Pfizer SLAP Stunt HAIR LOSS 2621% ⬆ INCREASE / Hugo Talks

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97 Comments on “Pfizer SLAP Stunt HAIR LOSS 2621% ⬆ INCREASE / Hugo Talks

  1. I’m a 45 year old healthy woman, never took the jab! but was diagnosed with Alopecia Aerate in March this year. I’ve always had very long thick full hair (no family history of male/female pattern baldness etc). Yet I had a 2 inch monk-like bald circle at my crown, and receding temples. I was prescribed Minoxidil.

    I initially thought it might be connected with 5G, but now I wonder if it was caused by vax shedding… My partner was double shot.

    • I am feeling unwell since being in a car with some friends who then said that they had just had their booster and flu jab. I said nothing at the time, I am unjabbed. Makes you wonder about shedding though.

    • Yes, passive exposure is a real risk. Phytonutrient and nutrient treatment might help more.

    • I’m convinced Karmen that all the jabs we were expected to have over the years, are responsible for a whole host of the illnesses that are prevalent today, including hair loss. It’s just not natural.

    • I jas similar a decade a go. Just sent home after blood tests that showed nothing. Wait for it to grow back said the GP.

  2. Hi Hugo I watch the video twice you are completely right it was completely staged but could only get so far into the video twice it’s stopped twice just after the bit you were talking about the it being licensed for 12 years and then it stops so I don’t know I watched it again and exact same stops exact same place anyway completely agree the world is a stage they’re just playing everybody and there is no coincidence as you would say that from that thing in February surprise surprise and I coming up with a medication for hair loss however I can’t think of anything worse if someone regular go to the hairdresser every six months to get the hair done and bleach blonde honestly I really feel for the lady above must be horrendous I don’t think I’m vain but as a woman I just love my hair anyway I’ll keep up the good work maybe you could email me the video as I’m having difficulty playing the whole thing on about is the end of it by doubt it

  3. The only photo of her that supposedly shows alopecia looks like a scar. It’s a perfect straight line. Otherwise her head is shaved. There are not photos with what you’d expect to see from alopecia. They’re generally round spots.
    Having had some thi g like this happen. 2 coin shapes appeared and gradually became one spot (monk like). The doctors did a bunch a tests, assumed my situation was causing stress khighly likely). Weren’t concerned, Sent me home to wait for it to grow back. Which it did and has never happened again.

    • Same here. About 15 years ago for no apparent reason 2 bald patches just below my temple on both sides of my head and one on top of my head. Had a blood test nothing came up; told it was probably stress and it grew back eventually and hasnt happened again.

  4. Hugo, I beg you can you please find some facts about this wannabe Dr Tim Spector who the MSM are sponsoring as the “New Track and Trace” covid19 government statistics to continue where it was left by Witty and Co?

    “Zoe health application” is the most accurate covid19 figures on daily basis. This application sponsor by Microsoft founder where anyone can manipulate the numbers is now what the NHS and government are using to push the booster vaccination propaganda? Sore throat is Now a covid19 symptoms.. bullocks

    This Dr Spector as I mentioned before is part of WEF and Gates Foundation. This man has lot sort behind him so please let’s make him more popular. People, if you know him, make him unwelcome and detest. Scumbag Poo

    Today’s Sun page…

    Thanks HUGO

  5. I believe i heard mention of what’s referred to in America as Aqua-Cremation & or Aquamarine they use a potassium pomangenate heated to 176 degrees Fahrenheit bath to almost completely dissolve the body & Bone of a corpse with very little leftovers

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