Long Covid Propaganda / Hugo Talks

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256 Comments on “Long Covid Propaganda / Hugo Talks

  1. Weak minded people who are now afraid of there own shadows, scared senseless by msm for the last x3 years to fear everything and everyone. These people are mentally damaged, there ill alright…mentally ill but that’s now the new normal. Years ago these people would have been branded crazy but now there given legitimate TV time in your home to spread the madness. Long Convid is the new get out of work free card because you feel a bit tired.

    • So true I live in So California and we have many mentally damaged from the ongoing coronavirus aka Covid19( 19 the chaos number) psychological operation. Psychosis in theses people is disturbing to see, some still wear masks in their cars by themselves and others in supermarkets or even outside just walking with few near them. Fear and anxiety..the controllers know exactly what they are doing. Make sure to look into Event 201. Like 9/11 with Amalgam Virgo they simulate and plan in advance of their psychological operations. Learn about Kary Mullis inventor of the PCR test was a threat to their lies. Learn their language coded in the news , GEMATRIA and see through all the propaganda. Including controlled opposition.

  2. could be 1 of 3 reasons for this !1 HesTotally taking the piss and he’s just a lazy fcuker !! 2 Its massively staged propaganda as that’s all we’ve seen for the last 3 yrs on Msm or 3 it’s a jib injury and he’s too far gone to realise

  3. When he shows what he has taken for “long covid” most, if not all, are supplements and a lot of them were Pure Encapsulations which is owned by Nestle. It’s very interesting to me that a person who clearly trusts big pharma with their great jabs would try supplements instead of prescription meds. This whole thing is pure propaganda. When I saw his tshirt at the end it confirmed that the video was a hard push. Thanks again Hugo. I always appreciate your videos.

      • Yes, the same evil people make a lot of the supplements. I have been watching them take over that industry as well. It used to be way more innocent and then the propaganda started by telling people that supplements had to be regulated because they were dangerous. What I found interesting was the indirect push in this video to show that supplements don’t work (therefore go get some expensive prescriptions). How much messaging is really going on that is so subtle that it’s often missed by our conscious minds?! What a mad world we live in.

  4. Icke takes what he hears from others without careful consideration and analysis before coming up with his own easy-to-digest narrative. He doesn’t look at legalities nor fully understand everything he talks about. He sounds good, right? But the devil is in the details. He’s no threat to the systems because he is misleading enough, not educating, and not posing workable solutions. A public of uneducated ignorant people is where they want us so they can rule without valid resistance, angry mobs that do nothing, no legal premises, twisted stories, poor evidence, etc. That fits right in. And boy do people get angry if you try to show them otherwise so they can take good action that scares the rulers. Critical thinking is lost on followers and mobs.

    I’m not saying everything Icke says is wrong, but lacks important details, if not honesty. He’s taking a position of popularity and authority without having the background to prove his full understanding and rationale on subjects he discusses or opposes. His audiences miss this part about him and just label him willy-nilly without references, explanation, observation, and evidence. Just big, overrated nothing burgers, yelling and petitioning for the sake of releasing emotions. And this signals to the ones in-the-know who control businesses and government that people are still not formidable opponents to their ways.

    I sincerely doubt he’s been banned from traveling and more likely he has no energy or desire to travel in his condition. But that banning story garners a lot of popular attention.

    • The links to comment on Icke video got wonky a few times, kept putting me on this thread. Will repeat over there. Hugo, delete the above if you can. Wish I had the option to retract.

      • Flavius Stilicho 1) Same MO as Alex Jones, and he’s definitely a Jesuit gatekeeper. 2) Interviewed, publicised and promoted twice by his fellow Jesuit, the Irish papist Wogan.

      • Indeed thanks for bringing up the other elephant in the room…the Jesuits who also founded modern day Freemasonry together we see an evil cabal hell bent on domination.

    • @ Tuscany

      This is so well written. I absolutely agree. Thank you.

  5. I agree covid is not what they say it is, but to say it doesn’t exist in some capacity isn’t exactly true.

    Something made me sick last winter where I did lose smell and taste for days, cough, congestion, severe fatigue and approximately 3 months later I lost 50% of my hair. Unfortunately ever since being sick with what they call covid I have had inflammation in my fingers and thumbs. This is not a figment of my imagination.

    I have several theories as to what covid could be, I could have gotten sick from vaccinated people shedding on me, They have created a bioweapon from gain of function, chemtrail poisoning or emf radiation exposure.
    Being that I am unvaccinated I did not experience a vaccine adverse reaction as some are suggesting is the cause of covid or long covid.

    I wholeheartedly believe they rebranded the flu as covid to get their death numbers up but I feel something else is at play in conjunction with flu being called covid. I have had the flu pre covid and never lost 50% of my hair from it nor had inflammation in my hands 8 months later after a bout of flu. What I experienced is real and not like a flu I have ever experienced before.

    • I also believe something new has been unleashed. They keep hyping the coming tripledemic and how it’s possible people may get covid, flu and RSV at the same time this winter. I figure its probably some new gain of function they have released and quite possibly made its way to where I live.

      My very healthy pureblood 8 year old daughter was in the hospital recently with respiratory distress and viral pneumonia. Oddly enough she tested negative across the viral panel. No covid, no flu, no adenovirus, no RSV. She did not have bacterial pneumonia and it wasn’t
      mycoplasma. Her chest xray looked good. The hospital had no answers for what virus she contracted that turned into pneumonia and caused her oxygen levels to dip so low.
      My husband and I caught it, whatever it is, half our community has it and it is once again nothing like any virus I have ever known. It lasts about 8 weeks and the cough and congestion just linger forever. The congestion is like nothing I have ever had before and I am taking lots of supplements probiotic, multi, D3, Zinc, C and NAC, nothing seems to help it along. The mucous production is so bad at times I feel like I am drowning (gross I know, sorry TMI)

      I have concerns that the vaxxed have shed so much on us we now have lower immune systems as if we too had been vaccinated.
      There is also alot of chemtrailing in our area so that of course factors in.
      Who knows maybe my phone is a direct energy weapon and they are radiation poisoning me through it. I dont have the answers but I just know I am seeing alot of very odd unexplained sickness that lingers on forever before people get well in my community.

      • I think a lot of people commenting here are Intelligence agents and regular salesmen.
        Don’t forget there are people in the opposition who want to sell you Invermectin and supplements e.g. Zelenko stuff.

        5G technology and a smart phone together direct the radiation but is it a direct weapon? I don’t know.

        You as well are hooked up into shedding narrative. You are stressed and kids react to that even more.
        The “elite” knows that annual detox is like a chain reaction sometimes could be initiated by family members or external factors e.g. sudden drop in temperature.
        I was sick but I wasn’t in contact with anyone for over 3+ days prior so how are you going to explain that?
        The time comes and people start falling like dominos but yet you can find people in the household who don’t get sick.

        Have you ever thought why people yawn once they see someone else yawning? Is it a virus?
        Communication between human beings is more complex than you think and if you and your husband are germaphobes or spike-protein-phobes this affects others subconsciously.

      • Everyone seems ill nowadays all of the time, no matter what season we’re in, there are always people coughing all over other people. What amazes me is how sheep like British people are. Covid comes along, the Government eventually demands people wear masks, 95 percent do. The Government insists people get the sheep dip, 97 percent of adults do. The Government says people don’t have to wear masks anymore. Almost nobody wears masks, and the supermarkets are heaving with people, loads of whom are coughing all over everyone and everything. You couldn’t make it up.

      • @ Sheepdog
        Whatever the mechanism I believe our immune systems are slowly being destroyed. This could account for many of the symptoms you describe being similar to those with autoimmune disease . I know Hashimotos Thyroiditis (where the immune system targets the thyroid ) can cause hair loss , fatigue etc.
        I think the only way to fight it is to really look after yourself. Eat well, plenty of rest / sleep and lots of fresh air and exercise.
        I hope you start to feel better soon 🙂

      • Your both wrong, most illness is caused by parasites.
        Go take a dog worming tablet!

    • I thought about shedding but so far the Phoenician usurious “elite” wants to eliminate people with cheap stuff.
      They won’t be inventing any bioweapon because it could reach and kill them as well especially these old pricks like Kissinger, Gates, Rothschild and Soros.
      I was trying to make my mind about that but my conclusion is that the main source of illness is fear, stress.
      You could add 5G rollout (all over the place at the same time) but if you live in the countryside then it’s not the case.

      I had cold for over 2 weeks during Christmas 2021 BUT I live in the most densely populated area in UK so I could blame exceptional electromagnetic radiation but also resultant stress and/or poisoning.
      It happens at the time the communal heating company was doing a number of maintenances. Some 3rd party company took over the job in 2021 and was messing around with the system, some tenants had no heating for some days during winter.
      Who knows if it wasn’t part of some secret mission disrupting the tenants and who knows maybe adding some shit to the water.
      They only conduct water tests once a year. If the pricks added something to the water for a short period of time these annual tests won’t pick it up but people get sick and continue to maintain the virus / spike protein narrative among their peers.
      Again as I said there was a bulk of changes over that period and it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly it is. It could well be or most likely is a combination of things.

      So far my belief is that they disrespect general population and eliminate individuals with cheap stuff like rats: poisons in water, poisons in food, public healthcare, vaccines that is just a cocktail of poisons and lead on the battlefield.
      Even 5G rollout seems an expensive move but this could be treated as a long term investment not for mobile network providers but Big Pharma that will sell more shit to people hoping to cure “Long COnVID”
      but I believe sleeping next to a smart phone or an electrical socket or electrical wire in the wall is more detrimental to health than 5G towers if not close enough.

      Of course they have rebranded flu to COVID.
      A number of valid/real experiences is dictated by your psyche.
      Once you buy the shedding narrative you join the fearful mainstream. They fear of the next version of the virus while you of them shedding spike proteins. That is why all the shills in the controlled opposition has been mobilized to push this narrative onto people. It actually died down but it was advertised early on to infect people’s minds.
      The agents (e.g. CIA, NSA) actually cover the whole spectrum, all different let’s call them sects including people denying the existence of viruses and bacteria being the source of any illness.
      They deployed them in all directions so the whole underground ecosystem is controlled.

      But the “elite” knows that fear is the main source of health issues. And if you read independent books about healing permanent stress, permanent anxiety is brought up frequently.
      People’s hair can turn grey under heavy stress. Can people lose hair due to stress? I don’t know but they definitely lose hair due to poisoning/high toxicity levels. Can radiation do that? I don’t know.

      • Flavius, I appreciate your response. Alot of what you say is thought provoking.
        You are definitely on the wrong train of thought to think I am a germaphobe and I do NOT live in fear of the pandemic. I’ve known it was a plandemic since the beginning and carried on about my life in a prepandemic mode. Not wearing masks unless I was denied entry, going to events with lots of people, large family gatherings etc.
        You may want to read the EUA paperwork that Pfizer and Moderna submitted to the FDA to get approval for the vaccines for emergency use. Along with stating they did not stop transmission and spread they also talk about shedding so no I don’t think I’ve bought into a false narrative when Pfizer and Moderna themselves stated the vaccines may cause shedding.

      • @Sheepdog
        But Pfizer and the Co said many things and all turned out to be an utter lie so how do I know if this “shedding” they mention is now true? The probability is very low.
        If someone is found to be lying on multiple occasions but what is more important showing no remorse should be removed from position or office. People like Joo Bourla should be skinned then burned alive for his crimes against humanity and he would not become a Holohoax victim but as a criminal he would meet the burning surface of the justice.

        Why are you people still listen and distill potential truths out of these people and the corporations that are behind them? At least for me it’s a waste of time.
        If you lived prepandemic life why did you absorbed this shedding thing?
        Who knows what is the mental impact if you start evading people you know are vaccinated not because they can talk bullshit but that you catch a spike protein from them. It puts you in an awkward position and for how long?

      • Flavius, Yes these people are complete liars and the whole shedding narrative may indeed be a lie, its nearly impossible to decipher truth from lies anymore.

        The general public was told from the beginning of the vaccine rollout to take the vaccine and you won’t get covid and you will protect your loved ones by getting vaccinated. This turned out to be a lie but the truth was buried deep in the EUA paperwork that preceeded the vaccine rollout and stated the vaccines did not stop transmission or spread. Since they went to great lengths to hide that truth which is now apparent to everyone breathing that the vaccines do not work I am inclined to believe shedding may be real since it was equally buried in the paperwork. You know these people have to sprinkle truth in with their lies, something about it frees them from responsibility and karma coming back at them.

        I am not sure why you continue to think I am some hermit who never leaves my home but sits on my couch all day stemming in fear of the world. I never stated I avoid the vaccinated. I don’t avoid the vaccinated. How can anyone at this point when nearly 70-80% have had at least one dose. I mentioned I have concerns the vaccinated have shed on me. Its a rather large leap you made to assume because I have concerns that I am someone who is so consumed with fear I have mental issues over it.

        I will end by saying once the vaccines rolled out myself as well as several other unvaccinated friends had nasty clotting during our monthly cycles. Never before had any of us experienced this. If that was not a direct result of shedding please enlighten me on what it could have been. Its quite a coincidence that the shots cause blood clots and right at the time they rolled out some friends and myself experienced clotting with our cycles.

      • @ Philip Patrick Jones

        I seriously question the 97% figure.

      • I think most people are run down and miserable after almost 3 years of constant fear mongering, the prospect of loosing their livelyhood (one way or another) and now the worry about WWIII and all the cost of living BS, which has been brought onto us by the oligarchs.
        So everyone has a lowered immune response and as Flavius mentioned, anxiety can lead to massive stress, which is known to cause many health problems The people around me at work are all at least double jabbed and haven’t been 100% well for the past year or so. They really seem to struggle to get rid of colds and are coughing almost constantly, even during the warmer days (aka Scottish summer).
        So naturally I am exposed to sick people a lot longer and maybe they release a mutated cold virus that my body struggles to fight off, I don’t know. I am old enough to remember people going to work no matter what. Now everything is a health problem and needs “treatment”.
        MSM must use some sort of brain washing technique/ technology to keep people hooked on the jab.
        Global intelligence has managed to discredit any critical opposition, so people won’t even engage in conversations about what could have caused their physical problems since the jab rollout!

      • @Sheepdog
        I am not saying that you isolate yourself from vaccinated but then you at least have to be reluctant to shake hands with people.
        Yes, officially 75% of the population took the 1st shot. But from what I heard there is a substantial number of people who got COVID certificates in exchange for money paying between £400-500. Apparently this number isn’t small.

        What monthly cycles? Do you do dialysis or are you held in Pfizer lab?

      • @Sheepdog
        what I forgot to say is that you don’t need to be shit scared to see the effects of the stress.
        Actually suppressing it / not showing it is even more destructive.

      • @German expat
        I agree with you but mutated virus thing I don’t.
        I am telling you it is all the bad vibes around.

        People are not stupid and always like to blame external forces for something they should take responsibility. You ate some shit but it must be some bacteria that caused the diarrhoea.

        The oligarchs project and people take it. Those who solicited vaccines within the family and noticed bad side effects now can pin themselves to Long COVID narrative. In pagan reality we have in the West there is nothing more painful than to admit own fault, it undermines pride.
        Since this started to have COVID gave everyone some entitlement.

        But I noticed something has changed this time round because people stopped calling it COVID and default back to cold.

      • My friend sent me a link to an article where the title of the article blamed lions for escaping the enclosure in the zoo.
        It’s like blaming water for leaking out the tub but people will do it and the “elite” gives them the excuse.

    • No proof of its excistence…
      Swabs never detected it or any sickness

    • @sheepdog This might have been said but other people think it might be 5G. Have there been any 5G towers put up near you recently?

      • Hannah,
        I am not aware of any new 5g towers near me. I live in a rural area and would have noticed. A few towns over people have been posting about these small contraptions that have started popping up and people aren’t sure what they are. The best I can describe them is they look like a solar panel attached to a circuit box. There may be a very logical explanation as to what they are but it seems like they show up out-of nowhere and they get moved around alot to different locations.

      • Don’t need towers any more… there are enough Starlink satellites up there to be covering rural areas too: Besides, it’s not just 5G: If you have a wireless router in your home, or if any of your neighbours do, it is not doing you any good. Just “normal” cellphone usage, Smart meters, etc, etc… we are already surrounded by the stuff!

      • I just know in the last year or so the health of my immediate family whom all are unvaccinated has deteriorated. Pin pointing what is the cause has been hard to do because many factors come into play and they all seemed to happen at the same time. We honestly could be experiencing effects from more than one component. We eat healthy, take supplements, exercise. We have well water so we are not drinking city water. I have wondered if we could have runoff from the chemicals farmers use in our water supply though.

        We moved to an area where the chemtrailing is pretty much everyday several times a day so we could be having problems from the air we breathe.
        5g has been rolled out at the schools so my daughter is exposed to that all day now.
        The vaccines rolled out and we are around alot of vaccinated and if shedding is real that could be causing us problems.

        I see where someone posted apple pectin and clay remove radiation. I am willing to give that a try.

        @Sassenach, thanks for the link but I am not in the Uk.

    • @Sheepdog

      I have had really bad inflammation in my fingers and thumbs, fatigue and difficulty concentrating for the past year and a half; I couldn’t even lift a cup of tea. My doctor didn’t know what was wrong with me and the hospital was useless. I started researching my symptoms; I also did some research on autoimmune and thyroid problems. While doing my research, I came across an article about a community in Scotland that had thyroid and autoimmune problems that they believed were caused by the tap water.

      I bought myself a distiller and now use distilled water for everything – drinking, making tea, cooking,washing my fruit and veg and my body. I also drink a lot of natural teas for inflammation such as dandelion, ginger, ashwagandha,nettle,mint,moringa. I keep my gut healthy by eating fermented vegetables with my meals. My fingers and thumbs are a lot better, I don’t feel as tired as before and my concentration has improved. If I do not distill the water, the inflammation in my fingers and thumbs flare up again. I think there might be some sort of chemical in the water that is affecting my body. Our tap water is recycled water and the water companies have recently apologised for the bad quality of the water, so there could be something that is affecting a lot of people.

      There is no such thing as long covid. If you look at the symptoms for long covid, they are symptoms that have been around for years before covid came on the scene. I believe something if affecting our autoimmune system and if your autoimmune system is weak, it affects every cell in your body. Also don’t let anyone tell you there is nothing wrong with you, they are not feeling your pain!

      • Patricia,
        Thanks for your suggestions. I believe I will try some of them. Certainly will try the ginger tea because you are not the first person to mention to me that it may help. Thanks.
        Glad you found out that distilled water helps you. That is another great tip I need to try for myself.

      • @Patricia, Have you looked at Oxalate poisoning as a possible cause of your inflammation? Many people suffer with it and are completely unaware of its existence.

      • @ Sheepdog

        I had heard of vaccine shedding but to be honest I looked at who was promoting it, and decided it was probably more propaganda put out to induce fear. However, many of the things you mention, such as problems with the menstrual cycle, are things I have heard from people I know and the fact they are unvaccinated is worrying. I have been doing some research and I came across this article on Substack, which mirrors much of what you have been experiencing.


        What I personally found interesting is that many in the comments section were observing the reactivation of the Epstein Barr virus. Could this be another piece to the puzzle; as new research suggests that Epstein Barr could in fact be the CAUSE of a huge number of autoimmune diseases including Hashimotos and Lupus.
        Im not sure if you saw one of my earlier comments regarding 5G but this new information makes it much more pertinent now.

        Pub Med article 1997 – “Exposure to a 50 Hz electromagnetic field induces activation of the Epstein-Barr virus genome in latently infected human lymphoid cells”


    • Depopulation Jab

      Georgia Gudestones before being blown up said to keep the world population in harmony with nature at 500,000,000 = half a billion.

      World population approx 7-8 billion.
      They have a cunning plan 😈

      Covid 1984 is just the Flu re-branded so that the Evil Luciferian FreeMasons New World Order can murder the masses for the Depopulation Agenda!

      Jacques Attali, 1981, then adviser to François Mitterrand wrote this:
      “In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as he exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than it produces and it costs society dearly.
      Then the weak and then the useless ones who bring nothing to society because there will be more and more of them, and especially finally the most stupid. Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in any case.
      We will of course not be able to execute people or make camps. We will get rid of it by making them believe that it is for their good.
      Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating.
      We won’t be able to pass intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!
      We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the big, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.
      The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own. ”

      [The future of life – Jacques Attali, 1981]
      Interviews with Michel Salomon, collection Faces of the future, editions Seghers.

      The link has been censored by Big Brother!


  6. FOI requests to NHS hospitals asking how many staff days lost to Long Covid were told, the NHS does not recognise it as an illness.
    It’s a hypochondriac’s dream sick note. Nobody is going to argue with it because the symptoms are whatever you want them to be.

    • This is simply conditioning. Those symptoms are from 5g radiation. The jib jab could be involved in some way but I doubt it personally. @flavius it CAN be direct. It’s called beam forming

  7. Yeah, that’s 100% genuine — definitely not acting. That’s exactly how people talk in real life.

    I was sceptical about the jab, but now I’m convinced. I must get my jab: “long Covid” is terrifying.


    • My mum caught the flu from my sister shortly after having her jab. She praised the jab for the fact that she was only mildly sick and is glad she got it. She is a nurse. When she took time off work because of the flu her colleague (also a senior nurse) said that she was too busy to get sick. There’s the solution skip the jab and work harder, it’ll save the NHS millions.

      • @Jackie, You can’t catch flu or colds from anyone, anymore than one can catch scurvy, colds and flu develop from within our own unhealthy bodies, and that’s all there is to it.

  8. How many people have long covid because they can stay away from work? I mean, who wouldn’t prefer to be at home being paid than having to slave at a job one hates for similar money?

  9. LOL
    You said that this doctor is hilarious.
    I tell you who he really is.
    It’s Dr. Bosconovitch from Tekken. In Tekken 3 he use to be drunk and fight while holding in his hand a bottle of some liqueur.

    The Intelligence has some sense of humour.
    We all should roll on the floor laughing when they come up with new shit.

  10. @ptarmigan707
    You said that this doctor is hilarious.
    I tell you who he really is.
    It’s Dr. Bosconovitch from Tekken. In Tekken 3 he use to be drunk and fight while holding in his hand a bottle of some liqueur.

    The Intelligence has some sense of humour.
    We all should roll on the floor laughing when they come up with new shit.

  11. Way before the jib jabs rolled out I suspected “long covid” is the effects of EMF radiation, which is probably the reason they became ill in the first place. Do you think that the “Technology Correspondent (at Sky News)” might have some contact with EMF radiation…?! (I’m sure the jabs and also possible interactions of those with EMFs aren’t helping fuel the narrative at all… 🤔)

    • His contact with the synagogue is probably more directly related in this case.

  12. No such thing as covid, no such thing as long covid either!! We all know here damn well that the whole thing is completely fake and invented. Seen in the papers today that Vanessa Feltz is on daytime tv actively promoting the crappy flu jab, no doubt she’s been paid an awful lot of money to spout her mouth off about it while her daughter is supposedly really ill in hospital with flu after having the flu jab!! It obviously didn’t do her much good then did it!!!!! Seriously you couldn’t make this shit up if you tried!!! So far, I’ve had 2 text messages telling me to get the flu jab, so guess what I did! Delete, delete, delete!!! Oooooh how I love that delete button!!! No doubt there will be more, but they will all be deleted like all the other junk mail I get!! I’m just really glad that none of my family or friends are telling me to get jabbed, so I continue to live as a free bird instead of being treated as a pin cushion and a lab rat!!!

  13. Just seen your video now if you go definitely propaganda as stated above they haven’t even be able to isolate the so-called Covid a part within your body so there is definitely no such thing as Covid as someone who was a nurse it is generally glorified Flury packaged so therefore I struggle to see the long Covid connection particularly if you have had called and flu like symptoms some as it can take your boy body awhile to get rid of all the symptoms that brings i.e. fatigue et cetera I’m just looking through some of the other comments I must omit I had this discussion with my mum the other day she is actually vaccinated and I will say to her I’m not particularly sure about shredding and whether she can be potentially passing on whatever to put into her body onto arse when she comes near us or hugs et cetera it is a bit of a worry because we don’t know I don’t wanna put that anywhere in my bodyOr that of my kids but sadly a lot of people around me that I know have and therefore you don’t know if you potentially are exposing yourself to any harmful things it’s very difficult to know that’s why I believe some people are getting sick because a lot of things in the atmosphere as well as possibly the 5G am and also yeah I guess the vibe around right now is negative you want to try and keep yourself mentally fit tricky bit upbeat as possible at least we know the truth of what’s going on but anyway another great video he will keep up the good work

  14. It could even be simply depression,anxiety caused by the restrictions and attempts to change our way of life.
    It also could be the new bad back syndrome used by the bone idle to get out of doing work.
    Some of the more extreme virtue signallers maybe pretend to have it.
    Or simply the brainwashing has really got into their heads.
    Drink water, take vitamin D, get off your arse and get some fresh air. People working 60 hrs a week are zonked too but get on with it in order to pay for rising costs caused by the convid farce.

  15. Mass disabling event – Oh vey!!!!!
    Definitely (((one of them)))……..

  16. Worth noting, the guys says he got mild covid 18 months ago then got long covid, this indicates he got covid after the vaccine rollout in the UK which was 2 years ago now. He indicates that the vaccines are fantastic therefore he is without a doubt vaccinated. If he wasn’t vaccinated he would have said “I regret that I wasn’t vaccinated” or even “I got long covid before the vaccine rollout”

  17. Long “covid”… My b***!.. I mean, feck off to those sssheeeeple!!!!.. 3 to 4 “amazing” vaccines??!!!.. Which ones??!!!.. He should of “name” them!.. And did he had all of them and which ones “” 💉 💉 💉 💉..??!!!.. I personally, want to know it!!!!.. “” I feel actually soooo irratated, that those sheeple think, that all the people, watching their programmed programmes,, so stupid and naive!!!!.. Yes, there are some stupid ones, like some “selebs” of “Googlebox” “, who actually would believe such crap!..

  18. Hmmm…sounds like M.E. They still haven’t found a cure for that. Funny how no-one gave a monkeys about M.E. pre-covid…and now its re-branded long covid.

    • @LDR, Yes and most of these things are cured by getting the digestive system sorted out and sorting out past conflicts – see German Healing Knowledge, formerly German New Medicine.

  19. This man cannot act. He should’ve cut some onions before some of those scenes because his eyes were bright throughout. By the way did you see the number of elephants in the room at the 5:15 mark? Lol!

  20. Yeah the living room is a set up, probably a set rather than a room. Someone dashed in with the lamp at the past minute and forgot to straighten it. If you were at home knowing a crew was coming your have righted this.
    The cardigan is brand new off a peg, it’s never been worn prior to this.

    It’s not hard to see.

    While post viral fatigue is now recognised, it’s disabling and he is far from what I’ve seen in reality when people suffer PVF. Most can’t string a sentence together. Yet all he does is pause ocassionally.

  21. At 4:20 min there are elephant statuettes on the windowsill. “Elephants in the room”?

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