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    • Belfield is in the club,just like T Robinson and Katy Hopkins..A mere puppet who was wheeled out to show us that freedom of speech is dead! He is not in prison,just acting out his ‘role’

      • T Robinson has lost too much personally & speaks with authenticity to be a fake. Certainly not the usual Oxbridge-type, fake pleb that they usually recruit

  1. In your face now, so much for secret shushy-shushy club. I didn’t like the Smashing Pumpkins. Funnily enough they had songs way back called “Muzzle” and “Thirty-Three”. Pffft.

    • He’s just a common or garden sociopath.
      Hence his inability to function in a band…

  2. It’s clearly obvious there is a lot of sell outs in the world an that’s a shame really. It shows the times we are in.. an it’s also sad most of the public an getting played.. the numbers must have been dropping on the tv.. so they needed a back up alternative an now they have their claws in the majority, it doesn’t matter what news is real, it’s about you watching of course, that’s the trick. Hooking everyone up.. people are wondering when it will one day be like the matrix/ baby scene.. it’s funny because they already have you like a battery,, your just holding it but watching it. I honestly feel Hugo you are dead on with the smart phone idea.. no1 has mentioned this apart from you.. an that shows a lot.. Russel brand an so on.. they will tell you all the things to do for a better world an so on.. but will they want you to be disconnected? No.. they sell you it as.. “we are better as one, subscribe to my channel to beat the algorithm an so on” haha! They are harvesting your attention be what ever it is.. keeping you on the hamster wheel. Your the only one I have left that I listen to.. but one day I will just switch it all off an focus on the things I love. Peace

  3. It really is mind blowing the extent of (their) infiltration into just about everything.
    Just looking through some actors that I used to quite like and so many are jewish….
    scarlets johannson, kirt russel/golden hawn, Harrison Ford, Robert downie junior, Michael Douglas’s,Jack Black….the list goes on ! … I just thought it was bizarre.
    Its clear who has control of this world.
    I quite like nick frost but b4 he became famous when he was 18 he spent 14 months in Israel living in a kibbutz volunteering ….shreud !! Lol 😃….thanks hugo

    • Yeah, Harrison Ford was a quite a surprise for me too…..
      A disgustingly over-represented minority.
      Political activism
      Food manufacture
      Neoliberalism and job exports to China
      The list is seemingly endless….
      They have our civilization sown up and ready for disposal…..

  4. Get rid of that music. Throw it all away. I did. Several years ago. They do rituals over their music.

  5. Atum is the god of pre-existence and post-existence. In the binary solar cycle, the serpentine Atum is contrasted with the scarab-headed god Khepri—the young sun god, whose name is derived from the Egyptian ḫpr “to come into existence

  6. In his book Devil in a Coma, the musician Mark Lanegan wrote that he could see the covid situation was all planned. Unfortunately, after 3 weeks in a Remdesivir induced coma in a Kerry hospital, he changed his mind and said: ‘I learned my lesson. I’ll be the first one to get a booster shot’. Unfortunately, that change of thinking didn’t end well and he died a couple of months after the interview. I was surprised by Gary Numan. He spend decades writing songs about dystopian futures but when covid hit, he became a complete covid coward and could not recognise this was the beginning of a big move towards those futures he had written so much about.

  7. Belfield is in the club,just like T Robinson and Katy Hopkins..A mere puppet who was wheeled out to show us that freedom of speech is dead! He is not in prison,just acting out his ‘role’

  8. I agree with what you say, but find it incredibly depressing and bleak that people around me still won’t give over time to even glance at stuff that seems irrefutable. The loneliness seems overwhelming. The below video is long, but superb.

    • Charlie – many of us are in the same boat. Physically removed from like believers. Have faith that we are spiritually connected in our thoughts and minds. Never give up hope that’s what they want. We need everyone if us to fight them off. Where are you located?

    • Corgan is a sociopath, hence none of the original band members being in the current line up.
      I didn’t mind their first few albums, but I disliked grunge in general.
      Much prefer 80’s rock where the musicians had to be on top of their game, no musical skills evident in the modern music industry….

      • John Davies, i ones saw a video of ‘him’ saying he is a she. A very dark, satanic person who is as i can remember abused by his father as a child.

  9. He was creative guy in TNA wrestling and that shutdown and he owns NWA wrestling which just has old has-beens in it mainly…
    Society has always been corrupt…
    Noticed old cenile joe biden giving the old queen of pop/rock elton john a medal😀…
    Probably a old drinks can recycled…
    Media floading more propaganda noe on some fake virus as well to enhance more jab take up…
    So predictable, So boring…

  10. awareness is key, absolutely, and processing, paramount to comprehending what one experiences- which you always do, and very well too. like the blind men and the elephant, but the one who touches all thhe parts,finds out it`s an elephant, and a rogue one at that. all the best Hugo. William. Ireland.

  11. Hugo you’re talking since another informative video these people are completely obvious and no that is showing their true colours what they really all about the only worrying thing is that there is still a lot of people are still sadly asleep only a few seem to be a week and I must omit as the guy said above it is exceptionally lonely when everyone else around you seems to be snoozing the head off and you seem to be only one that seems to be seeing what’s going on but we just have to stay with it keep the faith keep storm because the last thing we want to be will actually be in their position thank goodness we are we can see in the truth as hard as it is

  12. I am new to social media. Are you alternative media Hugo? I am confused.

  13. Hi, I have the same problem with all my CD’s can’t listen to most of them anymore. The only stuff I listen to now is Irish Traditional Music and a bit of Jim Reeves. What’s even worse is the fact I have been playing the guitar since the mid 70’s and used to love it, but since the Psy-op started i can’t see that in the same way now. When people say, ‘never mind all will get back to normal soon’, I just say, ‘it’s never been normal since the Psy-op started and never will be again’ then I ask them, ‘has it ever been normal since we were born?’ Nope! Anyway, I’m still human if u know what I mean! Thanks for all the info you present in your videos. May our Maker keep us all on the right path. May we rise above all that we are faced with.

  14. Hugo, you should listen to Van Morrison’s latest albums. He seems to have escaped the club astonigshly. A true inspiration he is

  15. I feel the same way about my music collection as well as most everything else associated with the establishment or any organized railing against it. The Great Plandemic was the last straw, the one that broke my back.

    But what has a back has a front, and the larger the back the larger the front. Although my physical world has diminished greatly, what remains I treasure even more. As for my spirit, nothing but growth. On balance, the demons in charge have done me a favor.

  16. Van morrison and Eric clapton both spoke out about their asvese reactions from the jab though and they are not z listers . Would love to know your thoughts on them

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