Ireland Priest Walkout Media Controversy / Hugo Talks

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175 Comments on “Ireland Priest Walkout Media Controversy / Hugo Talks

  1. first of all , why was it in the ‘Daily Fail’ which holds the record for the worst reported paper and secondly it is only a normal everyday church so why is it being filmed and who by.?? Another false flag 🤣

  2. It is normal that most masses are now filmed Hugo. Firstly cameras were installed in churches for child safeguarding reasons aftwr the abuse scandals and then also during the pandemic many churches installed livestreaming facilities so people could watch mass from their own church in the comfort of their own home when the churches were mostly locked up by people who feared a fake virus more than the loss of souls. Also regrettably it is quiet rare since my childhood (I am now 34) that the dangers of sin are preached at all from the pulpit which in my opinion has led to many faithful leaving the church as they hate the luke lukewarm approach. Jesus calls on his followers to be the salt of the earth and says that salt that has lost its saltiness is a useless thing and should be thrown out – in this case saltiness means willingness to preach the truth regardless of what people thing or personal consequences

  3. Homosexuality, transgenderism and abortion are highly promoted by rabbi’s. They are a race of destroyers, but only when it benefits them.

  4. Please don’t try to excuse the retrograde opinions that some Catholic priests have, and shove down worshippers’ throats. An awful lot of water has gone under the bridge since the Bible was written and luckily the vast majority of priests, Protestant vicars and church leaders of other religious denominations are far more modern, open-minded and, quite simply, human than the priest who appears in this video. Even the Pope is far more accepting of homosexuals.

    • They are not the Creator, nor the ONE you will meet on your expiration! The Bible gave us our laws, just because the depraved globalists have pushed for multiple decades to remove The One True God by blackmailing the Establishment to do their vile deeds, does not mean it is right. You’ll be telling me there’s nothing wrong with pedophilia too!

  5. Agreed, this “news” article is hardly news.. everyone knows what the Christian teaching is on homosexuality and the Catholic teachings on abortion being a sin.
    My personal take is this “news” is to reinforince drawing attention to the Catholic church to “outrage” the masses.

    Side note: filming in churches has become the norm now. Since the plandemic, when everything had to be shut, shops, businesses, offices etc. Churches were included too. Parishes set up cameras to live stream mass so people could at least watch them from home. It was heartbreaking to watch priests give sermons and readings of the Gospel in empty churches on camera. I remember Easter Sunday in 2020 I got dressed up in my Sunday best (even the shoes) and all I could do was tune into the live stream of the mass being said in an empty church.
    There were some churches (I won’t say which ones) who offered the Sacraments (confession, eucharist etc) in secret. I had to travel quite far and hide from any nosey neighbours. There was a queue behind some bushes that couldn’t be seen from the road and each person would go in one by one to confess their sins and receive holy communion. This was when you were not allowed to go out side unless it was “essential”

  6. It is definitely a trap to catch us but they can’t do anything to us. We are protected from the wicked and unreasonable men. Thanks Hugo

  7. Hugo, if you study male/female bone structure, you will see that this priest is female to male transgender himself. He has no brow ridge, he has close together female eyes and a small mouth. He was born female. Hugo, look into transvestigation on YouTube ot Telegram. There are loads of videos. You will find that all Royal families, all of Hollywood and politicians are all Transgendered. Do some research Hugo. Also maybe all Newsreaders on TV and also actors on TV. Please do some transgender videos. Even Kate Middleton was born male and Princess Diana. I would love for you to do a video on this subject.

  8. More of the same incessant duality, deception and hypocrisy on clown plane(t). Truthnotdoctrine’s research and opinions become more verifiable each day as this simulation draws to a reset.

  9. The masses in Ireland have been streamed online since the Scamdemic so there being a video isn’t unusual but a bishop not knowing or purposely ignoring scripture shows you that Roman Catholicism is a far cry from Christianity, more akin to pagen polytheistic worship.

  10. I stopped calling myself a Christian a long time ago, when I realised how bad the RC church was, the evil of the Pope pushing along the evil agenda we are now going through along with many other heinous crimes ! This is the Cross followers of Christ will die on or fall from. Seems that the Bishop has denounced Jesus in claiming its not what Christians think. It most certainly is what Christians should think, hence me denouncing the faith I was baptized into! If true Christians actually read their Bible, it is exactly what they should think, however we have accepted it because that is the way of the world, that is nort to say it is acceptable and it is an abomination according to the word of God! Would they ostracise Islam in the same way, I don’t think so!

    • God is sifting the true remnant church in these last days. Give your life and heart to Jesus, read the Word, be Spitit filled. Jesus is coming soon. Hallelujah.

  11. I wonder if a same sex, practicing devout catholic couple came to his mass
    Would he banish them?

    • “Practicing devout” and “same sex couple” is a contradiction

      • And no one gets “banished” from church. People choose to not go of it “offends” them

    • Aren’t we suppose to help them not banish them? How will they every come to the Lord if they are not subjected to his teachings?

  12. Roman Catholicism is NOT Christianity!!!!!
    This is the PLUS religion, in that salvation is by faith + works, whereas Bible-believing Christianity is ‘salvation by grace through faith’
    Furthermore, a mortal sin is another Romanist definition of sins, including venal sins etc.
    At least he did stand up against abortion and the trans agenda, perhaps he should also call out the Luciferian agenda of the Freemasons in the ‘Church of England’ as well?!
    This is clearly a gradual attack on generic Christianity, but the One World Religion merger under the Ecumenical Movement, is underway to ‘Chrislam’ under the guise of this current Pope.

  13. If this guy has upset them, they’ll be far more upset when they stand before God and are judged. But they cannot say they weren’t told!

  14. Well I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he hasn’t because it quite clearly states that in the Bible that God does see that as an abomination and that is true according to the word of God I’m sorry I hope that doesn’t offend anybody reading the comments on this page but that’s what God says we need to turn back from our sin not one sin is greater than another and we have all sinned at some point we need to repent stop singing and turn to the Lord hope that answers your question GoogleHugo you sound surprised that there is an anti-Christian agenda of course there is honestly I’m a Christian I don’t follow in any particular religion I’m not catholic coldest and I just believe that I have a relationship with a son of God and that’s important honestly this is a story over nothing and I don’t think the film people in church regularly he was just reporting the priest you wanna call on that for ever bit of word was just saying what is in the Bible how do you stated not given his own opinion and I believe that word is true I believe the problem is is that people since so easily and the walk NissenPC around means you can’t dear see anything offensive because people may possibly get upset not alone the truth that’s the problem in the world today and then for the Bishop to come out and see but that’s notWell I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he hasn’t because it quite clearly states that in the Bible that God does see that as an abomination and that is true according to the word of God I’m sorry I hope that doesn’t offend anybody reading the comments on this page but that’s what God says we need to turn back from our sin not one sin is greater than another and we have all sinned at some point we need to repent stop singing and turn to the Lord hope that answers your

    • Of course one sin is greater than another. Men raping babies and children is worse than a man stealing a snickers bar. Being a serial killer is worse than swearing.

      • @ Philip Patrick Jones Surely every man or woman irrespective of their belief has to agree with this. If not we are truly lost.

      • @Sassenach With respect, but you and Philip Patrick Jones are looking at this through the wrong prism, that is, the prism of carnal minded man, and NOT through the prism of Yah (God) – Our ways are NOT His ways.

        Rape in any shape or form is a sin, and theft, no matter what the value of the item stolen, is a sin, and anyone guilty of either will NOT enter The Kingdom of Yah unless they repent (change their ways) and confess those sins.

        In the resurrection of the dead they will be punished accordingly, some more severely than others, depending on the wickedness of their sins. This is Yah’s true justice in action.

  15. Hi Hugo I did a paragraph before that but it didn’t seem to pick up on it you seem surprised about this anti-Christian agenda of course there is one in the days we are living in it’s pretty obvious to see them the priest was just reading what was in the Bible which is the holy word of God so if people in this church were offended then maybe they don’t know the word either but it quite clearly states that this was not the priest if you wanna call him that’s personal opinion he was just reading the Bible and I can’t believe the bishops reaction claimant doesn’t represent the church he quite clearly doesn’t know his Bible it’s not about religion it’s about having a relationship with the Lord and that’s what you hopefully will start to understand and see and others need to know stop all this interfaith nonsense cheers need to have a relationship and love and understanding of the Lord hope that in the part below makes

  16. His words don’t shock me. Catholics have been one of the “extremists” voices tfor a while on msm, despite the facts it is written in the sacred scriptures so it is just logic to preach it (or it would be like a sales person selling samsungs in an Iphone store) + the Pope encourages lots of nonsense things he shouldn’t, if he was really full of sacred wisdom to guide Catholics of the world he would say different speaches. And what about orthodoxes or muslims?? Do you think they agree with same sex marriage? They never talk about them on tv… To me looks like a way to generate angry loosh from mesmerized humans…

  17. Good for him , it is not acceptable in his view and he has every right to do so .

  18. Idolatry is a sin as well and this man is surrounded by statues of Mary.

  19. That priest was just delivering God’s Word and doing nothing wrong. It’s weird how the media says nothing bad about the views of muslims. They are much tougher and have no problem punishing people that express what they consider sinful behaviour.
    Woe those who call evil good and good evil. Isaiah 5:20
    God bless Hugo and all

    • God’s word says that it’s an abomination to eat shellfish, or to wear clothes of mixed fibres. God’s word says that if your hand offends you cut it off, if your eye offends you, pluck it out …. I bet you don’t follow God’s word with those three examples, do you?

      • My friend, eternal life is an inestimable treasure that it would be worth all to obtain. Let’s think about these interesting examples. The rules about clean and unclean food are there to help us to be healthy. So…shellfish, pork, horse meat, etc, all are off the menu.
        Mixed fibres, again there are good reasons. For example, when fibres are mixed there will be a different electrical/electromagnetic force associated with that cloth that may not promote health of the skin the same way that pure fibre does. Also, our actions in life all have symbolic meaning. So, mixed fibres is symbolic if good being mixed with evil. Whereas if we consciously choose clothes made of pure fibre, then when we look at our clothes we will be reminded that God is pure and that he loves purity.
        Re. Cutting off a hand or plucking out an eye. If we are engaging in a sin involving our hand or our eye, it would be far better to choose to stop that sin with God’s help. But if there is a serious addiction that we are finding it impossible to overcome that involves our hand or eye, serious such as pedophilia, that we cannot overcome, then it would indeed be better for that person to take the measures suggested than to continue in that sin, to lose his/her soul, and also to save the victims.
        All that is written in the scriptures of truth are written to help us. We need to humbly ask God to help us to understand those words in it that we do not (yet) understand.
        Youtube/bitchute channel truthforfreedom7

      • Much of what you say is the old covenant. Old testament. Jesus said ‘it would be better to do those things’ because the sin is so great. Not to do them. The new covenant, after Jesus was crucified and resurrected means we are free to eat what we want. Praise God.

  20. Each church has their own webcam Hugo. As a catholic I will be writing to this Bishop to explain himself.

  21. This seems a good site to ask for an answer about what you think of my nightmare last night that stopped me even trying to return to sleep.

    So I watched the Elon Musk video of him dressed up as Bephamet and conservatives/skeptics have been wondering what his plan is with Twitter. I think his ‘free speech stance’ is a ploy to get those pushed off MS SM for data mining. His plans are to be the West’s weebo with social credit scores and ID2020 for everything. Mark of the beast system for Tw.

    The nightmare was in black and white even though I dream in colour usually. People were trying to show a film where there was a group (coven like in robes) saying the incantation to bring Bephamet in all his (in) gloriousness to Power and in person.

    They wanted to show it despite the risks to discuss what THEY were doing. And I was screaming ‘don’t show the incantation. We shouldn’t hear it. It’s dangerous to have those words said out loud’.
    Then on to another group of people with the same film and they were going to run it anyway. Despite my screaming No they thought it was important to watch.

    I woke up seeing the swirling smoke of Bephamet’s arrival.

    Are we (Christians, sceptics and conservatives) the one’s screaming about how the Devil’s own beast system is upon us and everyone wants to listen/watch even though doing so risks making it a reality? We’re all so focussed on what they (evil followers and He are doing) that we are becoming obsessed.

    Perhaps the dream was a warning to me that I’ve become obsessed watching/studying the One World mechanizations that I’ve let go of the joy my life can provide. How many of us are spending too little time on enjoying our families, the joys of the countryside that reveal the beauty of G*d’s creations?

    I could have read the entire Bible twice over with study of commentaries as well with the time I’ve spent following the links between one evil GloboCap and another.

    • As a child and product of Catholic schooling, the threat of mortal sin was frightening like that of a sudden nuclear attack fearing an eternity in hell if I died suddenly before confessing my mortal sin… and mortal sinning wasn’t all that difficult to do, even for a child! I remember thinking that going to heaven had more to do with timing and luck than anything else. lol.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine – That reminds me of another childhood problem dealing with my Catholic upbringing. Knowing the pain from being burned by fire, I remember thinking how mean God must be to burn people in hell forever. The thought of hanging around forever in heaven wasn’t all that appealing, either. And then there was that special place where only Catholics go after death if they’re lucky, i.e., have only venial sins on their soul when they die… purgatory! More hell, but at least it’s not forever. Wow! Talk about trauma-based mind control. LOL

        Was a treat reading your article. Thanks.

      • @CharlieGoy, All cults use FEAR to control their lemming followers, and what better way than to use purgatory in Hades, a total mythical fabrication of the ancient Greeks, and absorbed into Catholicism, in order to do it. I believe Dante wrote a book extracting the urine out of it. LOL

        Having said that, there is the Lake of Fire which will accommodate The Adversary and his close associates, but I have no idea how many others will be joining them – more than a few I would imagine.

  22. I thought the priest spoke truth and was rather gentle in its telling. Cannot “get” how a Catholic church goer could be offended or construe “hate”.

  23. Can’t say I disagree with him. I know they want to do away with Christianity but this is just highlighting something that’s already there. Like showing an slaughter house to a vegan, poking for outrage. The church have gone pretty woke of late so it probably is shocking to most but I myself agree with him that’s why I’m a Christian. I believe in let’s call it a traditional family… 🙄

  24. For this many sermons I have heard in my life it’s quite rare for a Catholic priest to express outrage.
    Usually the way they speak is from the perspective of love. It depends on the priest but most of them speak calmly and ranting in rare.
    Ranting is more common for the Protestants.
    The Catholics don’t go to the church to get agitated.

    The topic of transhumanism and the threat of Islam some priests bring up is something I don’t like as I know these are to divert the attention from the main perpetrators – the Phoenician Moloch/Satan worshippers.
    But like other people also priests watch TV and are exposed to TV fearmongering.

    This story could be a set up considering the Intelligence media were all over it. But they can also pick things on the fly.
    The Catholic Church in Ireland is weak comparing to other countries as over the centuries have been stripped of property so it does not have much leverage against masonic Irish government.
    What they put in the news is not easy to verify and it could be the bishop never said those words.

    • @Flavius Stilicho, You’re right, they go to church to blaspheme against Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) with their transubstantiation abomination (The Mass), bow to the Babylonian queen of heaven (Mary worship), light candles, cast their spells and count their dosh (Simony).

  25. “What about all the people who remained? What about all of them?
    “When I completed the holy sacrifice of the Mass, the people applauded, a standing ovation, what about them? What about the people who came into the sacristy and said, ‘It’s high time we heard the truth’. What about those people? Are they fundamentalists too? That’s the reality”, he said.

  26. Most of what he said are sins….
    These days people are sinning all the time…
    If hell excists?…the devil is getting a lot of buisness each day…
    Like to think that he has a special place for the leaders of this corruption the last 3 years…

  27. The priest is right in what he said but this seems as though it was staged to me. Why was it being recorded, and by someone that was so offended they shared it with MSM, did the recorder know the priest was going to say those things? I think its steering people towards a one world religion. By reforming the values of faith, young people that read or see stuff like this start accepting different values for religion, ie abortion is ok, transgenders, homosexuals are accepted in faith etc, thus a new religion is created for generations ahead.

  28. Churches record these days because they have online participants. So this is not unusual. The priest is saying exactly what it says in the Bible . If people have walked out, they need to read their Bible .

  29. One of those beneath contempt ‘Just Stop Oil’ clowns stated that this was ‘fake news’ a couple of days ago, but now the BBC are publishing it (emerged on Friday?) so does that mean… Now that the sun has come out these privileged, middle-class, Trustfarians are back at it again winding-up and goading the public with impunity and fully supported by the powers that be.

    ‘The death of a cyclist in Berlin has prompted leaders of Germany’s Green party to accuse climate change protesters of endangering the lives of others.
    The woman was run over and trapped under a concrete mixer lorry on Monday.
    The fire service says a specialist rescue vehicle was delayed by traffic because of a climate protest held by a group called “Last Generation”.
    News of the 44-year-old woman’s death emerged on Friday.’

  30. Hugo, you are spot on. This priest sounds like a traditional Catholic priest, a priest who recognizes that herisies have affected the men of the Catholic Church and changes to our Church in the last 60+ years have not been for the better. Please investigate Our Lady of Good Success, an approved apparition from 400 years ago inwhich Mother Marianna of Quido, Equador sacrificed to stay on this Earth and suffer for us so that God gives us a prelate to stand up to the apostacy of our times. Our Lady’s prophisies of what we are experiencing are profoundly accurate. Answers to where is the Faith can be found in tradition. Jeremiah 6:16: Thus saith the Lord, stand ye in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way and walk therein and ye shall find rest for your souls.

      • Observation of the celestial stars , gods son 🌞 at its lowest point on 22 dec , raising again on 25 , celebration in easter when’ light rules over darkness … EgyptIan worship of 3 kings ( Orion belt ) … the enslavement of god’s creation by the ‘ fallen angels / aliens ‘ … the ruling elite are still obeying humanity’s master , the darkest , the horned beast Anubis , all seeing eye triangle / pyramid bullshit , governance and rule … salvation is only possible in a non physical form , faith , god made man in his image , but god doesn’t have a image , so neither did we …but majority recognise their reflection in a mirror …god didn’t raise one from the dust which you will return , something else did …

      • @Andy, Are you saying that Yah is not capable of creating an image for Himself – that’s assuming that he didn’t already have an image when I know that He did. If He didn’t then He’s a liar and a deceiver. Not possible!

      • I’m saying no such thing . We are god’s creation made in his eternal image . Our bodily entrapment is not what was hoped . Only through identifying with one’s reflection can sins of the flesh exist . Many have fallen for this deception . There’s a very different master at work on earth , it’s not mine but I recognise it exists . Only in accepting the dark can you seek the light . Jesus Christ crucifixion is god’s salvation to those who identify with the reflection in the mirror …

      • @Andy “Anubis” is a “Jackel headed” God,no horns there.Don’t spit out all you hear,but you are right the sun “dies” on a cross of stars every year.The “horns”and the “eye” in my opinion come from the “bullseye” , “Aldebaran”,” Taurus “in “Phoenician” and then “proto Hebrew” the “Alpeth” the first,the power.

      • I’ve read too many books on saints and have learned much about my religion that I am convinced of Catholicism being the one true Faith that contains all the fullness of truth as St.. Padre Pio put it, a Catholic priest who bore the stigmata for most of his life known to read souls, bilocate and work great miracles. I know for myself I could not get very far without the graces of the sacraments like Confession and the Holy Eucharist. It would be a mighty achievement, I would thing, to be saved without them.

      • @Spikenard, I am not interested in your books. Now show me the word ‘RELIGION’ in The Four Gospels. Show me where Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) uttered the word ‘RELIGION’ in The Four Gospels. Show me where Yashua Messiah instructed His Learners in ‘RELIGION’ or sent them out to teach people about ‘RELIGION’ or even to start a ‘RELIGION’!

    • God bless you! I have been praying the novena of OLOGS over past year, she saved my son’s life. I am a CMRI member.

  31. Exactly like the Church of Laodicea, in the Book of Revelation. Neither hot nor cold, and wanting to appease the congregation because of the value of bumson pews. Bible Prophecy yet again.

  32. Can’t imagine a member of congregation walking off during the mass because they feel offended by Catholic preaching.
    I believe that there were casual church goers there, who turn up to the church once in their life, E.g. because they were asked to take part in Baptism. Actually, these days practicing Catholics, that I know of, are quite tolerant. By now even the older staunch generation knows that same sex marriage exists, and people can change their gender. I am okay with what the grown up choose to do with their lives, even if this is in contradiction with what my religion teaches.
    We may roll our eyes, if the priest is calling this a sin. We are all damn sinners according to our Catholic teaching, but purely because of respect to a priest, we would stay in. For us he is God servant and is out there to preach.

  33. C.S. Lewis, I believe, said of Christianity that it wasn’t a perfect religion but it was the best that we have at the moment. So I guess that raises the question of if there is any room for meaningfull change within Christianity. There are 2 Christian guys that I know here in Vancouver, B.C.,both quite young, one who is very traditional and serious in his faith and thinks that homosexuality is a sin, and one who’s also very traditional and serious in his faith and is gay. No kidding. I’d love to see the kind of discussion these two guys would have if they ever happened to be in the same room.

    • @andtherewasalight, Any sodomite that thinks he’s serious in his ‘faith’ is 100% deluded, and unless he repents forthwith, outer darkness will be his destination in the resurrection – there will be weeping, wailing and the gnashing of teeth.

      • What is Outer Darkness, and how do you weep, wail and gnash your teeth if you are a spirit?

      • @Philip Patrick Jones, Who said they’re spirit? For some, in The Second Resurrection, The Lake of Fire will be their destination, and spirits cannot be burned, so we’re dealing with a physical resurrection.

        The First Resurrection will be a Spiritual Resurrection and outer darkness is where these wicked resurrected spirits will be cast, a place where there is no light and no sense of being known = total obscurity and totally cut off from Yashua Messiah – The Light.

        Why Are There Two Resurrections?:

  34. Hugo this priest was simply speaking the truth I’m an Irish Catholic and I follow your channel I was in the new age occult and filled with demons called on Christ and he called me back to the church and made me aware of Freemason infiltration… all
    Masses are recorded for people to watch online so it’s not out of the ordinary it’s legit and this priest is speaking up unlike most of the rest of them….. there ramping things up for our persecution God Bless man keep up the good work the media has jumped all over this to spread hate

  35. Father Sheehy isn’t the first to publicly speak out, 25 years ago the Reverand Fintan Stack called out members of the clergy in a highly controversial outburst on Channel 4.

  36. The priest doesn’t make the rules up, he is merely a vassel to preach the word of God as written in the gospel. These people that walked out, staged or not are just simply shooting the messager. We don’t know if God or the devil really exist, that’s why it’s called faith, and if the rules of sin are what he says then that’s final, you don’t have a choice, we can argue about it all life, but in the end the almighty has the last say and his I’d for eternity.

  37. So many are far from the teachings of” Jesus Christ ”
    Who has all authority in heaven and on earth… Given to him by the father! With whom he is well pleased!!

    Many call the” Blessed virgin Mary ” an idol! Fools! You don’t know what an idol is?
    How can the mother of God, be an idol! Who is of heaven and brings messages to us from God!
    This chosen daughter of God, forever blessed by God”
    No excuse for your ignorance! You dismiss the holy Mother of “Jesus Christ” whom he loves very much ”
    How then do you know” Jesus Christ ” but dismiss his mother! Liars! Those who scoff and mock her!!
    You will know very soon! When your on bended knee! Before him! He will say be gone from me! I never knew you!! I have told my testimony of her! 2019 holy rosary saved me!! From the pits of hell!! Broken tattered and torn! I cried out to heaven!
    Heaven answered me! To get a rosary! Which changed my life forever and brought me to the foot of the cross. Sinful and sorrowful!!, Until you have fought demons in the spirit of your soul! And when I prayed the rosary for the first time! I fell to my knees! Crying a river of joy and sorrow!! My heart and whole being was filled with a pure love, not of this world!! I was in the presence of divine love!
    My heart burst open and all my hurt and pain came flooding out!! I was elated! Kept saying. Sorry! Sorry! For the filthy rag I was! So ashamed in the presence of beauty! Which brought me to the foot of the cross! Humbled in soul and contrite of heart I begged Jesus to forgive my sins everyday I went to the cross! Until the summer of 2020 Jesus heard my cry and he took my sin from me! Crying with joy! My heart burst open and all I ever did came flooding out like dirty tap water. I forgive and asked forgiveness of all my sins… My heart was ecstatic! I felt like a boy again! So light and so loving of all things!!
    Now I’m celibate and sober! Sin has no hold on me! Have been since 2019! On my own! Useless! With Jesus Christ all things are possible!
    This is my testimony! And it is true!! Mock the “Blessed virgin Mary” At your own peril! I warn you now! I know the truth of her!! So pure and true!
    With God nothing is impossible!! You either believe this or you don’t! These words I have spoken are true!
    Luke 2:14
    “For behold from now on all generations will call me blessed”
    For he who is mighty has done great things for me. And Holy is his name!
    But most ignore this verse!!
    Because it doesn’t fit the doctrines of men!! Carry on! Mocking and scoffing!
    “Fools in paradise”
    Naitivity! Is the beginning of the greatest story ever told..
    Holy family of God! Jesus, Mary, Joseph!! This blessed family! Forever blessed by God!
    Demons hate the (Holy blessed virgin Mary) Holy rosary! It destroys them!!
    They have no power over her!
    God in his wisdom gave her all power over them!!
    Many on here! Attack Mary! As if Mary was nothing! Utter fools! Pretending to be wise, they lead the blind into the pit!
    When you offend holy Mother! You offend “Jesus Christ” also!! But most have been blinded to this simple truth! These truths I have lived and still living! I am witness to the Holy rosary!
    In these times! Many will fall away from the one true faith!
    And follow the doctrines of men!
    “You are Peter! And on this rock I will build my church! And the gates of hell will not prevail against it”
    His church will rise again! Pure and holy! And all will follow!! The one true Church!
    Study the “Gospels of Jesus Christ learn from him! No one goes to the father! But through him!! Heed his words! And do them! Live in the spirit not the flesh!
    ” If you abide in my words, you are truly my disciples and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” ”
    He is the truth! Life! And the way! The cross is his glory and ours! Suffering and redemption! All for the glory of God our Father in heaven!
    God bless!
    Christ is King of Kings!

    • @riverhope99 “So many are far from the teachings of” Jesus Christ ” Who has all authority in heaven and on earth… Given to him by the father! With whom he is well pleased!!” Agree 100% ‘cos that includes you!

      “Many call the” Blessed virgin Mary ” an idol! Fools! You don’t know what an idol is? How can the mother of God, be an idol! Who is of heaven and brings messages to us from God!” Disagree 100%

      You papist morons speak as if Miriam (Mary) is still alive and floating around in heaven — where does it say that in Holy Scripture – chapter and verse to back it up! then we’ll see who the fool is!

      • For the attention of the hate filled anti-Catholic heretic:

        Luke 1:48:
        “…for he has regarded the low estate of his handmaiden. For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed.” As she said, up to and including our generation we pray ‘Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. BLESSED ART THOU AMONGST WOMEN…..”.

      • @Tracy

        Luke 1:48 (KJV) For He hath regarded the low estate of His handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

        Luke 1:48 (Phillips’ NT) For He has deigned to notice me, His humble servant and, after this, all the people who ever shall be will call me the happiest of women!

        Luke 1:48 (GNB) For He has remembered me, His lowly servant, from now on all people will call me happy!

        SHOW ME where it says that she will be floating around in heaven interceding for people with Yashua Messiah? This is the lying garbage that you apostate reprobates read into The Holy Scriptures, and build your BS fairy stories which you spread abroad like venomous poison!!

      • Explain this then:

        There were regular and multiple Marian apparitions in Zeitoun, Cairo, Egypt in 1968-1971
        and everyone present saw her regardless of their beliefs.

        These apparitions are factual reality witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people and therefore decided to be proclaimed as historical events.

      • @Just Saying, Demons playing tricks. No one, and I mean NO ONE has risen from the dead apart from Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ).

      • @Tracy,

        God bless you. No need to consult with corrupt Bible versions like Phillips’, etc. The King James version, although not perfect, is sufficient to understand Mary’s “blessed” state. The Strong’s Concordance isn’t perfect, either, as many of Dr. Strong’s definitions are way off, but it is a helpful tool keyed into the KJV. Dr. James Strong, with all his theological flaws, amazingly assigned a unique number to every Hebrew and Greek word in both testaments. I may consider a definition from Strong’s, but won’t draw a conclusion until I use the assigned numbers to search how God used the words He chose. It’s a very helpful tool if you want to go straight to God’s meaning instead of any man’s.

        This is the search result for the Greek word “blessed” in Luke 1:48 (KJV), using Strong’s Concordance. The number assigned to “blessed” is 3106):

        Luke 1:48 For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed .

        This word is used only one other time in the NT:

        James 5:11 Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.

        You may prefer a more special meaning for Mary’s blessed state, but it can never change God’s meaning.

        I see there are four other Greek words translated into our one English word “blessed” in the New Testament. Our English language is very limited compared to the Hebrew and Greek, so we really need this kind of tool. Another example are multiple Greek words for our one word “time”. A lot of date setters misuse verses with “kairos” (time) for their lies, a completely different Greek word than “chronos” (time). We are easily led astray by false teachers, pastors, priests, etc. if we place even the slightest bit of trust in them. They learn lies in seminary and pass them down. This is a very deceptive time we live in and a lot of traditions of men are solidly ensconced in all churches, not just the RCC. Protestants are merely protesters of their Mother Church. Wherever we are, we have to depart all the way out and seek Christ alone.

        I’m sure there are a lot of Youtube videos with instruction on word studies using Strong’s Concordance. I had a pastor who made the big mistake of revealing the Strong’s Concordance. I learned how to use it and fired him. Haven’t needed one since. Ironically, the other popular Concordance is Robert Young’s, so we have Young and Strong, as in 1st John 2:14:

        1John 2:14 …I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one.

      • @April Koster, “The King James version, although not perfect, is sufficient to understand Mary’s “blessed” state.”

        Are you saying that she’s still alive and swanning about in heaven like a pork chop at a Jewish wedding!?

      • Sorry, I omitted the Strong’s numbers above. This is the search result for the Greek word “blessed” in Luke 1:48 (KJV), using Strong’s Concordance. The number assigned to “blessed” is 3106:

        Luke 1:48 For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed .

        James 5:11 Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.

      • @April Koster It doesn’t matter what you ‘omitted’, for you’re full of erroneous garbage, so only erroneous garbage could be omitted.

      • Looks like links to Strong’s numbers don’t show up here.

        @Just Saying,

        I don’t doubt many people witness apparitions. They couldn’t all be cray cray. A better question might be, Where do the apparitions come from?

        For your consideration, 2Corinthians 11:14.

        2Corinthians 11:12-14 (KJV): But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we. 13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

        …14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

        Peter saw an angel of light, but it was the “angel of the Lord”.

        Acts 12:7 And, behold, the angel (“aggelos”, Strong’s #32) of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands.

        Be careful. Deception is coming at us from every direction around the clock. It never takes a day off to give us a break. It’s no different than the constant deception Hugo highlights regarding other matters.

      • @April Koster, Spirit beings, like angels and demons, are NOT former physical beings, like Miriam (Mary) who is still dead in her grave and knows nothing, and is awaiting the resurrection of the dead along with the rest of The Elect (saints) when Yashua Messiah returns to this earth!

        You’re peddling lies and BS with your alleged raised dead apparitions garbage.

  38. One needs to understand that the Vatican II Sect and his “hierarchy” don’t represent Catholicism. Please visit vaticancatholic[dot]com to understand what happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II. To be saved, it is necessary to embrace the traditional Catholic Faith.

    Pope Innocent III, Fourth Lateran Council, Constitution 1, 1215, ex cathedra: “There is indeed one universal Church of the faithful, outside of which nobody at all is saved, in which Jesus Christ is both priest and sacrifice.”

    • The word catholic (derived via Late Latin catholicus, from the Greek adjective καθολικός katholikos ‘universal’) comes from the Greek phrase καθόλου katholou ‘on the whole, according to the whole, in general’, and is a combination of the Greek words κατά ‘about’ and ὅλος ‘whole’.The first known use of “Catholic” was by the church father Saint Ignatius of Antioch in his Letter to the Smyrnaeans (circa 110 AD).

      Early Christian churches were Orthodox, and they remained ‘catholic’ to this day. But Catholic Church lost it’s orthodoxy 1500 years ago.

      Ortho-doxy = true worship.

      Go figure.

      • The Eastern “orthodox” sect doesn’t represent Christianity. It lacks the distinctive marks of the Church of Christ. For instance, it lacks a universal authority over all the members, it lacks the unity of faith, etc.

        Moreover, as you may know, the “Orthodox” Churches agreed to the Bull of Union at Florence which taught the Filioque and the Papal Primacy of Jurisdiction.

        Please check Most Holy Family Monastery’s refutation of Eastern “orthodoxy”:

      • @A true Catholic, And what makes you think that the sodomy ridden, money making, money laundering Roman Catholic Cult, with its debauched and bloody history, is Christian?

      • @ “thetruthnotdoctrine” Well, to understand what’s going on you first need to learn the facts.

        The Catholic Church, which Jesus-Christ built upon St. Peter, is holy and has produced tremendous good fruits. That’s obvious to anyone who knows something about the Church’s history. Moreover, the Catholic Church does possess all the distinctive marks of the Church of Christ (e.g., unity of faith and of Gov., holyness, universality, apostolicity) unlike the non Catholic Sects.

        Now, you may be confusing the Catholic Church with the Vatican II Sect. I did mention in my initial post that Vatican II isn’t the Catholic Church.

      • @A true Catholic. You want facts eh? I’ll give you The TRUTH, not facts.

        Lie no. 1: “The Catholic Church, which Jesus-Christ built upon St. Peter, is holy.”

        The Roman Catholic Cult with its love of filthy lucre was built upon Simon Magus, not Simon Peter. The Ecclesia – The Assemblies of Yah were built on Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) – The ROCK, the Chief Corner Stone cut with out hands, NOT on any man – who was only a pebble!

        Was Peter The First Pope? – The Truth of Matthew 16 Revealed:

        Lie no. 2: “and has produced tremendous good fruits.” = 100% delusional.

        Lie no. 3: “Moreover, the Catholic Church does possess all the distinctive marks of the Church of Christ (e.g., unity of faith and of Gov., holyness, universality, apostolicity) unlike the non Catholic Sects.”

        The Ecclesia of Yah was NEVER a church of universality. The Ecclesia of Yah was always an Ecclesia for MANkind ONLY – the sons and daughters of Adam, NOT hu-mankind – The Serpent Seed from Cain – the original founder of your satanic church.

      • Hi True Catholic,

        I didn’t mention the word Eastern. In fact, I know nothing about Eastern Orthodoxy. And I’m also not here to argue but discuss.

        Isn’t Christ the universal authority over all the members, Him being the head and church being the body?

        Weren’t early churches literally scattered and did they not have a synod of bishops rather then just one person in charge, to talk about issues, come up with solutions and make decisions together?

        Was there not twelve apostles and seventy disciples but only one Christ at the start?

        It looks like many want to be Him these days. I thought being Christian meant following Christ, not walking ahead of Him.

        In essence, we could all point at the things that are wrong with others or focus on our own repentance.

        With all my respect.

      • @ “thetruthnotdoctrine”. You are basically a brainwashed liar who has no clue what he’s talking about. I won’t waste my time with you. For those who do have some interest for the truth, please check the biblical evidences that the Catholic faith is the true faith of Christ :

      • @ “Just Saying”. Christ built His Church upon St. Peter and give him “the keys of the kingdom of heaven”.

        Matthew 16:18-19- “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

        St. Peter is Christ’s prime minister.

        People need to stop making there own doctrine and start submitting to what Christ revealed to us. That’s necessary for salvation.

        1 Tim. 1:4: “Not to give heed to fables and endless genealogies: which furnish questions rather than the edification of God, which is in faith.”

        Gal. 1:8-9: “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema. As we said before, so now I say again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema.”

        Rom. 16:17: “Now I beseech you, brethren, to mark them who make dissensions and offences contrary to the doctrine which you have learned, and avoid them.”


        I strongly encourage you to read Satis Cognitum from Pope Leo XIII, to learn how God established His Church.

        Check this link as well:

      • @A true Catholic – These lyrics still ring in my head from the church pew during mass singing about Christ’s doctrine lasting till the end of time. “It is one, it is holy, it is catholic, it is apostolic, it’s divine.”

        Years later after multiple attempts to conform to the Catholic doctrine, I finally gave up abandoning my faith in Catholicism. The Father kept calling me out and finally, I listened. Praise God!

  39. Have you not heard there is a schism in the Catholic church? The antipope Francis Bergoglio is promoting homosexuality, transgenderism and abortion and women to be ordained as priests. Hence, he gave communion to Nancy Pelosi after her parish priest refused her. This retired priest is condemning abortion, homosexuality, transgender behavior and contraception as sinful. The priest’s bishop, Fr Ray Browne was appointed by anti-Pope Francis, so of course he is going to speak out against what this priest is saying because he follows the anti-pope. The media may have exaggerated the numbers walking out of church to give the impression that people (Catholics) are in agreement with Francis. This may also be why they have allowed it to be broadcast on main stream media to embolden those who would like to see changes in the Catholic church. I believe this is the apostacy, or the falling away from the faith as instigated by the anti-pope and his followers.

  40. Only look to Jesus Christ and read the words of truth in the Bible, while praying with the Holy Spirit to Father God…
    Because, only Jesus Christ Saves 🙏🏻 John 3 16 🙏🏻.

    Catholicism & other man made theologys, will only give you a understanding that is earthly, not Heavenly… To understand correctly, the only way is with Jesus Christ, (Yesuha). Because as in John 3 16… Only by Jesus Christ, we will be saved… And be with Father God our maker, for iternity…
    There is No, other Way…
    (John 3 v 16 🙏🏻).

    • Jesus loves and honours His Mother – He surely proved this at the Marriage Feast of Cana. So, who are WE to do any less? FYI, in one of Her many apparitions to the Fatima children, she told them that ….’more souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other’ …. What are contraception, fornication, sterilisation, abortion, same-sex shenanigans and transgenderism about, if not ‘sins of the flesh’? Fair play to Fr. Sheehy – and shame on his ‘bishop’ for undermining him, if not knifing him in the back!

      • Pat McKay, Yet another wretched brainwashed dupe:

        2 Timothy 3:6 (MCV) For of this sort (Catholic priests) are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts.

    • Man made theology 🙄 dig a bit deeper friend, you should find it is the only Church founded by Jesus who told the apostles ‘go and baptise all nations in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to do all I have commanded you’. And now an upstart from 2022 is calling His mighty Church man-made. As I said 🙄

    • I’ve always thought that Ireland is a very religious place, more than England anyway. This is one of them up is down, left is right, fake outrage to something that has been preached from the bible for hundreds of years. Trying to turn perception, bit at a time.

    • @Susan, Unfortunately the people of Southern Ireland (The Israelite Tribe of Dan) are their own worst enemies, having embraced satanic popery the way that they have. So much so you will not find Dan listed amongst The Twelve Tribes in Revelation 7 = a severe price to pay.

  41. Hugo, can you please do a video on this. It mirrors what is happening in US with Alex Jones.

    Daily Mail headline …. re: Richard D Hall
    ‘Britain’s cruellest troll’ who has spread conspiracy theories about Maddie McCann, 9/11 and the murder of MP Jo Cox could be made to pay for his lies about the Manchester Arena bombing as horrified families of terror attack victims stage a fightback
    Richard D. Hall doesn’t believe the Manchester Arena bombing took place sand suggested it was staged
    He believes the blast on May 22, 2017 was a deep-state plot and injured were ‘crisis actors’ going by a script
    He has written a book, made a film, given talks with over 16 million views, and has 80,000 YouTube subs
    But latest documentary reveals he tracked down survivors to show they’re lying about their injuries’

    • I looked at the video by Richard D Hall. All very interesting! His experience with the BBC mirrors the one time I was unfortunate enough to tangle with them. I look at everything differently now. Who can you trust?

      • @grouchoone1195

        I agree. This is my reply to Sarah who was questioning Richard’s integrity.

        @ Sarah
        I’m sure most in the Truther community have heard of Richard D Hall and are aware that he is one of the best investigative researchers out there. His work on the Madeline McCann case is second to none. And what he does so well is present the EVIDENCE then allows people to draw their own conclusions.
        This is obviously a hit piece as was the recent Panorama episode with Marianna Spring. Here is a link to the emails Richard received from the BBC to help you understand how this whole operation of discrediting somebody works.

        Regarding your comment about the Manchester bombings I would suggest you watch Richards videos looking at the evidence. Also I am surprised that you have made the ‘Wicker Man’ comment after watching Hugo for so long. We know false flags happen, we know there are crisis actors …in fact I could send you a list of websites that advertise for these very people. None of us would want to believe there are people out there who would do this kind of thing for money but sadly there are.I think you only have to watch the press conference with the Sandy Hook father Robbie Parker to really start questioning things.
        And lastly no-one is asking you to subscribe to Richards channel, his research is free for anyone to look at. He does have an online shop where he sells his books/merchandise, as does Hugo.
        To me this is obviously a mirror of what is happening with Alex Jones in the US. To frighten people from speaking out with the threat of totally destroying their reputation and taking away their very livelihood.

      • I went to his site and saw he has a stall in the market at Merthyr Tydfil. This caught my eye as we used to live near there. However, it says the local council closed his stall yesterday. I think I’m correct in saying it is just his stall. What else will be censored?

      • @grouchoone What else will be censored indeed !

        Richard D Hall is an excellent researcher and is clearly exposing evidence that is hard to deny . Sadly when I went to his site earlier the Manchester Arena videos are not loading. However, if anyone is interested in the huge amount of evidence questioning the official narrative Critical Thinker UK has uploaded many of them here.

    • I watched some of the McCann videos. I could never understand what was going on there. However, after the last two and a half years, it all starts to make sense. I know I’m a bit slow, but I would not have believed a lot of that McCann stuff a while ago, but now it all looks different. I did not believe chemtrails, but now I look up when I take the dog out and think: ‘The bastards are at it again!’

      • @grouchoone Indeed it was the Madeline McCann case that ‘woke’ me up six years ago.I remember, like yourself thinking ‘How many people would have to be involved in this and how high up would they have to be?’. Sadly now I know.
        Ultimately this whole fight is for the children! Take care friend.

  42. The comments are both sad and laughable.
    Christians constantly undermining each others take on Christianity.
    Only they have the “real Christianity” and incessantly posting scripture to justify it.
    Is there not enough divison out there for you all?
    It’s time to be united not divided.
    Forget petty differences, if you believe in Christ, that He died on the cross for forgiveness of sins then you are part of the whole.
    We are heading LGBTQX categories of Christianity.
    Blessed are the peace makers, love one and other, as Jesus loved you…

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