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  1. There is a solution…monetary reform..check out..the Bradbury Pound

    • Incorrect. The Bradbury Pound was the start of the trouble that was offered to the people after breaking the gold bills monetary system that served humanity well. You could start your own local currency instead.

      • @Paul, Nonsense, 1) The Rothschild Jews set the Gold price to (((their))) advantage. 2) There’s not enough gold to go round for the job. 3) The gold backed system is deflationary.

        The ONLY money with real value is money that is backed by the sweat equity of the people – only creative working people can create wealth!

    • A ‘Bradbury Pound’ is never going to work. It would be like going back to the Middle Ages. The only goods and services available would be those generated within the local community. You wouldn’t be popping into the supermarket with a ‘Bradbury Pound’.

      • @Sarah That is nonsense. It WOULD WORK IF you could get people to stop trusting in, or having blind faith in, their debt notes, which add to the national debt EVERY TIME they spend them. You cannot PAY for anything with debt notes (promises to pay). ALL you can do is PURCHASE things, not buy them, which means to leverage them unlawfully into your possession!

      • Yes, but all people care about is having something in their ‘possession’, having ‘control’ of something. Regardless of the ins and out. That is what matters. Example: most cars on the road are ‘leased’ (PCP). A few pounds ‘down’, set up an ‘affordable’ monthly payment plan and drive off the forecourt in your brand new SUV ‘warrior’, ‘defender’, ‘comanche’. ‘whatever’. That is all people care about. As for ‘the national debt’? Does anyone give two hoots about it?

      • @Sarah, Doesn’t matter what they care about, the reality and Truth is ALL that matters – they’re debt slaves in ignorance and their inheritance has been plundered from them in ignorance. (((Their))) system is a privateering system – no different from pirates on the high seas in the 17th and 18th centuries, only (((they))) have come inland – hence the old INLAND Revenue, before it became HMRC!

      • I read a book once – Consumed: How Markets Corrupt Children, Infantilize Adults, and Swallow Citizens Whole*. The author made a brief point that the stupidest thing we did was to take ‘title’ to property as that led to the banks being involved. Previously, families would simple pass the homestead down from one generation to the next. I was annoyed that it wasn’t expanded upon but that wasn’t the main thrust of the book anyway. It is always something to think up – but not for too long 🙂 It does seems strange that generation after generation of families can work their fingers to the bone and never ‘get ahead’ with each successive generation being in hock to the banks. Intuitively, you just know that something isn’t right. *he also made another interesting point, so I will just throw it in, about cars being ‘skins’ which is true since some of the nicest to look at (from the outside) cars have the most uncomfortable seats. Something else to ponder on.

      • @Sarah, Oh yes land ALWAYS stayed in families until the Jew banksters arrived, as an example, just read up on what the Jewish carpet baggers did to land owners in the southern US states after the civil war.

        “The Jews ate the English nation to its bones” — John Speed 16th century English Cartographer

  2. Of course the collapse is planned… It’s a pattern that they knew was coming and want to take full advantage of the chaos… When we get to the edge, we need to wake up and step back from it, not jump over!

  3. What is the alternative though Hugo. Everybody needs a place to live. If you rent you are a slave to the system for life and making someone else richer. The only other alternative is remaining living at home with parents who may already have paid off a mortgage, or save until you have enough money to buy something outright. But then you still have the bills to pay once you own somewhere. Unless you try and live as a hermit it in the wild, or borrow money from wealthy friends where you don’t have to pay back interest. Do you own your own place? How did you save up?

  4. Hugo they achieved their objective for now … interest rates are 3 % on the 3rd …

    • Also I’ll add , 33 is the cut sides of a triangle , pyramid has 4 corners of the world each 90 degree ( 3 x 30 ) . They are the same dark worshiping mentality of the Egyptians elite 👽 . All seeing I bullshit . Serpentine worship of the’ ones ‘ who fell from heaven ( Orion , Draco rule ) , deceiving mankind right from the beginning , we are all alien to god , through faith one can return .

  5. Hi Hugo. When are you going to comment on the war in Ukraine. Do you think Putin is still a wef stooge and playing everything out according to the plan?

  6. I am banned completely on telegram after commenting on your page

    • Not ban but completely account can’t even.comment on other pages and.its not for a limited time, its forever.

      • If you look at the ‘wrong’ thing or say the ‘wrong’ thing on Fakebook your account is nuked. Be careful out there.

      • I am not *on it*, I detest ‘social media’ and Faecesbook in particular, but I did have a ‘read-only’ account just in case I wanted to look something up. I suspect that ‘lack of engagement’ was why my account was nuked.

    • Telegram is a dodgy platform. They do some shit in the background.
      Hugo’s channel has been made private but Hugo said it wasn’t him so Intelligence is clearly interfering with genuine channels.

  7. So pleased I got out of owning a house in 1994. The Financial system is close to collapse now and I predict before Christmas, it would make sense from their point of view when families need money the most. Very very sad indeed for all those that have Mortgages who will be forced into compliance or lose everything.
    Welcome to ‘ The Great Reset’ where you will OWN NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. but you will be happy !!
    ☠️ 💉😷☠️ 💉😷☠️ 💉😷☠️ 💉

  8. We are all part of the system whether we like it or not. When your parents registered your birth you became part of it. Hugo is wrong with the whole home ownership and ” not signing up” for it Whats the alternative keep paying rent that increases every year to unscrupulous landlords. At least buying there is an end in sight, and you have an asset rather than nothing. Rent or mortagages are the biggest expenditure of your life, once you have paid your home off, as we have, life becomes much more financially viable. You can then think about unravelling yourself from all the other financial handcuffs etc.

    • Rent is ‘dead money’. Working for 25 years solid to pay someone else’s mortgage is a mug’s game. As you say, once your mortgage is paid off your expenses drop considerably, and you can ‘put your feet up’ to a certain extent, and you have ‘options’ but if you are still renting you WILL own absolutely nothing and will be working and renting until you drop dead.

    • geyorgawking, agree.
      Renting brings awful feelings of helplessness for me.
      Mortgage seems like a postponed gratification, hopefully. I’d say top up with the repayments while you can and it is really art of resignation from nice things which we could have instead to topping up, but we don’t miss them, ‘cos we don’t have them ;).

      • There was a study conducted a couple of years ago measuring the amount of c-reactive protein (a stress marker) in the participants bloodstream; it was found that those with the least owned their home outright, next was mortgage holders/social housing tenants, and those with the most (most stressed) was private rented tenants. Pretty obviously really. Also, the single biggest cause of homelessness is the end of private sector rentals.

  9. Looks to me like the long-term plan (1960s-1970s onwards?) to encourage everyone to get into debt living beyond their means by routinely using credit cards, loans, mortgages all on incredibly low rates to entice and entrap is coming home to roost. Sadly, a lot have unwittingly fallen for this financial scam. I believe this now paves the way for the great ‘debt forgiveness’ plan, whereby they will write off your debts on agreement you sign up to their heinous digital trap. Once you’re in that, there will be no escape. The old saying “Neither a borrower, nor a lender be” makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

    • No, the old (Biblical?) neither a ‘borrower nor a lender be’ is really bad advice. Modern societies/economies don’t function like this. It is those who have access to ‘lines of credit’ that do well. It is the old ‘don’t use your own money, borrow other people’s money’. And there is also a big difference between mortgages, consumer credit and new car loans. A new car loan must be up there with the worst financials decisions you can make. And not so long ago consumer credit wasn’t readily available and people would ‘save up’ to buy, say, a fridge. The problem with that though is that you are forgoing the ‘utility’ of having a fridge as your food rots whilst you ‘save up’ to buy one.

      • No lender should expect to punish if they lend on a promise and neither should you take money unless you know you will be able to pay it back, this places a burden on you BOTH.

        26 Do not be one of those who shakes hands in a pledge,
        One of those who is surety for debts;

        Credit without payment will obviously lead to debt without knowledge it will ever be paid back.

        27 If you have nothing with which to pay,
        Why should he take away your bed from under you?

        If you fall on hard times why should he be allowed to punish you with punitive measures?


        The responsibility of the borrower and the rich

        21 The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous sheweth mercy, and giveth.

        So don’t borrow unless you know you can pay it back, but if you have and you can give show mercy and give. As with all contractual agreements there is responsibility on BOTH side.

      • What about the £10 billion in written-off fraudulent ‘bounce-back’ loans and all the £billions of ‘furlough’ fraud? It was Gordon Brown who said “Word hard, save hard, play by the rules and we will stand by you’ 🙂

      • Sarah
        November 4, 2022
        What about the £10 billion in written-off fraudulent ‘bounce-back’ loans and all the £billions of ‘furlough’ fraud? It was Gordon Brown who said “Word hard, save hard, play by the rules and we will stand by you’ 🙂

        You seem to still believe in a system that has been fraud for a long time. Do you think any of this money ever really existed? or was it just a number on a computer? This fraud has been going on for years and years (Fiat currency), the point is now they need it all to collapse. EVERYTHING because satan has convinced them they are heading into a ‘New Age’ without cash a ‘spiritual’ oasis or satans version of one. Everything will be digital on a blockchain even us, the thing is satan knows he is finished and is just keeping them sweet so they don’t see it coming.

        A video about cash and mortgages watch from about 23 minutes

      • There are TWO of these documents on the Bank of England’s website. Can’t be bothered to hunt them down at the moment. One is more basic, one goes into more detail. Better to read them yourself which is something I have already down. I bailed from the video after a few seconds when it became obvious where he was coming from.

      • If money is ‘worthless’ why does no one give it away? Send me your ‘worthless’ money! Thought not! I wonder if this chancer wants ‘money’ to see his ‘worthless’ talks 🙂

      • @Sarah, Our ‘money’ is only backed by the deceived blind faith of the dummies that use it. If they knew The Truth about our debt money system there would be rioting on the streets within 24 hours.

      • You would be best served reading the documents yourself than watching a cherry-picking video to suit an agenda. Well, you will have to anyway because one of his slides was ‘too small to see’. I bet he talks about ‘money printing’ (creation) but I bet he doesn’t talk about it being ‘destroyed’. And people still expect ‘interest’ on their ‘savings’ in the belief that the bank is ‘lending it out’ for mortgages.

        ‘Commercial banks create money, in the form of bank deposits,by making new loans. When a bank makes a loan, for example
        to someone taking out a mortgage to buy a house, it does not typically do so by giving them thousands of pounds worth of
        banknotes. Instead, it credits their bank account with a bank deposit of the size of the mortgage. At that moment, new
        money is created. For this reason, some economists have referred to bank deposits as ‘fountain pen money’, created at
        the stroke of bankers’ pens when they approve loans.

        Other ways of creating and destroying deposits

        Just as taking out a new loan creates money, the repayment of bank loans destroys money. For example, suppose a
        consumer has spent money in the supermarket throughout the month by using a credit card. Each purchase made using the
        credit card will have increased the outstanding loans on the consumer’s balance sheet and the deposits on the
        supermarket’s balance sheet. If the consumer were then to pay their credit card bill in full at the end of the month, its bank would reduce the amount of deposits in the consumer’s account by the value of the credit card bill, thus destroying all of the newly created money.’

      • ‘Sarah
        November 4, 2022
        If money is ‘worthless’ why does no one give it away? Send me your ‘worthless’ money! Thought not! I wonder if this chancer wants ‘money’ to see his ‘worthless’ talks 🙂’

        OK I will play your game for a little while,

        ‘Gold standard
        The “Gold Standard” (or Gold Exchange Standard), was an international monetary system used by the US, UK and others, for many years. The gold standard was the de facto monetary system for much of the world’s economy throughout history.

        In this system the value of a currency – coins and paper money – was fixed to, and expressed in terms of, an amount of gold. Currency holders could therefore, in theory, exchange their money for its equivalent value in gold. To this day, the phrase ‘gold standard’ is used to indicate the best there can be, something that should be sought.

        Currencies with values not fixed to any physical material – such as gold – and simply guaranteed by the government that issues it, are termed ‘Fiat’ currencies. This is the system used by the major global economies today, but only since 1971.’

        And yes I have read multiple sources that say the same thing. So all paper money is COMPLETLY WORTLESS other than what it’s promised value is.

        During convid some shops were refusing cash, how is that possible?

        ‘However, some are questioning whether it is legal for shops to refuse cash.

        Martin revealed that along as shops are not discriminating on account of race, gender or sexuality etc then shops can “take and refuse any payment they want.”

        “If they say they want to accept payment in Pokemon cards then that’s perfectly legitimate.”

        So shops can refuse your cash.’

        And yes I have read multiple sources that say the same thing and also asked in shops, so they can remove the use of physical money overnight if they wanted to and they will once enough people get on the blockchain.

        You still don’t seem to understand, or you don’t want to? Money is a weapon used by satan to control the poor, and incentivise the ones that want it to do evil. Have you ever heard of Quotative Easing? the printing money (or bonds which are large sums, from thin air) and GIVING IT TO THE RICH. I would say that is giving money away? That is how their system has worked for a LONG TIME and that has accelerated since the final removal of the gold standard in 1971.

        They never used to give money to the useless eaters because we are meant to suffer and die, but recently we had furlough (bribes to keep business quiet while our freedom was stolen, giving money away?) and Universal Basic Income (giving money away?) to suck the masses into the blockchain. They are throwing money around like water because they want the system to collapse (How much money was spent on PPE that was then burnt? on track and trace? etc etc etc £Billions? £Trillions? because they need to get EVERYONE onto the new system by destroying the old. So yes to those that CONTROL the money production it is COMPETLY WORTHLESS because they can go to a computer and just type a new number, their only use for money is the control of those people stuck in the system.

        November 4, 2022
        Money Creation in the Modern Economy

        Really? oh dear, you give the bank of England’s explanation of money production?? Oh dear…. OH DEAR, you are more lost than I first thought, my bet is you worked or still do work in the banking industry? The video I posted directly covers this issue.

        The video I posted from 22:22 directly covers ‘Money Creation in the Modern Economy’ 🙂

        You would be best served reading the documents yourself than watching a cherry-picking video to suit an agenda.’

        My agenda, oh dear you are funny, happy sailing admiral, bon voyage!

      • @Loccie I really can’t fathom where you are coming from, and to be honest I couldn’t care less, but I will say your ideas regarding money do have something of the ‘flat earth’ about them. Are you talking about money or ‘money’ in the abstract? Money is what you use to purchase (buy) goods and services. Have you never used money to purchase (buy) a good or service? ‘Money’ is a ‘unit of account’. It is how we trade goods and services. It is not meant to be ‘worth’ anything.

      • The video I posted from 22:22 directly covers ‘Money Creation in the Modern Economy’. Why don’t you read the full document direct from the horse’s mouth? I always recommend these documents for those who have trouble grasping what ‘money’ is. If you can manage that then you *will* understand ‘money’ but I suspect it is too difficult for your limited intellect to comprehend. There is no mystery about money.

      • @Sarah, Under the National Bankruptcy (all western democracies are bankrupt), money is created by the people when they sign for a bank loan or a mortgage (a death pledge). Once a mortgage application form is signed, by the alleged borrower, that application form (a promise to pay) then becomes cash – the signee’s cash – which the banksters then steal and pretend to lend you the funds! You then repay them YOUR money, and pay interest on it as well – salt rubbed into the wound!

        Queen Elizabeth II Declares To President Ronald Reagan That All Western Nations Are Bankrupt:

      • Gaslighting 101

        November 4, 2022
        If money is ‘worthless’ why does no one give it away? Send me your ‘worthless’ money! Thought not! I wonder if this chancer wants ‘money’ to see his ‘worthless’ talks 🙂

        November 5, 2022
        @Loccie I really can’t fathom where you are coming from, and to be honest I couldn’t care less, but I will say your ideas regarding money do have something of the ‘flat earth’ about them. Are you talking about money or ‘money’ in the abstract? Money is what you use to purchase (buy) goods and services. Have you never used money to purchase (buy) a good or service? ‘Money’ is a ‘unit of account’. It is how we trade goods and services. *It is not meant to be ‘worth’ anything.*

        Forgetting and denial
        Pretends to forget things that have really occurred~

        ‘@Loccie I really can’t fathom where you are coming from, and to be honest I couldn’t care less,’

        pretends not to understand the victim.

        Makes the victim believe his or her thoughts or needs aren’t important.

        ‘I will say your ideas regarding money do have something of the ‘flat earth’ about them.’

        Blocking and diverting
        Again changes the conversation from the subject matter to questioning the victim’s thoughts and controlling the conversation.


        *It is not meant to be ‘worth’ anything.*

        I am not here to make anyone look stupid, but there are people employed to push an agenda to fool people. Do you want my account number now to transfer your money worthless money? Anyway too much talk about money on Gods day, I hope God brings you to understanding. Take care, God Bless.

    • What are you going to be expected to sign away I wonder, you don’t think this is the mark do you.

  10. If interest rates go up, house prices will come down, just like the reverse happened. Potential ‘homebuyers’ monthly ‘affordable’ will remain the same. It also means that if you ‘enjoyed’ zero interest rates and exponential house price inflation over the past years you will receive less if you ‘cash out’, so it all ‘balances out’, to some extent, a sort of ‘zero sum game’.

  11. News just in…

    ‘Migrants could get £6,000 payouts over alleged unlawful detention at Manston

    Charity sends urgent pre-action letter to Suella Braverman on behalf of woman refugee detained ‘beyond statutory time limits’ at centre

    Migrants could get £6,000 payouts as the Home Office faces legal action over their alleged unlawful detention at the crisis-hit Manston asylum processing centre.

    The charity Detention Action disclosed on Thursday that it had sent an urgent pre-action letter to Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary, on behalf of a woman migrant detained “beyond statutory time limits” at the centre.

    The charity, which halted the Government’s Rwanda asylum flights after legal action, also cited the camp’s “egregiously defective” conditions including infectious diseases due to overcrowding and poor sanitation, inadequate safeguards for children and allowing men, women and children to sleep alongside each other.

    If successful, Channel migrants at the centre could get £6,000 compensation for being unlawfully detained for 24 hours under the legal precedent of established case law, tapering down per day for any further detention time.

    The action centres on allegations that Mrs Braverman breached rules requiring migrants to be released from the centre on a disused airfield at Manston, Kent, within 24 hours.

    By Sunday, there were 4,000 migrants on the site, which was designed for just 1,500, with some having been kept on it for more than four weeks. An urgent operation by the Home Office has seen more than 500 transferred to hotels or other accommodation in the past three days.

    On Monday, Mrs Braverman was forced to publicly deny claims that she failed to act on legal advice warning her that Manston was breaching the law and that she blocked the release of migrants in an effort to reduce the £5.6 million a day bill for housing them in hotels.

    The action could force the disclosure of internal home office documents as well as the legal advice exposing ministers’ alleged mishandling of the issue. A second, separate judicial review is also expected to be sought by the PCS union representing Border Force offices. It was party to the challenge over the Rwanda flights.

    The individual woman claimant is a national of a non-European country. Most of the Channel migrants are from Albania, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. Albanians now account for as many as 60 per cent, with 12,000 of the record 40,000 that have crossed so far this year from the Balkan state.

    James Wilson, deputy director of detention action, said: “We have taken this action out of serious concern for the welfare of thousands of people, including children, still being detained at Manston for periods far beyond legal limits.

    “We are calling on the Home Secretary to declare that anyone held at Manston for more than 24 hours is being detained unlawfully. We are also asking that the Home Secretary allow access to the facility for organisations qualified to provide support in immigration detention settings.”’

    • Why do they always call these agitators ‘charities’, it is like calling ‘Just Stop Oil’ a ‘grass roots movement’. Klaus Scwab himself said ‘that in the future we will have to become more accepting and welcoming of migrants’. I wonder if that will extend to housing them in our own homes.

      • Have nothing and be happy, so you can just drop it all and walk away from the system.

    • World economic forum had a article stating they wanted to spread migrants across the globe…
      Uk is stuffed with immigrants as it is and is finished as a nation now…
      Its lost its identity and will never be the same again

    • ‘Sarah
      November 3, 2022
      News just in…

      ‘Migrants could get £6,000 payouts over alleged unlawful detention at Manston’

      “Rollllll up rolllll up da immigrants are responsible for your troubles, don’t worry about real issues!”

      Distraction and division, The people in control create these issues, the people in control allow these stories to propagate in the media, more poison to drink creating hate and anger inside yourself.

      • True, I detest the media, they are nothing but wind-up merchants and a force of evil, but even if you ignore the media events can still have a knock-on, in-real-life effect on you.

      • Also it is unclear where you stand on this. Are you one of those ‘we only have each other, smash the borders, open borders, everyone welcome’ type? And we all know that ‘borders’ only refers to the UK border. To be honest, I quite fancy popping into Australia (New Zealand) (do they have open borders?) for a free holiday. They can give me money and put me up in an hotel. I would also pop into the States and Canada too as well a quite a few other places. For free. Open borders and ‘asylum’ for all I say.

      • ‘Sarah
        November 4, 2022
        Also it is unclear where you stand on this. Are you one of those ‘we only have each other, smash the borders, open borders, everyone welcome’ type? And we all know that ‘borders’ only refers to the UK border. To be honest, I quite fancy popping into Australia (New Zealand) (do they have open borders?) for a free holiday. They can give me money and put me up in an hotel. I would also pop into the States and Canada too as well a quite a few other places. For free. Open borders and ‘asylum’ for all I say.’

        Where do I stand on getting sucked into these main stream medias gaslighting stories going on and on about thousands, millions, billions of immigrants? How do you know how many people are coming here? the media tells you, but why do they continually tell you these stories? They are deliberately aimed to inflame the little Englanders ardour. Most people have no idea how strict the laws are about coming into this country, without experience most people are blind. The media keeps telling me millions of people died of an illness (which they did not), they keep telling me there is overpopulation (when in fact birth rates are running at a negative in nearly every country, so much so most countries will cease to exist), Global warming, the seas are rising (which is all lies). EVERYTHING you see in the media is there for a specific reason and that reason is it benefits their narrative setting one side against another.

        No ones life means a thing to satan and he will continue setting one side against another because some people just seem to enjoy playing his game of hate. The closer it gets to his end the more he will enflame those people without love in their hearts so he can drag them down with him.

        You may enjoy popping to Australia, lovely there no immigrants

      • I know the constant barrage of these articles just like the ‘Just Stop Oil’ nonsense is to goad and wind people up but nevertheless the demographic of the UK has changed markedly in recent years, especially since war criminal Tony Blair was in power. But a lot depends on where you live. East Riding Council in Yorkshire went to court to block hotels in the area being used to house ‘asylum seekers’. There are still many pockets of the UK that remain ‘unchanged’. A lot of people are of the NIMBY attitude, not in their backyard, but OK in other people’s backyard. There is no going back for the UK. It is past the point of no return. The UK is finished.

      • @Sarah, And it MUST be ‘finished’ in order for Yashua Messiah to return and rescue His people True Israel (Britain) from their enemies. Then and only then will they be ready and willing to be ruled by Him as their King, for their stiff rebellious necks will then be very supple and their ears eager to listen and hear Him!

  12. Is this where we are shepherded towards?

    Cost of living crisis could force thousands to live in large off-grid communes, warns Ben Fogle

    The cost of living crisis is squeezing households so hard that it could force many Britons to live off-grid in large communities, according to TV presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle.

    An estimated 150,000 people already live off-grid in the UK and the number is believed to be rising steeply.

    As the cost of living bites, said Fogle, people who lose their homes could club together, buying somewhere cheap and using minimal resources – as opposed to the more traditional form where people follow their dream of leaving the rat race for environmental and lifestyle reasons.

    “I think the future is going to be friends and family clubbing together and buying large plots and living in communes,” said Fogle, who became famous for living off-grid 22 years ago when he went to the remote island of Taransay in the Outer Hebrides as one of 36 volunteers for the series Castaway, tasked with fending for themselves for an entire year.

    During that time they built their own sustainable community, grew their food, killed their meat and set up their own school.

    “I’ve seen people doing versions of off-grid living all over the world and I think it’s a more financially viable means of living,” he said.

    “I don’t say this with great enthusiasm, though, because a lot of people are going to be forced into adapting their lifestyle, not through want but through need. And that’s a very difficult thing to embrace – an off-grid life not because you have dreamed of it but because you’re financially tied to it.”

    Fogle, who has made more than 100 episodes about people who have gone to live off-grid over the last decade, most of them outside the UK, where the planning rules are strict, added: “The pressures, the worry about global conflicts, global warming, cost of living – all of those are more conducive to an off-grid way of living.

    “If you have a little area where you have access to deadfall wood for your heating, access to a free water source for cooking, washing and eating and access to shelter – and you can do all of that legally, which is the hard thing in this country – then you can address a lot of the cost of living woes.”

    Living totally off-grid means having no mains utilities, while partially off-grid can mean, for example, having water supply but no mains energy or sewage.

    There are also thousands of houses that are “off-grid ready”, which means having the grid to your premises, but instead heating and powering your home via other means..

    “The main causes of the current increase are evictions due to the change in interest rates forcing landlords to sharply increase rents or else sell and an increase in cost of energy, forcing individuals to find less expensive means of living.

    “The interest in off-grid is not just about energy bills. It is also about the other fears people have at the moment – cost of living, availability of housing, possible war and social collapse, and on the positive side, the trend for knowledge workers to work from anywhere, at least part of the time.”

    Fogle is concerned that, in many cases, this new breed of commune won’t be a pleasant place to live.

    “I made a film last year about an area in California called Slab city – which is a giant informal homeless settlement. And I can’t help but worry that people are going to be pushed to the very brink in this country of losing the roof over their house,” he said.

    Slab City is on 640 acres of public land about 50 miles north of the US-Mexico border in Imperial County, California. It sits on the site of Camp Dunlap, a former US Marine Corps base that now comprises a hodgepodge of residences, housing up to 4,000 people, using the concrete slabs that remained coupled with whatever materials they can find.

    For many, there experience could be a far cry from his time in Taransay, from where the last residents – TV show volunteers apart – left in the 1974.

    “Castaway changed me in so many ways. I was not the star of Castaway, the island of Taransay was, the Outer Hebrides was, Scotland was. I’m still fascinated by Scotland’s islands” he told Radio Times last year.

    “The remoteness, the peace, the wonder – I even named my daughter Iona after one. I’m lucky to have been to a lot of places but to me these islands are the most beautiful on Earth.”

    It is unlikely anything so large as Slab City would appear in the UK, given that it has strict planning laws and is much smaller than the US – but we could start seeing communes more like this, Fogle suggested.

    “In the UK, you have to own the land so you have to find a pocket of land and then you have strict planning requirements and regulations, you can’t just put up even a temporary shelter anyway, so you need to stick to it,” he said.

    As long as a person has permission to live off the land they are staying on, then there is nothing to stop them. But that is easier said than done in much of the UK, although the situation is changing in Wales with the relaxation of some rules in the One Planet Development.

    Typically, there are requirements in the UK to show exactly how you can live legally in a field, growing your own food, and with full planning permission.

    • If none of us can afford a proper home and we will all be forced to live in homeless communes what will happen to our former homes? Will they remain unoccupied as the tumbleweed blows through them or will someone else be occupying them? A sort of ‘displacement’.

    • Sarah
      November 3, 2022
      Is this where we are shepherded towards?


      They already own nearly all the land and they are busily buying up as much farm land as possible. Why when they are trying to create satans ‘spiritual’ system of COMPLETE control on a blockchain would they allow some new age hippies to live off grid under their devices? They are even ‘rewilding’ the farm land and replacing famers with ‘land manager’ making it verboten to even walk on that land. The fools think there will be 5000 million slaves living in ‘harmony’ with nature while they dance around the woods as gods with satan.

  13. Former health secretary Matt ‘Midazolam’ Hancock will be paid £400,000 to appear on I’m a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here!, according to reports. Nice work if you can get it.

    • “Rollllll up rolllll up come see the monkey dance, the bearded lady, don’t worry about real issues!”

      Distraction from the truth. He did extreme evil, he will be judged by God, end of story. We should not waste our time in hatred of these people it only poisons us.

    • So you can get paid for being a lying little corrupt turd now….
      Never the footage of him ripping off his face nappy when going in too a cabinet meeting in downing street in contempt…
      They should all be burnt at the stake like they did too the witches in the dark ages

  14. It’s all deliberate and you only have to look back at the regular smirk on Truss’s face to realize that. A psychopath isn’t necessarily someone who murders people, Government is full of them, they are void of emotion, void of empathy for us mere mortals. It baffles me why people still vote for the likes of Sunak because how in hell would he ever relate to people who struggle, these characters don’t give a sh*t, get that into your heads

  15. Who remembers mortgage interest rate at 16%?

    So far, I do not grumble… touch wood, even at this point our interest rate is lower than it was to begin with. We happened to have a helpful bank advisor and negotiated it. The advisor, down to earth person, retired now, in response to our sighing said: ”I remember when my mortgage interest rate was 16%” Then they went on tell us how hard it was. I was not inquisitive enough then…

    So, my question is when was it?

    • Probably around about 1979 when Maggie Thatcher took power. Anyway, like everything else house prices are just another way that we all try and screw each other. I’m all right, Jack and all that. You have to get with the programme.

      • @Hunter, It was and all to bail out the thieving criminal banksters who had overstretched themselves with loans to Poland and Brazil, who both defaulted on those loans, so us British mugs had to cough up. Their criminality knows no bounds!

      • Hopefully, TND, you’ll be mortgage free now?!

        Nice to hear you borrowed from a “Jew”, since all the finance industry (even back in the 80’s) was controlled by “Jews” 😂

        Personally though, I do feel you contextually and wrongly associate and discredit Jewish people in general… they’re not all the same and your ordinary Jewish person is affected by any and every agenda in the “Great Reset” of things.

        The one and only thing I’m against in terms of jewishness is the protection it has.

        Such protection for a religion does eliminate freedom of speech/expression, and perhaps sounding hypocritical, I believe this protection to be a major cause of the problems we face today… we should be freely able to voice opinion on anything without being demonised or deemed to be criminal simply by voicing opinion.

        Only when people dispel the myth that we are all different, is when we can one day find peace.

        Displaying hatred for anything is a sure sign of being indoctrinated!

        You are obliged to have your beliefs and to be free to opine them, personally though i don’t find them all to be truth.

        Just my free thought being typed by my thumb on this smart phone 🙄

        P.S You can spare me the Copy n Paste texts, I’ve read them 👍🏼

      • @DC “You can spare me the Copy n Paste texts, I’ve read them.”

        Then there’s no hope for you. The Serpent Seed Jews are a united ethnic tribe, no matter what faked facade differences they might display in public, and they hate white people with venom, and want them genocided. The ONLY thing lacking here is the extraction of your dumb head from your arse.

  16. Rich get richer…poor get poorer…
    Even blackouts been mentioned but you can only prevent this if you have a smart meter…
    What a coinsidence…
    No more banks eventually…
    Lockdowns (crashing the economy)…
    Over half the people in the uk in debt and behind on mortgages and facing eviction at times as well for rental people as well…
    People really need to get there brains into gear as this global reset is picking up quickly…
    All this bollocks of ukraine war and pandemic excuses is just another lie and a smoke screen…
    Yet they still have there jabs and wear there gags😀…and believe whats fed too them…
    There dragging us down into the cess pit with them

    • How could non-smart meters be powered off whilst smart meters remain powered on? Only smart meters can be turned off remotely. If non-smart meters were turned off so would smart meters.

      • Its because they want everybody on smart meters…
        Its a blackmail threat basically…
        So if you have one thats all good but if you dont you get switched off…
        Everything has been for a reason..

        Pandemic-global reset
        Lockdowns-economy crash
        Ukraine “war”-anything else and the rest…
        Jabs-im not sure about but maybe for jab passes again?…
        Or the big one…depopulation longterm?…

        If you read between lines on most things it becomes clear…

    • Exactly….winter of discontent…..HOLD THE LINE FOLKS….a bumpy road ahead…

  17. For sure if you can buy cash, it’s the best deal. Then I don’t find a perfect solution, buying or renting, you are enslaved with the bank and/or the landlord, and yes it’s easier to break the contract with a landlord. My worry about renting is: what do we do with our money stocked in the bank, our economies? They may be a bit consequent, but still not enough to buy cash a house/flat or to buy with a “reasonable” interest rate… which always brings me to the question: if you can’t buy how do you keep out of the bank your money to prevent them to stole it…?

  18. First of all Hugo yes I heard this on the news last night and Melissa talkSPORT heard it was turn the telly off yet as soon as I had a number 33 I thought oh my goodness yes obviously a sigh a poor part of their plan honestly I wish you stop using his number as well it’s so obvious to see what they do whenever you hear some of these numbers 15 3344 et cetera anyway couple of quick points first of all in Scotland there is no tress pass laws so anybody can run freely on lands forestry woodland et cetera second of all yes I know what you’re saying about that we are actually all part of the system to when we got registered at birth however as Hugo said it’s important to try and get off the system ha ha more to try and attach yourself where ever possible yes sweet to some extent are linked however where ever possible try and get your stuff away from the system we only just thought we did our self all these things we normally used to also I don’t watch I’m a celebrity but agree people will be tuning in in their millions to watch this numpty earn a fortune why are there tuning in the old they will all be tuning off or maybe something else it’s going to be happening I don’t normally watch but honestly he’s going to be doing some of his challenges I think I’d love to see him squirm it won’t be swimming as much as the poor people he’s injured and killed over the last we while home and I’m sure I had a final point it seems to have escaped me that was it in the comment on the last video at the Jono Looney video I watched it all my God insane but it basically sums up everything we’ve known for a long time I actually shared it with my mum he watched it on mine was blown over sadly it’s come too late for her she is a jack she has been jabbed but also she started to see slowly so I see there is hope for everyone she start to see

    • At the risk of stating the obvious Hancock is there solely to pull in the ratings. The higher the ratings the more the adverts costs hence ‘justifying’ his ‘gate’ fee. It is commercial TV after all 😉

  19. The interest rate hikes is like being put on the rack , the classic medieval torture device. They start slowly. First a little turn every so often just 0.25% , then a few twists 0.50%. Then they give it a good old spin 0.75% and keep going. Now obviously we are all acutely aware of the price increases at the supermarkets. But have you noticed how they are doing it. Each price increase on any given item seems to be 10-11% and they do a round of them in line with the BOE base rate increases. Or at least that is what it seems like to me after watching it for a few months.

    Whether you have a mortgage or not. We are all on the rack.

  20. Thanks Hugo. You mention getting out of a mortgage. What do you reccomend instead? Rent is expensive and seems like a ripoff too. Obviously families need a good place to raise kids so what options are there? Can you make a video about that?

    • Also if your wages are paid into the bank what then? they’re not going to give us cash.

  21. Your really have turned a corner with your worship to a mythical person … I’m impressed with you lack of understanding of the digital process and mortgages .. you rent therefore you pay someone else mortgage + their profit …
    Use cash, well once digital currency comes in, cash will be used to start the fire from the tent you will have to live in …
    It’s not rocket science..

      • Please explain? Cowardice in not believing in a mythical person, or using cash… just work it out… cash will be a thing of the past … paying rent is lining someone’s pockets … and if God does exists then God is a sadistic fuc@er …

    • ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) caused a surge in BTL (buy-to-let-mortgages). You could spend years in private rental paying off someone else’s mortgage only to find out that when it is paid off that they want to ‘sell up’ and want you out. If you can, would you not be better paying your own mortgage off?

      • Well said – at the end of the mortgage you have pure equity. If you had someone else pay that mortgage for you (renter) you will have profited further.

        If renting over the same period as a mortgage (25 years) for example, there’s not really anything to show for it.

        When the mortgage market fluctuates by means of recession and higher interest rates (common occurrence every 10 years or so), tends to create a housing crisis and a shortage of rental properties, thus, driving up rents.

        Therefor, having a property to let whether owned or mortgaged is a win win situation providing you are not dependent on the income of the rented property and can withstand mortgage interest rate hikes.

    • What mythical person are you talking about, Krishna? Buddha?
      Satan is not the authority just the worm that is leading this decent into the flames, the unworthy follow his lies and are turned into blinded mutants and the Christian people escape in the rapture. For those who want to stay in the cities because they can not break their addictions to the conveniences of the city realize that to live in the mountains poor is a better path because the end of the world is coming and to sell out for temporary pleasure …well that is the path to hell.

  22. Hugo, can you please do a video on this. It mirrors what is happening in US with Alex Jones.

    Daily Mail headline ….
    ‘Britain’s cruellest troll’ who has spread conspiracy theories about Maddie McCann, 9/11 and the murder of MP Jo Cox could be made to pay for his lies about the Manchester Arena bombing as horrified families of terror attack victims stage a fightback
    Richard D. Hall doesn’t believe the Manchester Arena bombing took place sand suggested it was staged
    He believes the blast on May 22, 2017 was a deep-state plot and injured were ‘crisis actors’ going by a script
    He has written a book, made a film, given talks with over 16 million views, and has 80,000 YouTube subs
    But latest documentary reveals he tracked down survivors to show they’re lying about their injuries

    • I am not going to view or ‘subscribe’ to his youtube channel as that is what it appears to be one of his many streams of income. In any case, what about those who supposedly died in the attack, wouldn’t it be easy to prove that they never existed? What about 14-year-old Eilidh MacLeod from the island of Barra in Scotland? Is she a fiction? That would have to be one ‘Wicker Man’-style cover up. Every member of a small community in on it. As ‘convid’ taught us – if we didn’t already know – unscrupulous people will do or say anything to make money.

      • @ Sarah
        I’m sure most in the Truther community have heard of Richard D Hall and are aware that he is one of the best investigative researchers out there. His work on the Madeline McCann case is second to none. And what he does so well is present the EVIDENCE then allows people to draw their own conclusions.
        This is obviously a hit piece as was the recent Panorama episode with Marianna Spring. Here is a link to the emails Richard received from the BBC to help you understand how this whole operation of discrediting somebody works.

        Regarding your comment about the Manchester bombings I would suggest you watch Richards videos looking at the evidence. Also I am surprised that you have made the ‘Wicker Man’ comment after watching Hugo for so long. We know false flags happen, we know there are crisis actors …in fact I could send you a list of websites that advertise for these very people. None of us would want to believe there are people out there who would do this kind of thing for money but sadly there are.I think you only have to watch the press conference with the Sandy Hook father Robbie Parker to really start questioning things.
        And lastly no-one is asking you to subscribe to Richards channel, his research is free for anyone to look at. He does have an online shop where he sells his books/merchandise, as does Hugo.
        To me this is obviously a mirror of what is happening with Alex Jones in the US. To frighten people from speaking out with the threat of totally destroying their reputation and taking away their very livelihood.

    • @Sassenach, Look’s like the criminal scum have their work cut out! Even I discovered that one of the alleged 22 dead was already dead before the event, and another wasn’t even in England on that day, as she was an Australian resident, and in Australia that day. ROTFL!

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine That doesn’t surprise me.
        The way they work is by using media to evoke an emotional response. People don’t think when they’re angry/upset – they just react. Fortunately for us there are millions who are still able to think critically and do REAL research.

    • I know someone who does at that event so don’t believe was fake however a glass flag doesn’t mean it’s fake, it just means an alternate agenda/motive behind the attack

      I would add, isn’t it strange how the war in terror and terror attacks have dried up the past 3 years. All those terrorists must be scared of Covid

  23. Thank you Hugo for being bold to speak truth, and as always, in a loving way.

  24. I’ve been using The Moody Bible Commentary and it has been so helpful🤗

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