Rishi Touts UBI, Don’t Take The EASY PATH! / Hugo Talks

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61 Comments on “Rishi Touts UBI, Don’t Take The EASY PATH! / Hugo Talks

  1. Itchy nutsack and the World Demonic forum will push this insane agenda through eventually.Spoiler alert, they loose Jesus Christ wins

  2. I know i have posted this before. But here is the webpage / website again relating to the leaked document from Canada about UBI and the World Debt Reset Program. The admin of the site appears to have removed the original link i had for it but has re-written it with more scope it seems:


    • .m8….
      Most people are already in the beast system….they don’t even realise.
      Its called the Internet !!!

  4. We win, as long as we love Jesus with all of our heart and place our trust in him

    • Yeah all good, but you can’t eat religion. When we run out of food it’s going to be crazy, only the strongest will survive, and the preppers will be in hiding.
      Many will die off, let’s hope it doesn’t get that bad but I wouldn’t rule it out.
      There’s definitely some hard times coming. Cash is king.

  5. In the video made by Richard Hall (now removed from YT as the whole channel has been banned) the idea is not to eliminate CASH and replace it with electronic only CBDC money but to ELIMINATE MONEY altogether.
    This is how the Phoenicians show you right away that while you may work for your money THEY CREATE IT FROM NOTHING.

    The Phoenician Families who run most if not all central banks CREATE CREDIT in whatever volumes they want.
    They know that they have total control because they would not be Phoenicians if they have not made all the countries dependent on remote supply lines.The Plandemic was their trade blockade. They showed the world that if anyone messes with them they put the trade into a halt.
    Suddenly everyone realised that most of the West is dependent on China but how this happened in the first place?
    And don’t try to convince me that it was because of cheap Chinese labour 50 years ago. This dependence is created on purpose because this long haul trade IS CONTROL.
    In this scheme they have more power than any army.
    And because they handle world trade they handle WORLD CREDIT SYSTEM so they can type in any amount of money.
    Of course that any economy requires either credit or some reserves from some organisation to grow.
    But while they create credit for your mortgage they create 100x more for themselves and use some of it to prop their enterprises like Hollywood, Netflix, MSM, Facebook, Google, Oracle, Microsoft and many many more Jooish run corporations.
    Because there is millions of people involved in this sophisticated scheme you think that this cannot be possible but surely it can because the usurers don’t care about the costs because they don’t have ANY COSTS – we cover all the costs in inflation while they smile and invent and arrange new disasters and false flag events to scare us to the core.

    As I said read or listen to “Pharaoh and the Priest” it’s a long book but there are chapters that are VERY revealing.
    This was written 140 years ago but explains everything including the current economic situation but also things like Epstein’s (Mossad’s) network of brothels.

    • Maybe all money as we know it, but I’m sure they’ll keep something in place that gets a “value” assigned to. A bit like that Star Trek utopia, where people can work or do things they always wanted to do and your reputation/ worth is based on your contribution to society and your rewards/ privileges are given accordingly. They will need some sort of global control mechanism.
      BTW, UBI (or Bürgergeld in German) will be discussed in German parliament soon. Don’t think there will be much resistance.

    • Spot on and thanks for posting. Never heard of that book so will look it up. Thanks again.

    • The Phoenicians were a group of pirates in the Mediterranean area and were driven out to become the Veniceans, based in Venice. Their descendants still run the ‘elites’. Old Italian families with ancient Egyptian;Phoenician roots. Santos Bonacci explains.

      • Yes, but Bonacci like Icke he promotes are agents of misinformation misdirection to be precise.
        These are perfect examples of those who tell some truth to salt in lies.

  6. They’ve already been priming society to accept free money; what with furlough, help with energy bills, cost living payments etc etc.
    When they do introduce UBI the gullible will be falling over themselves to get it.

  7. Regarding your post from November 7th, Rose is also a Jewish name.

  8. Sadly the sheeple will soak it all upThere are only a small minority of people who see the truth.

    • May be a minorty but I’m sure there are more people than we think who will see right through this. Unfortunately I think many will rush into it and be fooled. This could herald the beginning of a split into the two tier society.

    • I’ve seen it from the very beginning as they say there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

  9. Problem is that so many people have lost their businesses due to this planademic and the Bs with climate change….of course they want this because when ur on benefits you have no independence from the system. All the unemployed will have no choice but to except a CBDC …..
    Personally I am willing to go off grid but the establishment won’t tolerate people being independent in that way even if its on their own land.
    There will be a knew bartering system though that they can’t control. !!!!

      • Huge black markets ahead and not a bad thing…

      • Sarah
        I disagree with you.
        When ever there is lack of currency bartering takes over….even as children when we had no money we were always swapping things…and in jail when people can’t use money they trade with commodities….fact of life ! ….
        have a bit of faith in the people beating the system.

    • They can’t control bartering? They won’t have to, bartering will probably get you killed when people have nothing whatsoever and are desperate.

      • The danger will be initially when people are starving but that danger won’t
        last forever.
        Battering will definitely take over and we will make our own currency.
        Maybe a few dodgy pr##ks, but I honestly think the majority will do this with respect for each other knowing we are ALL getting around the establishments BS rules together…

      • Bartering won’t work. It would eventually ‘evolve’ into a system of ‘money’ where bartering pigs for hens would be replaced with banknotes (a form of IOU) that we could exchange instead.

      • People would only hoard so that they could price-gouge. This is what happened in the old Soviet Union. And Stalin brought in some harsh punishment for hoarders and price-gougers. And look what happened in the UK under convid when the unscrupulous were charging the desperate £10 for a single toilet roll. The price-gougers were lucky they weren’t in the old Soviet Union. This is what a ‘barter’ system would quickly descend into.

      • Sarah… .
        I disagree with you.
        When ever there is lack of currency bartering takes over….even as children when we had no money we were always swapping things…and in jail when people can’t use money they trade with commodities….fact of life ! ….have a bit of faith in people beating the system

      • @ Dan Well, I disagree with you unless you honestly think that prisoners swapping cigarette paper wrappers for teabags is somehow ‘beating the system’. Bartering is the most primitive mercantile system imaginable. OK, you may be able, at least initially, or in a SHTF © scenario to barter with your neighbour aa bag of sugar for a bag of rice, but when the rice and sugar runs out who do you barter with? It is a closed system. Where do you get new supplies? Barter with the supermarket? Offer them a dozen oxen for a carrot you have grown on your allotment? (There are ‘reference tables’ in the ‘Book of Genesis’ that you can consult) At least the prisoner can get new supplies thrown over the wall? Or are you going to grow your own bananas, rice, sugar, mangos, avocados I don’t really think you have thought this whole Old Testament Biblical, primitive, medieval, belongs-in-the-dark-ages ‘barter’ system through. ‘Bartering’ is for the birds.

      • And the reason we ‘barter’ as kids is the same reason that prisoners ‘barter’. They have no choice. They have no money. It is not like your parents bartered to buy the stuff we ‘bartered’ in the first place. And as kids (and probably prisoners) we tried to rip each other off. And like prisoners when they are released as we become adults and have access to ‘money’ we quickly lose interest in ‘bartering’.

      • Sarah
        You know what ….bartering won’t just be with bags of sugar and teabags and things from shop. ….its not a closed system because people will making their own mead(alcohol)or growing tabbaco plants or growing weed…or produce.
        You come out with a lot of educated answers but most of the time you are wrong….with all your knowledge you have no life experience lol

      • Fair enough, if you want to live a primitive lifestyle and exist on mead and weed, it is not for me though.

      • Primitive existence ??
        I’m talking about things to barter with. ….alcohol, weed, tabbaco will be the top trading items FACT
        I don’t personally smoke that shit but you’re talking rubbish when you say bartering is a closed system because people will only barter with things from the shop lol
        When SHTF you won’t last long Sarah:)

      • It sounds like a ‘Hunger Games’ society you are describing. Well, have fun out in one of the ‘districts’.

    • A ‘local’ currency can’t work in isolation; it has to interface with national and global currencies unless you are content with only local products and services for local people a la The League of Gentlemen.

  10. There’s nothing any of us can do to stop this unfortunately. No not unfortunately but fortunately. It’s God’s will. The bible talks about a one world government so the rulers and the lost people they lord over will embrace this system.
    The LGBT (let God burn them) the fagnostics and gaytheists have got this . Look at the lockdowns and now the cost of living….Their controlling humanity like never before. Are you kidding me, it’s not the cost of living it’s the start of hyper inflation…and it’s going to get worse. Get prepared not only in food ,supplies etc, but in faith and the word of God

    • The gay community are no more deserving of hell than of us dude. You need to show some mercy.

      • I don’t need to do anything. And as for mercy, they’ll be shown the same mercy demonstrated in Sodom and Gomorrah

      • Lindsay = “The gay community are no more deserving of hell than of us dude. You need to show some mercy”
        However we do not groom and recruit school children for sodomy. The Bible tells us what mercy to show sodomites.
        Romans Chapter 1: 26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
        27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
        28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
        29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
        30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
        31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
        32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.
        Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death

  11. You’d have thought the covid scam and the mass depopulation agenda would have woken up the masses. It appears that they haven’t and so sadly I have come to the conclusion that we are fucked. Whether the resistance is mass civil unrest of simple non compliance, it will take millions of us, and I just don’t see that many people being awake enough. Perhaps at the end of the day it doesn’t matter, and that the end of the human race is on the horizon. So be it. Does that even really mater in the great scheme of things? Or maybe it just has to get so bad in order for it to get better? Difficult times ahead for those of us who want to retain our humanity.

    • The masks are already reappearing.
      Some single occupants in cars even wearing them!
      Sheep to the end I am afraid to say…

      • Yes, they are slowly but surely. It gives me the creeps. And still with the bunched-up posture, terrified look in the eyes. Haven’t they cottoned on yet?

      • Fuck the lot of em…
        Cant stand even looking at me myself as they make me puke they are so weak minded

      • Let them wear their masks. Why let it bug you?
        Personally I think their brain washed idiots but it’s their choice like it’s yours not to wear one…and all power to you. They no doubt took the vaccine… So it’s a matter of time before they drop dead due to climate change apparently.. Make of that what you will

      • There almost like a signal of obedience and conformity….
        There useless like the jabs yet i think it gives them a false sense of there own importance…
        Even saw a lady wearing a hand knitted one in a surgery 2 weeks back😀…
        They will never change…
        Feel quite sorry for them in a way

      • A hand knitted mask… LOL!

        Just last night I was in line waiting to vote (force of habit, what can I say?) and got to talking to a couple. The guy commented on my beard which I’ve allowed to grow since our county gestapo put us under lockdown on March 24, 2020. I said that I wasn’t going to cut it until we get back to normal, but I figured I’d be tripping over it by then. So, the woman says that things are already “kinda” back to normal… through the mask she was wearing! I laughed reminding her that she was talking to me through her mask!

        The psychological programming is potent… it’s the night of the living dead, the clan of cave zombies, the invasion of the body snatchers. Meanwhile, the world’s controllers…They Live!

  12. During the Covid Sunak said that the UBI didn’t cost as much as you think. Well it won’t if most of the population has been killed.

  13. People generally wil take the easy way until it is too late

  14. Well there’s no such thing as a free lunch unless you want dem bugs. All sooooo predictable. The only thing stopping us from securing our freedom is enough people sussing the game and saying no. But they need to read the script first.

  15. It seems the Labour Party has a ‘solution’ to the ‘boat people’. ID cards for all (except the ‘boat people’ of course).

  16. I knew this MedCircle and Dr. Ramani is some Intelligence project that looks very innocent and supposed to help people.
    Look what they promote:

    Virtual reality will be the best therapy for drug addicts!
    That is why there is so called War On Drugs so there is more illegal drugs in circulation but also Big Pharma is doubling down to deliver their legal drugs – opioids.

  17. The mouse trap calls it cheese (although peanut butter works better), the aging boxer Muhammad Ali called it rope-a-dope, and the Beast System / The World Order calls it UBI. No matter, they’re all ploys for the unwitting and desperate to take the bait. The undead leading the charge are moving faster than most can respond, herding the masses into receivership.

  18. China is the prototype….
    Just look there too see how the shitbag wef etc want people too live…

  19. UBI… no productivity… no standard of living… Hunger, Death.

  20. Uk has a climate change king….
    Climate change😀…
    Ukraine is to blame for that turns out😀…
    Its over population thats the biggest problem…
    Guess they will have to stick more shit in them jabs to get people to drop from them now

  21. UKColumn is selling the arrest of these photographers at footbridge on M25 filming StopOil “protester” as real.
    I think CIA via UKColumn wants people stay away from these theaters they conduct at M25 to make the life of drivers miserable.
    So they make these videos of fake arrest so people don’t approach these “scenes” because from up close it looks like it’s staged and the police is there to make sure StopOil actors are safe.

    The video they showed start just before the police starts handcuffing the photographers.
    And Alex Thomson (UKColumn) who worked at GCHQ (friends of CIA) is giving commentary.
    What a joke!

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