UK BBC Govt Covid Death Statistician Takes Own Life

Taken from Rumble channel KimKarcrashian

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    • You know absolutely nothing about the woman. Your odious description says much more about you, than it does about the deceased!

  1. My spider senses tell me she was murdered because she was going to blow the bloody doors off about the bullshit!

    • If she’d committed suicide over guilt, I would imagine she would have left a note spilling the beans. That way her guilt would have been eased somewhat. I reckon it’s more likely her suicide was unconnected to guilt over fraudulent stats OR someone got to her,

  2. Could she actually have the 41 year olds name and identity(DOB CHANGED) and she was suicided just too get her out of the limelight but the “person” using the name is still actually very much alive? We call it in the States “protective custody.” IMHO we cannot believe anything news agencies tell us. I need PROOF!

  3. We have to think more critically and outside all normal senses. What if this statistician Danielle Cornish is just an invention on paper and not a living soul? As is done with false flag mass shootings. When the shooter takes his own life immediately after the alleged event we HAVE to now look for all the other telltale signs of false flag.

      • Because others who have “committed suicide” under suspicious circumstances have been reported to have done it this way.

      • Kim, Door knob hangings are a “thing” with THOSE people. There have been more than 20 VERY suspicious versions of this kind of “suicide” that happened to various celebrities over the years. One of the most notable was the very young Amchel Rothschild back in the 70’s. He was allegedly not cut from the same vampiric cloth as the rest of the family, allegedly had a conscience, and was set to inherit control of a vast swath of the family fortune. He had to be gotten rid of because he already knew too much.

    • @Mark, Ephesians 2:8-9 (MCV) For by Grace are ye saved through Faith; and that not of yourselves (that is, neither The Grace or The Faith): it is (for both are) The Gift of God: 9 Not of works (not through obedience to The Law), lest any man should boast.

      I fail to see what the above Holy Scriptures are to do with this thread or how they even relate to it.

  4. If she did murder herself may God have mercy on her soul and my sympathy to the friends and relatives. If that isn’t the case may God have mercy on her soul ..
    Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand… !!

    • I have to say, a year ago, some Scientific bod in Germany…..took his own life.(?)….knew too much maybe?…

      • The boss of a hospital in Germany allegedly threw himself off the roof of his hospital. Almost certainly ‘suicided’ because he was aware of what was going on and was going to talk.

      • He left a detailed note that he could no longer partake in the covid crime.

      • was that they guy who flung himself off the building saying he could no longer be part of the genocde? they mayor put huge pressure on him to follow the narrative or else

  5. It never fails to amaze me how thick the general public have been throughout the whole covid debacle!

  6. perhaps she was going to become a whistle-blower and maybe she has already done so. i do hope she has because that is what we need, particularly those working in the NHS.

  7. Have you actually listened to this Hugo? the same name yes but in 2 different countries and 2 different ages .
    Am I missing something please because I don’t get it . 🙂

    • The first Danielle that committed suicide, worked at the BBC basically coming up with numbers and ways that would convince the public that the virus was deadlier than it was which in turn convinced people that they needed the deadly jab, helped lockdowns happen, people losing jobs, etc. The second Danielle was a woman who ironically had the same name as the first and died as a result of the lies about the “pandemic”, which the first Danielle helped to perpetuate.

    • yes i made that video and its two different people , one committed suicide so we are told in Britain and the other with an identical name died of exposure because of the fraudulent statistics created by a person with teh same name , this is obvious , no idea why you make the comment

      • Thanks for that but in your video your narration did not make that clear and led to the idea that it was the same person and linked , if you search the Web you fill find a fair view of people with this name but use a back end search engine , the video could be construed as misleading and putting Hugo’s site at risk .:)

      • But Paul, aren’t you yourself guilty of creating 100’s of fake online personas in a desperate attempt to be accepted by the targeted individual community?

  8. Some news just in…

    ‘An 18-year-old soldier who walked beside the Queen’s coffin during her funeral has been found dead at a London barracks. Trooper Jack Burnell-Williams was found dead at Hyde Park Barracks on Wednesday September 29.

    Police and paramedics were called at 3.48pm but the soldier from Bridend, South Wales was pronounced dead at the scene. The Met Police say Jack’s death was “unexpected” and that they are not currently treating it as suspicious.’

  9. Asda offering free cash off shopping if customers book flu jab at its pharmacy

    To earn the reward, customers should book a private flu jab at one of 254 Asda Pharmacies before October 23

    Customers who book a private flu jab at one of 254 Asda Pharmacies before October 23 will be credited £1 into their cash pot within the Asda Rewards app. The rewards offer must be redeemed in-store by October 23. Asda’s flu jab is the cheapest on the market at £9.98.

    • Oh yes cant wait that’s the one that’s only been tested on 8 mice at our local chemists its free but there was nobody queuing up for it they are probably all dead or maimed by now

    • @Sarah
      £1. That’s less than the NY ex mayor de Blasio’s offering of a bag of chips (French fries) for a life. His successor appears to be another winna, following in the footsteps.

      So why does Asda feature ..It was bought by the 2 Issa brothers in Oct 2020 (mid pandemic & lockdowns no hindrance) – and pipped Walmart to the post. As Wishi Washy said at the time how great it was to see the business returned to UK ownership. The brothers said the acquisition “was not just a financial investment”, and strictly speaking that’s true – because £6m of the £7.8m price tag came from the bankstrs who’ve been incubating their grateful minions since back in 1999, when they started their garage forecourt empire collection. With more than 5,000 forecourts in 2020. (What will those parcels of land become when there’s no more oil in carbon-zero land. Stack & pack housing perchance …)
      So if the once-in-a-lifetime £1 give away only to be spent in-store isn’t going to break their business and the £9+ injection blood money won’t boost their accounts by a whisper – what’s the lure to poisonate the British people dependent on supermarkets these days & on whom they depend for custom (for now)…
      These 2 need locking up, along with the rest of their hoard of directors.
      Common law courts are sorely needed. The system’s courts has zero to do with law or justice, as one of the high court judges declared a few years ago.

    • Which convinces me even more why the Asda staff watched me back to my bike then came and gave me a bollocking for leaving a leaflet in the trolley. The leaflet showed total deaths from the Shot for the EU. ONE leaflet and they panic. Now the excess deaths figures are rising they will probably panic even more. THEY are culpable. THEY are giving booster shots.

      • @grouchoone1195 – I struggle to believe none of these staff members think, “Hang on a minute, if any of these death stats are true, we are not only actively hiding it from customers who’ve come for a jab, but are actually potentially contributing to the jab deaths”. And all so they don’t lose £’s!

  10. Most viewers here are probably not American and don’t know that Michigan in particular was transformed as much as was possible during 2020 into an actual Gulag by governor Gretchen Whitmer. (Wretchin Witchmer as she is known here in the US). Michiganders were treated to the most blatantly unconstitutional, illegal, and outrageous Convid restrictions in the country. That poor woman and so many others paid the price. Very sad indeed.

  11. I am a mental health nurse and people commit suicide at any age. If her job was stressful it could have affected her mental health and made her feel like this. Also may be seeing the stats and seeing that things didnt add up and having no one to talk to and feeling scared might have led up to it. Its happens a lot. You hear of a lot professionals taking their own lives especially if they feel trapped which she might have done in her job who knows?

    • @Emem. Who knows, indeed. A very rapid decline from the smiling competitive walker in July to her alleged suicide one month later. If it was pressure of work, the realisation must have been of such impact as to force her to take such an irreversible action. Certainly her work colleagues would have noticed a change in her demeanour and mood and performance. Mental anguish is not something that can be hidden from those who know us. Something would have let slip.

  12. I feel bad for her. The tremendous weight of all the deaths and having to lie about it took a toll on her and proved she can’t roll with the satanist agenda. RIP

    • She didn’t have to do the job, but she was happy to do it for the last two years. She was only following orders right?

    • I think quite a few people will take their own lives when the whole truth comes out, especially those who unwittingly convinced others close to them against their better judgement to comply with all the mandates and pointless lockdowns which harmed so many. This is truly the worst time to have ever lived. The people who are really responsible know that if everything where to return to normal the truth would finally come out. These people should be the one’s taking their own lives but we know that won’t happen they will just start WW3 and sit it out in their bunkers. They will not search what they do not have. I really hope I’m wrong but the way things are going now really fills me with dread. There will never be another time to stand up it has to be now.

      • @AL Mfreeze A good comment. All you can do is speak out and tell people The Truth. EVERYTHING else is in Yah’s (God’s) ALL POWERFUL hands. The Adversary and his psychopathic minions have already lost, and he knows it.

  13. Well done Kim Karcrashian for pointing out Hol0hoax. About 300k Joos died there while millions of Russian, Polish, German Goyim people perished and there are no museums about it.
    It was a perfect smokescreen to shift Joos from Central Europe to Soviet Union where their Bolshevik friends were then shift some of them to bolster the creation of Israel.
    “If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.” — Voltaire

    • Having Armenian roots, her ancestors will have been affected by the 1million+ killed in the holocaust of Armenians.
      Still denied by Turkey and its donmeh ‘young Turks’.
      Of course she signs contracts with those very sort of people for profit against the young & the impressionable. And that is the crux of the system that runs counterfeit to the real world we’re supposed to be living in.

  14. We know about death from poison but Hugo is indicating there are some hitmen wandering around and killing some VIPs who gone rogue.
    I mean there are definitely some hitmen but in the West they can finish you off without shedding any blood. They can target vulnerable areas in your life and you die on your own because of the stress. That is why this whole thing impacts everyone regardless if poison has been taken or not. The oligarchs / The Families know that by imposing permanent fear of this or that people’s brains will start harming the bodies.
    That is why it’s advisable not to follow Hugo on daily basis because you end up in this vicious cycle of anxiety. Hugo is coping with that but only few can do that and it’s still not good for their health.
    I try to watch him weakly not to get too much upset.

    • You have made a great point👍!
      Hugo’s observations are important but he does exactly the same what fakestream media do – perpetuates fear and paranoia
      Only several years ago I met a British patient on coronary care ward. He was due for mitrial valve replacement. The damage was caused by Brexit anxiety. He asked us, the foreign staff if we feared Brexit. None of us seemed to have bothered much. I was personally pro. His anxiety was embedded by media.

      • What if because she did such a good job at manipulating the stats to imitate a spreading pandemic she got a promotion in the intelligence services that came with a change of identity?
        Maybe that’s something to look out for.

      • Ironically she is now one of her own mortality statistics. No fucks given, her scares tactics simply by pitching and manipulating figures to make the last 2 years look worse than it actually was, had led to countless of deaths and injuries due to lockdowns and the jib jab. Theres a place reserved in hell for this media whore.

      • @Kremovka
        Exactly. They know that people can get hooked up on these things. Too much TV. As you said EU citizens worried about it less than the Brits themselves which tells me that a lot of Brits are very insecure.

      • @Rob
        I think you are on the right track. BBC is arm of Intelligence they only deal with spooks who are actors and actors who are spooks.
        I would not be surprised that she has been relocated to a new “theater” and perhaps enjoying some time off in California.

      • @Kremovka The Jesuits love poison, The Jews love and lust after blood!

        “We will make our hearts cruel, hard and immovable, so that no mercy will enter them, and so that they will not quiver at the sight of a sea of enemy blood. We will let loose the floodgates of that sea. Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood!….Let there be floods of blood of the bourgeois – more blood! As much as possible.”

        — The Jew, Grigory Zinoviev (real name Hirsch Apfelbaum), head of the Communist International, who wrote in an article in the “Drasnaya Gazeta” in Moscow, 1st September 1918.

        “If they had the POWER to do to us what we are are able to do to them, not one of us would live for an hour. But since they lack the POWER to do this publicly, they remain our daily murderers and blood thirsty foes in their hearts.”

        — Martin Luther (1483-1546): On The Jews and Their Lies.

      • thetruthnotdoctrine keep quoting satan

        “If you are a preacher of grace, then preach a true and not a fictitious grace; if grace is true, you must bear a true and not a fictitious sin. God does not save people who are only fictitious sinners. Be a sinner and sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly . . . as long as we are here [in this world] we have to sin. . . . No sin will separate us from the Lamb, even though we commit fornication and murder a thousand times a day.” (Letter to Melanchthon, August 1, 1521, American Edition, Luther’s Works, vol. 48, pp. 281-82)
        Martin Luther

        ‘Do what thou wilt’

        ‘This was the primary ethos of Thelema, a religious movement founded by one of the 20th Century’s most prolific and syphilitic persons of influence, Aleister Crowley.’

        ‘The practice of habitual participation in narcotics and ceremonial orgies along with convoluted processes of invoking magickal manifestations were considered to embody the transpositional altruism of “do what thalt wilt” by it’s faithful followers.’

        ‘What we do know of the Nicolaitans links them with two main teachings—sexual immorality and eating food offered to idols. In His letter to the church at Pergamo’


        Acts 6:5 tells us that this Nicolas was “a proselyte of Antioch.” The fact that he was a proselyte tells us that he was not born a Jew but had converted from paganism to Judaism. Then he experienced a second conversion, this time turning from Judaism to Christianity. From this information, we know these facts about Nicolas of Antioch:.

        • He came from paganism and had deep pagan roots, very much unlike the other six deacons who
        came from a pure Hebrew line. Nicolas’ pagan background meant that he had previously been
        immersed in the activities of the occult.
        • He was not afraid of taking an opposing position, evidenced by his ability to change religions
        twice. Converting to Judaism would have estranged him from his pagan family and friends. It
        would seem to indicate that he was not impressed or concerned about the opinions of other
        • He was a free thinker and very open to embracing new ideas and concepts. Judaism was very
        different from the pagan and occult world in which he had been raised. For him to shift from
        paganism to Judaism reveals that he was very liberal in his thinking, for most pagans were
        offended by Judaism. He was obviously not afraid to entertain or embrace new ways of thinking.
        • When he converted to Christ, it was at least the second time he had converted from one religion to
        another. We don’t know if, or how many times, he shifted from one form of paganism to another
        before he became a Jewish proselyte. His ability to easily change religious “hats” implies that he
        was not afraid to switch direction in midstream and go a totally different direction.

        What did the Nicolaitans teach, and how did they behave, that garnered God’s correction and the threat of punishment to those who followed their evil ways (Revelation 2:16)?

        “Like Simon Magus, whom the early apostles also confronted, the Nicolaitans introduced the concept of using the name of Jesus for commercial gain, dominance and control. After all, the concept had worked quite well in the pagan temples of the vast gentile world, generating wealth and revenue for many societies” (Nicholas and Xmas by C. Franklin).

        In a church setting, these people attempted to set themselves up to rule over the lives and faith of other church members. They tried to force others to submit to their arbitrary position of authority that God never gave them and which he hates! The Apostle Peter warned that leaders among the church were not to dominate over the faith of others but rather exhort them to do right.

        The elders who are among you I exhort, even as a fellow elder . . . Feed the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight not by compulsion, but willingly; not in fondness of dishonest gain, but with an eager attitude; Not as exercising lordship over your possessions; but by being examples to the flock of God (1Peter 5:1 – 3).

        The hierarchical teachings of the Nicolaitans openly reared its head during the Catholic Church’s Council of Trent that was held between 1545 and 1563. During the council they stated, “If anyone shall say that there is not in the Catholic Church a hierarchy established by the divine ordination, consisting of bishops, presbyters and ministers, let him be anathema (a person who is to be detested and excommunicated).”

        An evil structure
        The entire top-down church administrative structure of the Catholics, as well as many other churches, owes its survival to maintaining what the Nicolaitans taught. Many “Christian” groups and denominations promote the belief in a strict church hierarchy where control over the people must be maintained and respected. The system they promote feeds on competition and strife among believers in order to take advantage of them at any time.

        The Lord not only demands repentance from those who believe the doctrine of the Nicolaitans but also threatens severe punishment if they do not. God warns those who practice such lies, “Remember therefore from where you have fallen . . . or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place” (Revelation 2:5). May the warning be heeded!

        What we do know of the Nicolaitans links them with two main teachings—sexual immorality and eating food offered to idols. In His letter to the church at Pergamos, Jesus wrote:

        “I have a few things against you, because you have there those who hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to put a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed to idols, and to commit sexual immorality. Thus you also have those who hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate” (Revelation 2:14, 15).

      • @Loccie what has your stupid, ignorant, irrelevant diatribe got to do with my comment that the Jesuits love poison and the Jews love spilled blood? Which I have proven with those quotes so I’ll post them again just for you, with another just for good measure – you’ll love the third one:

        “We will make our hearts cruel, hard and immovable, so that no mercy will enter them, and so that they will not quiver at the sight of a sea of enemy blood. We will let loose the floodgates of that sea. Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood!….Let there be floods of blood of the bourgeois – more blood! As much as possible.”

        — The Jew, Grigory Zinoviev (real name Hirsch Apfelbaum), head of the Communist International, who wrote in an article in the “Drasnaya Gazeta” in Moscow, 1st September 1918.

        “If they had the POWER to do to us what we are are able to do to them, not one of us would live for an hour. But since they lack the POWER to do this publicly, they remain our daily murderers and blood thirsty foes in their hearts.”

        — Martin Luther (1483-1546): On The Jews and Their Lies.

        “Away with Christianity and the Gospel of love. We must teach Soviet children to hate. We must have hatred and still more hatred. Only by hating can we destroy our enemies and conquer the world.”

        — The Jew, Anatoli Vasílievich Lunacharski or Lunacharsky

      • Do you really think by quoting their evil intentions you prove anything other than they are satan’s seed?

        “Be a sinner and sin boldly”
        Martin Luther

        “We will make our hearts cruel, hard and immovable, so that no mercy will enter them, and so that they will not quiver at the sight of a sea of enemy blood.”
        Grigory Zinoviev

        “Away with Christianity and the Gospel of love. We must teach Soviet children to hate”
        Anatoli Vasílievich Lunacharski

        “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”

        I will pray for you Charles

      • @Loccie “Do you really think by quoting their evil intentions you prove anything other than they are satan’s seed?”

        Exactly, and what I have been telling you since I started posting comments here on Hugo Talks? yet you keep on arguing and defending them, stupidly thinking that they are Yah’s (God’s) chosen people!!

        Matthew 12:34 (MCV) O generation (offspring or race) of vipers (snakes or reptiles), how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

        “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”

        Oh yes I do, and just like this: Yashua Messiah and John the Baptist when LOVING The Jews:

        “Hypocrites!!” “Ye Serpents” “Generation (race) of vipers” “With throats like open graves” “Whited walls” “Whited sepulchres” “Sons of the Devil.”

        From Strong’s Concordance:
        GENERATION – G1081 gennema ghen’-nay-mah From G1080; OFFSPRING; by analogy produce: – fruit, generation.

        John 8:38 (MCV) I speak that which I have seen with MY FATHER: and ye do that which ye have seen with YOUR FATHER.

        John 8:44 (MCV) Ye are of your father The Devil, and the lusts of YOUR FATHER ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in The Truth, because there is no Truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the FATHER of it.

    • Shouldn’t hide from the truth. All it takes for evil to prevail is a few good men to do nothing

      • @Vicki Jones Ephesians 5:11 (MCV) And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose and reprove them.

    • @Flavius, re: Brexit. I personally feel for the British people as they are good natured, often altruists, unlike us. They are being punished for their choice by German-French Union.
      Brexit does not seem to affect us (yet). This is why we should reman faithful to our roots. I never felt an European citizen or a citizen of the world. These are meningless buzzwords. We can co-exist in peace and tolerance, jabbed or unjabbed (I am). Just live and let live without imposing our values in each other, but limitong media ‘uptake’ and scepticism towards it has proven to be the best way of copying.
      PS underline unintentional.

      • Kremovka What choice? Membership of the EEC in 1972 which morphed into the EUSSR was based upon treachery, lies and chicanery of the most evil kind. The paedophile, bastard, traitor Heath lied to parliament and the British people.

      • What Brexit?
        Only ones, as per usual, who gained from it are the lot in the City of London.

  15. Reminds me of Dr David Kelly found ” suicide in that field…

  16. A few points here:
    1. It’s unlikely she committed suicide because of guilt over the stats, because she surely would have left a note behind spilling the beans to ease her guilt.
    2. She certainly appears to be a real person (some have said she may not be), as someone of her name and age had been competing in various local parkruns (see link below.)
    3. Finally, this led me to look at the parkrun figures for various other events, and there was a considerable drop in the number of runners taking part after the 16 month break from March, 2020 to July, 2021. I will email Hugo later with my findings. Don’t forget that these runners will be training during the week, and physical exercise and the jabs don’t seem to go well together, as is evident by so many sports people collapsing during or just after activity, many dying. There is an alarming drop in the number taking part after the jab rollout in most of the courses I have checked.

    • And in other news… Scotland is investigating a spike in infant mortality between April 2021 and March 2022.

    • That is what is so perverse about it. It is killing off the ‘USEFULL eaters’ and leaving the ‘USELESS eaters’ unscathed.

      • Useless eaters don’t generally ask difficult questions and are reliably compliant.
        What benefits mankind, usually removes the strings of power that the elite rely upon…

  17. I’m sure there’ll be a lot more people involved in this “suiciding” before long. What they don’t seem to realise is that they know too much, and once they have served their purpose and “they” have no further use for them, they are too dangerous to leave alive. They think they’re going to get a seat at the top table because they over estimate their own importance – but they are not and were never going to be part of the “elites”.

    On the other hand maybe she died from jab problems and it would be too embarrassing to say the statistician who was telling everyone how safe it was “died suddenly of unexpected causes”.

  18. ‘To live is Christ, to die is gain’

    The fear of death is the main way this world can manipulate, control you. Jesus takes that fear away and gives you peace that the world cannot give to you with the promise of eternal life.

    If you are NOT a Christian, there is not much time left.

    Turn to Him, repent and receive His gift of salvation.

    “Lord Jesus Christ, forgive me, a sinner. I accept that you died for my sins and I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. In Jesus name. AMEN”

    • Christ lives! Jesus saves! Amen! Beware, Satan is the deceiver. He is the father of lies.
      1 Corinthians 3:17
      “If any man destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God is holy, and that is what you are.”
      Stay strong in the Word of God.
      Matthew 5:10-12
      “Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
      Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”
      I am wonderfully assured, that grace and mercy is given to those truly repentant.

      • Amen! Everything you say is truth!!! Jesus is the only way!!
        Only one name given under heaven among men (which we must be saved) the name above every other name! Jesus Christ is the saviour of all mankind! There is no other!
        The leaders of the west are satanic cult, they lie, deceive and enforce our children to believe lies, boy can be girl, vice versa. Monstrous lie! They ignore God’s moral laws! The west is sick and stinks to high heaven.. Russia! Russia ! Is the last line of defence against these satanic liars!! We will starve this winter and freeze.. Because they hate us, and blame it on Russia…
        So many brain dead people in the west, who lap up the lies of Satan!!
        Shame on them!! Fools in paradise!
        God bless!
        Christ is king!

      • @riverhope99 “Jesus Christ is the saviour of all mankind!”

        TRUE! but when is that going to happen? when the vast majority of mankind have died in their sins!

      • @riverhope99
        Acts 4:11-12 “He is the stone WHICH WAS REJECTED by you, THE BUILDERS, but WHICH BECAME THE CHIEF CORNERstone. And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.” (Capitals are Old Testament)

        While the West IS openly pagan. The list of evidence is endless…

        Russia is not a beacon on the hill. Evangelism is illegal in Russia.
        The head of the Russian Orthodox church has said that “if this person dies in the course of fulfilling his duty, then he undoubtedly commits an act equivalent to a sacrifice. He sacrifices himself for the sake of others. And therefore we believe that this sacrifice washes away all the sins that a person has committed.”

        … Christ’s death was not sufficient? Faith, Repentance?
        A soldier has a job, and duty. Nothing you do can ever redeem your sin’s. That’s why Christ came and died. The RU OX Church is preaching non-Christian, values right there. ^^

        The powers that be are not suffering, only the people underneath… Let us pray that hardship draws us nearer to the Lord and closer to His righteousness, grace and peace.

      • Never said Russia was the beacon on the hill, but at least he’s standing against the globalist cabal that rules the west.. They want to plunder Russia as they have everywhere else…
        Jesus christ is the cornerstone which the Jews rejected..
        Destroy this temple and it will be raised up in three days… Everyone needs repentance at the foot of the cross.. God listens to a broken heart and spirit..
        I know it happened to me and I turned from my sinful ways in 2019… I follow Jesus, suffering, redemption is the only way… I was on the floor Jesus picked me up and turned my life around.. Gospels of christ! Is the food of life! Every man needs to find his own path to christ..
        God bless!
        Christ is king!

      • @Artful Dodger The Father CALLS FIRST, and then Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) saves.

        John 6:44 (MCV) NO MAN can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw (drag) him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

        John 6:65 (MCV) And He said, Therefore said I unto you, That NO MAN can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

      • @riverhope99 Unfortunately, I don’t think Russia is fighting the globalist cabal. Sputnik V is doing the same/similar damage compared to all other injections. Lockstep lockdown with the rest of the world in 2021. The list goes on…
        Now a war economy across Europe… $$$…
        Bush Jr. approval skyrocketed after Gulf II… Politics… The politicization of the RU OX church is bad enough. Now they’re fueling the war with false doctrine.

        Ephesians 1:4-5 Tra-la-la-lol.

      • @Artful Dodger, Always best to include ALL the relevant verses – tra-la-la-lol

        Ephesians 1:3-5 (KJV) Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: 4 According as HE HATH CHOSEN US IN HIM before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love: 5 Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will.

        1 Corinthians 1:26-28 (MCV) For you see your CALLING, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are CALLED: 27 But God hath CHOSEN the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath CHOSEN the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; 28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God CHOSEN, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought (zero) things that are:

      • @Leighton NugentJones This BLASPHEMOUS delusional statement of his will not save ANYONE! “Lord Jesus Christ, forgive me, a sinner. I accept that you died for my sins and I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. In Jesus name. AMEN”

      • I’m not anti Putin but to say he cares about the attack on religion is just false because as an example, he has banned one religious group and called the Bible for hey use “extremist” 🤔 there have been raids on this groups church halls and even on private homes where some have been beaten and arrested by armed forces, it is disgusting.

      • @Susan Adams, Yes it is disgusting, and wholly evil, but standard behaviour for those who become Mafioso errand boys for The Serpent Seed Tribe, and the fake Putin is just that.

    • Putin is Davos to the core. WEF has members from China too.
      Would you trust a dude who created a federal position. to stat in power. While laws are changed to allow him repeated terms at an extended rate? 4 Years now 6, now no term limit. Sputnik V is the same poison as the rest.
      Bait and switch, KMFDM.

      • STAY in power. While Dmitry Medvedev was president. Putin became “chairman” with vito power, he was on top. Changing Russian law.
        And he still is.

  19. Watch the video in the link got a bit confused at first I did in the comments but my general gist would be and maybe she was killed as she doubts about her purpose because all these people do they think they’re doing the job and they’re going to be in the club but sadly they’re not or maybe she knew something she should’ve known or started to know too much and had a conscience I don’t know or maybe she did just actually take her own life because she couldn’t live with what she done to others or maybe she just died naturally who knows but with the way people are dying right now honestly it’s really hard to tell

  20. I knew her, she had long standing chronic depression, she liked her job a lot.

    You guys a fucking weird.

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