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23 Comments on “We Become What We Behold / Hugo Talks

  1. Nothing to do with this video but

    333 ~ 3 years 3 weeks 3 days between Korean movie ‘Parasite’ release date October 5 2019 to Korean Halloween Stampede October 29 2022. Parasite depicts a great ‘flood’ in the streets on Korea.

    🙄…The latest psyop BS in NoSeouI…The woman with Iong bIack hair, wearing bIack, moves at 4 secs & starts pumping at 6 secs…What is she pumping exactly? Air? I see the leg pumping is saving lives too…😂
    IMO false flag energy harvesting ritual!…🤦🏽‍♀️
    Have a look

  2. Yeh all staged, check out the shadows cast from the lighting and you can see the shadows of professional camera operators. 🤣🤣

    • Yes, and probably a ‘ring of steel’ around them too to protect them as they go about their ‘business’. The media ‘frame’ events in a certain way.

  3. Everything is staged….
    “Covid pandemic”…”ukraine war” to name 2…
    It gets in peoples heads and does influenece them…
    If people turned off media and news and thought for themselves they be better off….
    But no people still believe all the crap shoved down there throat

  4. Yes, we create out lives, and we need to pay attention to what we mentally digest. The minds have been conditioned in many waves since we first learned words and began thinking. Awareness in the key – and bringing together how we have things ‘wired up’ in awareness puts us in a stronger position to see the wider picture.

  5. Indeed. The Phoenician elite is winding people up constantly. They want people distracted and angry.
    Regardless if the man intervening was real or part of the psyop it does not matter much.

    They were staging these fake protests/actions long long time ago. I have seen one during lockdown 2020 at Canary Wharf in front of Barclays HQ. There were people in hazmat suits and the slavery was written on the transparent. You would think that this is great. The thing is I noticed the logo of Extinction Rebellion.
    Basically what they do is they hire these organizations to run fake protests. The media take pictures and put it in the news.
    This is their tactic to keep people on their couches. People check the news see protests think “Great someone is protesting against these banks. Too bad I wasn’t there but I go next time!” Yeah of course.
    And ER in front of Barclays HQ put big transparent with SLAVERY written on it like they know this Joo bankers/merchant was involved in slave trade couple centuries ago. These are all proactive measures to prevent people from assembling.
    As I said before all these top Joo charities are on it. The prime example is Oxfam filled with Joos.

    If it was you doing it (painting buildings and blocking traffic) they would send storm troopers in riot gear in no time.

    Everyone including me and Hugo should change the attitude towards these news because the long objective of this barrage of psyops is to wear people down mentally.
    We have to either completely disconnect from this crap or turn these “news” into jokes otherwise we fall prey like the others who believe it’s true.
    Honest commentary does not help in this regard.

  6. It’s all a show. Sit back, relax and just laugh at this like I do. They can paint the building multi-coloured if they like. Who cares when it’s all just yet another distraction. While this pathetic show goes on, keep your eyes on the real problems being manufactured and defy them in every way possible.

  7. You absolutely right Hugo…and bare in mind that these “orange” colour has everything to do with deception taking a place here… it’s famous number “33 in numerology for occultists/Freemasons/ Illuminaties and they are using it a lot in their fake, deceptive world which is presented to us….

  8. Noticed the paint was directed at a temporary hoarding rather than the building itself – wouldn’t want to cause too much damage would they !

  9. I often wonder why 99% of them are white and middle class.
    Maybe thats the demographic that are easy to manipulate

  10. I wonder if a protest group against the use of Lithium batteries were set up to protest against the child exploitation in the mining of Lithium, and the fact that the batteries cannot be recycled and are highly toxic, would get the same hands off attitude from the establishment as these idiots. If car sale yards were attacked with paint on the electric vehicles, if electric buses were attacked. Would that expose the hypocracy of the establishment? We know the answer. I bet extinction rebellion and just stop oil are all the same actors anyway!

  11. Hugo, keep pursuing Truth. In your journey, filter everything through the question “Is it true?”.

    I am praying for you to find He who is the Truth.

    “ The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” 2 Thess 2:9-10

  12. When you want to know if someone or something is legit, always follow the money trail, the bigger the trial the less legit.

  13. To my eternal shame I am friends with one of these ‘protestors’ 🙁 One that is all over the media 🙁

    • Interested to know whether she actually believes her actions are helping or whether she knows she’s part of the pys op.???

  14. Now then, how is this psyop? A year ago this fiesty Polish lass was all over chattering classes extreme lefty rug, the Guardian, the moderate leftie rug – the Telegraph. If they only understood what she was shouting…:):):).

    • If your actions (mental health) are putting yourself or others at risk e.g. perching on bridges, sitting in front of traffic; you would be ‘sectioned’ under the Mental Health Act. What is happening in these videos would be classed as potentially suicidal acts. So why are these clowns carted off by the ‘men in white coats’?

      • Hehe I think Hugo watches auditing Britain from time to time based on this video. 👍

      • These are paid actors, because of the damaged economy many are willing to be crisis actors all over the world.

    • Speaking of psychological ops remember this sky news “glitch”? How interesting looking at what we are seeing now and how this signals are supposed to fly under the radar and out of time https://youtu.be/ELrn0mmZnGE

  15. Did they buy their clothes at the same place? Reminds me of the FBI undercover uniforms.

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