Julian Assange Wikileaks Psyop

Julian Assange Wikileaks Psyop ‘The Family’ Anne Hamilton Byrne

Taken From Alan Buttle Podcast

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  1. Hugo

    You’re really going to the edge now,,

    You post the Reiner Fuellmich’s accusation without also posting his comprehensive response (just what the bad media do).

    Now it’s Assange – everything you’ve exposed (and you’re pretty spot on) in the last 2 years is exactly why they want to keep Assange in prison. And while he’s in there we are all imprisoned.

    I think you ought to get out of your office and off the computer – which is what you exhort everyone else to do – and find out what’s going on in real life. We’re you in Parliamentary square today (on any square on any rally in the last 3 years) or dud you just watch footage?

    It’s getting to the point that you think everyone is an operative – and yes it’s true you can’t trust anyone on a public platform that hasn’t been taken down – except you. So soon the only person left to expose will be yourself!!

    • Question everything. Don’t subscribe to any ‘heroes’. Given the times we’re in; that’s just wise. Blind trust is never wise in war.

    • Sorry Hugo, you still have too many sheeple following you, the only people who got arrested imprisoned list their jobs/livelihoods from his so called leaks were ordinary working folk, not One of the establishment ended up in prison from the leaks, even people that are supposedly switched on, have their heads up their arses.

    • Name me One person from the establishment that ended up in prison from the so called leaks, I can name you plenty of ordinary folk that did or lost their jobs/ livelihoods from the so called leaks.

      • Of course no one important went to jail, because the judicial system, media etc is compromised and corrupt. It would be impossible. He releases information merely to expose them and hopefully wake people up. He could release videos of Clinton beheading children and no one would go to jail.

      • They lie about EVERYTHING. reevaluate, reevaluate as needed. Don’t get hung up on what you think is right.

    • This is the most sincere and honest reaction i ever came actors!!

    • Oh Lydia, No Im afraid Russell Brand, Corbyn the communist and assange and all controlled opposition shills. He even had a rothschild lawyer representing him in his trials.

    • Exactly! Not everything is a psyop, and Assange has clearly had the full weight of the US government and various vassal states (in particular the UK and Australia), plus their corrupt legal systems, fall right down on top of him, for standing up for free speech and exposing their heinous crimes.

      • @davidandrewstukins You’re not awake sunshine. Anyone who is the real deal gets taken out, has an accident, is suicided, or is disappeared. Try the coffee, it’s delicious.

      • He has disappeared to all intents and purposes. In solitary confinement in prison! His life has effectively been taken away from him, and all he has to look forward to is almost certain extradition to the USA and life imprisonment, if not worse.

      • @davidandrewstukins He’s ‘disappeared’ because he’s having a nice long holiday in Piss-rael or Mexico, as a thank you for all his hard work.

    • All that information is interesting and relevant, as nobody and nothing is beyond question these days, even Hugo, as he often says himself. We all have to individually take whatever information we can and try and make sense of it. The connections to the Economist, Guardian, New York Times and Associated Press that are detailed, are enough to raise red flags for me. Nonetheless, it’s a hoax-lie clown plant at the moment that we have to just somehow not get swallowed up by.

    • Lydia@ I doubt very much Assange is in prison nor holed up in the embassy. Check out Richard D Hall video on him for more info. Fuellmich is a fraud as are most of the “truth arena” commentators. Yes, near all are “operatives” as you call them and yes they will come across as real opposition but actually serve them as Fuellmich.

    • If you think Asssnge is really in prison then you are seriously deluded. Probably think the white hats are draining the swamp 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  2. Illuminati Card Game had an oddly similar depiction of someone like him… Just saying’

    • Didn’t know about that card, thanks. I must get an original set.

  3. Sorry, I cant listen to this guy droning on … he’s all over the place! Not a natural speaker for sure and forgets things … , but thank you Anna, I’ll look up Richard D Hall!

    • RT is just European version of Fox News but all friends with Kissinger and Rothschild.
      Basically RT promotes BRICS and this is how the banking Joos exit the West they have pumped, moved trillions to PRIVATE off-shore bank accounts and now are dumping the West -> Communism 2.0
      But most likely they will install a hologram of Rothschild at Waddesdon Palace so it can spook the visitors.

      • The same! Rockerfellers made the movie

      • I’ve thought from day one, Snowden & Assange are both psyops, I’ve never trusted either of them & never will. Am I the only one who noticed Snowden’s glasses? he’s been wearing the same broken pair of glasses since he first showed up 9 years ago, who does that? Don’t they have competent opticians in Russia?

      • Mark@ Snowden is a psyop so not as been presented. US news media reporters go to his Russia home location to give interviews. Yeah sure they want him dead. Again Richard D Hall of Richplanet has done some good videos on this.

    • He took credit for exposing Aug 8, 2012 Video footage from a U.S. Apache helicopter in 2007 leaked by U.S. Army intelligence analyst and whistleblower Bradley Manning to Wikileaks.

    • Probably the most noteworthy was the Apache incident in Iraq; the USA isn’t above throwing it’s own people under the bus.

  4. Very intersting but he’s got to be the WORST story teller to listen too.
    It was like listening to some one at high school reading out an essay!!!
    I struggled to stay awake lol !!!!

  5. Hugo don’t listen to these people with their negative comments. Just because they say Assange is in prison, doesn’t mean he is. Brittney Griner- BS. I’ve wondered about him from the beginning. They have people on both sides that’s how they decieve many. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hugo – instead of posting a totally unlistenable one and a half podcast delivered by someone else with poor narration skills, how about you do one of your usual 10-15 minutes summaries of why you think the Assange affair is a psyop. Personally, I don’t know but I have distrusted Assange ever since he refused to go against the 9/11 mainstream narrative.

  7. Julian Assange is not in Belmarsh Prison, he is a fugitive and his exact whereabouts are still unknown to this day.
    During his time holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy he devised a stunning escape plan whilst watching an episode of Baywatch with Pamela Anderson with whom he had become very close after several conjugal visits. When she excitedly announced to Julian her idea that he could surf his way to freedom he initially thought she was drunk but it was just after lunch on Monday, the day that Alfredo the canteen cook serves up Cuy Asado and Locra de Papa, a stomach churning ecuadorian dish of roasted guinea pigs and potato stew. Something was about to happen that made the whole thing seem not so crazy an idea after all.
    Just like every Monday the victorian plumbing of the antiquated building took a hammering after luncheon as all 14 consular staff were forced into a hurried evacuation of their bowels. Every W.C would as usual be occupied followed by a silmultaneous flushing from each stall causing the pipes and walls to vibrate as the effluent of a dozen lavatory flushes throughout the embassy thundered on its journey downwards towards the London sewers below. “Just maybe” thought Julian, If he could access the main sewer from the manhole he had seen in the basement cellar then perhaps it might be possible to surf his way out on a torrent of effluent and waste water just after Mondays lunch.
    There was only one problem, he had no surfboard….. but he did have his skateboard. Boredom had led Julian to find many ways to amuse himself and the skateboard which was a birthday present from Pamela was one. He never figured for a moment that the skateboard deck could be his ticket to freedom though. Having grown up in Australia he had spent much of his youth surfing but could he do it on a skateboard deck, he only knew that this might be his one chance to escape and he had to try.
    He removed the wheels from the deck then visualised and practised for several weeks to get his surfing technique just right before he made his break for freedom just after lunch on Monday 1st April 2019, only ten days before The Met Police would break down the door to his locked room inside 3 Hans Crescent.
    They were astonished to find no trace of him anywhere. Julian had done what nobody had thought possible and pulled down the panties of Cressida Dick and embarressed New Scotland Yard by giving them the slip. A cover up was needed and quickly a doppelganger was employed into service as the face of Assange for all the worlds waiting press to see.
    Julian surfed to freedom through five hundred yards of shit-smelling foulness I can’t even imagine….or maybe I just don’t want to. Five hundred yards, the length of five football fields, just shy of half a mile. The next morning, right about the time Pamela was spilling her little secret a man nobody ever laid eyes on before strolled into the Nationwide Building society on Fulham Road. Until that moment, he didn’t exist, except on paper…….

    • Was this before or after working with the Simpsons?
      Bart is one of the worlds most renowned skateboarders, maybe he coached Assange.

    • Haha….you are very cool ! You must be an author !! …very talented.
      Funny as bud !!
      I like the shows shawshank ending 🙂

    • @Hylas Cryde
      Well done.

      … more brown Mile than Shawshank. 🙂
      Leaving Pamela and Raquelle to their own devices.
      What’s the reckoning he’s on that beach now, scrubbing the deck under a blue sky.

  8. That old saying Charity begins at Home! Comes to mind. I will cuddle my Grandaughter more and more xxx

  9. Assange’s family sounds like the Charles Manson family, which some people suspect of being a CIA experiment in mind control and cult formation. See the book “Chaos – Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties” by Tom O’Neill.

    Regarding Edward Snowden, I am struck by the similarities to Lee Harvey Oswald. Both were/are ex-Marines, who worked in the intelligence community. (Atsugi where Oswald worked was a CIA facility which tracked U2 spyplane flights.) Both supposedly became disenchanted with the US government and went to Russia. I find it very suspicious that Snowden has gotten so much media exposure. And many of Snowden’s revelations had already been leaked by someone else whose name escapes me. So why did he need to flee to Russia? And for an ex-Marine, Snowden seems very thoughtful and articulate. It is hard to visualize him as a Marine. Also the name Snowden seems like it could be a pun as he is now “snowed in” in Moscow.

    • Snowden is a fraud, hanging with Russell Brand, RB with Max Kaiser (fake critic of the banksters) -> Russia Today (which has little to nothing to with Russia). I was fooled by this fraud until about 2018. That Open Rights Group gathering in London is full of spooks pretending the opposition / dissidents – just a bunch of Jooish actors. Surprisingly Open Rights Group was dead silent during the Plandemic indicating it’s a fake organisation / charity.
      It’s the East India Trading Company with their early pillaging operation Oprichnina, later refined to Bolshevism.
      Russell Brand promoting Cadence Owens also else she is a fake Christian / Catholic.
      Russell Brand back in the days hanging with Jemima Goldsmith of Jooish banksters now in fusion with Rothschild.
      Surprisingly this circle is not that big but it does not have to be as the decisions are made by maybe just 2 or 3 people.

  10. Thanks Alan and Mary. Great information!
    Its very obvious he’s a psyop! Protected by the Ecuadorian govt. It’s such a joke.
    Love the live in hairdresser idea!

  11. If everything around us seems to be a lie, what are we still working on. Apparently you can’t trust anyone anymore, so what is the alternative media worth?

    • I’ve been having similar thoughts for a little while now.

    • We are in Satan’s little season revelation 20.7
      We’ve not got much longer until he gathers his army.

      • @Lindsay Not a problem, for Yashua Messiah’s ‘army’ is far more powerful. Satan is already defeated, it’s just that he’s too dumb, and full of himself, to realise it.

    • Piko@ just about all are controlled & you can get benefits as they do tell some truth. Shill Icke wakes up many. Interesting the most liked comment under this HT post is Lydia’s who is totally deceived thinking Fuellmich is genuine & Assange is in prison. That shows this HT audience is vulnerable to their deception. People sharpen up your discernment!

  12. Hahahaha hahahaha the world is upside down and surprisingly some of us buy these lies. Bible in Jeremiah 17:5-9 says I’d you trust in men you are cursed but if you trust in Yahuah in Yahshua’s matchless Name you are blessed. I choose to trust Yahuah 🙏🏽

  13. Jemima Khan (formerly Goldsmith) previously married to cricketer and former prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, has been the girlfriend of Russel Brand and also Hugh Grant. Her two brothers, one a Conservative MP, are both married to Rothchilds. She was mentioned as having produced a film about Assange.

      • Correct and throughout her life she always Gemima close to her – keep that post Stewart Sabbatean-Frankist royal blood pure

      • @Adiebob, Actually the Hanovers (George I) were descendants of The Stuarts. The Jewish pollution began with Diana, which means Willy and Harry will never come to The Throne.

  14. Easy listening podcast, with some interesting details. Thanks Hugo.
    The family chat at the end was a nice touch.

    Calling that self appointed group *elite* is a misnomer – *predator class* would hang better.

    Sounds as though the recording dates to 2019. He talks of Notre Dame’s fire in the present tense. (And Assange as “leaving” the embassy.)
    The word was that the fire at Notre Dame was started in two separate locations. So the final leg in the spiritual war against the West kicked off with the attack on Europe’s daughter of Christianity in old France on 15 April 2019.
    Another of the burnt offerings to mark the start of proceedings.
    And convid ran on shortly after.

  15. Thanks Hugo there was lots of information there I didn’t have.
    I looked into his hair. He and mainstream claimed it was caused by a a failed science experiment with a cathode when he was 15!
    Yet this site shows all his different haircolours https://www.thedailybeast.com/julian-assanges-hair-a-brief-history

    Also I’m pretty sure Grenfell tower was fake (seems all news is, the bigger the more likely). I saw a bunch of vids on interviews with ‘survivors’ The crisis acting was about as good as you’d expect from a school shooting.

    • Grenfell did burn. And people did die. People in the area seemed to think so.

      • People think a whole lot of things, few of them appear to be real.
        I hear almost a whole planet believes there was a deadly pantodemic for the last 3yrs.

        Check out some of the bitchute grenfell + hoax vids, let me know what you think.

    • You obviously don’t live in London because you wouldn’t be spewing that rubbish. Grenfell burnt and people died, get a grip of yourself Alex Jones.

      • This guy is reported to have lived there, I wonder why he’s laughing?
        I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the script writers love a good people jumping from burning towers story. They’re also prone to using crisis actors and blaring the media horn on their fake events in a way that gets the Normies all emotionally caught up in their little rituals.


      • First of all, if you think Alex Jones is not playing a role, maybe look into it and do a little research, then tell me what exactly Alex Jones has told that hasn’t progressed from conspiracy theory to truth. I don’t know about the school shooting you guys are talking about, however I know for a fact that there were notices posted about “open auditions” for “situational actors”, along with a summary of all the “job” descriptions, and dates of the “event”. The mainstream media outlets have, more than once, actually screwed up (maybe intentional, maybe not) and broadcast the same person, playing different roles, at different events. As far as Alex Jones goes, I’m sure he has all the info fed to him that he needs to make these crazy allegations, that strangled enough, always turn into actual facts.

    • The Grenfell tower fire wasn’t fake. I saw what was left of it soon after it happened.

    • We live in a word where 9II happened, and people think GF was deliberate? 🤦🏻‍♂️

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