Coolio Death, Was he Jabbed? #SecretSocieties / Hugo Talks

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61 Comments on “Coolio Death, Was he Jabbed? #SecretSocieties / Hugo Talks

    • Lot’s of famous people with integrity died before this war started, it seems like it was all planned for a while

    • He talked about the evil people behind the music industry, but also he doesn’t dare to say the jew word. Neither does Hugo.

    • I read online that fans can go to Qatar for the World Cup competition with no Covid vaccine, that is if before we don’t have Armageddon and nuclear war and everything goes up on fire in Europe.

  1. We are certainly living in a gangsta’s paradise – he was bang on – until today I didn’t know he was on about those in control of the world

  2. The most masonic A-list celebrities probably got the harmless saline jabs.
    JFK was also going to go more public about the secret society behind the scenes and ended up dead. So they say. I believe Coolio when he said that he knew things and he wanted to tell but he was afraid of what might happen to his family. God bless Hugo and all

  3. Every single article like this on the Win10 MS news aggregator has the comments shut down. In fact, anything that now talks about the COVID, especially the X number of people just had a bunch of test positives after attending X shindig, you can’t comment. It’s been that way for about a month.

  4. A lot of celebrities want to speak the truth but are afraid for the families. God knows alll & will judge the wicked.
    God bless Hugo🙏🏼

    • @ Slynn I agree. I believe that some of the horrific deaths we have seen e.g Paul Walker and possibly Anne Heche have been warnings to silence them from speaking out !

  5. The clip won’t play. Looks like a different format. Is this available on YouTube, Hugo?
    Rest in peace Coolio.

  6. Didn’t know much about Coolio until this because I’m not into rap music. What a decent guy! So sad he is gone.
    HUGO, just wondering… why is the MonkeyPox word/image used as the thumbnail in all your videos? Does it have a special significance? Thanks. Love your videos.

  7. Are you sure he didn’t suicide himself with a couple of shots to the back of his head?

  8. They are showing a film about the actor 2 pac on tv soon, the totally force gangster rapper. Just another psyop to fool the youth and push them into certain directions. Frosty stay.

  9. This wasn’t a “great guy” learn the hand signals and what they say in their songs. LEARN SYMBOLISM it is necessary ,it is the language of the elites and the evil ones.

  10. Coolio was a good man!
    He said it all whilst saying nothing! Evil is winning at the moment! We all need to pray to god to deliver us from this evil! And then we will win this spiritual war! Coolio is in heaven with god, Jesus and the angels!

  11. So he gives an interview where he references all the standard Facebook promoted conspiracy folklore, and then he “dies”.
    I’m sure the sudden boost in record sales will give him a nice pension fund.

  12. Hm. I’m shocked I wasn’t expecting this from coolio!? One thing is for sure he was either suicided or jabbed.

  13. I’m never sure whether these puppets (particularly in the music industry and/or Hollywood) actually die or are simply thanked for their services and handed a new identity to live out their lives away from the spotlight. And I include members of the so called ’27 club’ in music. Prince’s ‘sister’ is a topic well worth exploring.

  14. None of them “die”. They go on to play other roles. They are playing people and that includes Eric Clapton who was supposedly vaccine injured. These people are all in the club and they exist purely to deceive the masses. The globalists control both sides, the refs and all the fans. Stay vigilant. Stay alert and don’t fall for it.

    • Lisa. So you don’t believe Kary Mullis, the guy who invented PCR test and who spoke out against Fauci isn’t dead? Or the Sherman’s, billionaire husband and wife alleged to have created HCQ weren’t murdered in their home and are not dead either yeah? Get real!

      • Unfortunately, these are matters that we will never get to the base facts about! The dark underbelly of America is corrupt beyond compare !

      • You don’t get a Nobel Price if you aren’t one of them. That’s how it works. They get rewarded for their loyalty not for their talent. He was a Freemason so it was Kubrick, he wasn’t killed but exited the world stage to play another part.

    • Exactly…so much for the awaken people!
      This channel doesn’t mention this stuff…keeps his followers away from truth.

  15. I thought of the jab initially however I saw a podcast last night by a close friend after Coolio’s death, who was talking about Coolio’s intentions to speak out about child trafficking

    • Nonsense. He wasn’t going to disclose a damn thing. They are misdirecting people away from the satanic transhumanism injections.

  16. On the pilots forum: PPRUNE is a thread asking about getting the booster and flu shot. Remember just after BA mandated their pilots to get the jab four of them died suddenly. Yet, interestingly nearly all the replies are for the jab with one mild negative getting well lambasted, the censorship is so obvious.

    • I made some comments on PPPrune earlier, about the 2030 plan for just three airports in the UK (Heathrow, Belfast and Glasgow) then when I tried to comment again I got the message ” You are not allowed to comment on this thread”, (which I soon found out was all threads) I asked the Moderator why this was and got no reply.

  17. Yes, I always think about ‘Eyes wide Shut’…I found it so disturbing when I saw it, all those years ago, before I knew about any of this…

  18. SADS Its getting so common now. I dread to think what the future is going to be like. Ganstas Paradise was one of my all time favourite records from my youth. a time where the only thing you worried about was having enough money to go out with. I really fear for my daughters future everything is a worry these days.

  19. “Tell me, why are we so blind to see,
    That the ones we hurt, are you and me.” – Coolio, Gangsta’s Paradise.

  20. but Justin Bieber is on the top of celebrity world and got poison side effects.
    The oligarchs cannot warn or control all the celebs.
    These people have some freedom and could pop in to the wrong vaccination centre (where poison was administered) while the posh areas got a placebo saline solution.

    But it looks like the death of Joo 2Pac was faked:

      • A suspected mini stroke from a possible tiny blood clot that had disappeared before she got to hospital, so no evidence it ever existed. Maybe she just wanted a piece of the action normalising vax adverse effects for young people.

    • I think the Bieber thing was just botox shots to normalise the adverse effects of the vax with younger people, so they just accept them and keep getting jabbed just like their fave celebs.

  21. Celebrity, the most over-used word in the English language.

  22. As far as I am concerned the most damming evidence of the evil goings on in the music industry are found in MUSICAL TRUTH, VOLUME 1,2 and just recently 3 that also discuses a great deal of the covid hoax. Check out the reviews on Amazon. Amazing books, I highly recommend if you want to know the TRUTH.

  23. Kubrick was a Freemason, you don’t get awards or become that famous if you aren’t one them. They don’t get killed they exit the world stage to play another part. It’s time to really speak the truth here! Instead of keeping people away from it!

  24. As soon as I heard that you died that was the first thing I thought of honestly other world completely blind everyone seems to be dying from some adult death syndrome when I get a people going to wake up honestly don’t know for certain if you was jabbed but as you said you got a fatty going to Australia with indicate me more to the fact that he was and the 30 put that video out that we saw towards the end what a load of hocus-pocus if you honestly was going to tell the truth then really you should’ve done the mat no matter what it takes if you’re on if you’re in the truth to put out the truth you have to do it no matter what the cost him are friends and people I’ve lost to tell them just have to do it no matter warts don’t believe a word he was saying but do you think he was jobs and that’s why you probably died

  25. Why are they playing – gangsta’s paradise – at half time Man City – Man United just now live ??
    Things to make you wonder

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