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  1. Yes do the personal video, I don’t agree with everything you say but you are on the point on some things

  2. You tell us all about your personal life, Hugo! We are adults! Seriously,I would think most of your regular viewers are open to new info.

  3. yes please Hugo it’s been since 2018 I started to find Christ Jesus and god almighty again now I listen to them I read my bible KJV BIBLE and try and be a good christian I belong to the knights templar and BFP both groups follow Christ Jesus and give good advice ✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🙏🙏🙏❤️

    • You cannot be a mason and a Christian it’s the wrong Jesus you are following

    • I’m sorry to tell you this, Angela (probably fake name and post)
      You belong to a Satanic Occult order. Wake up for goodness sake. The low ranks are misled and never told the truth.

    • With all due respect, you don’t “try to be a good Christian”.
      We all sin and fall short of God’s glory. We can try and try but because of our sin nature, we will fail. If we think we can earn our way to being good enough, we don’t need a Saviour. Jesus came because we can’t earn our own salvation, or maintain our salvation through anything we can do. Our best endeavours will fall short, massively. The chasm between a Holy God and sin is too big to bridge by any human efforts.

      We are saved by grace through faith – believing that Jesus the Messiah died for our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day. We don’t take that grace and abuse it, but we cannot “try and be a good Christian”. The just shall live by faith – habakkuk 2v4. We live by faith, being not conformed to this world, but by being transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we will know what is the perfect will of God (rom 12v2), but we do that by presenting ourselves as living sacrifice to God as is our reasonable service (Rom 12v1).

      Not sure what BFP is, but we shouldn’t be “getting good advice” from agencies. We should be looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith. If we look to man, or any of his organisations, we fail. We look to God and live wholly and holy for Him.

    • Did no-one tell you that the Knights Templar really didn’t like women, Angela?

      I don’t know what you belong to – but, if I was you, I’d get out asap.

  4. How strange. I watched his speech yesterday. A shudder went down my spine when I watched his face. I actually thought he was a robot and the real Rishi Sunak was coming on later.

  5. Right on. The Babylonian beast system of numbers and images. Birth certificate and identity numbers. Image of the beast (government logo) and number of the beast, on your ID. And what else is on your ID / passport? Your forehead (the front of your face, and what else? Your right hand thumbprint .. can you get a job, bank account, drivers license, travel, buy and sell, without ID? Tell me it ain’t so ..

  6. Yes please, I would like to now about your personal experiences. I also have been reading lots of books and reading the bible as well allthough the bible is not complete. It has 66 books ! and heard there where originilly 777 ! And everytime i have read a book my perspective changes and got more and more disconnected from the system and see how dangerous some things are. Also your video’s are very informative and down to earth and i am very curious about your personal experienses en perspectives and if they changed during the last year, because mine did !

  7. Yes a personal video would be great. The bible talks about the end times and deception but sadly lots of Christians can’t see it. They’re all vxxd. I don’t understand how they can have such strong faith in something you cannot see and trust in Jesus but are blinded to what is going on. 😕

  8. it’s like Tony B-liar put on an Indian meat suit…all the same mannerisms and talks the same way

  9. Yes Hugo,,, please tell us about your previous experiences,,, some of us could learn something from it.

  10. Yes please Hugo we are praying the Lord lead you to Himself. Do you listen to pastor Alwyn at Calvary chapel, Victoria, London. Very good doctrinally.
    The only hope we have is in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    He came to save the lost.
    Love in the Lord.
    Lesley Jane

  11. RI-shi SUN-ak. In Chinese, ‘Ri’ means ‘Sun’, and ‘shi’ means 10. SUN-ak = sun-ark

  12. I’m so glad to hear you are following the straight and narrow path Hugo. So long as your seeking the Most High diligently and repenting when you’ve sinned, then you are doing well.
    Yes we would like to hear what changed your perspective. It may help many more. Thanks for the encouragement with Scriptures. Yah bless one & all🙏🏼🕊

  13. Good video and I fully agree! We have to stay out of the Babylonian system, as much as we possibly can. Rishi does seem like another fake character.

    Also, I am not much into gematria but I did a check on Rishi Sunaks’s name and the results are; Rishi = 63 Sunak = 66. Interesting!

    In Daniel 11 it says that the antichrist will have no regard of his fathers “gods”. Since Rishi is a hindu and he has a weird gematria number + that some scholars believe the ac will be a great leader in things like politics, economy, etc, Rishi could atleast be a contender of that title. Just my own thoughts so far.

    God bless Hugo and all!

    • maybe
      but I’m looking at Obama for that role. he’s just built a huge building for ‘peace!’
      without Christ, who is the true Prince of Peace? I don’t think that will work!

      • Yes, I agree that Obama is a strong candidate for that role. There is a video on youtube of a jewish boy who died for a moment and saw a vision of Obama being Gog. He saw that Obama would be the leader of the UN and then lead the armies toward Israel in the end, where he is killed and buried.
        If I remember it correctly what he said.

        I even had a dream myself of Obama some years ago where he was torturing Christians.

        God bless Susan!

      • Hey Charles. Have you been in his bedroom to know if he is sodomite?

      • @Chaplain Bob Walker – @houstontexans2015fan – @Thewholeworldisdecieved – The Antifa libtard Cultural Jew Marxist posing as a Christian!

        I do research, unlike you. Next you’ll be telling me Michael is a woman! LOL

      • You still have not answered why Jews don’t crawl on their bellies? Serpents crawl on their bellies and when the serpent was cursed by God. He was cursed to be on his belly. So how do serpents on their bellies reproduce with humans. Lmbo

      • @Chaplain Bob Walker – @houstontexans2015fan – @Thewholeworldisdecieved – The Antifa libtard Cultural Jew Marxist posing as a Christian!

        I have answered it and I am not going to repeat myself.

      • I can’t help thinking that it’s going to be Prince William who’s going to fill that role.

      • @kerenibus, William and Harry will never come to the throne – Canaanite Serpent Seed Jewish blood in their veins, plus Harry boy is now a miscegenator.

  14. Mr. Hugo! A few months ago, I followed a link (from I believe Kim Osbøl?).
    I am at your site daily ever since.
    you show amazing discernment, insight, calm, wisdom, encouragement to me.
    I like to show your videos (for the words) To my gf. you keep things simple and concise. “Tin foil/conspiracy/spiritual warfare” are all very new concepts for her.
    You present reality far better than I am able, so I thank you for that also.

    please do share as much as you like. You are an inspiration and I am sure many rather consider you as a family member or friend.

    if I may- remember that we are in warfare, running a marathon, promised blessings and rewards for suffering for THE Lord and Savior.

  15. Is that the red kabbalah wristband the wife of Robot Rishi wears?

  16. I’d be interested in that video but whether it’s a good idea that you do it, that’s another thing entirely.

  17. Another bullshitter like that pig johnson….has £730m in personal fortune and yet half the uk are struggling with rent,mortgages and food…
    And hes part of the WEF…
    Another plant and robot for the elites

  18. I know some people who are delighted that Richie Soongetsacked has got the job. The fools, they have no idea whats coming. Ezekiel 7:19
    Hugo, be careful now what you reveal, you’ve developed a sagelike aura, don’t ruin it dude!

  19. Thanks for update hugo.
    Was unaware of that as I don’t watch TV at all anymore. Think ur right, its pointless taking an interest in politics as its all pretend and we just have the illusion of a democracy.
    Yes you should let people know about your personal experience, I think a lot of people will be interested. 🙂

  20. Hey Hugo loving all of your posts over the past two years and myself and people close to me get you and are on the same track ….. discernment. But don’t you think that the biblical stories go back beyond Christ and beyond the Egyptians with the same stories and with the names slightly changed but with all the same train of thought? Also didn’t Jesus leave this plane at the age of 33? Yes that magic number yet again. Loving your stuff and just throwing it out there as a discerning soul

    • They mock everything about Jesus Christ. That’s why they use 33, upside down cross, changed Jesus’ pics to be white, changed the bibles, use the double cross etc, etc

  21. Hello Hugo. I’ve watched your videos for about a year now and I enjoy hearing your perspective on the concerning events that have been taking place. I usually never comment on any videos but I felt compelled to this time. It’s nice to hear you are reading your Bible more. Also, you should share your story. I would be interested to hear it. Especially if it’s a testimony! Thanks for your videos. Take care

  22. Didn’t Hugo said last week that Truss is gonna become a tyrant, because he saw that in a tv show and then people will replace her with the hero BoJo is?
    Well people this is what you get when you only watch tv and listen to the news. Read a book, a scientific article or watch a debate about whether the sky is blue or light blue. You might be surprised the world is very different.

  23. Thank you Hugo, would love for you to do your personal video 🙏🙏🙏

  24. Weird enough he reads KJV, the most altered Bible out there. The Bible translation that has twisted the New Testament message so much that it has entire phrases that in other versions and languages do not even exist.

      • The KJV is the only Bible I don’t know where Paul gets his information he seems to have it back to front

      • It is not the only version it was the most used version, one can say imposed version. In English there is also the Tyndale version which was translated from Hebrew , Greek and Latin without the personal interpretations that King James added. Weird how you think a royal, which Hugo always says are satanists might be an accurate translation and not a version that changes the message to fit the royal agenda…
        I am also not British and also am Orthodox Christian, and I have compared our version to King James and passages in Revelations especially are changed in English. I also got the confirmation from a theologian and linguist student that KJV has “artistic” interpretations to make it easier to digest by masses but changes certain passages. So yeah, you believe what you want and read what you want, reality won’t change.

      • I think that you have to go back and do a lot of research.

        Where did, ‘The Bible’, come from before the KJV?

        Many archaeologists and historians maintain that there is not one single surviving text from before the 9th Century (that includes all the works of Homer, Aristotle and all the rest). That suggests that there were lots of ancient texts just lying around in damp crypts, here and there, for a thousand years or more – just waiting to be discovered by medieval monks (who were employed by the TPTB at that time), who managed to transcribe them just before they disintegrated (after having survived all that time in less than ideal circumstances).

        You have to look at the Guild of Merchants (in itself, a rabbit hole) who ‘translated’ and published the KJV Bible. It so happens that they were also the King’s propagandists. This information is not hard to find if you have a will to find it.

        Then you have to look at James VI/I, himself. What proof is there that he was who we are told he was?
        He is the one who gave his, ‘Charter’, to all the ‘Corporations’, who are, now (in their present guise), out of control…and his relatives and their descendants are, still, shareholders in those corporations!

        I grew up in Central Scotland and it’s hard to find land which is not owned by a Bruce or a Stuart…who are the same family.

        They have done very well, with the amalgamation of the Dutch East Company and the British East India Company, after the so-called Glorious Revolution. Think Opium Wars.

        Then, when they ran, ‘The Empire’, into the ground, they socialised the losses – that is, they gave the, ‘Empire’, to, ‘The State’, so that we (the little people) would have to pay for it…and we’ve been paying ever since, in more ways than one.

        I respect people’s faith in Christianity, but I wouldn’t trust the KJV bible as far as I could throw it.

      • And what makes you think what you say is correct? That’s a new one on the KJV. Always hearing news ways to hate on the KJV. The most hated book of all times

      • @Paul. Please advise us what things KIng James added?

    • maybe the re-writers deleted those words for a reason 🤔 good or bad?

    • Bloody idiot. You should start learning history – maybe start with the Reaffirmation and work your way back. Oh, and stop reading occult freemasonary rubbish – you might actually learn the truth.

      • And where would you find real history. I believe EVERYTHING has been altered in some way.

      • Exactly one of the points I have been making in here.

    • Please can you explain how the KJV has been altered and has twisted the new testament?

      • His script probably told him to pause to add sincerity and he has absolutely no idea what sincerity feels like.

    • @KERENIBUS…So what kind of research do you recommend. Because talking trash about the kJV is bullocks. First of all Masons have had there hands on everything. Most of the Church leaders since Constantine or before were Masons. Are a form of them. In secret societies. You have additional wisdom other than the bs you present? You have no idea other that the research you have that could be all done by Masons. You get it. You don’t know anymore knowledge or wisdom than anyone else. But I can tell the modern translations have all been changed. If you compare them to the KJV. Just do side by side comparison. Its not hard to do. Whole verses are missing. Oh but you will say the KJV added them.

  25. Rishi Welcomes you to ‘ The Great Reset’ where you will OWN NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. but you will be happy !!
    ☠️ 💉😷☠️ 💉😷☠️ 💉😷☠️ 💉

  26. I don’t watch any MSM now, I don’t pay for a TV license, haven’t for a couple of years, and I don’t use any social media at all, I get my information from more reliable sources. As for this moron being a robot, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he was some kind of automaton. I have seen stories about there being more than one version of Biden. Must be difficult to make a robot that’s as believably incompetent as him, but hey! As for your personal experiences, I’d say, go for it, you might just help some people along the way.

    • All weapons can be used against the aggressor including technology. Whatever your story is, Hugo, beware the ego. Thanks for all you do.

  27. Interestingly, Boris is the bookie’s favourite as the next permanent leader of the Conservative Party (7/2), then Penny Mordaunt (15/2) and then Suella Braverman (15/2). The bookies don’t expect a General Election until 2024 (2/9), 2023 (3/1) and 2022 (16/1) which they expect Labour to win; Labour Majority (4/5), Conservative Majority (5/1).

  28. He’s in the billionaires club enough said. None of these idiots even write their own speeches, they have speech writers to do that job. That far away look he has is very worrying, it’s like he was swapped at some point for a clone, I just wish they would hurry up with their agenda, I am getting pissed off with having to live out their pathetic games and wait for the end.
    We all have a story, I personally would love to hear yours Hugo.

  29. Rishi’s left eye looks to be slightly bruised and swollen in this picture.

    • I’d like to slightly bruise some other parts of rishi but that’s not the point, the British people have been played like children into allowing these unelected elites to grab the reins of power by a con, a fraud, its a farce.

    • I was going to mention his left eye. It’s darker and, also, lazy…turned towards his nose – giving him a cross-eyed look. But, it has always been like that, just as his shoulders are too narrow…and his suits are too small.

      TPTB, obviously, wanted him all along but knew that he was not palatable to the British public…so, they made him the, ‘lesser of two evils’, after the Truss/Kwarteng debacle/theatre.

      Classic, Hegellian dialectic…’Problem (we want Sunak but he won’t be accepted), Reaction (give them Truss), Solution – Rishi! (the man they wanted all along!)

      …although I think that they are not finished with this yet…

  30. haha Robot Rishi. Reminds me of robot Ed Milliband from a few years ago (search u tube for ‘Robot Ed Milliband’).

    Below is the name of the youtube video I watched a year and half ago, that switched me from a spiritual fence-sitter to Jesus Christ.

    ‘X Factor Winner Reveals World’s Secret Religion – by Altiyan Childs’.

    There’s no embarrasment or shame here in saying I now attempt to follow Jesus Christ. It’s encumbent on everyone that knows the truth to talk openly about it. The exact opposite of freemasonry.

  31. Hi, Hugo, I listen to you everyday, i trust your judgement and if you feel your story is interesting then please share with us.

  32. Thanks Hugo and yes, it would be great to hear some of your personal experiences; which would no doubt provide interesting follow on content – via comments and replies on here.

    • God is 100% using you Hugo right now . I suspect your personal experience over the last year will shed a light on this. I would personally love to hear all about it . ❤

  33. Babylon system is the vampire, yea! (vampire)
    Suckin’ the children day by day, yeah!

    Me say de Babylon system is the vampire, falling empire,
    Suckin’ the blood of the sufferers, yeah!

    Building church and university, wooh, yeah!
    Deceiving the people continually, yeah!

    Me say them graduatin’ thieves and murderers
    Look out now they suckin’ the blood of the sufferers (sufferers)

    Robert Nestor Marley

  34. Thank you, Hugo. Please do make the video. You have just validated the overwhelming urge to walk away from the whole system that I have been struggling with for some time now.

  35. This is news. I really didn’t know that this next clown are in “power” now.never liked the circus anyway😊the first thing I watch is your videos. always very interesting.very any of your ideas will be viewed with pleasure and interest👍🏻

  36. My advice is to get your money out of high street banks and into credit unions. If you need any help with that either search for them online or message me.

    • Who do credit unions bank with though, or do they just keep money in a safe at the back of the office?

  37. Interesting stand on that lectern Liz Truss was behind in the photo

  38. Hugo, I think you can give a testimony but don’t give any details (profession, names or locations).

    There is a progress Rishi Sunak behaves almost like puppet Biden.
    I think none of them wants to be “in charge” when the shit hits the fan but Rishi looks like he was groomed to this.

  39. Keep on telling it like it is Hugo,don’t ever stop. Love your work.Matt and Jarmila from Devon to Bratislava.

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