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81 Comments on “They Want To REMOVE FREE WILL / Hugo Talks

  1. The AIB in Eire tried to enforce their cashless shite on their customers not long ago…
    Their customers withdrew their money and closed their accounts.
    The AIB weren’t long changing their tactic.
    Don’t comply…
    Don’t conform…
    Don’t play their games…

  2. Rabbi’s teach their followers that non jews are nothing more than cattle, slaves to the jews and that these self proclaimed gods ( lucifer) chosenites are on earth to rule it : the jew world order.

  3. God is STILL ON HIS throne ,psalm 2 …He’s laughing at these rulers and Kings.

    • I like to believe that but the sad thing is that he’s laughing while the children been murdered and their parents suffering.

      • Ah another name for nimrod

        ‘The four kings take Lot captive, and Abraham arms 318 trained servants and goes to free his captured nephew. They defeat the four kings and rescue Lot, bringing back all his goods, the women, and the people.’


        If Abraham and 318 servants of God Almighty can defeat nimrod his army and the armies of three other kings, what chance against God himself?

        satan corrupted man, he claimed he could be a god and what we see around us is the fruits of his works. He was given his time to prove his worth, his time is almost up.

        Father I pray to you bring your mighty judgment on these fools.

  4. I don’t own a phone capable of accessing the internet but every time you make a rare visit to a branch or use telephone banking, the app is aggressively pushed. Most people just want to lazily wave their zombie box over some sort of reader (even in pubs, just for a pint – WTF?) then shuffle home to watch soaps or Sky Sports. The following day, rinse and repeat. Hardly anyone thinks these things through.

    • I was a bit amused 3 years ago when I saw in Wetherspoons if you have the app you don’t even have to get off your arse to go to the bar for a drink, you request and pay on your phone from your seat and the staff bring it over to your table! People love this lazy journey to our downfall!

  5. The pope’s encyclical’s Laudato si and fratelli tutti are the templates for how “climate change” will conveniently be used to bring about this coercion and loss of freedoms. These loses of freedoms will supposedly be for the sake of the climate and that we are all in it together…. therefore you must sacrifice your own free will for the greater good, AKA…their dictates and whatever they may entail.

  6. The best way to stop your bank closing is to use it. Staff & buildings are expensive any right mineded business person would close a branch if it wasnt economical sense. CBDC is a totally different issue.

  7. The closer they are to introduce CBDC, the closer they are to crashing Bitcoin forever. All plebs putting their life savings into Bitcoin thinking they are safe will either wake up one day finding their BTC balance close to zero or unable to transact again without permission.

    Crypto will not be an escape route for plebs because only the hyper Billionaires can use it to transact afterwards. The guys behind BTC will not allow multi-millionaires/billionaires to use their invention if not in their club. I know making this statement will not help anyone. Just like in the beginning of Covid, the majority cannot see through the bs and fall for it.

    It will be an interesting time in the next 5 years purely from an entertainment perspective. Those idiots stupid enough to get vaxxed and also happen to invest heavily into crypto will have a memorable experience whilst still alive. Too ill to work and wrecked by crypto. Unable to live a life with dignity, the only viable outcome for them is waiting to die.

    • There is no ‘floor’ to bitcoin. Well, there is – zero! It is a case of ‘don’t look down’. Bitcoin is a bag of hot air. Nothing else. There is no intrinsic value whatsoever.

    • I’ve been wondering about crypto-currencies for years now. It seems to me that they were, probably, introduced by the same PTB – to acclimatise people to digital currency.

      My biggest problem is that they would be no more accessible than worthless fiat – in power outages or, ‘Cyber-Polygon’, type events…which, TPTB are at pains to warn us of.

      There’s that tacit consent, again.

      If anyone can persuade me otherwise, I, genuinely, would like to hear what they have to say.

      • It seems, at least initially CBDCs will exist alongside traditional bank deposits. Interestingly, traditional bank deposits are referred to as ‘legacy’.

        ‘Banks will remain the intermediary between the central bank, non-banks and other end-users. End-users will need electronic wallets to store and transact in CBDC, while banks will be responsible for issuing electronic wallets on the basis of existing know your customer (KYC) and other prudential provisions.’

    • I think CBDC is targeting primarily people on welfare and those who pensions have been wiped out.
      And then the rest will follow.
      The Catholic Church will further lose it’s power as there will be no more cash going into the basket. Besides the government has worked it out and lured these organizations to establish “charities” so they get 25 pence of every £1 extra if the money comes in an envelope with name and address written on it.
      Do you think it is because the GOV is so kind? No, it’s basically monitoring who is paying to what organization.

      Read this novel. It was written almost 140 years ago and the author explains the Phoenician system of the day. Nothing has changed.

  8. When the video ends most of the ‘suggested links’ are to ‘Dr’ John Campbell videos 🙂

    • Sarah@ yes I have noticed this for months if not years. Campbell is their man so they promote him. Thousands of deceived “truthers” are plugged into him and look upon him as a hero.

      • Yes, he is definitely being promoted which tells you all you need to know really. I have never paid him any attention to him but at the end of every HugoTalks video up he pops to fill most of the little square boxes. I wonder if HugoTalks videos are being pushed at the end of Campbell’s videos… hmm… I somehow doubt it.

  9. I noticed how more and more products and services these days are ‘carbon assessed’. You can see where this is going.

  10. @Hugo, Sorry Hugo but you have that all wrong. Free will is given only to those born of Yah – those that believe in The Truth and The Truth is Yashua Messiah. Fallen man from The Garden does not have free will – Fallen man does Satan’s will whether ‘good’ or evil.

    John 8:32 (KJV) And ye shall know The Truth, and The Truth shall make you free.
    John 8:36 (KJV) If The Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

    • I don’t know about Yah, but it can be argued that there is no such thing as ‘free will’; that we are a product of our environment and genetic makeup.

      • @Sarah, Your comments are always interesting – not always correct, but always interesting.

        There are only two wills in this age, Yah’s (God’s) will or The Adversary’s will, and mankind either does Yah’s will, if he’s born of Yah, or the Adversary’s will, if he’s lost and unsaved, that is, fallen from Adam and Eve in The Garden.

      • I had to study child development, en route to my BA (with Honours) degree in Education (many years ago). I don’t mention it to boast in any way – just to illustrate at what level the, ‘Nature v Nurture’, theory was promulgated.

        I seem to remember that it 50/50, as promoted by, I think, Margaret Donaldson. There were all sorts of studies done on twins, separated at birth…but, with experience, I don’t think any of them hold any water.

        ‘Studies’, are always funded by parties with vested interests.

      • @ ttnd Thank you. You’re so kind 🙂 *flutters eyelashes*

    • Hugo

      I will stand with you in the testimony that free will exists.

      16 And yet if I judge, my judgment is true: for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me.
      17 It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true.



      If there is no free will why would God give The Commandments to Moses that define what actions of free will make us righteous? Do you think he would seek to make fun of us with that we could never do?

      Oh fool, your own quotes argue against you, lets have a recap of previous lessons.

      John 8

      31 Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;

      If they continue in his word (righteousness) they will be The Sons disciples, so the use of the word CONTINUE means they can change their mind and go to satan! free will.

      32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

      In righteousness you will know the truth and free; So in sin you will be under lies and a servant of satan.

      33 They answered him, We be Abraham’s seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?
      34 Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.

      Commits a sin, a decision, a choice, free will. You become the servant of satan.

      35 And the servant abideth not in the house for ever: but the Son abideth ever.

      In sin the servant of satan can never enter the family of God. A Righteous person will live as a brother/sister to The Son lives FOREVER.

      36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

      In righteousness through The son you will never be a servant to satan.

      37 I know that ye are Abraham’s seed; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you.

      Disinheritance from the family of God through sin of free will.
      John 8 31-37

  11. Another great video Hugo in relation to 3 will every individual does have free will because that’s how we have the desire and the free will to choose to accept God and all these ways or to choose not so that would make sense with the video and the fact that all these things are going to come about because we have the free will to choose whether to make the correct decision or not completely agree with your video interestingly my mum is going to transfer me some money over on the weekend but then remembered she couldn’t as the bank telephone banking was shut as it had to be on done online by an app I said to her surely you can see all these things are starting to unfold and to my surprise she actually said that she could so maybe some people are starting to pick up however not soon enough and not quickly thanks again Hugo love in the videos

  12. It’s to do with Merchant Law/Maritime Law/Contract Law – all of which have been written over Natural Law and the Law of the Land – and all of which need consent (which is free will) to make the contract valid. All sorts of deceit is employed and a lack of negative reaction implies a tacit consent.

    The whole ‘Legal – but not Lawful), Ponzi scheme has been against us since the day we (and our exty-grandparents) were born because we have been kept unaware of the rules of, ‘The Great Game’. What they are angling for is a tacit consent to what they want to do. Hence, all the dramatics, distractions and manipulations.

    However, in Britain, the Law of the Land is, still supreme. They just don’t want us to know that.

      • It sounds really interesting, Flavius – but, I’ve been to Egypt (several times) and I’ve read other literature which suggests that Egyptology is part of the ‘smoke and mirrors’…which resonates for me (I’ve read a lot!).

        I have no doubt that the Phoenicians have been up to their tricks for millennia, but, Mercantile Law only began with the ‘Royal Charters’ to corporations.

        And…the Law of the Land is still valid, today. When it is invoked, it wins. They just don’t want you to know.

  13. one thing, if c.b.d.c requires just one central bank, bank of england, how will all the high street banks be paid off? my guess, they will crash the banks, and take savers money through the bail in scheme, that cameron signed us to in 2014, remember, you will have nothing?.

    • Banks will be part of the CBDC infrastructure, but obviously the CDBC will be fully traceable. HMRC, DWP, Police… are going to love CDBC.

      The operation, maintenance, and integrity of the network operating the CBDC platform should be shared among the central bank and banks, similar to the maintenance of the cash cycle. To do this, banks would need to maintain an IT infrastructure capable of processing CBDC transactions on the network at scale.

      Banks will need to connect to existing large-value payment systems to exchange reserves for CBDC and maintain electronic vaults to store CBDC. Infrastructure expansion will require the development of user endpoints, including electronic wallets issued to clients and used for their payments and digital transactions

    • The Central bank will be the Bank of International Settlements – wholly privately owned by the usual suspects…and they’ve already said as much. Search for the video of Augustin Carsten, CEO of the BIS – a great big, fat, land-lubbered heap of blubber, who tells us exactly what they are planning.

      They already own the commercial/retail banks, so it will only be a fiasco for us (the little people) and their ignorant employees…and, yes, a, ‘bail-in’, is my prediction, too.

      They tested the water in Cyprus in (I think) 2012.

  14. Exactly Hugo. Everyone who believes on the Most High need to ask for guidance as to how to prepare for these days. We all are different and have different gifts that we should share.
    Very difficult times are ahead. Come Messiah, come quickly. Be blessed all.

  15. Thanks Hugo, people are waking up but I fear it is to late for most that complied, I see an uprising coming in mass floods of the population and we all need to prepare for Hell on the streets sadly.

  16. People need to be prepared to close their accounts and move their money.
    Without access to the fruits of people’s labour, banks and governments are powerless.
    Personally I would like to see income taxes abolished, income tax is nothing more than forced labour under threat of violence.
    If a government cannot function via indirect taxes then it is not fit for purpose and its policies are unsustainable.
    Income tax removes the incentive to work harder as it penalises effort.

    • Move our money where, John? Under the mattress?
      Into physical gold or silver…crypto? How will that work when you need to pay for food?

      Our money is nothing more than worthless pieces of plasticised paper, whether in or out of a bank…and have you not noticed how hard they are making it for you to move (or remove) your, ‘money’, at all?

      I’ve been wrestling with this problem for almost three years, now – and I have yet to find a solution.
      I’m tending towards the mattress – at least it won’t be in the bank…and they won’t know what I’m doing with it.

      • Better some plastic under the mattress than locked account. Start using cash and this will prove useful when the tills don’t work. Some sellers will honour silver coins but I don’t think they will crypto.

      • karenibus, I have been taking my money out for the past three years, nothing in there now but a bit to pay bills with. MY money is staying with me, I don’t trust the banks, people have had their accounts closed for being outspoken and whatever money they had in there they lost. When the power goes off you will need cash, power cuts are going to be a lot more frequent and last for longer. There will always be a shop somewhere that will take your money. I have the most excellent hiding place, but I am sorry I cannot state where, you understand don’t you. My advice to everyone is get your money out of the banks. So long as you have cash you still have a bit of power.

    • If there was no income tax wages would soon ‘adjust’ as always happens. You may be a bit better off to begin with but not for long.

    • And I hope by ‘indirect taxes’ you don’t mean regressive taxes such as VAT. You are not one of those dump the tax burden onto the poor types, are you? Somehow, I suspect you are 😉

    • But what about those with life long severe disabilities caused by v’s, already? Parmakia has already destroyed their lives, how will they live?

  17. Yet another victim of the all too common these days, ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’.

    Devoted’ mum-of-three dies after taking ill while getting son ready for school

    A mother-of-three has suddenly passed away after falling ill while helping her child get ready for school in the morning. Michaela Bateman, 34 , fell ill on September 29 and was rushed to hospital where she later died from a pulmonary embolism [blood clot].

    Michaela was getting her oldest son, George ready for another day of school when she called through her mother who was staying over. The 34-year-old told her mother, Sharon Massingham, that she was in ‘agony’.

    The suffering mother-of-three was then taken to Frimley Park Hospital by ambulance. Michaela suffered a cardiac arrest not long after her arrival at the Surrey hospital and was informed that she was ‘gravely ill’ by staff.

  18. Talking of free will, my real fear now is that Sunak will make the death jabs compulsory. At least for now they are not, and I’m completely avoiding them by keeping as far away as possible from my doctors’ surgery. That could easily change though, as Sunak will want to keep his family happy, especially his father-in-law who is a top man in the WEF! When I’m at church it’s very difficult as everyone is talking about having their boosters, so I have to be very careful indeed about what I say to them. I try to keep out of these conversations as much as possible, to avoid any trouble. Just over two weeks ago one of my church friends died suddenly, and I was told today that she had a heart attack and that it was very sudden. I’m sitting here absolutely terrified at what will happen next.

  19. We need to keep paying for goods with cash, we need to keep cash in the system. The more people use cash, they can’t do the whole cashless BS.

  20. it amazes me how many religious people there are all of a sudden,the churches have been empty since the 1960,s.

  21. They started with the bullshit claim notes spread “infection” and scared people off using cash tills😀…
    I read about this shortly after this scam started…
    They want everyone on online banking…
    Its all about the digital society…
    Even on the WEF charts its clearly stated on there but these dickheads in society still can grasp what this is all really about😷…
    Sad really as more so than not people have sold themselves out and will pay for it later on when the jabs kick in as many are now and in the past have anyway…
    WEF global reset…they had to start it somehow so invented a fake pandemic to kick it off

    • read or get yourself an audiobook of “Pharaoh” by Prus.
      A book written almost 140 years ago. By the way the best novel of Joseph Stalin. His wife was Jooish.

      Nothing has changed the Phoenicians exploit and terrorize the people living of the land.
      The demise of US and Europe is their job.

      The historians will tell you that civilizations rise and fall but they don’t tell you who exactly is behind these changes.
      No one ever asked why the West became so dependent on Chinese products. The same was going on in Ancient Egypt a millennium before Christ.

  22. Thank you for picking this topic, Hugo. I am hoping the one in our place stays open, it always seems busy but who knows..?

    Not to the point…I’ve paid by card today at self-service and noticed my reflection on the camcorder. Last time, I swear, I use this merchant, I hate to look at myself without a lipstick on.

  23. Michael Hoffman’s book, Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that was and Now is Not, should be read by every Christian… I wish I had read it when I was much younger…

    • Edgardo, usery was always practiced in Eastern Europe. Ask anyone who comes from there. If they don’t know, their older relatives know. I do not know any lender personally, but back in the days in villages and towns there was a saying: if you need money go to a Jew. Apparently people grew resentful as they worked their land and were worse off than Jews, but again, Jews could not own the land(at some point) and perhaps later they saw no point in owning it.

      • @Hunter, Jews and their usury was only the half of it. The other half was the sacrificing of Roman Catholic and/or Eastern Orthodox children at Passover.

    • 100% agreed!!! Usury comes from the jewish luciferian cabalists of the synagogue of satan; it’s their usury which enslaved all nations and people of all colours and creeds – does this sound familiar?

  24. To Nigel Watson. So very good to have you back here hun, I was worried about you! Hope you are ok. I love your videos, please do keep them coming. It sure is fantastic to have a fellow Christian as yourself doing videos, giving excellent advice and support to everyone. Knowing that there are other Christians who support this forum and come together to share their thoughts and give advice brings me huge comfort in these insane times. God bless you. Warmest wishes and thanks from Carolyn Xxx

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