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  1. I’m all for embracing robot MP’s and then sending them to the crusher.

  2. I don’t find this unnerving. This was prophecised by Nostradamus. We don’t need after care. Just the surgery to correct our health. The third biggest cause of death are mistakes in Surgery. As for robots.. we are already knee deep in it.

  3. So the NHS is planning to replace half their workforce with robots! They’ve already lost 40,000 nurses! Well that tells me all I need to know now. I will be steering well clear of all hospitals and also my doctor’s surgery. I was supposed to be having more blood tests and another follow up appointment with haematology, but I won’t bother now! Honestly this gets worse and worse every day that passes, absolutely unbelievable! I never did trust Sunak anyway. He’s as evil as all the rest of them!

  4. Sorry Debz, but this DOES unnerve me completely! I’ve been living with a very serious illness, and I had major surgery in January this year which unfortunately had life threatening complications resulting in yet more surgery. I’ve spent the rest of this year recovering, and believe me it is a very slow process! I feel that my life will never be the same again, and every day is a real struggle for me. I’m doing my utmost best to soldier on regardless, but it is very difficult. Now we hear this really alarming news about the NHS, and I’m deeply troubled by it, as many other people will be. Absolutely sickening and terrible this is!! The NHS has already lost 40,000 nurses, so aftercare following surgery is awful! This tory government has completely destroyed the NHS, which has been their longterm agenda, so that they can privatise it. So God help those who can’t afford private health insurance, those poor people will get no health care at all and will be left to rot and die!!

    • I’m sorry you are struggling. I had a major medical problem 4 years ago. I saw over 50 doctors none of them would help me because they couldn’t diagnose the problem. They called me crazy and a drug addict. I was in severe pain, dizzy, vomiting and could not function. They wanted to prescribe more and more drugs. I had a major seizure 2 years ago, unconscious for 3 days. Once I got out of the hospital l swore I would never trust Western medicine again. I went to see an herbalist who got me on the right path. I recommend you see a natural medical doctor. I’m now a clean eater and my symptoms are 85% better. Still working on 100%! I wish you the best of luck in finding the help that you need.

  5. What’s the deal with these ‘Boston Dynamic’ robots? They look like something out of ‘Terminator’! CGI?

  6. Hey Hugo, if your faith were well grounded, you wouldn’t freak out about any, apparently, fake news from [in your opinion]: fakestream media. By doing this, you prove that your faith is lame and you lead your audience Devil only knows where…
    Been reading the comments for several weeks; manyof them are interesting, as well, as some of your talks, but my prevailing sense is that of apocalypse, paranoia and despair.
    This takes me to the times when the end of cold war was apparently brewing. We kids knew about it from TV and radio and were worried sick. Our parents said: don’t worry, nuke war will never break … And do you know what?
    It didn’t! This is how the leaders act, how mature people behave. They give hope and provide solution to the problem. This is what we pass on. If you grew in truly oppressive times, you would also grow robust and hopeful. You just whip the propaganda of fear. You’re perpetuating the problem…no wonder that anxiety in the comments is rife.
    Every person who was brought up in faith, not neophyte like yourself, knows that in times of uncertainty, we turn to God, we trust Him and rest assured, ‘cos God does want us weak and lacking the hope. ”Fear not” – we say.

    P.S. Jehova’s Witnessess on one of their rounds put a handwritten apocalyptic letter into our mailbox. I will paste it in, one day. Its morbid tone sounds almost exactly like one of your talks.

    • I think Hugo is doing a good job and welcome his insightful videos @Hunter. New believers should be encouraged in their newfound faith, not denigrated.

    • @ Hunter
      I absolutely agree. There is so much fear and confusion being promoted by both the Mainstream and Alternative media right now that many people don’t know what to believe. And of course that is the aim. Our job is to try to discern what is truth and what is not. You have real life experience of living through Communism, and have witnessed the power of the human spirit and also seen how resilient people truly can be. I’m sure those experiences will serve you well, and I must admit from our brief conversations I have learnt a lot from you 🙂
      However, I believe the thing that has changed from past oppression is TECHNOLOGY. Where once you could find ways to ‘beat’ the oppressors, by growing your own food etc, now it will be much harder, because the world they are trying to build will have the capabilities of TRACKING EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.
      And that is why I continue to research because knowledge is power when it comes to beating the system.
      I will add that I also remain hopeful ; I suppose I am the eternal optimist because I do believe if given the chance, people really do care for one another. Take care.

      • Sassenach, thank you :). Technology certainly presents a challenge but nothing is perfect and the mobile phones break ;), can be left at home, apps can be ‘accidentally’ disabled.. etc…
        I don’t believe we’ll be all that trackable. The people who lived for prolonged period of time (decades literally) under the oppressive systems developed their own ways of doing things, and they survived and multiplied. Relying on cash is paramount. I use cash more often than an average person but not enough. I will never be perfect like no one else is, but we’re are highly adaptable beings and will live to the best of our ability under almost any circumstances. I believe that human spirit will prevail but some people will surrender. You sound very good at your research. I would not have enough of perseverance and the speculations/ conclusions would probably make me quite anxious. I usually draw conclusions from what I see and rely on my faith when they are too pessimistic, but as for any scaremongering…i’ve not much time for that. This is probably typical for the folks who had seen it worse. Take care, too.

      • @ Hunter
        I think you are wise to draw your conclusions based on what you see in the real world. That is what I do regarding any research I do….asking myself ‘how does this relate to what am seeing with my own eyes?’. And yes it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, but I believe it has and will help me navigate what is to come. I’m not sure if you read my reply to you on the “Fallen Angels” video regarding my mother and the vaccine, but it shows how doing research can have a huge effect on real life outcomes.
        Luckily I am a glass half full kind of girl and I have an amazing family so I count my blessings every day ! 🙂

      • Sassenach hi, I’ve just read your reply of 15th of Nov. I didn’t go back that far. Thank you. Your circumstances must be hard: your mother without mental capacities, you with POA and Dr who says they can overrule your decision. Let’s no presuppose the outcome, though. I think c1984 will fade away eventually, and they invent something else for us to face. Bill said in one of his Ted talks (I dislike most of the Teds ): if this pandemic doesn’t scare us, the next one is bound up to.
        I really do not know how to explain this but some people who are unvaccinated manage quite well, some (of our friends) are terrified and paranoid. A member of my family, mature woman (mum of three) used to flood me with apocalyptic biblical passages and planned to move to remote countryside in order to hopefully live normally. Other folks I know boast about not being jabbed and challenged the vaccinated, they accuse their GPs for harassing them etc… I used to challenge some of people I know, i thought it was in their best interest, but it lead me nowhere. I’ve had no choice but to live and let live, and accept that other people’s views and choices are different than mine. Or we would have become isolated. Perhaps I am not charismatic enough to convince them and I am all right with that. No one I know of the unvaccinated lost their jobs, but some left before the 1st of April in anticipation of losing it. I think that that to choose the 1st of April was somewhat telling, like testing the waters. Probably like everyone else I received countless text messages from my GP, informing me that I am at risk due to respiratory condition :). I deleted them one by one and assumed that it is someone’s job role to send them to me and it was not personal. Often, I felt temptation to tell my GP to stop text messages, but I resisted it. I was supposed to wear moldex muzzle at work, which is awful enough to look at. I happened to ‘forget’ to bring it with me pretty regularly, which was kindly unnoticed.
        Recently I had over the phone appt with my GP. She was friendly, our conversation was to the point, she never mentioned any jabs.
        This approach has served me well so far, so I shall stick to it. I, too, believe that counting every blessing is important. Keep in good spirits!

    • Yes, agree. I have no love for the police, but there has definitely been a concerted campaign to destroy them, particularly the Met Police. I am very dubious about the authenticity of some of the complaints about the Met, particularly about people who are claimed to have died in the last couple of years, plus another from quite some years ago, and which led to an investigation which found institutional racism to be at the heart of it.

      • They have been destroyed by subversion as has every single other cultural and societal institution.
        Their treatment of the Covid protesters was truly criminal.

  7. 2.11 years I spoke about it and was unfriended. The Masses are lost Hugo and it is to late for them now unfortunately. I have seen Neighbours drop here never to return and still cannot get through to friends and extended Family.
    This is truly ‘ The Great Reset’ where you will own nothing … absolutely nothing but you will be happy.
    ☠️ 💉😷☠️ 💉😷☠️ 💉😷☠️

    • I firmly believe it’s never too late for people to learn and grow, although it may take serious pain in order for them to do so. It will happen eventually. Please don’t give up, keep trying new approaches. They want us to feel defeated, but we are not defeated!!! We must keep speaking to our friends, neighbors, family, etc in a language they can understand.

      • @ who is trying to make us feel defeated ?

        This is exactly how I feel.
        Demoralisation is one of their greatest weapons.
        I know some may disagree, but I am noticing more and more people around me questioning the narrative every day. Keep planting the seeds, and be kind.

  8. They trying to play God good words best thing I did turn back to God almighty

  9. Hopefully this will push health staff to come forward and start an avalanch of whistleblowing. I’m not holding my breath though, many have been complicit dishing out the bioweapon

    • I wish that were true. Hopefully they will try to resolve their shame by whistleblowing.

  10. If you know! That all of them, be it in no10, mps all institutions are all in on the reset, one world order, one religion to rule over all..
    As spoken of in the bible…

    Have faith in “Jesus Christ”
    Do not be anxious or afraid.. But look up to heaven and rejoice in our “Saviour”. All Jesus has spoken of, in the gospels is coming to pass…
    “Hope in Christ” and be a light to others! That they may see! All of this worries me not! Keep the faith! This is a time to be alive and in prayer! Helping others to see the light! Be positive!
    “This life is a mere drop in the ocean, your soul is eternal” seek the truth in all things and you shall find it and the truth will set you free!
    This world is passing away! But his words will never pass away! Choose this day! Whom you will serve!
    God!! Or mammon (money).
    Stop chasing the pleasures of this world! And search your soul!, For true repentance!, “Jesus Christ ”
    Knows each and everyone of us, he knows our hearts! Turn to him! For we are all sinners! But his mercy is a fountain of love!
    In these times! We must be!
    “Wise as serpents and innocent as doves” Don’t be lead astray, by silver tongued, devil’s..
    We have the power of heaven on our side!! Do good! And be good! Seek the truth in all things! This will lead you to God!
    Study! Your Bible’s! The time is now! Be of good courage!,
    Never give in! Our give up! Yes! The narrow road is a hard road! We will be tempted a lot in these days!
    Family! Family! Is everything!
    The love of a family is great indeed!! The “Nativity” Jesus, Mary, Joseph. The perfect “Holy family of God” never forget that! The evil one’s want to destroy the family! And all it stands for!! Too many have become hard hearted! And have forgotten where the biblical story began!! Right there, in the manger, no room at the Inn!
    Angels! Did sing “Christ the saviour is born” people! Are becoming too wise, in their own eyes ” humble beginning” Of our Lord “Jesus Christ”
    “We owed a debt, we could not pay! Jesus Christ paid the debt he did not owe”
    Give thanks to Jesus, Mary, Joseph.. For all glory is God’s!!
    Christ is king!
    God bless!

    • Greek philosopher Plato is the person who came up with the concept of an immortal soul.

  11. Isn’t that their plan. Put robots everywhere and at a certain time push the kill switch. Did you hear about the AI robots that killed 4 scientists?

  12. all these sick psychos are sure that we are worthy of robots. why do ordinary people need good doctors?!everything is done by the hands of people themselves !!!! at work and around so many people muzzled again – these are also no longer people – these are robot slaves – this is the attitude towards them.sad indeed……..

  13. Watching & listening to politicians is the very best way of alerting the world to the insanity. Lunatics are always revealed by their hubris. Absolute psychopaths.

  14. Hugo you are correct that controlled opposition is a fact especially in the corrupt political arena but you are incorrect that all genuine truthers (like yourself for example ) are being used to create a dichotomy. Iron it out mate and focus on giving people clarity and strength and not confusing them about this. We have a situation that is causing us to mature quickly as spiritual-physical beings. Its not a fake situation per se although all externals could be argued to be insubstantial ultimately and this is true. But the folk that have suffured or are suffuring from the shot will attest to the existence of the existential evil element. We get to define ourselves better against the darkness and decide in ourselves if we are up to the challenge of staying true in order to help dispell it for the good of all.

    Those who are mature in spirit have been staying true for all their lives, learning about/exposing these parasitic, demonic agendas a long.They knew how things have been set up by nefarious forces throughout history so that when the shift came they could try and effect a coup d’etat and cut humanity off completely from source/God in a completely fake, godless reality – a last resort and haven for the dark side to protect itself. Its all coming to the surface now therefor with all the negative crap of the hidden wetiko/demonic realm coming to the fore in kind of frenzied, disturbed state. If people master themselves and focus on connection with higher self/source they can never be unbalanced or put into fear for very long and see it as a temporary experience from which to leverage your own power more and use that for good/healing or whatever your bag is.

  15. If you are not vigilant or have long forgotten your real self and identify only with only ego then yes, wetiko can gain more of a foothold in your psyche and emotions and take you further from your true self – causing you and others to suffer as a result. As a parasite that feeds on extreme negativity that is something it likes to do so it will often set people it has control over against other people in order to lower their vibrationary state of being. Hence the phenomenon of so called toxic/difficult people. And hence the existence of so many abusive relationships recently also.

  16. I was looking at a Tucker Carson piece last night and the whole issue of controlled opposition came up in my thoughts again. He prefaced this piece, and what the subject of the piece is matters little, with a statement to the effect of some people believing that there was a big old Satanic conspiracy going on and that this was obviously wrong and that this, what he then went on to talk about, is really the issue we should be looking at. You know, a statement that if you were paying attention to you could see was made to herd you down a particular road of oppositional thought, and now I think, in the light of this Hugotalks piece, to taint a whole side of the argument with the stink extreme religiosity, in their eyes.

  17. Another informative video Hugo I’d like to see that I was speechless but to be honest I’m not at all surprised I don’t even know what to say at this particular point but definitely I think everyone has needs to avoid hospitals like the plague

  18. Nice little hit piece on the BBC website: (just now an ambulance rushed past the house with sirens on, which for a small town like this happens way too often now)
    Apparently it has become normal that people die of cardiac arrest.

    And just FYI, I’m so glad that virtue signalling football team from Germany got beat by Japan today.

    • BBC tried hard. I don’t know why they didn’t sweep this story under the carpet.
      Perhaps because it’s Joo BBC and the story is about two Jooish lesbians.
      It looks like only stories of Joos having shakes or have died receive publicity. I reckon because of the connections they have in the media industry.
      Besides it could be Jooish Intelligence doing their controlled release thing. We think it’s our people exposing it but it’s actually them controlling the release.

      • Stew Peters who was part of the “died suddenly” production/documentary is in the club 👁. Whilst a lot of the content may be the truth (something is definitely going on with people’s health), it’s being shown to get all us dissenters on the side of the great awakening. I haven’t even watched it all yet but I imagine it directs us to certain controlled op figures they want us to turn to, new age docs etc.

      • The thought of two Jewish lesbians intoxicates me.

  19. @ Hugo
    Whilst not a Christian myself, I think this man gives a really good explanation of the New World Order ‘Synthesis’ you were speaking of.


    “At face value, the New-Age Movement seems to be at great odds with the New World Order. New-Age activists like David Icke and Jordan Maxwell represent a strong resistance against the New World Order, as it seems this resistance holds a whole set of values which completely differs from power-elite of the New World Order.

    Yet for the few individuals who look beyond face value and probe into the subject, they may find deep solidarity between the two. Authorities on the subject such as Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey reveal this critical union between the two movements. In short, there is no way of having a “Utopian One World System” without having both the socio-religious piece coupled with the political-economic facet. Thus the New Age Movement is the necessary counterpart for the New World Order.

    The biblical accounts from Daniel’s visions and John’s ‘Revelation of Jesus Christ’ record the foretelling of apocalyptic events culminating with the ‘Kingdom of Satan’ gaining complete global domination through both civil and religious authority- often referred to as the ‘New World Order’ (NWO). It is already being heralded as the “Utopian State”, but is actually a Luciferian-Totalitarian State.

    We have already seen a model of this kind of system implemented in the medieval era by Papal Rome, which was put in check with the Protestant Reformation. However, with the unrelenting efforts of the Jesuit Counter-Reformation, this same power has risen up to be much greater and more global than ever, yet not nearly as overt as before, but has multiple fronts and various faculties doing its bidding.

    Some of the key elements of the New World Order are:

    One-World Government- ruled by the power elite/antichrist system
    One-World Currency- controlled by the global banking cartels
    Global Citizenship- the abolishment of national allegiance
    Totalitarian State- socialist/ fascist state; civil slavery
    Eugenics- artificial selection & gene altering for the “perfect breed”
    Mind Control- manipulating/altering the mind to a submissive state
    The NWO will only be the Political Power of this control and will have to have the counterpart of Religious Power to form a complete and totally controlled One-World System. This is where the New Age Movement fits in.

    The basic idea of the New Age Movement comes from the Luciferian Mysteries in reference to the Astrological/Zodiacal belief that we are at a point in time which is transitioning from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, which is believed to spawn a Utopian age of peace & unity through a one world religion and universal brotherhood of man; termed as Monism

    Some of the key elements of the New Age Movement are:

    Astrology- Zodiacal beliefs
    Luciferian- belief system venerating Lucifer as the true God & liberator of man
    Monism- also known as Ecumenicalism or Universalism or Unitarian
    Occultic Practices- hypnosis, channeling, divination, incantations, witchcraft, etc
    Humanism- man is God; evolution of man unto deity
    Esotericism- mystery school ideology; secret knowledge of the occult
    Aquarius Utopia- “heaven on earth”
    The Environmental Movement- ties in with ‘Aquarius Utopia’
    Mind Altering- psychotropic drugs, hypnosis, mystical meditation, etc
    UN & EN- unifying agents between NWO and New Age
    The New Age Movement is the socio-religious counterpart of the NWO;

    New Age Movement (Religious Power) + New World Order (Political Power) = Complete One-World System (Total Power)

    At this time, these two movements appear to be at odds with each other. However, they must eventually merge together to create a complete one-world system with the universal socio-religious facet- as well as the universal political/economic piece.

    So how can these two conflicting movements be reconciled?

    The opposition we see between the two systems has been nothing more than a grand display of Hegelian Dialectics ; the clashing of opposing ideologies to create eventual compromise (thesis -vs- antithesis = synthesis) See Order Out of Chaos

    Many of the New-Agers are rallying with an effort to “stop” the New World Order. This oppositional dynamic of thesis -vs- antithesis will eventually come to a head – whereby a compromise, or synthesis is achieved, which will likely come after much mayhem.

    Every false religious system and Mystery School of the world-wide Luciferian system roots to ancient Babylon. All the various world religions are just different renditions of the same Babylonian System. Even with the many variations among the different religions, there still remains a common thread which serves to reunite the scattered people. The New-Age/Ecumenical Movement is the reorganization of the Luciferian vision of a one-world system.

    The New Age Movement is not just another ‘designer religion’ like I thought for so many years, but is a conglomeration of all religions. Christianity has certainly not been left out, but diluted and altered to fit into this ecumenical profile. Roman Catholicism has been ecumenical for centuries, and has been the driving force of the Ecumenical Movement, which now is being carried out by the New Age Movement and the New World Order.

    It’s important to recognize that the “Christian Face” of this movement is certainly not limited to the Roman Church, but the Protestant Church has been heavily influenced by this as well – via the National & World Council of Church’s, the Charismatic Movement, Word of Faith Movement and Emergent Movement, all of which can be traced to the Jesuit Counter-Reformation (See – Discerning The Threads of Eschatology)

    Unity Before Truth?…

    So when we come together in unity, is it unity in the Kingdom of God, or unity in the kingdom of Satan? And how can we know which is which when the truth is sacrificed for the sake of unity? Does not Lucifer have a counterfeit for every truth? And does not Satan come as an angel of light offering “hope” for every longing?

    Discernment is of the essence, and there is no other means of cutting through the great deception than by the truth of God’s Word.

    “For the Word of God is alive and powerful, and sharper than any double-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of bone and marrow; and discerns the thoughts and intentions of the heart” – Hebrews 4:12

    Jesus had often spoke of the divisive nature of truth, and Jesus, being the very personification of truth, likened Himself to the sword- which divides those who abide in His truth from those who reject Him; even cutting through households (Matthew 10:34-39).”

      • I’ve looked at your page. Have you read Jason Bresheares? I see some similarity in your thinking.

      • @ thetruthnotdoctrine

        Thank you, yes I have looked at some of your work.
        However, I posted this not because of the Christian view, but because I think it describes very well how the One World Religion side of the New World Order could very possibly come about.

      • @Sasenach, Oh the ‘one world religion’ has been with us since The Tower of Babel = the brotherhood of man. We know it today as Bolshevism – Communism – Cultural Marxism = Judaism = one world religion.

      • @ thetruthnotdoctrine

        That may be so. But what the article demonstrates is how the ‘New Age Movement’ will be used to sell that ‘belief’ to the masses.

      • @Sassenach, Oh there’s no maybe’s about it, just add in The Noahide Laws to what I have said above, and the obligatory executions of Christians, such as myself, for breaking them, and there’s your ‘one world religion’. In direct contrast, Yah has no religion.

    • I found Jason Bresheares’ examination of the Zodiac in his book ‘return of the fallen ones’ quite fascinating. He writes that in ancient India the entry of the sun into Aries was commemorated by the sacrifice of a lamb. His book ‘the lost scriptures of Giza’ is also very enlightening. He seems to have discovered a lot of evidence for Christianity or the God of the Bible being the original religion. It’s worth reading his books just for the shear volume of his research.

      • Thanks for sharing.
        This guy is quite good.

        The Joo Phoenician bankster shysters repeat the same scenario from 100 years ago.

    • Yes I have been thinking this too for a while. Its too overt. KS is an actor. Thanks for your post and to all who comment. someone said to me recently the people need to be the media, I always look at the comments first to try and discern with my limited knowledge what is real.

  20. @ Hugo

    Since you asked for requests, could you please do a video on the HUGE new push for psychedelics, especially relating to The Beckley Foundation and Amanda Fielding

    (The Beckley Foundation, created by Fielding in 1998, has been a think tank and UN-accredited NGO at the forefront of global drug policy reform and scientific research into psychoactive substances.) They have received massive funding and also have ties to Imperial College.
    Their research projects include assessing the effects of psychoactive substances -cannabis, LSD, psilocybin, ayahuasca, DMT and MDMA- on brain function, subjective experience and clinical symptoms ( Alzheimers, depression)
    Also of note is Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, Head of the Centre for Psychedelic Research, Imperial College London. One of his recent research projects is extremely interesting :- ‘Relational Processes in Ayahuasca Groups of Palestinians and Israelis’ , looking at Unity-Based Connection – collective events in which a feeling of unity and ‘oneness’ is experienced, whereby participants related to each other based upon a sense of shared humanity, and other social identities seemed to dissolve (such as national and religious identities).’

    Also of note is Dr Rosalind Watts who has recently “pioneered the recognition and study of ‘Connectedness’ as a key aspect of psychedelic integration.”

    In fact if you search for Psilocybin for example, you will find hundreds of articles from just the past few months

    I think this huge push for psychedelics ties into their final Utopia, where instead of Orwell’s 1984 what they really want is Huxley’s “Brave New World”, where we will learn to ‘love’ our servitude.
    And doesn’t that explain perfectly how ….”We will own nothing…… and be HAPPY ‘

    • Good comment. It also fits in with WEF golden boy Yuval Harari’s vision of the future – where all the ‘useless eaters’ will have their ‘boredom’ alleviated with a constant diet of drugs and video games.

      • @ Kerenibus
        Absolutely … exactly like the episode of Black Mirror .
        And it also makes sense of the accusations we have seen recently levelled at so called ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ as having mental health problems. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

      • Costant diet of drugs and video games. What’d make it better is if the WEF gave all citizens/Useless Eaters of the One World Government free once a week vouchers to brothels staffed by Eastern European prostitutes, with the brothels being renamed Gobbling Houses. That and the chance to get some free Sky, and maybe vouchers for a Domino’s Pizza … before we Useless Eaters are eventually euphanised and turned into either fertiliser or soylent green style human dry food/kibble.

    • i am inclined to agree with your post it does fit with the new age/NWO narrative, another example of hijacking that never benefits those who have been harmed by the system and need help the most.

    • I think you’ve made some great observations that speak to the essential differences between Eastern and Western faith and the cultural war of ideology going on at the moment. The Western faiths seem, to me, to be much more predicated on the perfection of the ego state instead of its eradication, and along with that the idea of the perfectibility of the human condition within a historical context. The notion of a fall from grace is one that’s beginning to have much more appeal to me now; that at one time we lived in a much more perfected world. Seems like the Eastern flavors of thought, although containing much wisdom and insight, are being cynically used to make palatable an artificially created status quo. Or artfully created misery.

  21. Rishi and the rest of the WEF and Bill Gates fauci shwabb of the great reset MUST BE STOPPED IN THEIR TRACKS .THEY ARE TRYING TO bring in social credit programme system when that happens excuse my French we are all fukd barristers lawyers must get on board how can they get on board to stop this evilness from the wef rishi fauci and shwabb and Bill Gates surely they must face a NUREMBERG TRIAL 🤬

  22. If you revert to the NHS Long Term plan and the merger with NHSX you can see this has been part of the plan all along. GP’s are as useful as robots these days and likely will be the replaced staff. I have used “babylon” a private GP app for years and now they have merged with NHS I get it for free via GP at Hand. No more need for GP surgeries, soon the algorithm can tell me what’s wrong by answering questions. I was unwittingly assisting in the downfall of society and using an app called “babylon” ffs. Check the director of NHSX and his previous job……. Rabbit holes

  23. Hey Hugo. You should play the game Detroit, become human. Btw I’d love if you did some analysis of video games, that would be fun, especially if they have wef agendas in etc. Yes robots are very helpful in surgical procedures, they can target specific areas.

  24. Great video Hugo! Thank you for your honesty and humor and all your hard work. I laughed so much when you brought up the point that HIS (Robot R’s.) job is the most easily replaced by a robot- YA! Truth!!!

    We are all being called to exist on a higher level, and many who see the truth still have the desire to judge, point fingers, etc as evidenced in the comments I’ve read here. Yet aren’t we told, as aspiring followers of Lord Jesus, that in the end none of us are fit to judge others?

    The point is that we must look for solutions, not remain mired in the swamps of blame etc. It’s OK to feel fear, frustration and all the rest (and laugh at the irony of it all) but we must not let it bog us down. Keep moving, keep trying new approaches, don’t give in to the negative feelings- use them as fuel to be a better person and to help others to learn and grow.

    • I know what you mean. It makes sense. Criticism, pointing fingers at evil and complacent people if no proper alternative solution is being given is a waste of time and the “elite” wants people to remain outraged ideally permanently. I think the MSM media can ramp this up anytime they want if pushing propaganda is no longer working for them. You can see this being used all the time in the countries where people have more temperament. In UK it’s a sophisticated propaganda. That is why a whole host of Intelligence shills have been inserted early on to manage the opposition movements. They work full time to lead you astray. They know that other people have different jobs so cannot dedicate more than 50% of their life to run the opposition but they can dedicate 100%.

      I think there is not many viable alternatives to escape to. I think Amish communities are the best example of people who succeeded and become a blueprint for off-grid life. I don’t live in US to check, not sure if they allow for people from outside to join them or is it more like a Jooish closed community?
      I reckon Amish are very busy farming so have little time for judging the outside world, they just work hard in the name of Jesus Christ. Urban Joos who live in packed cities encounter non-Joos on regular basis and consider them unclean (non-kosher wretched beings, offspring of the slaves).

      If the globalists are really planning to repeat the 30-ties (the Great Depression) or 70-ties (stagflation) and waste a decade of our life I think urban life is going to be the most difficult as the oligarchs will continue to burn the cities without fire.
      They already undermined the culture of most of these places by killing small business.

      I think the main objective of the oligarchs was to eliminate any competing forms of association and replace them with meaningless fakes that pose no danger to them e.g. online gamers community, football fan-clubs, golfers and other groups that emerged out of entertainment e.g. WWF crowd. They want people to remain preoccupied with leisure, sports and cooking.
      The Catholic Church is under coordinated heavy barrage coming from all directions including the Vatican which finances have been hijacked by Rothschild banking cartel.

      I think Hugo should dedicate more of his time to look into alternatives. Everyone knows about CBDC already, social credit system.
      In this case what? Barter, silver coins, cryptocurrencies? Give people examples where to shop, how to improve finances.

      I mean most of his videos do express outrage but he is good at it. And he does something others would not do e.g. pay attention to some of these Intelligence run news outlets. It’s still useful to know how to decode these fake news.
      I think Hugo should just laugh more about this stuff don’t take it so serious, do not internalize because these oligarchic psychopaths want people to internalize their commands.

  25. Hugo, of course that it’s a theater where they present the dialectic.
    For the globalists it is a one way road, I don’t think there are any alternatives.

    These reawakening events are run by the Intelligence: General Jim Jones etc.
    I think the main objective is to keep people at bay.
    Show to the people that the events do happen, people are protesting but it’s just a lot of smoke.

  26. I like what you said about the book of Revelation and that whole “Come Out of Her” .. that whole idea is revolutionary but has always been an option.
    I find myself drifting away from all chatter and back to basics of serving God in this really messy world!

  27. Thank you so much Hugo! Your ability to point out and describe the controlled opposition we face is SO VALUABLE!!!

    I have come to believe we are dealing with something much worse than hardly anyone is talking about. Our ecosystem is at the verge of total breakdown, due to the horrible toxic substances in every part of our environment, the destruction of the ozone layer causing unbearable sunshine, and the fallout from the completely disrupted ecological cycles.

    The best information I have found anywhere on this subject is summed up in the documentary:

    The Dimming

    -which can be watched for free at

    The lead researcher also does a weekly radio show where he breaks down all the info in order to thoroughly understand how it got this bad.

    When examining the amount of aluminum, etc in the soils, the ph balance is already totally destroyed in so many places by what has already happened, and every day it continues. Also the amount of UV radiation we are receiving on the ground is extremely destructive to all life and will only get worse.

    All the material they are dropping into the sky to manipulate weather patterns is highly toxic, causes dementia and is destroying all plant life. At some point plants just won’t be able to grow at all, which is unfathomable yet a real scenario we are facing. And it’s coming WAY faster than the controllers want us to realize.

    We might have a few years left, if we are lucky, before plants can’t grow and our food supply totally collapses, not to mention the issue with water, etc.

    People will stop caring about virus problems, the election results, or the economy because the only thing that will matter is getting food & water and not getting robbed (or worse).

    The silver lining, is that we don’t need to “worry” about “fixing” things for the long term, because we are so close to the end of the road. What matters is waking up as many people as we can to the true state of our predicament.

    Please don’t ever stop making your videos Hugo, we need you to keep going because many people will wake up fast as it continues to get bad. But at some point it will all break down and then nobody knows what exactly will happen next and we won’t have the internet to talk to each other. But ——— we will see each other in Heaven, because our bodies have always been a temporary situation anyway. I can’t wait to meet all of you there!!!

    In my estimation, there are 3 things that matter the most right now:
    1-What is our relationship with our Creator? (And those around us, too)
    2-Preserving what’s left of our beautiful Mother Earth for any children that might survive this terrible breakdown
    3-Helping young people in general to be smart and strong and connected with their Creator for the time when our elders are all gone and they have to face this on their own

  28. I don’t know whether this is a good idea or not but the only sensible thing I can see is that a hospital can use only the best surgeons for a particular operation from anywhere in the world at probably a moment’s notice without the delay in travel!!! And maybe it’s a more accurate operation kind of like if you were to compare lazor cut metal or metal cut by a human hand, I know which cut would be considerably better! Good idea or not!!!!

  29. Sadly, Hugo, it’s not ‘just talk’. In 2019, the Government sneaked out its ‘NHS Long Term Plan’ (view all 136 pages at: and these political demolitionists are now actively stepping up the AI and taking it forward. WE don’t have a say in it!
    I found that very few NHS staff have read this damning document of destruction.
    Be ready, folks, to put your own broken leg in plaster in your own kitchen directed by a Step-By-Step leaflet and a ‘clinical advisor’ (if you’re lucky) at the end of your phone.
    ‘Press One if you want to give yourself an enema. Press Two if you want to give yourself a blood transfusion. Press Three if you want to give yourself a brain transplant. Press Four if you want these instructions in English. Press Five…’, sigh.

  30. The GREAT AWAKENING is SUN WORSHIP WORLDWIDE SYSTEM (false Sunday church and state Sabbath worship).This system will start in America and spread worldwide!

  31. These celebrities are becoming incredibly unpopular. KK has lost a lot of Instagram followers because she has failed to denounce or comment on luxury label Ballenciaga’s Ad campaign in which small children were holding teddy bears that were dressed in BDSM, openly sexualising children. The point is that people idolise these celebrities and therefore have big expectations of them and when these are not fulfilled, their world’s tend to collapse. They get
    angry and then demand statements, apologies etc etc. Even if they apologised or issued press releases etc, they would be disingenuous. Many people fail to grasp the fact that these entities are merely paid puppets whose sole purpose in life is to push the elites agendas. That is ALL they are. And that goes for EVERY single person who has any public platform. There is absolutely no exception. People need to practise self respect and get the hell off their knees.

  32. Democratic socialism is a lie.

    Democratic socialism is a contradiction in terms.

    Democracy and socialism, as socialism is currently known cannot go together, because the one cancels the other.

    Democracy has to be destroyed in the very process of bringing socialism in, the so-called socialism cannot be brought in without murdering democracy.

    Democratic Socialists trying to become the perfect woke people have instead all become retarded fascists.

    Working as enforcers for the criminally insane globalists who control the WEF, UN, NATO, WHO.

    Playing the great game.

    As Democracy dies screaming.

    Human lives are of no concern.

    “When there is not enough to eat, people starve to death.

    It is better to let half the people die so that others can eat their fill”

    Mao Zedong.

    All these Marxists trying to become the perfect authoritarians have become pathologically sick.

    US/UK/Five Eye terrorist states are supporting Nazis in Ukraine at the expense of their own peoples lives and well being.

    For a US/EU/UK/NATO proxy war of aggression against Russia, who lets not forget had been the decisive factor in destroying the Nazi war machine and beating Hitler in WW2.

    This betrayal shatters all human decency and is a total disregard of the international rule of law.

    Why did Churchill, the US, the free West and a whole generation of humanity bother to sacrifice their lives to fight the Nazis if now we are all just to be lead to the new Nazi death camps created by Schwab, Gates, Von der Leyen, Biden, Sunak and all the co-conspirators!

    We now have millions slaughtered by their global mRNA eugenics agenda.

    Yet nobody is being held to account, prosecuted, executed?

    The world demands justice, Nuremberg 2.0 now!!!

    Criminally insane politicians who think that they were born to dominate the world and destroy humanity.

    The chosen people of destiny.

    Are these people what our whole history is about?

    Is nobody going to stop these psychopaths?

    Humanity cannot be sacrificed to their political games.

    We have once again allowed the criminally insane to rule the world, because we have become completely oblivious of who we are.

    In this world, billions of fools exist, and they are always ready to believe, always ready to fall into the trap of believing anybody, of believing in any ideology.

    Belief has many names, millions of names, there are thousands of beliefs, you can choose.

    Belief makes you a part of a bigger crowd than you, and there is a feeling of elation when you are a part of something bigger, a nation, an organized religion, a political ideology.

    Then you are not a tiny human being.

    A great energy comes to you and you feel elated.

    Euphoria is felt.

    That’s why, whenever a country is at war, people feel very euphoric, ecstatic.

    Suddenly their life has a meaning, they exist for the country, for religion, for civilization, now they have a certain goal to be achieved, and a certain treasure to be protected.

    Now they are no longer ordinary people, they have a great mission.

    Belief is the bridge to control the individual from the crowd.

    Belief is the bridge to remote control you from society.

    Belief creates dreams, but it cannot create reality.

    Belief cannot deliver reality to you because all belief is a hindrance.

    All Belief blocks and distorts reality.

    Belief basically means that you have believed before knowing, you are deceiving yourself.

    All believers are deceivers, they have lied to themselves.

    Whatsoever you believe, you project.

    Belief is a projection that covers reality.

    It is just like a projector in a cinema, you see something on the screen which is not there.

    The projector is hidden behind, but you never look at the projector, you look at the screen.

    The projector is at the back, and the whole game is going on there, but you look at the screen.

    The whole game is going on in your mind, and a mind filled with belief always goes on projecting things in the world, it sees things which are not there.

    This is the problem!

    The mind which believes is always vulnerable and always provides an opportunity to be exploited by the cheaters, the politicians and the priests, and remember always the globalist cheaters are all around.

    Don’t be a projector, don’t be an active mind.

    Let your mind be completely passive, receptive.

    Don’t project anything from the mind into reality, otherwise you will distort it.

    Simply allow reality to enter the mind and you be a passive watcher, a passive witness.

    Then, whatsoever the case is, you will know.

    Then that which is will be revealed to you, and only that can lead you to maturity, to growth, to intelligence.

    Truth is not an object, you cannot believe in it, you cannot worship it.

    Truth is not a thing but the clarity of perception.

    Truth is not without but within.

    And everybody has been seeking it without, hence everybody is missing it.

    Truth is not an object that you have to find, search for or seek.

    Truth is your subjectivity.

    Truth is the one who is seeking, truth is not the sought, but the seeker themselves.

    To think of truth as something outside is to miss from the very beginning.

    Truth is not an object but an awakening in you.

    it is an awareness within you, it is intelligence functioning at its optimum.

    You cannot see truth, it is not a thing.

    You cannot grasp truth, it is not a thing.

    You cannot give or take truth, it is not a thing.

    It is your inner eye, your inner perception, what the Hindus call the third eye.

    To be the seer, alert and awake is to be true.

    Drop the mind if you want to know the real.

    Put aside the mind if you want to penetrate into the truth.

    The truth is always there, but your mind is standing in-between.

    Put aside the mind, make a window and look, and everything, the very mystery of life, becomes unveiled before you.

    With the mind nobody has ever been able to know the truth.

    Without the mind anybody can know the truth, because the mind is the only barrier.

    The mind must cease for the truth to be.

    If you have nothing else but mind, it is difficult, very difficult to put it aside, arduous, but it happens if you go on trying.

    In the beginning the glimpses will be there for only a few seconds.

    But even those will give you a new dimension.

    For a few seconds the mind stops – there are no thoughts, and then suddenly, as if there is lightning, the whole world of mind disappears and the world of the real is revealed.

    These lightning flashes will happen to you, and then, by and by, you will get settled into the state of no-mind.

    No-mind is consciousness and mind is unconsciousness.

    It is time that individual consciousness be raised, that people be made alert and aware that the question is no longer of communism or democracy, Russia or America.

    The question is politics or Truth.

    Religious consciousness means receptivity to the joy the universe is made of.

    Any intelligent person is of necessity going to be religious.

    Politics is only for idiots.

    Its day is finished.

    We have to begin a new history in which there will be no place for politics.

    We want to get rid of all this retardedness, this mediocrity.

    We want the earth to become free from all division, tyranny, war, exploitation and violence.

    The real question is –

    Peace or Mind?

    No-mind or Mind?

    Consciousness or Unconsciousness?

    Truth or Darkness?

    Are You the solution or part of the problem?

    • @@lienChrist

      “Democracy is indispensable to Socialism.” – V. I. Lenin

      “Socialism leads to Communism.” – Karl Marx

      “The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communising a nation.” – V. I. Lenin

      “Communism is Judaism…..The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism hence it follows that, just as in the Russian Revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism.”

      — Rabbi Harry Waton, a programme for the Jews and humanity.

      “The Jew is an inborn Communist”

      – Otto Weninger

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