Primary School Making INSECT PIZZA / Hugo Talks

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52 Comments on “Primary School Making INSECT PIZZA / Hugo Talks

  1. I’m a human ‘ get me out of here’ this World is getting increasingly insane.

  2. 🙏🏻Thank you very much for all the work you have done trying to protect humanity🙏🏻

  3. Yuk! I nearly threw up when I saw that!! Just what the hell are schools doing to these poor kids??? If I were their Mum I would keep them home, so much safer than this shit!!!!!!! Stop this insane world, I really want to get off!!!!

  4. I did wonder years ago when I’m a celebrity ‘programme’ started eating bugs 🤮

  5. There’s just two words needed for this: pure evil. This world gets sicker by the day, absolutely unbelievable!! Someone should make Klaus Schwab eat some bugs himself!!! That’s not all that should be done to him either!!

  6. Schwab is definitely trying to kill the kids with this shit! Evil bastard should be sent to the electric chair, and I would gladly press the button to finish the evil git off!

    • Schwab is just another puppet. High up on the pyramid but a puppet, none the less. A James Bond villain for us renegades to blame.

      We need to be looking at who the puppet masters are. I would start with the British Royals and all their European cousins – who have all married the merchants for the money for centuries now.

      • Agreed , good starting point , but the merchants are puppets too , it’s the same old argument replayed , put one side against another while controlling both . Eat meat eat bugs , go veggie go vegan … distraction with perception . Who really is harvesting us … 👽

  7. Its appalling! I notice they put the insects on a favourite Childs meal. Im sure vegan and animal rights will be horrified and Buddhist among all normal people. Its definitely a china’s influence.

    • Yes..thats the point.
      They are still little lives. Just because they’re tiny does that make their life any less significant? Obviously does. …You know I could probably eat insects in a survival situation but why should we. They want to make meat so unaffordable so we have no choice but to turn too their lab grown meat and insects. Living and hunting for yourself in rural areas might be the answer in the future….or turn vegetarians:)

  8. A long time ago in a classroom far far away i took cookery as one of my main subjects at school. I distinctly remember that on the wall there was a large butcher`s style picture of a cow showing all the different cuts of meat of the animal. One day we made pizza and we were all asked to bring in what we wanted for the ingredients. To the best of my knowledge no-one brought in any bugs.

    My pizza was cheese , tomato , ham and mushrooms and was absolutely delicious if anyone is curious 🙂

    • Charlie will be quaffing good red wine and eating grass fed steak from his £Billion farm. Afterwards he’ll be thinking about us eating bugs, with a little smirk

  9. So insects are made mostly of an exoskeleton which if formed of a substance called chitin. Chitin has no protein value. Inside an insect is a tiny, pus like blob of gel which contains protein. Imagine how many insects you would need to eat to get your daily recommended protein allowance.
    Personally I think slugs would contain a handy bite size amount of no waste protein. Deep fried, battered slug anyone?

  10. Hugo, people have been eating insects for centuries, look at the indigenous folks of Australia? However, I am more concerned about the Convid crap. Eat all the bugs you like people but ultimately the poison of the so called quaxine will take you out. Nameste 🙏

    • Funny my race has been eating Roast Beef and vegetables for millennia!

  11. The fact they are doing this with the kids as a survival lesson says enough about that its only in worse case senories of desperation that you would resort to eating bugs, so they are basically saying that your standand of living is going to go down

  12. I have been home educating my children for over 6 yrs now.
    Not sure why anyone would want to send their child to a government indoctrination centre, to have their minds warped, their intelligence dumbed down, their curiosity squelched and their hearts corrupted. Not to mention bullying, peer pressure and all the things that children now get exposed to in schools.

    As a family, we tightened our belts financially. I had a blossoming career in corporate banking, but it wasn’t the most enjoyable job in comparison to being home with my children. I gave it up to home educate after my eldest got bullied in school at 4yrs old. Yes at 4yrs old! Where do 4yr olds learn to be so horrible?!

    We made sacrifices, cut back on things a little, budgeted rigidly, and of course, whilst adjusting from two incomes to one, it was a bit of a shock. But we actually benefitted in so many ways. I began meal planning rigourously, and we ate healthier with all home cooked meals, and saved money on our shopping bills. I know many parents who work part time, and make home education work perfectly well. As long as you remember that it’s home education – not “you have to learn between 9am and 3pm”. Your children can learn any day, and if they’re early birds, you can have a couple of hrs of work done by 9 or 10am!

    We have the freedom to enjoy pursuing the interests of the children and weaving them into our education, and I have the benefit of seeing every triumph and celebrating that with my children. Equally, every challenge that they face, any area they struggle with, I get to help them through, at their pace. No rush, no comparisons with anyone else, no stress. We take the scenic route through areas of learning that the children enjoy – we spent one year studying the Roman Empire, for example in history, because the children enjoyed it so much. We just kept delving in and learning. You’d never get the chance at school to dig deeper into an area of interest to that level.
    We get to do all sorts of amazing things – we were invited to sing some songs on a children’s albums so got to visit and sing in a recording studio; we do art classes with a bone fide artist; we are always trying new things – it was soap carving this week as we learnt about boats.

    We cook together, laugh together, read together, take walks together and we meet up through the week with other home educating families and socialise and do team building or STEM activities, drama class and hiking.

    You only have your little children for such a short time. Sometimes the days feel long, but the years are short. If anyone is considering it, it is completely worth it. You don’t need a teaching degree – you just need to be able to provide resources, and teach your children to research, question, dig and ask questions. The learning aspect comes naturally to children. Present them with questions, and pique their curiousity and they will want to learn. Give them the tools to be able to do so, and they’re set for life.

  13. How are you supposed to eat something that just makes you want to vomit as soon as you look at it ?

  14. Mmmmmmmmmmm Junk food now with extra junk!
    Seriously are they going to play this out to it’s fullest extent, here is the grated cheese bush, and look, a pizza dough tree with fresh ripe pizza base and as luck would have it a GM tomato puree plant which always lives next to the pizza dough tree…..
    Get ready for austerity and food shortages on steroids, Agenda 2030 is in full swing and your food is no.1 on the hitlist!

  15. Ugh ugh ugh NO WAY!!! NO NO NO NO Everyone say NO and stop this WEF evil and insanity. As Hugo says NEVER give in to these maniacs..not an inch.. EVER!!

  16. Aww Tanya Louise, I would have loved to have some of your gorgeous pizza! That’s something I’ve never made, not even at school! I do remember how ham, pineapple and mushroom pizza was one of my favourite pizza toppings when I was young. You got good taste hun!!!

    • You should try some of my home made mayo Carolyn. It goes great with pizza 🙂

  17. At least parents are being told (not that I agree with it). In America and Canada big companies are sneaking crickets/cricket flour into products like crisps and cookies, sometimes using only their scientific name on the ingredients list (acheta domesticus). The insect thing is a multi billion dollar industry they all want part of. This may or may not be alarming to some, we know insects are traditionally eaten in some countries, but anyone with a shellfish/chitin allergy will be adversely affected (anaphylaxis etc). Who will expect a cookie to bring on their shellfish allergy? Also crickets are a reservoir for parasites, how do we know what crickets are used, how are they treated/cooked/processed? There is also the huge question of the cancer risk posed by chitin (the insect skeleton). If the body cannot break insect chitin down and it accumulates it could cause cancer. This is already being fact-checked on line, so to me it’s a sure sign these questions ard hitting a nerve and there’s truth in it. It’s one thing to offer up insects to any willing takers, but another to sneak it in under the radar. Read labels folks, who knows when this comes to UK.

    • I wonder if the increase in childhood allergies may be due to ground mealworm or insect flours being added to food secretly. This gross stuff may have been in our food supply without our knowledge for a long time. Yuck!!

    • You’re right! Insects, especially crikets contain chinine. Chinine can cause cancer. It’s good for birds and snakes, but unfit for human consumption.

  18. To dear Tanya Louise: aww yummy! I’ve just been having some fun watching casserole cooking videos on you tube. Awesome! None of this bug eating crap!!!!!! Proper food, the kind of meals we should all be making for ourselves to enjoy!! Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

    • I completely agree Carolyn love. You absolutely can`t beat home cooked food. Watching food videos on YouTube is like a reassurance that sanity still exists out there somewhere. I was brought up on home cooked food and i was always encouraged to get involved in the making of it.
      Take care love xxx

  19. Yeonmi Park, the N Korean *defector* (who knows for sure?) whose family apparently fled to China in 2007, and then re-settled in the US. In one of her TV interviews said that most deaths from hunger in N Korea occur in the spring time due to the bugs not hatching yet. … Happy days in that slave enclave that specialises in making warhead rockets. Ordered by whom, and for whom ..

  20. I would recommend to read book with your critical mind by Michael Pollan “In defence of food”- not boring and very informative and with simple advices, like for ex. Dont eat food your grand grandmother wouldnt recognise, or with more then 5 ingredients or with ingredients you can not pronounce … 🙂 when I read what are in that ham or sausage I loose wish to try them; even bread – all poem of ingredients, I make mine from – whole flour, water, salt, cane sugar and caraway seeds 🙂 Allergies, in my opinion, are from the “goodies” you are generously offered the next day of your life on this earth, in some countries – not even asked, just given – of course, for your babies and always only for your safety and protection 🙂 And about the mealworms – I keep chickens and I was surprised some years ago reading, that I am not legally alloud to feed them with mealworms, but kids…well, who cares about kids….they not chickens, they alloud….and I took my kids from school – and first months when asked, what we are doing , my answer was – detoxifying 🙂 Good luck brothers and sisters and thanks Hugo.

  21. Yes, take your children out of school and educate them yourself. You will never regret it. It’s not difficult, anyone can do it. Just teach them your own morales and standards, they don’t need the rest of the stuff that the schools ‘teach’.
    Stop the indoctrination and brain washing by the establishment. Your kids belong to you, not the state.

    • Well said. I’ve educated my children at home since they were born. I’m so glad.i stuck with it despite the derogatory comments and being looked down on. I’m not a sheep. Never have been. My kiddies are the loveliest kindest gentlest most polite people I know. The fatcats are making it more and more difficult to educate one’s own children… Apparently in France home educating has been basically outlawed!? (please correct me if I’m wrong).
      Our children are ours to love and nurture as we as parents see fit. Not for the system to control. Or to.create fear in us as if we’re criminals

  22. I feel blessed with the ‘missed opportunity’ 😉of children’s education in a progressive country. Meanwhile supermarket honey – delish food made by insects is pasterised (spelling ?), sterilised etc..mixed, which should not be done. Basically all goodness is taken away from it .. and we are told not to give it infants and small children as it ‘might’ trigger allergy.
    Meanwhile our neighbour livestock freemason farmer prospers. His meat tastes great. By the way he is a very good neighbour.

  23. There is no way I’ll be feeding insects to my children. I should imagine this doesn’t apply to the elites. You own nothing, be happy and eat bugs.

    • Hugo. I recently took my kids out of the school system because they wanted to teach my daughter who’s 5 about certain parts of the body and the difference between boys and girls bodies. OK at 10 or 11ish but not 5. It was very questionable. I told other parents (all sheep) who ignored my concerns. I had no support from the mothers so I decided to take mine out. I’ve watched enough of your video to see it’s not just our school but it’s now engraved into the school curriculum. All you have to do is deregister your kids via email or letter and the await confirmation from your council. I’ve found home education (homeschooling is an American term and not used in the same context in the UK, the terminology is very important when talking about home education in the UK, although I understand what you mean) is the best decision I’ve made for my kids and now i can see the indoctrination unravelling the more I listen and correct them on what school have taught them. Your children are just coggs to them in the government indoctrination camps they call school. Best of luck to anyone thinking of it.

  24. I took my daughter out of school and home schooled. Since then I have had social services, children missing in education, the council, police and the school harassing me to the point of a court order stating that my child must attend a school that the state has chosen and must attend… I fled my home, I went into hiding and I had my family help me, I have left the country and I have lived in hotels… All whilst pregnant with my third child as my 1st is now in college which I also home schooled about 5years ago as she wasn’t given the secondary school she wanted to attend back then. I say that life is love and that’s all we have. Family is all you need, even if you only have 1member… It’s better than nothing but 2years on, and I don’t regret a dam thing, I said that I withdraw consent of any services and I am a natural born human of God, common law dictionary… They don’t like that you are out the matrix and will do just about anything to pull you back in. My children are all I have and I will go to the ends of the earth to keep them safe. It’s that simple.
    My babies, my responsibilitie.
    MINE, I am put on this earth to be fruitful and multiply… Not for them FOR GOD!

    • Much love and respect to you Aliyah.

      I totally understand your ordeal as I did the exact same thing some years ago. My son and I had to flee our home for 4 years while I homeschooled my son thru his high school years. It was the best experience I ever had, and yes it was scary at times because my son was reported as a ‘missing child” and his picture was plastered on posters inside walmart. But I would not have given up that experience and the chance to homeschool my son for any amount of money or anything else.

      • I am sorry to hear that, and yet somehow that insane termoil of events does not surprise me… It’s unfathomable how a child can be missing whilst in the care of a parent yet all the parents who actually declare their child missing for real wouldn’t even get that kind of attention or action… The police declared my daughter missing from city to city and at 3am my poor step dad 82 year old man with dementia found the police interigating him in the middle of the night on his door step for my child, then my brother had them threatening to take his door off as they believed he was hiding my daughter in there and then at 2am only a few weeks ago they arrived at where I was staying and found both my daughter’s with me but just wanted to check the welfare and then apparently they will leave us alone…2years this has been going on for… However yet again more social Services just keep harassing me to this day, I will be changing my number again this week because of this… I do not intend to stay here especially for the birth of my baby as I have seen what the NHS is capable of and I don’t want any part of it… They pronounced my best friend who fainted in a night club dead at the arrived of AnE only 6hours later for the coroner to declare that she is still alive and has two brain aneurysm, though since she’s been bleeding from her brain as one had burst during the 6hrs she was left to rot they still tried to operate realising that they can only remove 1, told me (who had her daughter living with me, me who would have done anything to the point of looking after her if she is a vegetable) told me that she is too weak to live, to eat n to drink n we have to watch and wait for her to die basically… I don’t plan on staying here atall anymore, UK is not a good place to be at this point. In this backwards diluded world we are forced to endure. I think UK n USA just want misery and sorrow and I think that there is no hope left. Thank you so much for your message, it is honestly a relief to know that someone somewhere understands and that I am not the only one, however I still cannot get my head around the fact that the state can declare a child as good as kid napped by their own parent …. I am so very grateful to you and God bless you, thank you

      • chosefreedom – if your question was directed at me, heck no. I don’t need to ask them permission to take my son out of school. And I also fled and disappeared so who cares what “correct way” mattered after that.

      • U don’t deregister, that’s entering into a contract with them, black law dictionary, you are not a entity or a corporation, but a human of God, no contact.
        Do you not listen to Hugo Talks?

        I did call the council at the beginning and state that I will be home educating my child due to being bullied which I refer to as sexual abuse as it was only happening to my child in the toilet/bathroom.. … With the school solution to ban me from the premises so I physically couldn’t get involved to sort it myself as nothing was bieng done about it. This is where I regret the action… The council actually confirmed my decision yet the school sent round social Services, the police, the children missing in education… All and more sent by the school. So I certainly wouldn’t have done the same if I were to do it again I agree with Seeker you don’t enter into a contract as even mandatory is actually only mandatory if you agree to it being mandatory… You are given free will and born a human in the image of God… This means that you have no contracts with these money making organisations… That’s exactly what the government and system is broken down. Hugo has explained that many times regarding the black law dictionary.

  25. Suppose they used the left over Hobnob for it’s close-up when they’d done drinking their T, all they do is tell lies and spread their sick agenda, dirty Ts every last one of them!

  26. I have read something about bugs and mealworms having parasites and other issues that can be very harmful to certain people, and would imagine that it could be worse in children having a weaker immune system. I’d like to watch the teachers eat them and then say no thanks my children won’t be doing that, also let the school know that if they are manipulated into eating one I will be taking them out of school and will be seaking legal advice on the matter. Stay frosty.

  27. For those living in the US who want to homeschool: Don’t know if this is still true, but up until 10 or 12 years ago, Connecticut had the most homeschool-friendly law in the country. It’s an awful place to live in most ways, but it has a very hands-off attitude when it comes to teaching your own children. One caveat: if you tell your school district leaders about it, they will get involved and ruin everything. Just don’t register with them, and you are free to school or un-school, as you see fit.
    I read the works of John Holt and John Taylor Gatto, among others, and chose to unschool. Both my children had an Associate’s degree (2 years of college) before they were eligible to vote.

  28. I wonder if the teachers at this school are going to eat these pizzas? Hope they are the first to try them!
    Surely no parent will consent to this madness.

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