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  1. I’ve been bombarded with anti-radiation pill ads on Facebook over the past couple of weeks. These people are going to milk every seeded fear for all it’s worth.

  2. They are never ashamed of themselves. Don’t they see how they are being used by the devil. Why are they dodging the vaccine damages. They are desperate for our souls 😉

  3. We don’t actually know WTF is going on. The stand-off could be real, which would be very alarming, given that Putin, Zelensky and Biden all seem to be fanning the flames, OR, given that Putin and Zelensky both have very close links to the WEF, could there be something else going on?
    In any case, if there really was a nuclear attack, I think I’d rather take a cyanide pill than an anti-radiation pill!

    • davidandrewstukins@ Pu, Ze & Bi all answer to the same master. What will happen is all pre scripted & the actors will play their part.

    • The radiation pill IS A CYANIDE PILL. That is the trick and the lying leaders will blame it on a chemical cloud attack from Russia there was a weird movie showing the plan with Keira knightly called silent night.

  4. I bet Billy Goats has sold his jab shares and bought anti radiation sickness tablet shares….

      • @Stufrodsham
        Is that on the left or the right … Hard to guess with the squinty slurred speech she’s got going on.

  5. The anti radiation medicine can be a problem as the jab
    They want to depopulate,

  6. Exactly Hugo that’s what I think this whole pandemic was a complete nonsense with a pleat invisible thread it seems to me they’re going along the same script but just with a different thing I definitely think any so-called radiation again which she can’t see will be invisible three come on all the sheep you got a queue up to get your radiation pills I’ll tell you something over there is no danger me on my family we touch it with a bargepole anyway we have to wait-and-see but you can see how the scrips going as you say completely planned

    • Depopulation Jab

      Georgia Gudestones before being blown up said to keep the world population in harmony with nature at 500,000,000 = half a billion.

      World population approx 7-8 billion.
      They have a cunning plan 😈

      Covid 1984 is just the Flu re-branded so that the Evil Luciferian FreeMasons New World Order can murder the masses for the Depopulation Agenda!

      Jacques Attali, 1981, then adviser to François Mitterrand wrote this:
      “In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as he exceeds 60-65 years man lives longer than it produces and it costs society dearly.
      Then the weak and then the useless ones who bring nothing to society because there will be more and more of them, and especially finally the most stupid. Euthanasia targeting these groups; euthanasia will have to be an essential instrument of our future societies, in any case.
      We will of course not be able to execute people or make camps. We will get rid of it by making them believe that it is for their good.
      Too large a population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive. Socially, it is also much better for the human machine to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating.
      We won’t be able to pass intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!
      We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the big, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution.
      The selection of idiots will thus be done on its own: they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own. ”

      [The future of life – Jacques Attali, 1981]
      Interviews with Michel Salomon, collection Faces of the future, editions Seghers.

      The link has been censored by Big Brother!

      • Theres your opinion yet another one , with not a hint of a solution nor even a mediocre vision of recompense.. All fear propagation and nothing else… Pfffft just fit for the echo-box ..

  7. Also you guys Hugo I tried to watch that Julian Assange video that you put down there on the podcast thing when I was clicking on it wasn’t let me on am I doing something wrong or I don’t know could you email me the actual link to the podcast or whatever anyway thanks now

    • Hey Laura
      Go to TED
      Flavius who comments on here
      mentioned the platform today on my comment,
      there is some interview with him on there I do believe.

  8. I bet they’re not really anti-radiation pills. They’re probably pills to kill more people. I mean seriously, would you accept pills from those guys after their jabaroo has created the whole “death from unknown causes” that is sweeping the world right now.

  9. Radiation will be caused by the 5g towers going up worldwide and these radio waves will react with the graphene oxide or other things in the jabs, that’s why they will push these anti radiation tablets. It won’t be anything to do with nuclear.

    • 100% my thoughts. covid was very similar to radiation poisoning, affects the jabbed more, due to whatever was in them. graphine etc? i reckon all this nuclear hype is here for when they juice up the 5G again. But what can we do? leave the cities? get away from the masts? wear tinfoil hats to protect our brains? lol. seriously though, these are evil fekkers!

      • @David
        …those masts will require regular checkups

      • I agree that if you look up the very well-researched effects of microwave radiation sickness, (which have ‘not-surprisingly’ been heavily researched by the military) they virtually mirror those of Covid. (‘The Invisible Rainbow’ is one book which discusses this before the advent of covid)
        I have a hyper-sensitivity to this radiation and despite having nothing in the house which emits it, the levels have been massively higher from outside over the last few years. I’ve noticed it being particularly bad just before the covid ‘surges’ – so it is possible that both covid and long covid are really people mainly reacting to the increased radiation (which gives flu-like symptoms that can be lethal (as well as most of the other supposed covid symptoms) and compromises the immune system).

        Some people can also ‘hear’ the radiation as a high-pitched noise. How may articles are there about now about ‘tinitus’: when maybe people have not got this but are just hearing something?

        How many articles about poor sleep – again, certain wavelengths stop people from dropping into deep sleep.

        Potentially, what a plan – cover up the harm done by the massively increased radiation by blaming it on a flu virus – or whatever follows – and all the while encourage people to live their lives with more and more radiation-emitting devices in their homes and against their bodies,
        Mobile phones are so much stronger year on year – and apparently, on most, somewhere in the small-print of pages and pages of instructions for their use, the manufacturers state that the phones should not be less than ‘e.g. 1cm/2cm etc.’ from the body when turned on!! That obviously goes out of the window if you hold one in your hand. And we have children almost permanently attached to them!

      • @Sarah

        Tinnitus pitch increases when radio frequencies intensify. And a burning cable odour *smog* can be detected in areas of high device usage: on a busy street for instance.
        Mercury fillings (?)may act as a radio receiver, and (?)titanium dental implants that are suspected to cause allergic reactions – and all sited so close to the hearing/balance mechanism. Audio and visual (headaches) and balance can be a problem. These conditions/reactions are treated as physiological ENT issues by the medics, with pharma & audio devices serving as elastplasts, being the best they can do. The inevitable psychological effects are diagnosed as the cause (not the symptom) of tinnitus, sufferers are told – it being just another condition that medics can’t give a root to, because the military have the answers. Tinnitus has no big public profile (though nearly every pharma drug lists *ringing in the ears” as a (side) effect. How much and what metals are added to the mix …OTC antacids contain levels of aluminium that will increase in the gut depending on how many are swallowed.

        The invisible growing menace of tinnitus to the forest gump populations glued to their isolation earphones and *personalised medicine* (a gene-med phrase in healthcare that started to appear in the mid 2000s) – and so many of whom have taken the graphene shot.

        Not forgetting sudden onset anywhere (and ECG- inexplicable) heart palpitations pre the convid shots, and the decades of chemsprayed metals that have likely long-contributed to physiological sensitivities – pre & post the convid shots.

        Switching smart devices to Airplane mode, at least at night, can improve the air quality and reduces the Emf signal strength (and tinnitus) during the sleeping hours for better rest.

      • Thanks for the information on tinnitus. It’s interesting that I have 4 titanium implants where I knocked out my front teeth in an accident. I also had chemotherapy 15 years ago, which made me smell very metallic at the time (and so, presumably had metal components). Maybe this has contributed to me being particularly sensitive to man-made radiation.
        I also relate to your ‘smog’ description – which, in an enclosed space, has a dirty, muggy, sort of patchy look to it – compared with the brighter, cleaner look where there is no wifi/wireless working. Even if you switch things off – you then have to open windows to get the ‘smog’ to clear.
        I have also experienced the strange changes in heart beat: firstly when I had a smart meter put into the kitchen (which I luckily got removed). My heart went absolutely crazy if I went into the house. I get a few strange beats occasionally in certain places in shops etc. – which I now tend to avoid as much as possible. How many people with a similar problem end up on medication because no-one relates it to this cause?

      • @Sarah
        I’m sorry you’ve been through the ringer of ill health and for such a while. …The human spirit is remarkable for its resilience and the body for its ability to adjust and cope. That we yet survive is confounding to the parasites & their minions with their centuries of genocide kulls. Drat:-/ … That we are getting assistance from something beyond ourselves, I have no doubt; a helping hand that not enough people are aware of, or rather, their senses have been dulled. Though people are cognitive that something is amiss with their own world.

        If you haven’t already, you might try looking into spirulina as an aid to detox metals.
        Impossible as it is to avoid the toxins being put upon us – lowering the load in the body is worth a try, as ongoing maintenance.
        There’s much hype about zeolite, in various brands and particle sizes that may/not be effective (and its impact and interaction in a mouth containing metal fillings/implants).
        Nano particles (of whatever substance) need checking into – given they can pass through the blood-brain barrier. Products are widely available to buy; but caveat emptor in the present environment.
        Activated charcoal (once per month max) is a traditional gentle detox that removes both good & toxic bacteria detritus, so a pro biotic is recommended afterwards.

        Smart meters are known to be adverse to pace makers (ditto vape devices, according to medical studies available online).
        That Emfs interact with metal mediums and conductor materials has been shown with graphene oxide (a carbon – in the push for zero carbon in a carbon world!) – moving in time to frequencies from a blaring music speaker (think lava lamp motion patterns). What graphene does inside the human body would likely mimic that action.
        Graphene is a growing industry, with tagging applications for just about everything, including food & clothing, and likely those *compliance* pills that talk to 5g when swallowed (Bourla CEO of Pfizer). Trackable on wifi.

        There has been random cases in the media over a few decades of young club-goers standing close to music speakers and dropping with fatal heart attacks. Arrhythmia provoked by sound frequency. And govts persist with its 5g street masts …
        It’s questionable whether the feared sky satellite *eyes* exist in any great number, if 5g surveillance has to be rolled out at ground level, to saturation point …

        Fabrics are available to use at home to block-reduce incoming Emf signals, especially where a mast is located close by. Voile nets lined with copper may be effective. Also Faraday boxes for devices, and wallets (police grade) signal blockers for phones. Some suggestions that might help.

      • Thank you for your helpful suggestions – I will have a look at them in more detail.
        I am lucky in the respect that I live in a countryside area which has much lower emf levels than more densely-populated areas and have managed to get my workspace ethernet cabled and the equipment on aeroplane mode. I spend a lot of time on the moors outside the village.
        I have heard of spirulina as possibly helping detox and will have another look at trying this. I have recently been trying NAC (cystine) for this reason – just a very small amount with food as it is quite acidic. This has seemingly given me an improvement.
        After many years of trying to fathom ways to help with emf sensitivity, the best by far way is to (obviously) avoid sources as much as possible. I worry about trying to ‘block’ radiation without sufficient ‘earthing’ because I find that part of my problem is a build-up of static from radiation being trapped by the fabric of a building or things in it. Wearing natural fibre clothing is also better than man-made fibre clothing (but not easy to find these days).
        You mention copper – which is interesting – I have found copper ‘tensor rings’ are useful in the sense that they seem to help ‘ground’ me in some way. These are twisted copper rings. It might sound somewhat ‘airy-fairy’ but they do something good for me. I think they help my body to dispel static charge that has been trapped from emf radiation. I am trying to learn how to make these.
        Other rather unusual things I have are tuned windchimes – both in and outside the house. I have b flat tuned chimes so that they resonate with each other – but very gently as compared with the speakers at a concert. I think perhaps these give ‘perfect fifth’ etc. type of effect that just ‘ups’ beneficial resonance. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve ended up open to trying all sorts.
        I agree that living things, including people, are often incredibly resilient – and yes, probably annoyingly so for some! Personally, I think that this is a very big sticking point for those who might like to press the buttons of control. I do hope there is a tipping point in the right direction sometime soon.
        I worry about the mass of satellites being launched – but am also coming to the conclusion that for these to have a deep intrusion into most people’s homes and personal lives, they need the on-the-ground infrastructure in place – and particularly in people’s homes/on their person. I feel that this is behind the massive, bullying push to get smart meters everywhere, 5G – and the systems that make it extremely difficult to function without a smart phone. The banking system for example is a nightmare without a phone – and so many things these days just don’t work if they can’t send a text/use an app to ‘verify’ them. If people could only see in enough numbers that we need to hang on to non-digitalised aspects of life. As many people suspect, it is likely also behind the ‘need’ to get people full of graphene and whatever else.
        If only more people would turn off the television, turn off or get rid of their phone, un-plug their smart devices – it would suddenly become very difficult to continue building the control structure.

  10. I would be more concerned at what is being sprayed in the Skies lately.😉

  11. Buy dosimeters and you can see radiations, measure it, even by type if you buy fancy expensive ones. Unless you think radiation is made up and does not exist…

    • Indeed you can measure it, they exist. I think what Hugo points is the threat on invisible things to maintain people in a state of fear (like the virus). And what if these radiations do not harm as they are telling us and showing us horrible images and stories? Perhaps it can be harmful, but not at the same level of damage they show us? What if the threat of the nuclear bomb would have been created to maintain people in a state of fear? What if the atomic bomb would not exist (never have been created) and would actually be for eg. a mix of 2 different bombs (or 1 bomb to shave everything + 1bomb to burn everything (or chemtrails)? With their level of lies and love for show on tv, I let the door open to the doubt and other possibilities. I don’t say there were no victims, but that perhaps they are not telling us the truth about the cause of these disasters, in order to let us in a state of fear.

  12. I apologize in advance for my bad explaination I am not english mother tongue and I am even looking for the right words in my mother tongue langage. You know I am really wondering about the composition of these pills… I remember watching videos about Tchernobyl and ww2 atomic bomb. I start to really consider these other possibilities as what really happened.

    In these videos were sugggested that “martyrs” of Tchernobyl who sacrificed their life to protect the central after the explosion would have actually been killed and “radiated” (or bruned from their inner bodies) because OF THE PILLS they have been given to “protect” them from the bad radiations. I am really worried about the composition of the pills they are giving right now…

    Also about the ww2 atomic bombs in Nagasaki and hiroshima, it was suggested that it wasn’t an atomic bomb. Analyzing the pictures of the cities -after- the explosions, you could still see a tramway (or train) and other thing that should have burn with the “atomic” explosion. The train even worked again quickly after the disaster. And so was suggested there would have been 2 bombs: a big first one who would project a huge wind that would shave everything (wood houses etc.). Then a second bomb with a chemical (liquid?) that would burn people.

    FInal point, in the early century, people interrogating about the real danger of radioactivity researched old (rare) archives about workers working on nuclear centrals in the 50’s (or before I don’t remember the years) without any protection, holding the bars of uranium (or the “radioactive” so called chemical name for it (sorry I have a bad memory and bad science level). But anyway, these staff members have been asked to wear protection clothes years and years after they started to work, and they have never been sick before that. And the researcher also pointed this about Marie Currie, she manipulated everything for years without protection, how is this possible that she has never been sick younger?

    • I’ve forgotten to mention, the ww2 “seconde bomb” hypothesis, it could have been chemtrails of air planes spraying chemicals from low altitude, as (if I remember well) it has been tested in Asia during the wars with the US in the 60s). I’m really for my bad memory… I hope I don’t blend everything…

  13. Not 100% sure but I strongly suspect nuclear weapons don’t exist. Sites of bombs, accidents, etc were supposed to be dangerously radioactive for years, maybe decades. But that’s simply not the case. Bit like the Divoc jabs, they were supposed to be stored at incredibly low temperatures at first but now it seems they can be kept in a cupboard with the coffee and biscuits.

  14. Wasn’t Chernobyl supposed to have had radiating affects across the European continent? ☢️

    And about those RAD pills… I think I know where this is going… Always remember, it’s for your SAFETY.

  15. Thanks for this video. I haven’t watched it till the end as I’ve already preconceptions. Being Polish, I believe that many of the Polish parents would take the pills only to discard them when no one watches. We are culturally anti-establishment nation – if our government advises us to do something, we’ll do precisely the opposite. People were quite outspoken about the muzzles, jabs etc…
    This is historical awareness gained under the decades of communist rule. Anti-nuc pills??….
    By forgetting your own nation’s history the national spirit dissipates.
    The Spring of ’86 springs to mind and Czernobyl explosion when we small kids observed a grey halo around the sun on the playground, next we were given Lugol’s liquid and a lollipop to ameliorate that horrid burning iodine aftertaste. Allegedly thyroid problems were reported afterwards. We are lucky today, we can tick the boxes, no one could tick any boxes then. Sodium fluoride tablets were given to the little kids and no one asked for parents’ consent. We are really, really lucky, and apparent tyranny imposed on us in Britain is still a soft touch totalitarianism. This is why so many are still asleep. Remember your history guys.

    • Your belief about many Polish people being anti-establishment is wrong. They are just as compliant as any other Europeans if not more so. At least a few English here would keep quiet if you don’t mask up going into their shops or use public transport. I was in Poland for 6 months in 2021 and I saw what I needed to see and got into arguments over COVID policies there.

      • John, sorry to hear that you met some compliant people in Poland during your six months stay. I still think I met more Poles than you throughout my life :). And my belief is what it is…Beliefs are not right or wrong but their outcomes are.

      • @Hunter You have met more Poles than I ever will, but you did not meet the majority of them in 2021 or 2020. I was staying in several Eastern European countries throughout COVID and my observations of the local citizens are the same.

        You never know what a person is really like until you give them an easy way out to circumvent major inconveniences. In some way, I am glad these individuals will learn a life lesson the hard way that is very likely to cost them their useless lives.

  16. The radiation we are going to get is from the 5G. Its so obvious at this point.

    • Yussss! Exactly what I was thinking! Took me a while to scroll down to find someone with same idea.
      -They’re not killing people off quick enough, so ramp up fivegee
      – Nuclear threat covers up the truth
      – Ties in well to create fear too
      – Pills could activate nanotech etc in jab and/or contain same ingredients as jab

  17. The blatant fearmongering is neverending it seems. In the 1950s and 1960s it was diseases (get your vaccinations) and the fake ‘cold’ war (the russians are coming). Now China is a ‘threat’, There was once upon a time a huge hole in the ozone layer, the threat of an asteroid impact, the global warming fiasco (now renamed climate change lol), the millennium bug, terrorism and nuclear war (duck and cover). I’ve probably forgotten a few as I’ve really lost count by now. And there was that American lecturer who swallowed uranium at every lecture and lived to a grand old age, even after swimming in ‘irradiated’ water and even drinking it. I see the coffers filling up with millions of sales of iodine already. So many dangers it’s becoming pathetic. Maybe they’ll run out of scare stories soon. I think they’ve just about used them all up by now. What’s next?

  18. Galen Winsor it was who swallowed the uranium at every lecture to prove it wasn’t dangerous.

  19. Yes they can reach England, good isn’t it, can’t wait till the submarine causes a tsunami that makes the UK disappear, and it’ll also get rid of Truss and her 650 parasites.

  20. Well the Four Horsemen of Revelation (false Christianity, war, famine, and pestilence) all seem to be running loose these days. These are described as “the beginning of sorrows” in Matthew 24:8.

    One theory is that the jabs may have serious long term effects that take a few years to manifest and that they may plan to blame these symptoms on radiation sickness from the totally senseless nuclear war that they seem so set upon. It seems totally crazy to risk war with Russia in order to maintain the government of Zelensky, but people don’t seem to be particularly alarmed. Of course, all of the players including Putin are just actors following a script so any protests would fall on deaf ears.

  21. Radiation pills are Potassium iodide to counteract iodine131 nucleotide, a bi-product of fission (uranium/plutonium)

    Iodine131 half life 8 days, thyroid cancer can result but highly curable as Chernobl follow up showed (no deaths in children treated, over a 30 yr follow up).
    Other nuclear fission byproducts eg from Hydrogen bomb, temperature generated 3 milllion degrees! Sun tan cream must be needed as well then.
    Nucleotides Strontium90 and Caesium137 have half lives of 30 years.
    ‘Unspent’ plutonium fragments, 2.1 million years half life!!
    Guess I really do need those iodine tablets to protect me from ‘instant sunshine’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sounds as effective as the Convid gene modifying injection.

  22. Lest we forget: During genocidal NATO agression on Serbia in 1999, NATO launched 420 000 projectiles with mass of 22 000 tones including 15 tones of depleted uranuim which has caused enormous increase in diseases especially cancers among Serbian population.

  23. Didnt they say at one point that they could issue the jib jab in the form of a pill?
    Also, it reminds me of the Matrix when morpheus said the red pill was actually a program to help locate Neos position, like a gps tracker…sounds like nano tech doesn’t it…

  24. It is all to do with forcing the Quantum Dot Tattoo on people. That is the next step. As Hugo rightly points out. Everything so far has been to do with the invisible enemy.

    Imagine the scenario. There you are hiding under the table with a paper bag over your head and wearing 3 masks looking round scared out of your whits going `what , what , what`. You are clasping a handful of your precious anti radiation pills in your hand. The tv or radio tells you a nuclear blast has taken place hundreds or thousands of miles away and that you should take the pills if the radiation gets too high. But how do you know when it is ? That shiny new radiation meter that the clinic just tattooed under your wrist will glow. It is all for your safety of course. It has no other function. You can trust us.

  25. If the jibbyjabby causes cancer or the damage to the immune system done by the jibby causes cancer a real or faked radiation release would be an ideal cover

  26. Im expecting a small nuclear false flag explosion as a “warning from Russia”, but this will actually be to make the fear real. They need to bring the fear TO the individual, which is what they did well with Covid. Otherwise it’s just TV stuff, and the chickens will just carry on eating their McDs. Once the fear is real, they’ll do anything, even worse than covid, because, mah nukes.

  27. At some point the MSM will scream there was a leak from the Ukrainian reactor and authorities will ask people to take the pills to protect their thyroid glands.
    But it will turn out later some Pfizer/Astrazeneca poison (no one knows how) got into the iodine tables and now everyone suffers Long COVID and men and women are sterile.

    Nuclear weapon does not exist, it’s a global scam. Read Miles Mathis. Then you will understand that this war is war of the banksters and Biden, Truss and Putin are all in it because these puppets have no other option but to submit to military industrial complex of the banksters feat some nasty generals. Same like the banksters are with the police and cartels into drug trafficking. No party involved wants to end the War on Terror or the War on Drugs.

    There is only conventional ammunition with added depleted uranium. Like big industry disposes of fluoride (hexafluorosilicic acid) into our water big industry disposes of depleted uranium by adding it to ammunition so people throw a better shit at themselves.

    • @Flavius

      Another insightful comment. It makes sense.
      So did Lord Acton. He recognised the unfitness of government, and the inevitability facing the people – as do the banksters; or there would be no *reset*:

      … The danger is not that a particular class is unfit to govern: every class is unfit to govern.”
      … “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”
      Lord Acton (1834-1902)

    • I agree All world leaders are in on it. They all work together against the masses. They are puppets

      • To confirm that just see what is going on in the Middle East. All the parties involved (Israel, Russia, US, EU, Turkey, Iran) enjoy the war in Syria and Iraq. Brendon O’Connell says that they level the ground for the smart Greater Israel.
        Considering Jooish mentality it will never look nice but it will be just more sophisticated Rothschild’s hell were weapons are being tested on civilian population.
        This Israel – Iran ongoing animosity is most likely another staged war theater. I reckon some secret business alliance between the Jooish Phoenicians (Israel) and Radhanite Joos (Babylonian Joos). The Iranian political leaders are being groomed in the West to take part in this theater.

  28. I think the only explosion we gonna hear is the financial bubble popping.
    I reckon MSM will superimpose CGI nuclear explosion to cover it up. It’s going to be fecking huge hydrogen 100 megaton bomb explosion.
    And maybe Facebook will go down again!

  29. An EMP would be far more destructive than any nuke but really it’s the weapons they’re not telling us about that we should be most concerned.

    • You must beleive in fske outer space and sattlelites

      • With all due respect, if you want to believe in fake outer space and satellites that’s fair enough but don’t tell me that I have to do the same.

      • Dude you don’t have to worry about an EMT attack. Satellites do not exist. Nothing is flying over us from the sky. More bs fear for the dumbed downed masses. All they throw at us is fear and fakery.

      • I don’t worry about things I have no control over but military weapons have come a long way since the end of the cold war. I can’t imagine a scenario where dirty nukes are launched on mass and there’s no need to anyway when the use of NNEMP’S could do a far more efficient job of sending us proles back to the dark ages. They have been hiding black projects from us for many decades. The TR3B has been operational since the 80’s so what do you expect its purpose is for exactly, it has never been officially acknowleged as even existing. Now imagine the sheer amount of crazy secret shit they’ve got in DUMB’s the world over that ready to be unleashed. There will come a time when they will show their full hand and people will freak out because it will be unlike anything they can comprehend.

    • @Thewholeworldisdecieved what are those moving lights I see every night and what is the ISS? I genuinely am interested in your take.

      • Something that dawned on me recently when my husband and I were in the garden looking at the stars. He pointed and said ‘there goes the ISS’. I remembered as a child, when my sister and I used to lay on the grass looking up at the stars and that same moving light, we were told, was Sputnik.
        The fake NASA picture’s from space have never shown a satalite until they realised people were questioning them and put one out with them in. Everything we’ve ever believed is a lie.

      • If one learns signs, symbols and numbers they would clearly see how the Elite communicate. They love their hidden numbers and symbols. Let me give you an example. The ISS is actually 911 In numerolgy. I = 9 S=1 S
        = 1. They love 911. Also ISIS is 9191 in numerolgy. Covid 19. There is that number 19. Also chaos is equal to 19 in numerolgy. Covid Chaos. The covid package was 1.9 trillion. Remember. These are coincidences. Space is fake. We live under a solid firmament with water above us and they dam well know it. Rainbows arc like there is a dome above us. Creation is in our faces

    • Dr nurse John was pushing a different jab yesterday.
      Invisible threats Hugo?
      Spot on. No one can prove it?

  30. This is a warning to us all that things are about to get even worse. They won’t stop until they ‘believe’ they are winning & have the whole world under they’re spell.
    So “Seek the Most High while He may be found.” Isaiah 55:6
    Also Romans 10:13
    “Anyone who calls on the Name of the Most High shall be saved.”

  31. I expect they’ll trade a few small nukes soon to really ramp up the fear, but you know MAD so no point going full nuke.

    EMP over London and New York destroy banking data, blame that on the current system being made to fail.

    Wonder how Iodine reacts to jabs?

    Major Market crash expected soon, Friday good chance.

    Religious bs days 24th till 27th if there going to d0 a 5g cull or fake rapture, end of times being made maybe we’ll see

  32. Interesting as I heard that young Russian Soldiers had dug trenches within the exclusion zone around Chernobyl.
    If anyone needs iodine pills it will be those poor kids being made to live surrounded by nuclear waste.

  33. As usual Hugo, right on target. This is all fear mongering. Got to get the plebs all worked up so that you can ride in on the white horse and save the day!!! I highly suspect they will bring us to the “brink” of a nuclear war and then maybe the “aliens” will arrive to “save us”. Of course those “aliens” will then “reshape” the world because we “humans” are tooooo stupid to conduct ourselves without “harming” the “universe”!!! Lol.

    • Wow. You are definitely awake to see what is going on around us. I don’t see many truly awake like that. The fakery they bestow on us is unbelievable and not just that the bombs in Japan were more than like Carpet bombs. They explode before they hit the ground. These jackasses can’t do as much as they claim. Although they do have destructive mechanisms

      • They do have destructive mechanisms and I think they also participate that sooner or later people in greater numbers will find out what is really going. That is why their generals point out the urban areas are going to be the new battlefield. I reckon before the mob properly assembles they will have autonomous kill vehicles, kill robots and drones on the streets patrolling our neighbourhoods in the search of terrorists and unvaccinated.

      • I think at some point since the banksters have everything under their control and are basically drunk with power they figured out it’s basically cheaper to run things this way – create alternative reality that does not correspond with reality. It’s the cheapest and the safest way to rule over people.
        To resurrect this myth of bravery they do these interviews with SAS or French Foreign Legion soldiers to make warfare interesting, exciting or in any way appealing to people. But it’s not appealing. I am not saying that the army training is bad because it’s not, it’s actually good to forge discipline in young people but that’s about it!
        Even Brits have been involved in this proxy war in Northern Ireland so they have their own experience of Israel vs. Palestine.
        I reckon Rothschild who was behind the IRA created this theater so the Brits are move supportive of Israel since they combat their own terrorists.
        When such soldiers go back home they tell exciting stories about their dangerous duty.
        Basically it’s all about creating this fake seriousness. As soon as you buy into this seriousness you are done. Red poppies is one of these traditions to maintain fake seriousness of military warfare. Few dare to question it same like few dare to question Holohoax but the idea behind these is the same.

      • @Flavius. The holohoax indeed. You clearly know that also.

      • @Thewholeworldisdecieved
        Have a look at this timeline. Denial of Holohoax is systematically criminalized in all 3 countries that have/had any witnesses.
        The rule of thumb is that “the truth can defend itself” but in this case strong forces push “truth” onto the world?
        This alleged biggest genocide there is a strong downward pressure to make it stick. You would think it’s to stop some haters but IMHO it’s to preserve this another Jooish psyop.

        1994 – Holohoax denial becomes a crime in Germany
        1998 – Holohoax denial becomes a crime in Poland
        2014 – Holohoax denial becomes a crime in Russia

        Realistically it’s about 300 thousand Joos that perished during the war.
        These stories about Joos being stopped at the border in Western countries and sent back to Nazis (allegedly to be slaughtered) IMHO was staged to convince other Joos to choose a different destination, go to Soviet Russia to boost the Bolsheviks or go straight to establishing Israel.

  34. Oh god please send in the aliens already I need off this planet…I’ve had enough I can’t take this anymore🤦‍♂️

  35. The USA made most of there nuke blasts films in Lookout

  36. Nuclear attack… 😂 Hugo a long time ago the majority were entertained in the amphitheater’s of old , in essence with their own eyes viewing a circular arena , a very public affair . Now every public sporting event is on a rectangular arena , everyone gets a fantastic view but even a more personal experience on their black screen devices , being of a similar shape and with zoom … Now my friend , I ask you , were black screen devices designed to perfectly reflect the sporting diversity majority participate in ? Or were all sporting activities arenas changed to a rectangular playground that technological devices later to be introduced would be compatible … we are all a experiment 🧐

  37. I can’t understand why some people (like Hugo) can’t seem to pronounce nuclear – they say new killer or new keer. It’s pronounced NEW CLEAR. It’s not difficult FFS.

    • Iodine in anti radiation tablets is also supposed to help decalcify the pineal gland or “third eye”, the eye to the spiritual realm!
      If the vaccine was supposed to turn off the God gene and then you open spiritual eye it could be a recipe for a lot of demonic possession!

      • Having dangerous experimental jabs is what people are having…
        How can anything protect against “covid” when the only way “covid” is detected is by a swab that is not a tool for detecting infection….
        People have been well turned over….
        Serves them right in a way

  38. there are idiots who will take it ….. and then, the funny thing is, these people say that they care a lot about health. Like eating right and exercising.after taking the «vaccine» or these pills, I don’t see any logic in taking care of health. Nothing will help there💔

  39. Can imagine the morons queuing up too get these just as they was having them useless self harming “vaccines”…
    God people are stupid nowadays…😀

  40. Bookmarked!
    Look up Eagles vs Rattlesnakes…
    All psychologists are scum!

  41. These pills appear to have the same type of side effects as the jibber jabs: heart attacks and clots. Great pills to combine with the jabs.

  42. Does anybody know what these pills actually contain- any links etc for research?

    Have they insinuated graphene oxide into these too like with the jab?

  43. “You will hear of wars and threats of wars” Mathew24:6, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom” Mathew24:6, “There will be famines and earthquakes in various places” Mathew 24:3-also the river Euphrates are drying up and there have been multiple pandemics..don’t you think that has to mean something? The bible scriptures are matching up with current events, I think we may be in the end times, please give your life to Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world, before it’s too late


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