Doctor dresses as Witch/Wizard for press conference, #WitchDoctor “My Crystal Ball says get your booster” How much more obvious does it have to be?

111 Comments on “Doctor dresses as Witch/Wizard for press conference, #WitchDoctor “My Crystal Ball says get your booster” How much more obvious does it have to be?

  1. I think they misspelled “B$tch” as in getting injected is a b$tch.

  2. God bless you Hugo.
    Aren’t these people just so sick or what?
    The rapture of all believer’s is gonna take place soon, and I pray that you will be one of us that will go 🆙️
    Praying for you now 🙏🔥

  3. Pagans who are ( Aos Sí) demons processed have no shame!! Shame on you parents who are begging and willing to sacrifice your children in the name trickery(Deceiver, Satan). People need to change from their wicked ways as the judgement of God is here now! Like I’ve always said to those who were close and strangers here’s ‘Thus says the scriptures, that Covid is actually AIDs’. It’s all written clearly in scriptures page by page!! They have deceived the world into thinking it’s a flu cold and trying to play it down. Thus said the scripture This curse is riff amongst the sodomites and those who refuse God grace who is The Lord Yahweh Christ!! (Amos 4:10) Look at the characters today who are pushing for this and you’ll find that they are ANTICHRIST… no different than those of your ancestors back in Egypt who wanted Babylon instead of the promise land, the chance to have Hod as your government here on earth! An we saw once Egypt economy collapsed the same will be played out now!! However we have now crossed the world, and with this the gospel has be shared about Yahweh…we are at the end and blow awaiting for the burning of this world is as every life organism needs to perish as it’s corrupt and my scriptures says everything living thing will be killed and utterly destroyed which is not of God, I sincerely hope people reading this has gone and got their water baptism and repented! You see God has he’s way in doing things before you can even approach the author of life and a cure for sinners your ancestors has laid upon to this day, inoculation(vaccine) Acts2:38 is every born again Christian immunity from hell and the grave!! Can you now see there are two vines on this earth! God way(Truth) and Satan way(LIEs)!! Thanks for reading…Shalom in The Lord Name.

  4. It does reek of desperation….
    And specifically targeting the children is sickening.
    They can’t actually mandate shite while over 30% of us refuse, there’s just to many of us !!!…..
    just more evil coercion.

  5. Evil personified! Leave the children alone, they don’t need the snake oil!

    • Watched it. Sounds like the covid vaccines are the greatest offering since Jesus to the human race. At 29:45 she states that THE COVID VACCINES ARE NOT ALTERING OUT DNA IN ANY WAY AT ALL.

    • So which one of the videos is it? You click the link and what comes up is Episode 1, Episode 2 and so on.

  6. It’s one thing when stupid grownups buy into this crap, but all those parents subjecting those innocent children to this enrages me!! The time of ignorance is over! People should know better by now.

  7. Even the most adamant atheist must be saying this is kinda dumb and not at all acceptable for adult discussion on serious health issues, whether it’s halloween time or not.

  8. I just posted this book on your personal vid, just came across it, but will mention it hear too, I feel it will help people understand why these things are happening right now. Blew me away just reading a section of it on Amazon. I have had a lot of questions and this has answered a lot of them, so just ordered it off ebay as it is cheaper.
    Signs Of The Second Coming.
    11 Reasons Jesus Will Return In Our Lifetime.
    By, Britt Gillette.

  9. To savvyshaz, I’ve just watched a couple of minutes of this video which was all I could stomach. Clearly actively promoting the killer jab!

  10. Since when did kids die of the fecking flu every winter?!!

  11. Interesting video Hugo as ever absolutely awful what are they trying to make out that suddenly children are dropping left right and centre of the flu these people need to be held to account

  12. I was waiting for news of a satanic sacrifice to hit the headlines this Samhain and it duly arrived in Seoul. This is an end times hellride with the Devil in the driving seat and his pedal to the metal. People need to jump off whilst they still have time to save themselves. Rev 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

  13. Only thing people get is they have been “boosted” for longterm health issues..
    This will one day go down as the biggest medical scam and violation on a human population ever..

    • Only if they can somehow be held accountable for what they have done, it’s part of the plan to kill people with jib jabs. Little bit here little bit there.

  14. Crystal ball😀…
    Load of balls more like…
    I wont even get into peoples mindsets how or why they go through and believe all this shit…
    They stick out fake variants that “evade” jabs to get more and more to continue too have them…
    Its so obvious now to even someone with half a brain…
    Even them masks will come back and there as useless as a chocolate tea pot…😀

  15. Check out the amazing work of Antoine Bechamp and dump Pasteur’s lies into the waste bin where they belong. Boosting the body’s natural immune system is the only way forward and saying a huge ‘NO’ to the waves of distraction, dumbing down, disempowerment, deliberate harm and de-population which is all there for you courtesy of ‘DEMONIC DESIGN!!’ We are all frequency and if anyone has given into the narratives and had an experimental injection, tell them to listen to 528 frequency HEALING THE GOLDEN CHAKRA for 3 hours on and off and they can read or sleep etc. etc. This frequency is connected to the heart and it drives the universe. How powerful is that?? How powerful are we – which is the main reason we good hearted humans are being treated like this – if we allow it of course. Keep strong everyone and know that we are the ones we have been waiting for. (Hopi Indian saying.) Re 528 frequency – this listening can be done as a surrogate for someone else. How about that – it shows how connected we all are by the glorious heart energy.
    Our planet EARTH that we chose to incarnate on is an anagram of ……. guess what? …… HEART. Eartheart is where we are needed right now. Enjoy…. xx

  16. So this is the science we are supposed to be following; a quack staring into a Chrystal ball.
    Hugo: if so many are swayed by the propaganda, why are only 15% of Chicago people jabbed?
    As more people see sudden death on their doorstep they are beginning to push back.

  17. I’m telling you now…I am NOT getting vaccinated and if you force it on me I will start a literal war

    • “Vaccinated”….its not even a vaccine as not gone the through proper trials and safety testing too be called that…flu jab took 10 years to fully go through the proper channels..”vaccinated” and “vaccine” its none of either this syringe of literal shit people are having

  18. All this makes my blood run cold. I’m now absolutely terrified about what will happen to my friends and family, as one of my friends has so tragically died suddenly. Also about three weeks ago, our local paper said that a man had collapsed and died just up the road from where we live. Strangely I never saw or heard an ambulance that afternoon, and we were both home all day! Never heard a thing, how weird is that!! Every day I live in fear of what will happen next, and when my hubby came home from church at lunchtime, the first thing I did was to ask if everyone at church was ok. Thankfully he said they were all fine. Anything could happen though as all my friends are having their boosters. We’re all living on a knife edge folks!

    • @Carolyn King…There is no fear in the Almighty. Trust in Him & He will give you peace beyond your imagination🕊

  19. As we all know the Jewish word for sorcerer is fharma its all in plane site guys they are not hiding it anymore

  20. People are unlikely to apply critical thinking in regard to covid vaccine, unless … they watch this:

    • So this here is an Illuminatti attempt to get interest in vaccines mixed in with an attempt at humor to make it entertaining and acceptable. All TV its just there by the demonic froces that control the world through their army of possesed secret society members and now all kinds of humans.The end is coming only the born again Christians will take part in the Rapture.

  21. Not one of these evil people will get away with murder. The Most High sees & knows every scheme that every person does. Unless they repent.
    I pray for them all.
    And as a reminder if you put your full trust in the Most High, He will keep you in perfect peace. No need to fear🕊🌹
    Thanks Hugo.

  22. Really disgusting, no any sort of science behind this vax worship. 🤑🤑🤑

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