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A Strong Delusion #NASA / Hugo Talks

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41 Comments on “A Strong Delusion #NASA / Hugo Talks

    • Be a “lets clap for nasa” next…
      And the plebs will do it…😀🚀

  1. The clangers are far more honest and real than nasa have ever been

  2. Theres a huge meteor shower due 14th december that could wipe out some satelites…this comedy planet has one thing they cannot ram into…..a solar flare big enough to shutdown power grids for years…seen so many false flags and no little drone or whatever it was could knock a asteroid off course

    • Yada yada, warn of a devastating flare, then unleash the EMP…..
      At least it will kill off the majority of smart phones…

    • @Stuart, The earth is not a planet. The Earth is a FIXED GLOBE at the centre of the Creation, with the sun and moon orbiting The Earth. The stars move in The Aether.

      Geocentricism – Did The Sun Stand Still and The Moon Stay or Did The Earth Stop Spinning and Moving – Joshua 10:13:

      • @John Davies, Fixed by Yah (God) through His power The Holy Spirit, which is a Force that controls and holds EVERYTHING!

        “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a Force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this Force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

        — Professor Max Planck, the father of quantum physics

        Plus being at the centre of The Creation there is nothing there to move The Earth. It is all the other bodies that move around The Earth.

  3. I miss the Clangers & the Soup Dragon. Thanks for the memories Hugo. 🙂

  4. Asteroids.meteors, black holes, terra firma “planets”, galaxies, aliens, “space-travel” and everything else claimed to exist in physically-impossible “outer-space”, are all as imaginary, non-existent and as physically-impossible as the spinning flying globe blind faith religion cult nonsense..

    Here is the 1 Bitcoin (Minimum) Globe Earth-proving challenge for charity, if anyone would like to fail it in total embarrassment, same as all before them..

      • lol ya and don’t forget the earth is a ball!!!! You globehead go back to sleep.

      • @Seeker Oh yes, I’ll gladly go back to sleep when you show me the sun in the night sky of your mickey mouse flat earth paradigm. If you idiots had active brains, you would be seriously dangerous!

  5. Thanks Hugo. That was funny. Have you inadvertantly
    Discovered the original covid on the clangers? 😂😂Lol

  6. Last time I saw a vehicle hit a large rock like a mountain it disintegrated 😂

  7. Me thinks one or more persons are pinching money from the public purse under false pretences. 🤣

  8. Yes they discovered the masses are easily fooled a long time ago… the deception will continue until the end of time

  9. Charles would be right at home with them Clangers, look at the lugs on ’em!

  10. yeah right LOL. Millions are paid to NASA every week and all we ever get is CGI. Still awaiting the first ‘real’ photo of the earth from space. Loved the clangers. Btw, how is it that there is an elongated reflection (light source) showing in the bottom right dark area of the alleged asteroid? NASA= Never A Straight Answer.

  11. “Oh wow, amazing!”, you here the NASA scientists declare. It really is high farce, isn’t it. And yeah, it looks just like “The Clangers”. How life imitates art.

  12. This was an experiment by NASA to test the ability of a spacecraft to nudge an asteroid or comet from a course that could potentially impact the earth at some future point on its trajectory. Images of the debris of the collision were captured by a satellite in space, and also from an astronomical observatory based on the island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean.


    It was most probably an asteroid which struck the earth some 60 odd million years ago, and wiped out the dinosaurs. It’s worth having a go with spacecraft technology to see if such an event could possibly be averted in the future.

    • I have a problem with this alleged asteroid; how did the rocks get there? I don’t see any impact craters.

  13. Warning, never burst out laughing while you are in the process of swallowing down a sip of tea! Thanks for the laugh Hugo.

  14. Seems like a hell of a lot of money just to test a theory, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to run a simulation on one of their super computers, another psyop to train the public for what ever they have planned I’d say, but don’t listen to me I’m just a crank. Stay frosty and get some protection in place.

  15. This is a test run for Apophis, which NASA said would be a real close miss.

    • Or maybe like Don’t look up. They are lying. Don’t want mass panic. Don’t want us to know it’s like trying to detail a bowling ball with a marble. When everyone finally sees Apophis is heading straight towards Earth some will still think NASA can derail it.

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