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  1. I have been put on to a site called The Conservative Woman. I expected jam-making, knitting etc, but it’s a site where people who can explain themselves post about all we are fighting. I’ve read a few things on there that have laid things out so that even I could understand. There are things I just did not know were happening. Don’t be put off by the name!

    • Hi Hugo, I noticed only today they did the heart thing with Leslie Jordan too.another one in the public eye that this just allegedly happened to. Check it out. This is imo part of the incremental reveal, same as those news reporters collapsing on air etc

    • Conservative woman has called this scam out from March / April 2020. You are right don’t let the name put you off, it equally applies to men.

    • Definitely needs a name change that site. Sounds like a ‘mumsnet’ for card-carrying members of the Tory party.

    • Conservative in it’s true meaning. Not a bunch of discredited scum bag politicians.

      • @loradotornado70,

        “Democrats (Labourites and Liberals) are Stalinists and Republicans (Conservatives, Tories and Neo-Cons) are Trotskyists”

        — Eustace Mullins

        “When I was in my 20s I was a Marxist, Leninist, Trotskyist, revolutionary Bolshevik and I had opinions roughly equivalent to Mr Cleverly’s Conservative Party now – which has become an extraordinarily left-wing party since then.”

        — Peter Hitchens – journalist.

  2. The minute you take one of these convid jabs you are effectively terminally ill and your time on earth is limited, and yet so many people don’t question why. I had an epiphany from day one with this pandemic malarkey and my faith in God was restored. I will continue to berate this phoney virus and stay away from the clot shot. Thanks Hugo for your insight.

    • I agree the shot is poison. But so are the chemtrials. The crap they put in our food. They poison from every angle. This shot is no different and people have been dying for years. Show me the people dropping dead all around us. Of course this Mason dropped 🙄 dead for his act in front of everyone so it could scare the crap out of people. They are all actors. It only happens on the fake stream media and internet. Not in reality. I have seen Noone die. Not one person. And have seem many take it. Sad to say.

    • No longterm safety data says it all…
      Only a idiot would have them as there is plenty of them🫢

      • AND ANOTHER ONE…!☝️


        A week ago (13th of October), the undeniably super-fit and athletic, Mr Brignole, was preparing to make a guest appearance at an event for this year’s 2022 Mr Universe Competition when he suddenly dropped dead.[oh yup, it’s happening a lot now].
        AND, of course (and as seems to have become the ‘norm’ now where it concerns people who have been dropping dead right around the world in this burgeoning new ‘Sudden Death Syndrome’ phenomenon) it’s reported that his death “comes as a shock”…; Doctors are baffled…; “cause of death has not been released”, etc, blah, blah. 🙄😏
        Nevertheless, witnesses and unconfirmed reports state that it appears Mr Brignole died suddenly from a massive heart attack.
        It seems Mr Brignole was one of these people who was of the opinion of, ‘Yes, let’s just get this done, get jabbed and over and done with, and move on, and live with it; …so we will be allowed to travel again, and get this show back on the road, ..and be allowed out to go to the supermarket, and McDonald’s, and the bar, and concerts, yeah, ..get back to normal…, blah, blah…’ (yes, well maybe for just a wee while anyway…😏)
        On April 4th, 2021 (I presume just on or after reeiving the ‘Special Herbs & Spices) (And by his express permission, and challenge, here, to use him as a ‘test case’, and hold him up as a poster boy and glowing example for the [alleged] ‘Safety and Efficacy’ of the ‘you-know-what’) he wrote [and, I might add, in what I see as a prophetic piece of very ignorant and arrogant conceitedness and ill-informed/ill-founded confidence]:
        “…Those of you who think the vaccine kills people can use me as a test. If I die, you were right. If I don’t die, and have no ill effects, you were wrong, and should admit it (at least to yourselves). Better yet, you should admit you were misled, and tell the world who misled you, so that other people can benefit by avoiding those fear mongers.”
        WOW, the irony here is just head-shaking stuff! People are cowed, and bullied, and threatened, and extorted, and coerced, into submitting and receiving this stuff by nothing other than real fear and anxiety mongering, standover thugs and tyrants, ….and WE who try to warn people about what is really going on, are apparently the so-called ‘fear mongers”! lol! [slaps brow!]
        AND, moreover, another report I read about this claims that Mr Brignole is now (wait for it 🤣)…. “…the very latest victim of the anti-vaccination [ie; anti ‘Special Herbs & Spices’ jab] activists!”!! Ha ha, how TF do you like that [and just how does that work?🤔]?! What a friggin’ hide! Apparently it’s all the so-called “anti vaccination activist’s” fault, he is THEIR “victim”! 😳😄 Again, the lunatic irony of these ninnyhammers is just head-shaking stuff! When will these doggedly stubborn and pig-headed dolts finally open their eyes and let a little light of truth and factualities in? It’s not like absolutely nothing has come abroad and to the fore on the last near 3 years or so.
        Well, I don’t think too many of us who Mr Brignole was accusing of being wrong, and misled, are about to concede to any such admissions. On the contrary, we will, according to his challenge, hold him up as an [yet another] example and testament of the ‘you-know-what’s complete ‘safety and efficacy’, and shall continue to try and open the eyes of people like him and point how it is THEY who are being very deceitfully led astray – ratbag “Conspiracy Theorists” that we are 😏.
        As for the likes of Mr Brignole, and the late Shane – “just get vaccinated and learn to live with it” – Warne (and many, many more poor, ordinary, non-celebs like them around the world) they are just too DEAD WRONG to even be here to admit it on their account!
        Man, it really is an Isaiah 5: 20 world we are living in now – everything just about completely turned upside down, and arse about face!
        [Note: EVERYRTIME I’ve tried to post this up on fb or youtube it has been denoed loading, or has been ‘disappeared’ within minutes of posting].

  3. I tried to warn and advice friends and family but they did not care to listen. Thankfully me and my brother are single and we share a flat together, we DO NOT watch TV or take in any media. I said to him that the vaccines were NOT to be trusted and he agreed. We are both Unvaccinated. I am yet to know of any friends or family that have died or are suffering! Although they do have a persistent cough now and some do not look as well as before taking the poison. Also!!! There are a good number of the vaccinated walking around looking VERY pail and ill. HIV or transhumanism?!! At this point I’m just keeping my eyes open and watching the demographics change to a more darker shade as immigration continues. OUT with the old and in with the New….be mentally Prepared for the wave of hysteria to come.

  4. Spot on, Hugo. Your comment about the Holy Spirit stood out. Yes, this inner voice of the conscience that is so easy to push aside….that is what we must listen to. And the Bible says our conscience can be ‘seared’. This means that even our conscience must be tested and trained by the pure Word of God. God bless you, Hugo! Keep the faith!

  5. I sincerely wish you luck with all your anti-jab crusade, Hugo, but it’s unlikely that we change mentality of the people. As I walked to my local GP practice in a purpose unrelated to the jab, I was greeted by the ‘herding shepherds’ who invited me behind the vaccination screen. I thanked them and sorted the original purpose of my visit out. On my departure I saw the masked elderly people who flocked behind the screen. People always wanted to live a … longer, ‘healthier’ life….
    Therefore, they choose taking statins over changing their lifestyle, they choose inhalers over quitting smoking, they choose slimming pills instead of becoming active… Same old story….
    Plus they were brought on believing in …Auntie. Thank God, I was not.

    My 30+year ward colleague, like many others contracted a bout of covid after the booster. My 60+ colleague was off from work for four months with heart problems after taking combined flu/covid jab. They both said ‘never again’. They are both honest people.
    A friend told me that her pharmacist workmate could not wait to ‘vaccinate’ her 4y old.

    After seeing many cases of adverse reaction to the ‘vaccine’, I felt that I had no choice but to resort to lying, to resist. I invented pre-existing heart problems. I had minor problems with heart palpitations years ago, which is common, but I blew it out of proportions. I also had an alleged and well documented anaphylactic reaction to ‘this and that’. Eventually NHS100k came up….

    You are focused solely on deaths from jab …Over the years I observed an increased incidence of cancer and so-called civilisation diseases obesity/ diabetes etc.. which were dominant even in pre-‘pandemic’ times. The reality is that old pre-NHS war time generation has almost gone and the younger generations are less healthy than they were, but they believe in NHS like the gospel.

    • @ Hunter This is so well written and I would imagine it resonates with a lot of people. We have slowly been poisoned by the toxins all around us, in our food, water, personal products and medicines. Sadly many of the genuine cures have been hidden as most could not be patented and therefore were not profitable for Big Pharma; and those who tried to bring them to the public have since been silenced. David Noakes (GcMAF) and Royal Raymond Rife are two examples but there are many more. I think you only have to look at the big Cancer charities to understand what is really going on. Thank you for bringing this important topic up 🙂

      • Thank you, Sassenach. I must look sometime into the names you are quoting. I admit I know nothing about them. After my relative’s death I bumped into a bunch of young people campaigning for ‘Cancer Research’. I was unwilling to engage with them and said: I’ve just lost someone to cancer. ”Great” – they said. I’ll never forget that.
        In the past I felt loyal to NHS, these days I feel suspicious. Slogans like ‘stay at home, save lives’ …all this while the hospital was empty, and then aggressive jab push had eroded my trust. I can’t believe that medics still pledge ‘primo non nocere’.

      • @ Hunter. Now that I agree with. They are poisoning us through everything. Not just the jab. They have been giving us toxins in our food, water, medicine etc. Chemtrailing the hell out of the skies.

    • Bet jab deaths or hospitalisation go down as “covid” yet again..
      None of the figures for “covid” was true as nobody ever had the thing…
      Yet folk still having them done…
      Fuck em i say as sick of the sight of them in the past with there useless face nappies on

      • Yes sad but true.And when playing zombie shoot em up games I can imagine this is predictive programming. Maybe these will be the people that went all the way to 8 ¨vaccines¨, yes they are planning at least 8.

    • People are finally reaping all their karma for treating animals like they’re commodities. Now it is time for humans to start being treated the way they deserve for all the jorror and abuse and torture they have contributed to. Good riddance to all the jabbed morons who chose bullshit over LIFE. The less of them the better. Karma karma karma. . Go vegan.

  6. Yes I’m interested in hearing about things that’s happened to you

  7. Jeremy vile dropping dead live on air would be a real benefit to humanity

    • Being a fully paid up member on the cabal I very much doubt he took any real ones. Just watch his triangle hand gesture he does at the start of most shows.

      • Exactly. I keep telling people he ain’t dead.

      • If people would learn signs, symbols and numbers. They would understand has these elite communicate. Doing triangle 🔺️ means nothing more than he was a Mason.

  8. I remember when the media said 55 yo people died of covid or due to covid complications afterwards and all the people now saying “it’s the jaaaab” were then saying it’s just one person that died from the flu. But I guess everyone has their beliefs…

  9. How do you know the very bible you read is authentic and has no free Masonic influence?

    • Becasue í personally can say I read the King James Bible and that is the best thing we have in the modern world that is accesible to modern man,but anyone could buy a geneva bible on Ebay that is even more close to the textus receptus. Its realy simple….Is the creator of all matter able to give a message to his world without some possesed human refuse perverting his message? You realy think he would let a demon posseed group of secret society members win and poison his message?? The entire reason he setup this test on earth is to filter all these souls, the majority fail but the cream of the crop go to heaven while the unworthy go to the fire below. Part of running this testing proces is to deliver the message he wants to deliver. Yes the Bible is trustworthy because GOD/Jesus is more powerful than satans cross eyed army. Many of you follow satan because you were born with demons in you from your parents sin and you have follwed satans reality for so long you give your soul to it. Satan has that machine, you know that prints the paper you want so you can keep chasing after the next convenient way to stimiluate your little fleshly body. The rapture is coming and the satanic world system wil say it was UFOS.

      • You said everything beautifully and in truth except the false teaching of the rapture. YALL say everything so great and somehow believe in a rapture.

    • When you open your heart to God
      communicate with God the holy spirit will guide you to the truth.
      Always beware of the devil because he knows the bible back to front and will try to confuse or use the word of God for his own agender.
      God talks to us through the frontal lobe
      That’s why it’s under attack by internet world wide web 🕸️ the devil is in the air wi fi
      AI , media , science, pharma , drugs addiction, Hollywood,
      Keep your sights on the word of God and not be fooled by the principalities of man.

  10. Jesus said I Am the Way, The Truth and The Life. I believe those words. The bible makes sense of what’s happening and what’s going to happen in the future. Would love to hear what’s changed how you think Hugo. I believe you have good discernment now. And a greater purpose for doing your videos. Thank you.

  11. @Chaplain Bob Walker – @houstontexans2015fan – @Thewholeworldisdecieved – The Antifa libtard Cultural Jew Marxist posing as a Christian!

    I cannot help you if you don’t understand what I have already written above. You’re incapable of understanding it = Spiritually blind – totally out of your depth – like a road sweeper attempting brain surgery.

    • So you you refuse to answer the questions and use the excuse that it’s spiritual. Lmbo. Wow dude.

      How do you know their blood is Green? .

      Why don’t Jews and Africans crawl in the ground Charles?

      • @Chaplain Bob Walker – @houstontexans2015fan – @Thewholeworldisdecieved – The Antifa libtard Cultural Jew Marxist posing as a Christian!

        Spiritually they do crawl on the ground = tell me how blessed the Jews and blacks have been throughout history!

      • Spiritually they crawl on the ground. Wow And you are able to see this Charles? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍

      • There are many Africans that know Jesus Christ and love God. You are one silly human that has another agenda. Jews are spiritually blind and so is anyone who does not love Jesus Christ. Spare me your hatred. Anyone who reads these threads will now know what you are about and how you could answer the questions. You will always have to have the last word I have noticed that. A well trained relentless troll who hates Africans, Chinese and Jews. You are sick and twisted dude

      • @Chaplain Bob Walker – @houstontexans2015fan – @Thewholeworldisdecieved – The Antifa libtard Cultural Jew Marxist posing as a Christian!

        “There are many Africans that know Jesus Christ and love God.”

        If that’s the same ‘Jesus’ and god as your yours, then they’re 100% deluded.

        Oh and I am a MAN, not a hu-man – try learning the difference thicko!

        “You are sick and twisted dude.”

        No one is more sick and twisted than Cultural Jew Marxists, like you – The Devil’s own!

      • @Chaplain Bob Walker – @houstontexans2015fan – @Thewholeworldisdecieved – The Antifa libtard Cultural Jew Marxist posing as a Christian!

        Now YOU answer my question!

  12. The truth hurts let’s hope his jab was not forced by his employers…..?

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