Pfizer SLAP Stunt HAIR LOSS 2621% ⬆ INCREASE / Hugo Talks

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97 Comments on “Pfizer SLAP Stunt HAIR LOSS 2621% ⬆ INCREASE / Hugo Talks

  1. Being over radiated, bearing in mind 5g is now intensely everywhere, can lead to significant hair loss and general sickness.

  2. I have to say, I have never had the jib jabs. But I had the flu in March 2020 and 2 weeks later I suffered significant hairloss. Something to do with the continuous temperature causes the hair follicles to release the hair. My hair grew back and is back to normal. So glad I didn’t fall for having the devil jabs. I’m sure this has everything to do with the increased hairloss, definitely adds up.

  3. Have the sleepies woken up to the Scam yet ??

      • Especially those who pushed poison vaccines to family members and their relatives are now suffering and/or dying.
        These will maintain the government line to the end.
        Who would want to take this terrible blame on himself or herself?

      • Of course not.
        I reckon exactly these people came up with this Long COVID bullshit.
        To bullshit their family members who are shaking in the hospital.

  4. Another excellent video Hugo, you called this way back when that sissy slap happened.

  5. Anyone with any sense can see jada does not have alopecia she has a shaved head

  6. Money go round for big pharma..So glad folk are waking up to this

    • This makes sense. Not sure of its validity, but it’s the most reasonable explanation. Lots of neurological issues, my friends and family have had. I’ve noticed and wondered how people can continually lap things up after the Covid con. I mean people I know still want to have further jabs, after admitting they’ve had Covid, been sick, they don’t work. Insane.

    • Oops that is Vernon Coleman. I read the articles on his website.

    • Seriously?! When the the last time you had your IQ tested? I haven’t had mine tested since I was a kid (wasn’t told but overheard the results). Now that must be why I haven’t bothered with Vernon Coleman in a long while.

      • Why don’t you be blunt and say “I’m smarter than you.”
        You’re not clever. Smart/talented people show themselves. As do fools with loose tongues.

  7. BS..That woman shaved her hair to promote pharma new drug.. Vile

    • When their cure launches next year, Jada will have a miraculous full head of hair again and proclaim Pfizer cured her of course. In the meantime she’ll keep it shaved for their hush money no doubt.

  8. Good connect hugo. I wonder what the next “side effects”
    will be? Coincidence again?

  9. Many are unable to escape the conditioning so they suck up the fraud. I am not talking about the “sheeple” as these people are awake upto a level. However, they will fall for deceptions time after time & cant be told.

  10. Remember those men who used to travel around selling their miracle cures ,they would gather a crowd ,they usually had a plant in the crowd ,who would demonstrate a cure.They’ve moved up a knotch.

    • Snake Oil is a multi billion dollar business these days!

  11. Seems the uptake of the clot shot isn’t diminishing. Myocarditis, hair loss amongst other conditions. Will people wake up to this crap? We have been deceived. Thankfully I have been wide awake from day one. God help us all…

  12. I used to work in the care industry for adults with LD and autism most of them were on sometimes up to 14 tablets 3 x a day 3 possibly for a condition and the rest to combat side effects.

  13. They want you on a hamster wheel making them money and never a getting a solution to the problem they created

  14. once they push all water companies to put fluoride into the water more people will have long COVID and alopecia.
    Then I reckon they double the amount of fluoride they put into the water to protect teeth of the poor kids.

    • So true Flavius, soon all of our tap water will be poisoned. Do people not realise how important the wet stuff is to our health?
      A big fuck you very much to The British Fluoridation Society who have been pushing the agenda since 1969 and seem to have got their way with the health and care bill.
      A big thank you goes to Fluoride who have tried their very best to highlight this worldwide issue with all the horrifying facts.
      How long before another ‘equipment malfunction’ like in this article;

    • Hugo must have a potty mouth blocker running so I’m trying to reply again but this subject riles me up no end!
      I totally agree Flavius, do people not understand how important the wet stuff is?
      A big F U very much to the British Fluoridation Society pushing this agenda for over fifty years and who have now seemingly got their way with the governments Health and Care bill published in May.
      Great work by the Fluoride Action Network and articles like this how long before it happens again.

    • No fluoride in the tap water where I live. “Long Covid” being reported… Injection and mask wearing rate, 90%/60%
      That will do some damage ^^ … If the Spike Protein exists… It does damage.
      Fluoride is in bottled water.
      Lot’s of microwave towers for everyone! Acute Radiation Syndrome has the same symptoms as “Covid.”

      • You mean ‘no added fluoride’. And neither does bottled water contain added fluoride. Although both sources may contain naturally occurring fluoride. You really need to ‘fact check’ your misleading comments more. You are as bad as the BBC. Talking of which, the BBC were trying to put us off bottled water by telling us it contains ‘micro-plastics’. Now we find out that tap water contains more ‘micro-plastics’ than bottled water. Anyway, the price of bottled water has been sky-rocketing lately (Putin’s prices? 🙂 ) The cheapest I could find was ‘Chase Spring’ in a German ‘discounter’ for 23p, the same ‘Chase Spring’ (Elm Spring) that an orange-coloured frozen shop (the one that will give you a loan to shop there) sells for 60p. ‘Chase Spring’ is what Yorkshire Water put into the mains supply minus whatever is added. Better than London water which has been recycled through the sewage system 8 times! Anyway, you want your water as clean and free of toxics, contaminants and pollutants as possible. There are very few countries that drink tap water and you can bet BBC staff don’t drink it either. A water engineer once told me that untreated water is fast poisoning, tap water is slow poisoning.

      • @Sarah
        The oligarchs are after water.
        I expect not long after petrol and energy price increase water companies to catch up with the globalist trend.

      • I take it you drink bottled water sarah ?…well probably better than tap water. But is it true they put chlorine in bottled water ? Wouldn’t surprise me. I drink filtered rain water m8 but if you can afford the electricity a water distiller is also good. Pure water helps remove toxins from the body as its negatively charged. They say pure water flushes minerals from your body…well thats actually true – but it only removes INorganic minerals from your body.
        Water should be pure for health benefits and only minerals from food are actually utilised by your body.

      • Yes, I have a ‘preference’ for bottled water. It has to be ‘cleaner’, maybe not by much and it to an extent it will depend on where you are and who supplies your tap water. It used to be a small price to pay when you could easily get a 2 litre bottle of ‘Chase Spring’ for 17p. And the stuff the German-‘discounters’ sold that was shipped in from Germany was particularly good. But then Convid came and it was one of the first items to disappear from the shelves. Never to return. And now what remains is being ramped up in price. Just the way the ‘greenies’ like it. Talking of which, I have a ‘greeny’ friend who to get around the plastic-issue drinks the ‘sparkling’ stuff that comes in the glass bottles and costs something ridiculous like £2.50 for 2 litres.

      • Hey Sarah
        They have these garages around called “SPOTLESS WATER” …they advertise it as water for window cleaners but it is pure water.
        My nephew gets it as drinking water and I tested it with my tds meter(total dissolved solids) and it was 00.2 so yea pretty much pure. I think they charge 20p a litre so works out much cheaper than distiller/filters/ bottled water .Unfortunately for me I don’t have any around my area.
        So please remember, PURE water has negative ions, its negatively charged and it removes the harmful toxins(which are positively charged) out of your body …fact 🙂 ttfn x

      • Sorry…think I made a mistake 😕
        That spotless water is apparently 3.5 a litter + vat.

      • To paraphrase Marie Antoinette: ‘Let them drink tap water.’ 🙂

  15. Very interesting video and the collected data from the last 6 months really confirms this story.
    The level of wickedness about the jab and everything surrounding it still surprises me. 1 John 5:19 “…the whole world is under the control of the evil one.”
    Good work Hugo for digging up the truth!
    God bless Hugo and all

    • Revelation 18:23 comes to mind: “No light from a lamp will ever be seen in you again. No voices of bride and groom will ever be heard in you again. Because your merchants were the great ones of the world, all nations were led astray by your magic potion.”

    • Mass formation psychosis? i.e – most people went along with the hysteria, became anxious, hypnotised, easily led and brainwashed.
      Cognitive dissonance? Those who went along with it now refuse to accept that they were conned, it’s actually painful to do so. Dislike of information which contradicts what which they believed. Easier to stick their head in sand and/or spit angry hatred towards those who didn’t “get conned” by the global scam.

  16. Those of us who are awake & aware saw through the BS of the slap. We knew it was staged.

    • It’s funny how people KNOW these are professional actors who act for a living, yet can’t believe they may well have been acting in the stunt/incident! “But it looked so real”, well so did Will’s tears or anger or confusion or happiness in all his movie scenes!

  17. Here is the actual detailed trial data for Pfizer`s hair loss drug Ritlecitinib which Hugo mentions in his video.
    They conducted the trials using 2 drugs and 2 placebos. The first drug is referenced as PF-06651600 and the second one is PF-06700841. There were a total of 142 participants and the trials started on Dec 15th 2016 and ended on May 15th 2019.

    This is the page from The US National Center For Biotechnology Information which gives a general rundown.

    And this is the actual study results page itself from their website. It is divided neatly into 4 lists for easy reading.

    Click on the 3 tabs part way down on the left to select other details and views , study details and tabular view as well.

  18. Hair loss could also be because of 5g microwaving. No one seems to be talking about the affects of that. Emf metre readings are sky high. Just saying 🤷‍♀️

    • Your right. In fact, ARS (Acute radiation syndrome) Includes all the symptoms for “Covid”

  19. They are blaming all side effects on long Covid now, I’d like to see the numbers of unjabbed vs jabbed.

  20. Pinkett smith doesn’t look like she’s got alapecia! It looks like her hair has been shaved but there’s no baldy patches! But the jabbed shouldn’t worry because it’s only temporary! Yes, once all your hair falls out you will stop shedding! 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Wow. I knew there was something suspicious but there you go, order out of chaos. They created hair loss, now they will make more money by having a solution

  22. I said to my friends at the start about the numan erectile dysfunction adverts and hair loss treatments being plastered over every channel since day 1 of covid…we’ve seen the hair loss side, now let’s find out how many men have lost the lead from their pencils now too ??? I suspect that it would be much higher than usual as well… There has been many problems with female side effects like irregular periods, stillborn, premature termination etc, so I would strongly imagine that men are having problems too ..

    • Not to be crude. But I have seen reports of constant vaginal bleeding. Requiring surgical intervention.
      It is a total nightmare. The whole body is under attack. Lipid nano particles are entering all kinds of cells in the body.
      Spongiform encephalitis found in the brain. High concentrations in the ovaries and testes. Sexual issues are highly under-reported, I would expect there to be many problems. Children with myocarditis, so bad it has a “black box warning.”
      I know people first hand who have “suddenly” developed headaches, numerous heart issues, become extremely lethargic, forgetful, rashes/hives… But they haven’t put 2-2 together.

      Cancer exploding. Immune system’s destroyed.
      This is the tip of the iceberg, experts have been warning about. 8-9/10 people I know are injected. Some 3-4X.
      The stage III medical trial isn’t over until 2023! People’s eye’s glaze over when I mention that.
      With all the wheels in motion. Society in 5 years, will be “fascinating” to say the least.

  23. Male pattern baldness now occuring in younger men i.e. teenagers

  24. Not to mention 5G causes hair loss. Hugo do a video on 5g and radiation sickness.

  25. Great video!I will never believe that she has this disease. Shaved neatly and that’s it!And I NEVER EVER believe that any of the politicians and celebrities etc were “vaccinated”🤢🤮! there are no more rules in this world – incredible open cruelty – so who knows what they were injecting people with!!! there could be anything and what will happen next.…scary for them

  26. its impossible to wake people up , some of us can see whats going on and others do not want to see what is going on , it may be so obvious to us but others cannot see it . no idea what can be done about it

  27. It seems the only persons that got slapped in the face for real were the general public that believe this whole garbage narrative.

  28. The Jew York Times recommends a hair loss medicine from jew owned company Pfizer.

  29. Swap hair loss for cancer, Pfizer at its best! It could out do their genomic altering jab poison in the short term.

    Here is the data sheet for their hair loss treatment Baricitimib AKA Olumiant ,one drug in a group of immunomodulators known to increase cancer risk. I only post a small section of its data sheet!
    Olumiant 2 mg film-coated tablets Olumiant 4 mg film-coated tablets



    The risk of malignancies including lymphoma is increased in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Immunomodulatory medicinal products may increase the risk of malignancies including lymphoma. The clinical data are insufficient to assess the potential incidence of malignancies following exposure to baricitinib. Long-term safety evaluations are ongoing.

    Now if you get cancer you may need radiotherapy and or chemotherapy so I guess hair loss will return!!

  30. I’m perfectly willing that the stunt was a promotion in advance for a Pfizer pharmaceutical and I’m sure that Smith and Rock were paid handsomely (Pinkett Smith probably a less er amount). That said, was Will Smith’s career tanking before the stunt? Wonder why he was so willing to agree not to attend the Oscars for 10 years and have his name dragged through the mud?

    • Your comment about wondering why Will Smith would agree to having his name dragged through the mud etc, is the very reason that I’m just not sure whether this was a fake slap. I don’t doubt for 1minute that Hollywood and the fake stream media aren’t capable of all kinds of lying and publicity stunts, but in this case I’m just not sure. Maybe the publicity went too far, maybe Will wasn’t supposed to get up out of his seat, but once he had he didn’t quite know how to play it. Will looks such a broken man these days because of his wife’s escapades, that maybe he didn’t play the ‘scene’ correctly. I just can’t see how this has done Will any favours at all. Jada, yes, but not Will. Jada certainly stood out, the outfit that she wore seemed to draw attention to her condition. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  31. I’m noticing some people’s hair is falling out,they’ve all been jabbed,you might be on to something,the lying and deception inside MSM celebrity circles is blatantly obvious to those of us that are awake

  32. I’m a hairdresser. I have a client that has lost her hair. She put her own dye on her hair. And it’s fallen out, I mentioned to her it’s a reaction to her jab. She said it wasn’t. And wasn’t having any of it. I do know that peroxide reacts to metal. And as we know there’s metallic content in the jab. I would say. That all hairdressers need to be aware of this. And test the jabbed persons hair before colouring. This could lead to hairdresser being accused of something that isn’t to do with them. And it’s to do with the reactions from pzfisers. I can see hairdressers being sued and wrongly accused.

  33. Their doing far worse things than giving folks epigenomic vulnerability to alopecia. You lucky if that’s as far as it goes for ya because the new green deal was about reduction of the global population via eugenics harmful medicine for folks whom depend on county & state & federal income

  34. Here we go fellas. We knew it was coming, didn’t we? It was a matter of time we would be invaded with
    same scaremongering as two years ago.

    The NHS track and trace fraud failure pushed millions into hiding and having the poison juice gone with SAGE but now we got the ZOE health services application owned by Dr Tim Spector ( Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation member ) USED as main covid19 statistics by MSM to push BOOSTERS intake before winter hits.

    Surprise, surprise the articles come on daily is an example

    And another..

    Hugo, please a video exposing this scumbag who is getting paid by pfzier and government to drive this boosters Agenda?

    People still buying this Plandemic, amazing

    • My ex mum of my child had 1 Pfizer poison jab and she became sick and suffered hair-loss.
      I know way more people that got sick from the jab
      than people got sick from the virus formerly known as flu

      btw I still haven’t had the ” virus ”
      even though I did everything to catch ” the virus ”

      Haven’t had the flu since I started drinking boiled with EKO honey and thats 3 years .

    • @Vincent – ah I might have known Spector was a Gates member. Those news articles openly state that most “cases” now are incidental, that is, people testing positive in hospital but they are there for ANOTHER illness (adverse events no doubt).
      They also admit that symptoms are similar to the common cold! Yet people will still leg it to the jab centre!

      • Facts, just check Daily Mail already on scaremongering Agenda so is sky news and BBC.

        I Just took the tube in green park station as usual but I noticed more face nappy wearers.

        Those are the same who put us into lockdown for never saying ” I have enough”.

        This ukhsa whatever means.. leading scientists is from the WEF too and Bill Gates associated plus part of the communist party in UK getting air waves

        Where’s witty, Tam, Wallace?
        Enjoying the profits from pfzier and Co in the Maldives?

        They should be facing trial against humanity.. including Hancock, Boris and Sajid.

        I will never comply with another lockdown and I am proud to remain unvaccinated ever since the con started.

        Where’s the FLU gone? Oh wait, All covid19 symptoms are much alike.

        Keep fighting people, they’re coming this winter again.

        No more Xmas cancellation nor BOOSTERS in my family

  35. I have never had the jab. On Christmas day I became poorly, got tested (family were wanting to know if I had covid) results came back that I had got it, then my husband got it. I have had many viruses as I have worked many years with children. I have to say that I have never reacted in the same way to a virus as I did to ‘covid’ (or whatever it was) It started with my heart rate going off the charts fast. That lasted about 5hours then I had a day of typical virus like symptoms, then after that for the next 3 weeks I had complete exhaustion. I have never felt anything like it. I slept everyday and every night. I lost over half a stone in weight. In March I coloured my hair, full head colour, I noticed that my hair was falling out at a high rate. I’ve never had this reaction before. Now, I don’t believe for one minute that it’s a normal virus. Never have. I believe it’s germ warfare. That it was created in a lab. Probably in China. The whole thing at the beginning looked wrong. China was releasing video footage of what was happening, people being dragged from their homes by men in white space looking suits. It was staged I believe to petrify the world into compliance. China never show the world what they’re up to normally, but here they were filming the whole thing and showing the whole world. It has to have been a stage with actors, or they made the place of Woohan and the people of Woohan sacrificial offerings. And the poor people were used. Dragged from their homes in a state of fear. Who knows what they did to them afterwards.

    • Just offering some thoughts. I have included a link to Dr Sam Bailey. This video is about the difference between germ theory and terrain theory. In short viruses may not exist as they have never been isolated or observed. Dr Sam has a better way of explaining it as I am a bit of a blunt instrument. I don’t doubt what you experienced I question the source and reason for why these symptoms arrived. It’s a deep rabbit hole and well worth taking the dive, it changed my perspective which has in turn improved my health amazingly.

      • Additional to this, your smart phones are absolutely emitting a signal that messes with your natural frequency. Thus making you Ill. I am a theta healer and keep getting numb hand if I hold my phone too long. It makes me irritated and exhausted. Look into the patents for this type of technology. 🙏

    • @Charlynne
      Fast heart rate and hair loss are radiation (EMF) poisoning symptoms. Ditto fast greying hair, ear ringing, headache, bone pain, lethargy, bowel upsets, eye strain & pain.
      Similar symptoms, particularly hair loss, occurred to victims of the *Spanish* flu in 1918.

      Try switching your mobile devices, particularly smart phones, to Airplane mode at night. (Thus turning off the internet and immobilising the device’s continuous search for its nearest & strongest signalled 5g mast.
      You will notice the air in the room becomes much clearer, with less electronic smog. You will feel calmer, and breathe and sleep well
      Switching the devices back on again in the morning will revert to the excess EMF pollution levels unfortunately.
      You could also try a Faraday bag/box to hold the devices when not in use. Check online. Police-quality signal blockers come recommended.

  36. There are indeed incubators to create this narrative of deception, violence and division ready to use by all state actors in order to govern. Thanks to Hugo and many others, people endowed with critical thinking skills are slowly lifting the veil from their eyes and begin to navigate through this gigantic jungle of information.
    The parasitic controllers need populations gripped by fear in order to extract and manipulate energy for their own sustenance.There is a vast majority in the so called freedom movement that (with or without their knowledge) are directing the parasite’s energy. Hugo is not one of them.

  37. Not everything is fake,sometimes we project out own psychological issues onto others. The media relies on that projection,as does advertising,big pharma and the millitary industrial complex.

  38. Predictive programming and suggestion fills our society from a corporate level. The other dar I was travelling down Brighton sea front and I saw scaffolding with netting on it exactly the same as the Ukranian flag…
    Was it a coinkydink as you say?
    I’ve have always said throughout my life there is no such thing as a coincidence even when I could not understand the connections myself. Of course the tv is ‘programming’ us whilst trying to ‘channel’ our minds to behave in a certain way, that’s what it is being used for in this corrupted society that needs fixing by us.
    Nice one Hugo…

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