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  1. “Covid” jabs and allsorts they want people having…
    Society has become a experiment and people will go for it…
    Cannot believe how people have been bought and paid for by media and news..

  2. What mystery sinister toxic lethal ingredients could be contained? More fake va666ines to fight against what cannot be proven to exist, comprising of microscopic graphene razor blade nano-technology DNA-programming concoctions for the dummies to be further controlled, sickened and zombified with no doubt..

  3. That we’re seeing this happen means they’ve already grown a whole human body and are trying to get us ready for the reveal. They want to control the population by creating its members as they need them and for what they need them. The rest of us will be done away with.

  4. I am just lost for words … seriously if you do not know your Creator yet, seek Him out and pray, because YHWH/Yeshua is the only one who can help us.

  5. Now is the time to be very cautious and to keep out of Hospital, we are truly at War and in the End Times.

  6. I reckon lab grown blood is in demand for transfusions as who would want blood that contains graphene, clots and some other heavy metals.
    Some VIPs who by mistake injected themselves with poison are looking to flush their whole systems so we talk about large demand for blood but I reckon they already obtain it from black market.

    Maybe they can grow blood but I reckon many things they claim they grow in the lab is made up.

    • Have you heard of organ harvesting .. China renowned for it … I’m guessing purebloods will be targetted in time to come!

      • Yes I totally believe my coworkers ex husband was used for harvest. He went in for a minor surgery and died on the operating table. He was black and 34.

  7. I find it disturbing that there is a CDC overlay notice at the top left of the screen that cannot be gotten rid of, much like YT’s “notices” of factual info. Ya just can’t get away from the psychopaths can ya……

  8. Hugo I think you should have a look to the Plasma of Quinton. An isotonic solution based from sea water (collected on specific vortexes areas). Diluted it has a similar composition than the blood plasma. It can replace blood donation and is more soft, as there is no “blend” like with the blood cells of someone else…

    Why this isn’t more known? … it’s from nature and energetic places + they don’t need us to “donate” from our inner body. So what do they really do with our blood, do you really think so much people need blood transfer everywhere in the world ? Or do they use the stock (or a part of the stock) for something else? Lab experiments, rituals, food (for some of them)? others ? So much horrible and weird possibilities.. Since I’ve heard about Quinton, I can only see the blood donation as a “consent” rape with no informed consent, same than the plandemic inoculations, it’s for helping others and if we don’t do it we are labelled as selfish, the doctors themselves don’t know about it because they don’t research because they think they know the “only way” to “save” people… the loop is closed… unitl you have enough courage to realize you have been fooled and there are other ways… Peace and courage to everyone

    • Do you have more info on this? We advise people on how to avoid unjabbed blood and I haven’t heard of this before. But we’re always interested in new information for our safe Blood service. Thank you

      • Hi Nicola, I’ve seen this indeed on tg groups and tried to research a bit but it’s not easy. Rene Quinton died in 1925 quickly after his works and experiments on patients. Since this has been used, but the recent researches related to blood transfusion are quite cloudy. This website which explains his researches below is in english/french. An article also appeared on Nexus magazine in 2006 or 2007? Perhaps you could also contact the manufacturers of Quinton plasma and ask them? Or ask doctors who could be interested with this (perhaps are you?). I put some links below I could find in english I don’t know the value of these manufacturers, it’s just for information, I’ve never tried it ye, but heard about great results on people taking it orally. Hope this helps
        Diverse sellers:

  9. I have one of the rarest a rare blood types – AB Rhesus D negative. They’ve been turning me down for donation for decades because they always have too much of it already. I’m continually told that they always need more of the most common blood types, obviously Group O in particular.
    So, why would they want to make fake rare types? Nah, not buying it for a second.

  10. Hugo do you realise that there is a link over your vids that has only recently appeared saying “get official advice about covid19 vaccines” and pop up vids after yous.

  11. The psychopathic trait of having to control everything manifests itself yet again with this insane drive. This rebuttal of everything natural for things that are manufactured is making us all sicker both in mind and body. The processed lives we all lead to varying degrees leave us more miserable and full of ailments. An obvious example is the fake diet we have all been subjected to, including the consumption of seed oils (rapeseed oil is in everything and is poison), refined grains and added sugar which has led to an explosion in the last 100 years or so of cancer and heart disease, among other horrific illnesses. And this is sadly only going in one direction. Time for everyone to ditch this system as best they can and attempt to live as clean and natural a life as possible.

    • What do you think people ate 300 years ago, or a 1000 years ago? They ate grains. They ate fruits and vegetables, and occasionally, they ate meat.

  12. Too right Stuart. So many hopelessly gullible and brainwashed folk out there all around us! I’m a pureblood and I’m staying that way!!

    • I’m pure blood too Carolyn,so glad I didn’t go down the road of the sheeple.I wish there was the pure blood people could meet.

      • Iph1327 hi

        Hugo set up a site on here on the Home screen for people like minded to connect with.
        It’s under

        Have nice day now.

      • Your local Stand in the Park meet-ups are a good place start meeting awake people. We have lots of awake groups where I live, and I was able to get my own private on-call blood donors through meeting people at the groups and making pure blood friends. There’s also the national blood donor database on It wasn’t really set up for people to make pure blood friends – but, I guess, why not? Maybe we’ll add a dating site on the side, lol.

  13. It’s all the doctors ask for now if anyone else has noticed.
    I suffer some issues that need gp attention at present unfortunately.
    But each time I spoke with a gp,
    they requested I go for blood tests,
    that were not even relevant
    to my condition & kept coming back clear.
    I took a second opinion,
    because after twice obliging &
    to be fair with the gp,
    I then refused to give anymore
    & told the surgery i would not accept being ‘diagnosed’ through blood any longer.

    ‘Order out of kaos
    as you say Hugo.
    The nhs is worth millions !
    But they are under staffed & of poor standards to what the tax payers,
    pay towards its running.

    • You refuse taking blood tests because…? What? Why?
      How can a doctor diagnose you?

      • I then refused to give anymore
        & told the surgery i would not accept being ‘diagnosed’ through blood any longer.

        If you read my above part of the comment,
        I mean I refuse to keep being diagnosed just by blood.
        I do not need to explain myself to you Paul.
        But I will as you seem very interested indeed.
        I have an issue that can not be diagnosed purely by blood tests.
        It’s proven the blood tests are not helpful or beneficial to myself and my issues
        because of the lack of nhs structure now
        I am struggling to see a specialist.

        And as I said in my comment,
        I took a second opinion and I was told i need a specialist as
        Enough blood has been taken over a 3 year period Paul.

        I hope that satisfies your question.
        Sorry, question’s.

      • I am sorry you took offense on my questions. I just asked how can they diagnose you if not by drawing blood.
        If you visit multiple doctor each of them will do blood test. I have a friend doctor and he told me that blood tests are needed before doing any kind of diagnostic and especially surgery as blood tests van change from day to day and they can reveal whether certain medical procedures have the potential to do more harm than good.
        I wish you all well and hopefully you find a doctor that can solve your health problem.

      • It’s ok I didn’t take offence
        you just came across a little heavy so I put on me lady warrior suit just in case lol

        Thank you,
        I not saying I won’t have blood tests
        flip lol,
        Paul I have had to many that’s the issue.
        I am not being diagnosed or basically seen to correctly after them
        I guess is best way of putting it.
        So the second opinion I saw agreed enough blood has been taken to now get diagnosis.
        Thank you for your kind words
        In theses times it means a lot Paul.

        You have nice day now.

      • They used to do it by looking at actual symptoms and asking about diet and lifestyle – back when people were healthier for it. Blood tests are actually a very poor diagnostic and, these days, doctors don’t know any better – trained, as they are, to group together the most obvious symptoms, look them up on Google, then prescribe (push) a Pharma drug onto their victim via that big book of drugs they keep on their desk.

      • This is in response to your reply to my comment on why I would refuse a blood transfusion from a jabbed person. I understand that if I’m ever in a situation where I’d require a transfusion then it would probably be to save my life. Its not through fear of dying that I would refuse contaminated blood but a matter of principle. If someone held a gun to my head and said take the jab or I’ll shoot then I’d die. It’s not about dying.

      • Samantha Hergest You could have answered there 😊. And I understand you not taking it out of principle.
        At the same time you seem to accept the fact that there are “clean” people and “filthy” people.
        I also wonder who benefits most from this? I wonder who likes to create this ridge between people? I also ask who uses all available channels to instil this ridge by using mainstream narratives, controlled opposition or so called people that have seen the “truth”.
        I know one thing from the Bible that has caught deep roots into me: when Pilat asked Jesus what is the truth, Jesus did not answer. I understood that truth is a very complicated matter and that what we humans believe to be truth are mere opinions, most of the time backed up by absolutely nothing real.
        So to be clear, I get your opinion and your stand. I also get the revolt against the establishment. I do not get extremism though and I do not get hate and neither why some people are so fast to trust a narrative and dismiss another…

  14. Totally agree with you Shane. Unfortunately I’ve got to go to hospital on Friday for a blood test, but I will make it in and out quick snappy! We won’t be hanging around there! Really wish I could avoid going at all. The state of the NHS is absolutely disgusting! God help us all when the nurses, paramedics and everyone else go on strike!! Clearly this Government want us all dead!

    • Why do you have to go to the hospital for a blood test, I always go to the doctors, the nurse there does it. I would rather die than go into a hospital.

  15. Quote:
    “They can stop a river by building a dam , but I will be damned if they can stop my river of blood flowing through my veins and heart.”
    End Quote. Anthony Liccione , American poet and author.

  16. They cannot use the blood of the jabbed because it is now toxic, so now they are trying to find an alternative. They will not be allowed to paly God for much longer, someone up there is getting rather pissed off and some down here are going to get it good and proper soon. This kind of carry on will NOT be tolerated for much longer.

    • They are still taking blood donations from the jabbed though. That’s why I’ve told all my family that in the event of an emergency do not allow me to have blood. It’s worrying.

      • How does that make any sense? If you have an emergency where you need blood then that means you have a very complicated situation, meaning you need blood transfusion to survive. No blood transfusion, you die.
        You are refusing blood from people that got the covid vaccine because it is toxic and might kill you? Seriously? Does that make any sense?

      • There’s a service, the Safe Blood system, for people like you who are concerned about getting jabbed blood in an emergency. It also covers things like organ transplants, stem cells, and the like. You can find the information on the website:

      • You are one stupid woman, if your son or daughter needed a blood transfusion to save their life would you say no ? Of course you wouldn’t.If you say yes, you are not only stupid, but also dangerous.

      • @Paul, The stupidity is all yours. You can be sure that blood from donors will now be identifiable in two additional categories = jabbed blood and unjabbed blood, if only for the so-called elites. Just as the elites now stipulate that they now only fly with unjabbed pilots in the cockpit.

        Therefore, anyone having a blood transfusion – if their head’s screwed on, will stipulate blood from unjabbed people, or the hospital will face prosecution from a court – not to mention stipulations from insurance companies.

        Message to all – please click on my user name for the link to The Truth, thank you.

  17. “They are replicating what already exists in nature this is unholy, stop growing blood and organs in the lab!!!”

    The exact same people when they need blood transfusion or a transplant to survive” you idiots why don’t you have blood and a the organ I need!!!!!?”

  18. All Satanically inspired.
    Time to eradicate the corrupted and immoral souls.

  19. 2 Tim. 4:3-4: For “there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables.”

    The sound doctrine is the tradition Catholic Faith outside of which there is no salvation.

    Please visit for crucial information.

    • Catholicism is a false faith, Christianity is the true faith and only path to salvation.the whole Catholic religion is a joke and don’t even get me started on the Vatican and the pope.
      The pope is a evil piece of shit

      • You actually have no idea what you are talking about, you brainwashed liar. Traditional Catholicism is indeed the true Christian faith and the Catholic Church does does possess all the distinctive marks of the Church of Christ (e.g., unity of faith and of Gov., holyness, universality, apostolicity) unlike non-Catholic Sects.

        For those who do have some interest for the truth:

      • @A true Catholic, Pretty Polly! Pretty Polly! Pretty Polly! Meaningless syllogistic premise based BS! Yah (God) has no religion!

    • A true Catholic@ pls do some research to see Vatican is a major driver for NWO…IMO the false prophet (pope) is a satanist. Go check out their reptilian themed Vatican Concert Hall & many satanic symbolism displayed throughout.

      • Well, you are the one who needs to do some research. Vatican II isn’t the Catholic Church but the prophetized endtimes Counter-Church. Please visit (and do learn about real Catholicism.

    • sorry guys but you are wrong. What is the case is Rothschilds in close proximity to the Pope.
      Catholic Church is not a driver of NWO. Like people outside the Church some priests were also brainwashed and infected with the ideaology of socialism for instance but it’s ridiculous to say that CC is spearheading NWO.
      You are either stupid or you are an Intelligence troll.

      • Flavius Stilicho@ trolls normally abuse by calling names to those who has an alternative view to the troll. Thankfully, that is not my style.

    • A true fool, I mean Catholic. Paedophile priests and countless innocent people the Catholic church have murdered over the centuries. Go on… Justify that

    • @siredofdread
      You are a troll another fecking Joo or a Joo-boy (a Freemason = a Joo dog) who sells this crap. CC didn’t kill any millions it’s Joo propaganda you are selling.
      I met about 50 priests in my life and none of them have been found to be a pedophile. There was one who behaved a bit like a gay but I haven’t or heard him molesting anyone.
      All pedophiles in CC I hear about are from TV. Don’t deny their existence but you Joo-boy trolls inflate stuff 100x like you did with Convid.
      You are wasting your time, change the job.

      • Why do you have such animosity towards the Jewish people. And no, they didn’t kill Yeshua, who was a Jew. The Romans did that.

      • @Philip Patrick Jones
        I am all in with good Joos however like we see many regular non-Joos being brainwashed by TV similar happens to the Jooish people and it’s on steroids!
        There is a whole industry run by the Phoenicians (crypto-Joos) and managed by the opportunistic and immoral Joos to scare the shit out of other Joos so they stay in line and do what they have been told. Holohoax industry and ADL is one the examples but there are more.
        Unfortunately many examples of the Jooish treachery in history cannot be ignored.
        If there are some Joos that can help I am not interrupting them.
        And do not worry I won’t be participating in any persecutions of the Joos as I know the Phoenicians are now setting Western people against the Joos to divert the attention from them and their business. I reckon Kanye West, “Rothschild” movie by Mel Gibson (who hangs with Israeli hookers and is guarded by former Israeli soldiers) are the components of that plot. They want more Joos to go to Israel and participate in the building of new super high tech smart Greater Israel on the ruins of Syria, Iraq and etc.
        The West has long expired for the Phoenician banking cartel, they want some more action in the cradle of the civilizations – Levant but it well could be they want Greater Khazaria in Ukraine as well.

      • Philip Patrick jones. It’s not animosity she displays toward jews, it’s hatred. Just look at her comments and how she conducts herself. Fabulous flavius or whatever her face is called has her panties so bunched up she’s unable to pull the stick outta her arse. The news have a ever lasting covenant with YWHW and princess there obviously has a massive problem with that fact. It’s true the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, especially when the tree was planted by Satan

    • What is sound doctrine, the teachings of Paul and the early Catholic Church fathers?

      • Early church fathers were all orthodox until the late 4th century. Facts.

      • @Just Saying, The so-called ‘church fathers’ were just blaspheming Hellenising philosophers with doctrines of devils who created the Cainite-Judeo-Christian RELIGION in ALL its satanic manifestations.

        Matthew 23:9 (MCV) And call no man your spiritual father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

  20. TOMETOYOU: I have to go to hospital for the wretched blood test because it’s for haematology. In any case, I’m absolutely avoiding the doctors’ surgery as they’re jabbing anyone who walks through their doors!! When I go to the hospital on Friday, it will be mega quick in and out job. We won’t be hanging around any longer than we have to. Really wish I could totally avoid all this, but as I’m on blood thinners, I can’t!

    • Good luck! Yes we all should practice dodging not bullets but needles and if you are in hospital all sorts of strangers turn up and like to stick something in your vain.

      • And if your a senior citizen, be prepared – if you are admitted (and that’s not even with a stroke/ heart attack etc) they will be there like a shot with their clip board & DNR forms asking you if you “have thought about end of life”! I said “yes” and his eyes lit up, then I paused and added “I can’t wait to get my telegram from the King when I reach 100” (and the Queen was still alive then) and smiled at him. I’ve never seen a curtain shoot round the rail so fast 😅 I don’t think he was very pleased ……

  21. The 3D printed organs doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to me: Should save the odd child and Uighur or two…

  22. Flavius thanks for your insightful words of wisdom I had no idea that your opinions were the be all and end all of knowledge. Like you have any idea who I am or what I’m about. Get a clue and get off your high horse

    • I am not on any high horse. Just stop attacking an organization you are not part of. People in CC are already divided and let them sort things out.
      You can criticize CC AS LONG AS you provide the address of a different church so people can join it instead. OK? Because people are not going to convert themselves to Jesus Christ it has to be either through friends or family or walk-in soul clinic and CC churches are the ones that are open for the longest hours. OK?

      You seem to have some following because there is always one of two ppl immediately liking your posts to improve the rating. I smell Intelligence in those practices and coordinations. It could be they are some useful silly sausages.

      So next time you write something against CC do it this way:
      “I don’t like CC because they are all pedophiles here is the address XXXXX of an alternative church you should join to avoid molestation.” I hope it’s not going to be the address of one of the venues of Jehovah Witnesses.

      • Oh wow presuming I’m going to listen to a Catholic groupie like yourself telling me what to do and say.. I don’t do requests. Thats hilarious and arrogant. When I want your advice I’ll ask for it until then just go about your business

      • Flavius Hey Einstein if I’m a troll why are you trolling a troll?
        Bore off, I done with you, you pretentious prick

    • @siredofdread, Now, now, you mustn’t be attacking Hugo Talks’ in-house Jesuit subversive infiltrator and agitator, that won’t do at all. I think he goes by another handle here too. LOL

  23. May I remind everyone in the comment section that we humans have always tried to imitate what exists in nature since the begining of time?
    Animals have fur, we made clothes, birds fly we made aircraft, turtles and other animals have shells we made armor, animals see in the dark we make night vision goggles, some animals use sounds to detect their suroundings, we made sonar and radar, birds use earth magnetic waves to find their destination, we made gps.
    Shall I go on?

      • Why? FFS bring argument not just emotional tantrums ” I believe this and everyone should think like I say!!!”

      • Well it was a rethorical question, but great answer nonetheless!👍. Have a nice day!😊

    • Can you see a difference between the examples you’ve given and injecting artificial blood into people?

      • Yep, the same difference between those examples and the example of antibiotics, lab grown antibiotics vs natural antibiotics.

  24. Lab grown blood , now blood is in short supply yet no speak about pure bloods none vaccinated blood that many are in fear of. The beginning of the extinction of our Human race.. prove this could not be so!

    • I 5hink you are part of the elite that are trying to scare people and divide them so that the people that did not take the jab hate those that did take the jab. Prove this could not be so!?🤔

  25. I am not Jehova witness but I see their rationale re: refusing blood transfusion. but that’s a shame that they can decide on behalf of their offspring.

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