They Want To Turn You Into FERTILIZER / Hugo Talks

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107 Comments on “They Want To Turn You Into FERTILIZER / Hugo Talks

  1. Besides dehumanizing us all this is a very bad idea as human bodies are poluted with everything from glyphosate to barium, aluminium etc.

  2. Oh my, next they’ll put us in the hamburgers if they haven’t already. 😉. I live in Georgia and my sister died from breast cancer 2 years ago. She found a location close to me that she was buried in a field with no casket or vault. She wanted to be “natural “. And several years ago here in Georgia they caught a guy taking money to cremate people but he just threw their bodies behind and inside a barn. He was arrested and I think had some jail time and probation. He was charged with something like mishandling a corpse. Crazy stuff.

    • Hi Brenda
      Hope you doing ok there in the beautiful Georgia

      How beautiful to do it naturally &
      Sorry to hear of your sisters passing.
      Bless her wanting to look out into a beautiful peaceful place.

      It’s very true
      We can lay our loved ones anywhere
      as long as it’s not near no water mains or infrastructure’s to cause any issues.
      There is no need for funeral or cremation costs.
      The authorities just have to be informed
      so they no it’s ‘legal’ remains.

      Many people are doing this on private land or beautiful places as your dear sister.

      Thank you for your comment & sharing your story
      Have great evening to you Brenda

  3. Good luck with that. What about all the meds being taken, some that cannot be put in the soil, e.g. “The major metals of potential health concern found in food, drugs (medicines); dietary supplements are lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic” and lithium for bi-polar disorder.

    • There are also the drugs that the water companies cannot filter out, I recall a documentary that said at least 50 different ones, I do remember statins, the birth control pill and hormone replacement therapy being amongst the top ones.

      • @Susan Adams, and probably Graphene Oxide too. It’s being used in filters by the water treatment plants I believe.

  4. Oh my, next they’ll be putting us in burgers if they haven’t already. I live in Georgia. My sister died from breast cancer 2 years ago and she found a place close to me to be buried in a field with no casket or vault. She wanted to be “natural”. Several years ago a guy here in north Georgia with a crematorium was caught not cremating people he took money for doing. He cremated some but after a while he started just putting them in a barn and out behind the barn. 🥺. He spent a little jail time and probation for improper mishandling a corpse or something like that.

      • Agree!

        I did try peat free sometime ago and omg what a pile of shite!

        It Grew nothing and was total waste of money !

      • Hi Janie Combined with The Truth that, like oil, there is no shortage of peat, for it’s self sustaining if farmed and extracted correctly, and the Irish certainly know how to do that. These eco-nutters are all deluded liars and frauds.

      • Morning Charles

        Eco nutters that made me smile

        It’s true what you saying
        It’s quite obvious by sending this message out to the masses in composing dead-
        (who could have carried any awful disease we must keep that in mind)
        -that we are being forced to not being able to grow our own food.
        That’s how I see it personally.

      • Yes, as I have said elsewhere, you cannot compost bones, so they would have to be ground up in a grinding machine, and that would necessitate the consumption of energy, and the same unhinged eco-nutters would then have apoplexy over that! LOL

      • Exactly! lol

        Bones are a extremely unique structure.

        It’s the insult of the crap given out isn’t on MSM
        Anyone thinking this is a good idea… i smh..

        Have great day to you
        And All &
        Thank you Hugo

      • Yes and being of Irish decent myself the resources the land has is amazing
        For making fertile earth for decent crops

  5. Revelation 6:7-8
    New King James Version
    Fourth Seal: Widespread Death on Earth
    7 When He opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come and see.” 8 So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And [a]power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts of the earth.

    Saints of the Most High. Get ready worse things are coming. Put your life together for our Lord Jesus Christ 🙏🏽

  6. From what I gather they took all of the organs out of Diana before they disposed of her body, probably so no one could check if she had been poisoned when they found her still alive at the crash site. I got off track, weren’t people panicking bout old ice melting and letting out old germs that could kill us. Now they want to grow our food in dead people. Umm getting peckish already. Stay frosty peps.

  7. Do you know that some people are electing to have their bodies dissolved in lye (think that how you spell it) and then the whole lot is poured down the drains and thereby gets into the water supply

  8. Well, if this is going to happen, let’s start with Tony “I am science” Fraudci. Packed from top to toe full of grade A bullshit, he’ll make wonderful compost.

    • For centuries followers of the Zoroastrian faith have left the corpses of their deceased loved-ones outside (in the wilds of Persia, India, etc.) to be disposed of in a natural, ecological way by vultures. I suspect that many people, even in our sanitized culture, would regard such a tradition as acceptable or even positive. Making fertilizer from human corpses ( no more imposed on anybody than euthanasia is ) is surely no more than a modern-day, Westernized version of that?

      • Fewer corpses in smaller communities, and wide rural areas provided for plenty of space and distance between the alive and the deceased. Laying out corpses in the streets of overcrowded cities would bring the rats running. The two legged residents in the vertical prison apartment buildings would never want to venture out into the stews on the ground. … One more way of ensuring the *social distancing* isolation future. Now that’s a thought for the *smart* planners.
        Another option to the lye bath dissolved corpses to be poured down the drain into the public water system, *spike* mRNA included. 12 States in the US have signed on for the lye wash. Are the residents up for drinking granny though.

  9. Thanks Hugo, I had bought a bag of John Innes fertilizer from B&Q the other day to use on the allotment but having watched the video I’ve decided to to give him a Christian burial instead.

  10. Another great one hugo.
    I think there is a more sinister agenda here,what if the nano tech/biology in the dead bodies ( which will not break down ) ? goes into the soil
    to again turn the soil into a non carbon earth ( toxic ) and in turn the soil into a sort of artificial /synthetic earth…which is the goal anyway. A complete synthetic planet. G.M.O. crops pullute the soil so nothing of a carbon base would grow in it……a dead soil.

  11. In the episode `Evergreen` series 1 , episode 1 of the new Twilight Zone a family move to a gated community who use extreme and rather unconventional methods of control , in an effort to straighten out their troubled teenager , Jenna. I don`t think i need to spoil the ending for anyone given Hugo`s video 🙂

    • It’s being going on for years. Especially after Wars. I am actually a supporter of this. Happy to go with it.Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. However, the price for this “service,” needs to be heavily reduced.

      • Those bodies back then weren’t full of modern pharmacy and spike protein *variants*. And except for the battlefield, all bodies were buried under the ground to decompose at nature’s slow pace. Nature’s way. Cremation numbers only increased in the 20thC with urban density.

        *Fertilizer* comprising chittin cancer-causing parasites (from *sustainable* bug burgers that cooking doesn’t kill), will remain in the body and the rendered pellets. So will prion disease, and the inorganic mRNA problems. And all those metals accumulated in that body over a lifetime.
        Not exactly a healthy nutritional source.
        What happened to keeping us *safe* :-/
        They really are playing their apocalypse narrative like a well greased fiddle.

    • Poor Jenna, I do sympathise wholeheartedly. My kin are also an evil bunch, the compost from which would make plants wither and die.

      • That`s a great episode. Here is another one , this time from The Outer Limits , which i really wish were reality. I would certainly take advantage of it.

  12. There would be no evidence that we ever existed – leaving a blank slate onto which they can build back better with their new ‘creations’. They are recreating the dark age.

  13. I’ve seen 1 or 2 years ago. It made me in a state of desper for our future, only the bad was possible as it seems to have always been the case before… When I see the young generation, brainwashed (as I was as a teen too), it scares me, because tomorrow they will be the adults pushing for this to us, the elderlies… What can we do, how to manifest a different future? I come back for very dark time and thoughts, we see always the dark side of this world, is there nothing else to expect here? Are we living in a nightmare? Or a beautiful dream is possible too but no one is teaching us how to manifest it? What can we do? People don’t listen and agree to everything… Peace and courage to all

    • I am a millennial and I don’t agree with the way the world is headed. I have two children coming into their teens who are homeschooled. I am doing my best to raise them differently, but it is difficult. I’m not the only one. The brainwashing didn’t work on me ( I remember snowball Earth growing up). Other people my age and younger are waking up. Have courage we’re not all going along with this.

  14. How green can it be? Presumably the cylinder doesn’t spin by itself? Electricity presumably is used or do we have some Peloton cyclists in another room. Not green at all if they use electricity?

  15. Turn all the jabbed into fertiliser…
    All they are good for now anyway🤷🏻‍♂️

    • They may not even be good for that, depending what’s actually in those jabs and everything else they’ve taken in the way of pills and potions.

      • Theres spike protein and goes all around the body causing underlining issues people have to get worse…
        Also interferes with biological make up and longterm no safety data…
        Basically its experimental and current ones didnt get past stage 2 trials…
        So all the folk you see queuing up for them…
        Feel sorry for them in a way…
        Many more will die from those things

  16. This is bollocks for bones cannot be composted, unless they are ground into powder, and that will involve energy consumption, and the tossers won’t like that! LOL

  17. Let me think who came up with this idea? Some Joo in California?
    They use Planned Parenthood to sacrifice Goyim children to their Moloch, the rest of the Goyim they will turn into compost.

    They don’t need this fancy composting cylinders when the winter kicks it could be the bodies of poison challenged people will be piling up and composting on their own on the sidewalks.
    I reckon some Joos in CDC and MHRA has calculated that their crematoriums won’t keep up with the dead body count so they will leave them to rot on the surface.

    Remember the words of Joo Walensky the director of CDC “We know that the people who are dying from this vax… from this disease”

  18. Just when you think that you’ve heard of all the crazy and stupid ideas I think this one’s got a topic absolute madness couple of points as people have been saying they’ll be things within a persons body I’m also thinking about the chippy job here and all the other things surely there and that’s broken down it would go into the soil that would cause it to be toxic so it would make the soil no good which I agree is part of their agenda and second of all when you bury someone is the whole point of having a place you can go as she goes in to remember that person to reflect upon a persons life just a general dignity or a proper burial/cremation absolutely crazy but I agree this shows how little you think of us as humans completely agree just wanted to dehumanise us in every way shape or form

    • Many early on in their life declare that they want to be cremated.
      I reckon they sense they are already full of crap and don’t want to risk angry people pissing on their grave. LOL

      But Joos have to be buried and in case of building development it’s a lengthy process to move Jooish graves and cemeteries as their law forbids it and some graves are there for centuries (e.g. one in the middle of Queen Marry University in East London).
      Then some other Joos paint swastikas (Nazism being one of their projects to supplement Zionism) and vandalize them so the Jooish mobsters get millions from the city and a big apology.
      On the other hand the Goyim have to rent the place at a cemetery for e.g. 20 years otherwise get a close neighbour.

  19. I remember a few years back an art installation called “Bodies- An Exhibition” where skinned and posed bodies were put on display, preserved through a process called Plastination. We were pretty disgusted by this when it came here to Vancouver, B.C. in about 2005. I think your visceral reaction to such things serves you well; the very reaction they’re attempting to train us to ignore.

    • If you read Miles Mathis you will know it’s all Intelligence.
      They want people to perceive themselves as another disposable pile of meat or crap. It’s then easier to kill people e.g. with poison vaccine.
      Some sense that they are already full of crap and long before their death declare that they want to be cremated.

      • I mean the cult of the ancestors has it’s pros and cons but it definitely allows people to contemplate about the past because it cannot be done anywhere due to all the modern distractions. The cult of ancestors is very strong in Catholic countries but also places like China and this allowed the Chinese not to loose their identity even under the heavy exploitation under the Jooish East India Trading Company today it’s called Communist Party.
        I think it’s essential especially in the age of black mirrors where new generations are disconnected even from their parents so what about their grandparents? Some are sentimental enough and can maintain the memory based on the photographs. But I think memory of the ancestors you never met is also important.

      • Hi Falvius

        You have made some good comments
        Our ancestors were struggling same as us
        This last 3 years has been coming for so very long.
        Us and our future children will suffer the worst now.
        No elite worry’s one bit of hard working people or our serious anxiety and struggle we are under.
        They just enjoy the fruits of ‘the labour’ from those hard working others
        So to keep them stupidly rich and as vile as they really are.

        Turning people into compost stops people resuming bodies for finding out
        ‘cause of death’

        They had this planned I would say well Before the lie-demic hit!

      • Hi

        Thank you
        Yes it’s definitely something isn’t it.
        After what the entire world has been/is still going through
        Nothing is to be taken as
        ‘A good idea’
        I personally feel.
        The days of people thinking like that are becoming less hopefully
        the worthless we have & are being forced to feel
        is outrageous Simple as.

        All the best now
        Have great day to you

  20. Check this out water cremation Alkaline hydrolysis after this procedure then you can be put through the water treatment process just as other liquid waste do. Nice

  21. Each body goes into a rotating compost bin for a month? Not remotely scalable, this is a silly gimmick at best. Whatever business is behind it will at best do the same trick as the more unscrupulous crematoriums, where they throw a bunch a people together into the furnace and hand out random piles of ashes. Actually, I doubt they’d even give you a random pile of soil or show you the composting bin, so they could do whatever was cheapest and you wouldn’t know.

    Yet it got me thinking, nowadays, how many people are actually getting buried? Last year, I found out a couple of close relations had died in the previous 12 months (I’m a black sheep, nobody told me). I was thinking of paying my respects, but from the cemetery website where they had their funerals, it said “body collected” for the both of them, which I was told meant cremation or otherwise? Flicking through other peoples’ notices, there seemed to be quite a lot listed the same. So no physical burial site, no tombstone or plot you can visit. At least my grandparents and those before them got a memorial, a stone that marked where they are buried. I can visit them even now. So many don’t even get that honour of that anymore. Maybe it’s just pure economics. Very sad.

  22. LATEST: As of now I put a yellow if not a red flag over Aim4Truth crew ( as it has been found that one of the members Douglas Gabriel (a Joo) together with John Barnwell are pushing Anthroposophy which is an off-shot of Theosophy Project which is an early implementation of the Project Chaos that secret services diligently maintain to this day to cause chaos.
    You can read more about it here:
    I think it’s a clever way of driving people out of proper Christianity e.g. Catholicism to slowly introduce them into Metaverse of religions these “wise men” sages preach.
    You can read about their mentor Rudolf Steiner in here
    It looks like they have been reactivated as their Waldorf schooling is known to intercept not only antivaxer parents.
    This way they have everyone fooled and in control.

    A4T seems to blow a lot of lids regarding the corrupt finance and rigged markets but it could well be just another high level honey pot trap so approach their content with caution. You can still get a decent insight about the sick lords and their ways of robbing and demoralizing you and people around you but be careful because it can lure you into Anthroposophy.

  23. As some of the previous comments pointed – no, it is just impossible with wood chips, alfalfa even after years. This is lateral flow test like gimmick, just more expensive. Bones collected from crematorium are ground. Coming from a farming family I remember, we used to bury a carcass in the ground with lime, apparently to speed up decay. It only masked the odour.
    These days every now and again I pick a dead animal. They now go under the trees, I used to throw them into compost hip. They remained carcasses for good two years, even after using compost catalysts.
    My guess is that burial costs put people off. The tradition of proper funerals, tombstones or even erecting statues is still well preserved outside West, where there’s a real rivalry between the families: whose tombstone is showier. This is extreme, too.
    I don’t know anyone outside West who scattered ashes in a random place. To us it is sacrilegious but I understand that people in West have different priorities, also weak family ties do not help to preserve any tradition.

    • Kremovka

      My family are in
      ‘the west’
      and have spread ashes in places other then graves or crems for many centuries.

      Sometimes people in the ‘west’ request being scattered at sea or over a place they dearly loved.

      • Janie, this is precisely what I have written. I do not know anyone outside the West, who does it. I understand this is tradition but for us it takes away the opportunity to light a candle at the burial place, reflect on our loved ones’ lives, if we don’t know where they lay buried. I am not a Muslim but a plot on our council graveyard is occupied by Muslim tombstones looking towards Mecca. I imagine their relatives have Eastern mindset and do not scatter the ashes lightly over the graveyard gardens, so they become fertiliser. Of course, we buried our relative since we live in the West. It was rather costly. They have a tombstone, modest but still a tombstone.

      • Hi

        Yes this hole subject has unnerved people hasn’t it Kremovka

        I have lost some family during that idiotic lock down

        It was very distressing waiting nearly 2half months for a family members body to be even given back to us,
        because of the fight we had to not allow the person I lost
        to be released without the correct cause of death,
        which cost us a fortune
        because we had to pay for a second coroner’s inquest & keeping the body longer
        But we got justice for our loved one.

        And never scattered them in the compost!
        That is just soulless I feel personally.

    • And forget to mention

      Many have ashes put in a piece jewellery
      Not for me personally,
      But I heard of people that have that done.

      • Best way, if you have a garden, is get in a small JCB and dig a hole 6 ft deep – job done. You can then tend the grave and lay flowers whenever you want to.

      • Even funnier !! lol
        And see it just before went,
        Might attract bit to much wildlife that could get messy lol
        But …
        Thank you for making my day !
        Have great one now

      • I read the Red heifer has been delivered!
        3rd temple is being finalised.

      • @Janie, I had no idea (((they))) were building a third temple = The Abomination of Desolation. All I have ever seen is little toy town models. LOL

      • Lol ..
        I think it’s going beyond just toy model now.

        Thank you for understanding my comment.

        Have great evening.

      • This what I love about Poland.
        In the decadent west, you have Halloween, marketing and senseless pseudo ritual.
        In Poland, it is the time for people to visit their families graves, clean up the grave site and light candles in memory of their loved ones.
        In the UK many people rarely visit the graves of their family after death, they are more concerned with having the latest gadgets and clothing…

      • Hi
        & them gadgets & clothing
        .. people unfortunately put on credit,
        and then are forever paying for it, literally!

        with the return most banks want
        it’s ridiculous lending!
        Day light robbery.

        If I don’t have the money, I don’t buy it.

        Have nice evening John

  24. Be nice if the MSM told the truth about whats in them “vaccines”…😀💉…
    That would really mess peoples heads up😀….
    Now because of funerals etc the “cases” have risen😀…
    Its pathetic all this crap…
    And the tossers that believe all the MSM as well…
    All i can do is laugh actually myself as if i was different somebody would of choked to death on a face nappy by now from me…

  25. The last time I went to a family funeral we were told NOT to scatter the ashes on or near the plants as it would kill them, bit odd that don’t you think?

    • Morning

      because they are lying scum
      Simple SMH

      Respect the dead and celebrate their lives
      what We do with Our close family should stay our business in respect for our own.

    • Did you not listen to the video???
      Prion disease, numerous types of disease causing bacteria the list goes on, this material is far safer 6 feet under or cremated.
      Have you not heard about archaeologists getting sick after digging around medieval graves?
      Far from two years, diseased body parts can be infectious for millennia.

      • I started to watch the video but had to stop. Its like an animated version of the Daily Mail crossed with a sermon. There are more balanced explanations of Human Composting on the internet. Heating the container during the process removes toxins.

        “The container is kept at 130 – 160 degrees fahrenheit through rotation and solar panels. By heating up the container, the composting process is sped up and also ensures that the soil is non-toxic at the end of the process, by killing off all dangerous or harmful bacteria.”

      • @truthnotdoctrine

        “Once the body has completely transformed into soil any inorganic materials are screened from the soil and recycled, this would include joint replacements, stents and screws. Next teeth and bones are broken down further to be re-introduced to the soil to complete the human composting process.”

      • Hello Justaguy

        They just put all that buff in to encourage this insanity to happen and the gullible to purchase.

        Not only that,
        they probably will re use the metal hips n teeth! And make more money from the dead!

        We have been shown as people that
        we are Worthless now to elite.

        Death is something we need to keep respecting
        Not throwing our beloved’s around our gardens
        This is a highly insensitive idea
        but has Not surprised me after the last 3 years crap!

        It takes a great deal to dispose of a body ask any undertaker.
        And this is a Ridiculous idea Simple as.

      • @JustAGuy How much energy will be required to grind the bones and sift the skeletons for metal bits? Those eco-nutters won’t be very happy! LOL A hole in the ground is far more eco-friendly!

      • @Janie

        Funeral Directors, Crematoriums, etc are businesses. They are in it to make money. So any service they offer will have to meet certain standards. As for them re-using the hip joints and teeth, so what? BTW, you have no proof this will be the case.

        Of course we should not place the remains of our loved ones in our garden. It’s much better to put them in a grave in some miserable churchyard miles from where you live. Out of sight, out of mind.

        You don’t require a Funeral Director or a funeral.

        Why exactly is it a ridiculous idea? Graves take up space and cremation uses lots of power and some of the remains go up in smoke.

      • Because I personally feel it’s a ridiculous idea .
        If you don’t
        Then you do what ever you want justaguy.

      • @truthnotdoctrine

        Yes, burial is so much more environmentally friendly.

        “After death, your options tend to be limited. You could go the cremation route, releasing carbon dioxide and mercury in the process. Or you could be buried in casket within a plastic-lined concrete vault, your body coated in carcinogenic embalming fluid….”

        Then there is the land taken up by burial…..

  26. Time for us to keep on speaking the truth, even if it becomes temporarily illegal to do so. #Jesus set the example on this. He was crucified for what would now be called #hatespeech

  27. 24th News, China did actually release ET First Contact just signals, but pulled there news release within 10mins, didn’t hit any major news networks, not a world changer, religion killer ?? not anything to scare or distract anyone, so confused, what that it and waiting on a rebrand and rerelease or is there something bigger ??

  28. I grasp what you are saying Hugo and it may seem a macabre and sinister manoeuvre in attempt to desensitise people. It very likely is. However, The law in England & Wales makes clear that a body can be disposed of by burial, cremation or “any other means”.

    It’s been this way since cremation became an option and obviously “any other means” may include donating a body to science for example. Personally I wouldn’t choose this option or composting for myself or a relative, unless of course a relative made known in advance of their death that either were their preferred options.

    Neither is it a legal requirement to hire an undertaker and hold a funeral. Both are optional. However, if wanting to hold a funeral but not hire an undertaker, this is lawful too. So as it may be with the idea of composting, some people may frown upon this option and see it as a penny pinching event, but it comes down to choice.

    Imagine the funeral sector both home and abroad wouldn’t be happy if more and more people chose composting over holding a funeral.

    If anyone is interested in the law about what to do after a death in England & Wales visit

  29. Oh that’s so funny about the queen. But how do you know her coffin actually had her in it. Wasn’t that a potato I saw in the crack on the side of the coffin? 2 sacks, or maybe 3 in there. Mmmm?

  30. First it was spare part surgery.Then in 2020 it was automatic organ donation, presuming your organs to be donated unless you had signed an opt-out previously. Now you can give permission for your un-embalmed dead body to be harvested to make a cubic yard of compost as a gift to the planet – although teeth may have to be extracted as mercury fillings are poisonous and teeth do not decompose. In Seattle USA a Ms Carpenter-Boggs and a Ms Spade have set up an Urban Death Project. A protester at this processing plant made the plea: A pile of bodies is usually a mass grave. Please stop what you are doing.”

  31. I think Hugo hit the nail on the head. Human composting is dehumanizing. I wouldn’t even consider it appropriate for a pet. And then to rationalize the activity as a means to help “save the planet” just adds insult to injury.

  32. Perhaps they’re anticipating a huge amount of vaccinated bodies they need to dispose of soon. Wouldn’t that just fit in with this sick agenda 😞

    Not meaning to play devils advocate, but I’m a gardener and a herbalist so I actually don’t mind this option. I had planned on going the tree compost option anyway when it’s my turn to go, so I’m not as disturbed by the idea of human composting as some might be. It’s only a body at the end of the day, if it can be useful to our Earth then that’s not such a bad final parting gift after everything she has given to us. My soul will be safe somewhere else anyway and so will all of yours.

    What would be truly disturbing, is if they don’t wait for your death before they cover you with those bits of twig! Wouldn’t that be a convenient way of dealing with pesky defiance.

  33. Brilliant video as always Hugo…
    Do you remember that van morrison, & Eric clapton, I believe did a duet just did a song about this evil system, now, it was a duet….
    Even christian bands are not good nowadays, as like the member of corn, etc…. Remember satan was the head of music in heaven….

    John 3 16 🙏🏻

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