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61 Comments on “GAME OVER FOR REAL / Hugo Talks

  1. There will still be ‘mugs’ out there who would want to play this … absolutely incredulous!

    • People are mugs that have played this whole 3 year scam…
      And still doing it now…
      I give up with them…
      I swear them face nappys and stop oxyegen going too there brains..
      Whats left of them🤖

  2. I heard about this via LifeSite news earlier this week and as crazy as it sounds, I think it’s real; the truth is stranger than fiction and when you consider all the other insane things happening now and for the last 2.5 years…

    But on a positive note, this may at least, remove some idiots from the gene pool.

  3. Social media,news virtual reality crap…
    All too get people brainwashed…
    That prick who owns facebook is friends with some of the scumbags of society like gates etc…
    World is going down the pan rapidly…
    Yet people are happy to go along with it…
    Wish they could cut the world in half and have one half full of free spirits and normal people and the other brainwashed wankers who do anything they are told…😷💉then send them off too a far out part of the universe

  4. I support this, if people want to make a game real then more fool them, don’t think it’ll get many takers and won’t be playing COD you’d think where they get snipered 5 seconds in LOL

    But televise it i guess then it’s Hunger Games meets Squid Game and it’ll be a great distraction for the stupid masses.

    • That is why I do not worry about any future blackouts because as soon as the power goes down the zombies are unplugged from MSM, Facebook, Netflix etc.
      People would start developing meaningful things not only in their minds.
      The Phoenician elite cannot allow for that.

      • It’ll take more than 3 hours or 3 months of no power to undo the brain washing.

        New BS Variant, HELLHOUND LOL

      • The “power cuts” stories were used to justify the new, higher prices and to push for nuclear power plants. Probably small ones, like the type BG is investing in. The climate change BS makes sure people won’t think about using coal (plenty of that in the ground all over Europe and US) for generating energy and fuel. The Leuna Werke in Germany were one of the first and biggest plants for producing synthetic fuel using coal before and during the Nazi era. Apparently the bombing of the plant shortly before the landing in Normandy brought the German defence to a stand still. Fun fact, the Leuna Werke were part of the IG Farben, a group of Wall Street noted corporations, who also ran a few concentration/ work camps. And basically continued under their original names after WWII.

      • @German expat
        because most if not all German bankers and industrialists are Phoenician Joos.
        The same is the case in UK, US, France, Australia, Canada, Russia, Poland etc.
        The only difference being some old peerage crypto-Joos and some obvious AshkeNazi Joos on display.

  5. I think it’s another pile of crap the Intelligence has come up with.

    However I also reckon they just noticed a lot of jabbed gamers dieing instantly due to the jab
    and some who use VR goggles also die in game.
    It’s Danse Macabre psyop of the Intelligence so the terms and words related to death circulate in these controlled new outlets to mask the ongoing “vaccine” crime.

    Zuckerberg is a front of one of these Joo/Phoenician corporations that together create Intelligence.

    • Rockstar Games is the worst of all. Their GTA franchise was ok for some time but in the most recent ones the characters are ridiculous but these are the role models they push.
      I think most kids should go through gaming but they won’t have the same experience as we did back in the days. The game graphics were inferior but our imagination compensated for that and back then the stories were much much better.

      But now the deal is so the gamers never leave their mommy’s basements.
      I reckon in the future they will be used to control the police drones and autonomous kill vehicles that is why they are being groomed to godlike state where they kill multiple people with impunity and when killed/destroyed they just spawn a new robot, remotely controlled kill vehicle or a drone.

      We have already seen this new hobby with small drones and it’s military applications in Ukraine.
      Yeah and Joo Zelensky popped up in Hugo’s video.

    • MZ is clearly not CEO material. Somebody that awkward would most likely drive (normal) investors away.
      Thinking about it, I’m sure the reason why he is so awkward during senate/ congress hearings is that he has to concentrate hard to stay focused and not start to cackle (like Kamela Harris) and flail his arms about!
      Same goes for Musk, btw. He is a total clown and every one of his little “appearances” are more suited to entertain the guests at the “Blue Oyster Bar” than attracting investors.
      The three of them, MZ, EM and JB are probably the most un-masculine CEOs of (alleged) multibillion $ corporations ever.

      • Indeed, these are the people of great charisma. LOL
        But the PRIVATE owners behind BlackRock, Vanguard have to put someone so it does not look like complete Intelligence setup.
        I think most of them are just fronts and top of the Forbes list is just a joke.

        By the way who cares about how much billions allegedly they have if we already know that these billions are meaningless if we know that the banking cartel creates trillions without a sweat.
        It’s more important to understand their system as their system has nothing to do with capital, it’s all to do with control.

        If they notice an able capitalist underneath their feet their will do an acquisition, if this does not work they will attempt a hostile takeover, if this still l does not work they will crash him.

      • These are not CEOs in reality, they are Illuminatti front men ….they act as their handlers want them to act.

  6. I think it’s a preemptive/predictive programming type thing: When it really happens, it won’t be with those obvious “explosive charges” on the forehead; it’ll just be with a burst of particular emf frequencies. Mind you, those will be killing you slowly anyway…

  7. These ‘headsets’ are going to ruin your eyesight, they will make you short-sighted for sure. And by the way, you should always read at arms length.

  8. Today’s Roman Coliseum Gladiatorial games, all that’s missing is Nero, although he’ll be back on the scene soon as the Antichrist, these headsets will be kept for ‘Hunger Games’ using Christians I reckon.

  9. This sounds like a joke, a PR stunt not to be taken seriously. I think the original news report was posted on Nov 6th 2022, this coincidently is the exact same date that anime show Sword Art Online’s nerve gear headset and VRMMORPG went live. In that show, the creator removed the log out function and if you die in game you die in real life, the game only ended when 100 levels were completed. So sounds too similar to that for me to be genuine.

  10. Anyone know of a good investigation done into the progression of gaming over the decades? Wouldn’t be surprised if many developer have military/security service/secret society links. Many games are full to the brim with occult symbolism and there have been examples of predictive programming (no pun). Remember hearing of military commanders talking of how soldiers in conflict were often reluctant to shoot the perceived enemy. Would years of repetitive simulated murder make it easier for a soldier to pull the trigger on impulse?
    Look at who has been making the computers: microsoft, sony, amstrad, Sinclair and of course those forward thinking people at bbc. Remember the bbc micro? Early 80s, bbc used the owl symbol as their logo on home computer products.
    There’s got to be many dirty secrets to uncover down this rabbit hole. The potential for psyops and mind control must be phenomenal with this technology.

  11. @HugoTalking OK – Having worked in the video game industry since its infancy in the 70’s in America, I now voice video game characters in Europe. (yes, I’m OLD) I remember when we came out with the vector-beam graphics Video game machine for arcades called, ‘Death Race 2000’ (after that movie)
    and (1st case of ‘social cancellation’ after Anita Bryant?) And the game was BANNED in ’78 because they said, “IT’S TOO VIOLENT!”…
    now THIS?? OH-EMM-JEEZUSS! I’ve seen-it-ALL now

  12. Here is a refutation for those attacking the Catholic Church regarding images and statues:

    What God forbids and condemns is the adoration of statues/images themselves, and the making of statues/images of idols and false gods.

    Deuteronomy 5:8-9- “You shall not make to thyself a graven thing, nor the likeness of any things, that are in heaven above, or that are in the earth beneath, or that abide in the waters under the earth. You shall not adore them, and you shall not serve them.…”

    Notice that God says: you shall not adore them or serve them. That’s the key. He forbids making statues or images to adore them or to adore idols, creatures, false gods, etc. But He does not forbid using religious statues or images in His true faith and religion. In fact, He commanded religious statues to be made for his temple and they are approved in numerous places in the Bible.

    Exodus 25:18-19- “And you shalt make two cherubim of gold, of beaten work shalt you make them, in the two ends of the mercy seat. And make one cherub on the one end, and the other cherub on the other end: even of the mercy seat shall you make the cherubim on the two ends thereof.”

    God specifically commands the making of two statues of cherubim. Cherubim are angels. This obviously refutes the idea that making statues or using religious images is forbidden. Such an idea is a total misrepresentation of the teaching of Sacred Scripture, which forbids them with reference to the idolatrous adoration of creatures, idols and false gods. Other passages in the Bible where we see references to God’s command to make statues for true religious purposes are: Exodus 26:1; 1 Kings 6 (3 Kings 6 in some versions); and 1 Kings 7:25-36 (3 Kings 7:25-36 in some versions).

    We also find God commanding the use of an image to cure people – an image which, at first thought, some would find surprising. God commanded Moses to make an image of a serpent for the people to look upon and be healed.

    Numbers 21:8- “And the Lord said unto Moses, make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looks upon it, shall live.”

    Third, when Catholics honor an image, trust is not placed in the image itself. Rather, we honor the one represented by the image by means of the image.

    Council of Trent, Sess. 25, Decree on Sacred Images: “Moreover, that the images of Christ, of the Virgin Mother of God, and of the other saints are to be placed and retained especially in the churches, and that due honor and veneration is to be given them; not, however, that any divinity or virtue is believed to be in them by reason of which they are to be venerated, or that something is to be asked of them, or that trust is to be placed in images, as was done of old by the Gentiles who placed their hope in idols; but because the honor which is shown them is referred to the prototypes which they represent, so that by means of the images which we kiss and before which we uncover the head and prostrate ourselves, we adore Christ and venerate the saints whose likeness they bear. That is what was defined by the decrees of the councils, especially of the Second Council of Nicaea, against the opponents of images.”

    The Bible also teaches that even the relics of saintly people are venerated and can be miraculous. See Acts chapter 19:11-12 concerning the miraculous handkerchiefs of St. Paul, and 2 Kings 2:13-14 concerning the miraculous cloak of Elijah.

    Acts 19:11-12- “And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.”

    2 Kings 2:13-14- “He picked up the cloak that had fallen from Elijah and went back and stood on the bank of the Jordan. Then he took the cloak that had fallen from him and struck the water with it… When he struck the water, it divided to the right and to the left, and he crossed over.”

    So, the Catholic position on the proper use of religious images, statues and relics is not contrary to the Bible. It is the truly biblical view.

    • Stop spouting nonsense. Please. Just stop. The Catholic Church has been a source of pure evil for approximately one thousand seven hundred years. It is evil. Pure evil.

      • Well, just stop lying!

        People can visit for crucial information about the Traditional Catholic Faith necessary for Salvation.

        Matthew 16:26: “For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what exchange shall a man give for his soul?”

    • Some do think that religeon is a man made concept and yet another control mechanism of/for the masses.

      • Well, these people don’t know what they are talking about. The divinity of the Catholic religion can and has been proven.

    • True Catholic?
      You choose loyalty to a man made religion instead of GOD, why?
      Loyalty to porn vendors?
      Loyalty to those who murdered christians because they followed GOD instead of the pope
      Loyal to homosexual priests who molest children?
      Loyal to a cult that openly sings that their light is Lucifer… yes you have YouTube you can check it out there

      The low down on the catholic cult is only people cursed by demons are still blinded in the year 2022.Satan tried with his people for 300 years to kill of and persecute the Christian when he could not win he made his own flavour of christianity to imitate Christianity but this new age version was united with the governments all over.. as satans lies ALWAYS are.

  13. If it does really kill the user, I highly recommend the VR game to all young global leaders, bank CEOs and ruling tyrants connected to the WEF and urge them to play it ASAP.

  14. This is like the sci-fi film Surrogates staring Bruce Willis.

    • Exactly do not worry just prepare some popcorn, sit on the couch and Bruce Willis yet again is going to save us from the danger.
      They spilled the beans very well in the movie “Network” where the main character has said that through television and movies people are being conditioned to expect the resolution by the end of each episode.
      All is done so they don’t see and engage in an ongoing war.
      As long as Hollywood or other producers capture and satisfy people’s imagination they will remain complacent.
      Virtual reality is just to move the subjects from 2D to 3D.

      • Show me a soul that still watches TV or Netflix and we will see someone with an address in Hell….the demon possessed control this soon ending conspiracy called the world.Jesus is coming to take out the trash and reclaim his property. SOON! .When they deceive the injected zombies with ufo technology they will believe what they are told.The rapture is coming, the possessed in control will tell the world that it was ufos that took the people. I hope you are a born again christian and take part in the rapture….NWO last 7 years then comes the second coming of Jesus and the end of this masonic fairy tale world!!

  15. There’s nothing mystical and magical or high-tech about adapting something deadly to a VR mask. It’s the implication that’s important, the slow but steady herding of the collective spirit into bondage and the eventual extinction of the species. The time is now for mass rejection of this evil beast system. I’m doing my part, but I’m not holding my breath in anticipation.

  16. Wow… has this sad nutter finally found the footage that ended up on the floor when they filmed Logan’s Run? LOL! Is he just a bit ‘behind the times’? What a wally… These sad people are beginning to believe their own publicity. And, while we’re at it, why are their ‘characters’ and ‘avatars’ SO flippin’ pug ugly? What ever happened to ‘artistic’ skills? Bring back Dennis the Menace… and Desperate Dan (cow pie, yay!)! And Lettice Leefe… and Belle of the Ballet. Hugo, these meta verse nutters need to grow up! Thanks for the video… loved it.

    • 🤯🤢 sounds like preneditated murder, needs to be reported & police arrests made.

    • Yeah its a good read but the swabs never tested for infection or sickness…
      “Covid 19” can never be diagnosed and never has been properly..
      The aystomatic spreader theory does not excist either…
      All that pandemic was designed too do is crush the economy and put new things in place…
      It was a smokescreen basically

  17. MOVIE: The Tomorrow War (premiered on July the 2nd, 2021)

    David Ellison (CEO of Oracle) – a Joo
    Dana Goldberg – Israeli filmmaker
    David S. Goyer – a Joo
    and some crypto-Joos to the mix

    Chris Pratt (a crypto-Joo)
    Rob Cowan (a Joo)
    Brian Oliver (a Joo)
    Bradley Fisher (a Joo)

    “You know who Selman Waksman is? I do. He discovered the vaccine for tuberculosis.” (an Ukrainian Joo “scientist” – Joos are endorsing Ukrainian Joos before the invasion starts)

    “What you doing? Looking for vaccines. Oh. You find any? Not really. Digging’s hard.”

    “You have the resources and the ability to mass-produce it in your time and then you can stop this war from ever happening.”

    “I have a few different titles. I guess when you’re down to less than 500,000 people on the planet, you wear a few hats.”

    “Yeah, I have a PhD in biotechnology with an emphasis in genomics and immunology.”

    “The toxin kills the males just fine. So the females survive the toxin.
    And now you want to find out why it didn’t kill her?”

    “Her physiology is the key to their extinction. It’s kind of our last hope.
    Last hope for what?
    At finding something that will kill them all.”

    “They started tearing apart Russia.”

    “Three years later, every major landmass North and South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe are devoid of human life.”

    “They have no use for prisoners or government, technology, money nothing. We are food. And they are hungry.” (I think here they talk about the Phoenician banking cartel)

    “REPORTER: With contact to the future now severed, governments have been unable to stop rioting and looting from spreading across the globe, as most now believe that, in 30 years, humanity will be wiped off the face of the earth.”

    “There’s still a chance that we can stop this war from ever happening. It doesn’t look like it. Told you it was all for nothing. It’s too late for heroes”

    The initial date they put in the movie (the beginning of the mess) is December 2022.
    I think they signal something to happen around that time.

    • IIRC, they could only pinpoint the location of the space ship because some school kid (black) was obsessed with climate change. He was able to pretty much date the exact day of the ice melting in Siberia that unleashed the creatures. There was also the infamous polar bear drifting on an ice floe on the big screen in the classroom.
      What I thought was the most stupid about the film was the lack of proper weaponry to fight them. They have the technology for teleportation but rely on today’s fire arms.
      Chis Pratt is pushed as a conservative white Christian, when in fact he is from the families (like most popular actors, musicians or people in MSM in general)!

    • You may be right I personally think it will be 2023 only because they work in signs and symbols as you know 223 is the number of skull and bones

  18. What it is, and you’ve all overlooked it, is that it’s a lethal weapon, Simples!

    A quick and easy execution of a death sentence? A quick and painless suicide? How easy to murder a person with its use?

    Could/should a death by its use be classified as murder?

    It will never make it into production.

  19. I really enjoy the actual anime sword art online, but for those who have not seen it the players did not know this would happen, only after being in the game the psychopath developer appears and announces that all players must play through all the levels of the game and survive, in real world if any friends or family tried to remove headset that would also cause death, also the avatars were stripped from players as they had to play themselves which revealed the true horror as behind some big scary avatars were children. One guy just put on headset to try it out while his big brother was out. We know children get their hands on all kinds of stuff they shouldn’t so this creep knows children, especially one who feel they are great gamers could be caught up in it.
    I suspect on some private island somewhere a decadent bunch of billionaire creeps are doing this right now. This reveal is to enhance their kicks, they told us the public, public laughs it off, hey we are free to enjoy no bad karma vibes for us.

  20. Firstly, I do not believe that Zuckerberg is the power behind Facebook, I think he is a front man. Secondly, who gives a shite as to whether people want to get off playing games that could possibly kill them, get on with it I say, the sooner their all gone the better. Far too many sicko’s on this planet, time to get rid. I for one am sick of the sight and sound of them all, their all a disgrace to humankind. Be gone.

  21. Hugo, do you listen to Dayz of noah on YT? He’s sort of on the same path as you.

    • by the way UKColumn is selling the arrest of these photographers filming StopOil “protester” at M25 footbridge as real.
      I think CIA via UKColumn wants people stay away from these theaters they conduct at M25 to make the life of drivers miserable.
      So they make these videos of fake arrest so people don’t approach these “scenes” because from up close it looks like it’s staged and the police is there to make sure StopOil actors are safe.

      The video they showed start just before the police starts handcuffing the photographers.
      And Alex Thomson (UKColumn) who worked at GCHQ (friends of CIA) is giving commentary.
      What a joke!

  22. Here’s a little whitewash psyop for the masses (and most likely the real reason he joined that particular clown show):
    Matt Hancock asking for “forgiveness”! I think they are trying to sell “Convid” as real, on other sites they bring up the laboratory accident/ leak again.

    • Blokes a worm and not worth a shit….
      Its all a act hes doing…
      “Covid” is only real to the brainwashed masses…
      I got sick of explaning it too them and now just tell them too sod off and get on with it💉😷…
      Morons all of them

  23. At first you would think this is definitely a wind-up but since Oculus sold it to Facebook for £2Billion it’s more serious! There are other Oculus internet games apparently,- one has a bug/glitch which is a bit alarming – not that I’ve tried them! I can imagine it’s a bit of excitement for depressed rich people but strange to have life threatening fantasy excitement , like Russian Roulette, while sitting in a chair. It’s similar to the Japanese war strategy of Kamikaze – which is a suicide attack in the cause of the greater good, but in the comfort of your own home would be self-murder. Personally I prefer a walk in the countryside or along a beach.

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