also Meat is a general word you can apply to not just animal meat .

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