Banks Biggest Interest Rate Rise In GUESS WHAT? Hugo Talks

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  1. I am so glad you’ve done this video. I have a mortgage and my fixed rate runs out soon. If I look in again due to the recent rise, I’ll be paying £100 more per month although that’s still cheaper than renting. How long should I lock in for before the rates rise again? 5 or 7 years @£729 per mth? Any advise gratefully received 🙏🏼

    • Another Approx £75 per month, that makes close to +£275 increase on my mortgage crazy, where is the mortgage rate cap, no ignore that and keep screwing everyone till nobody owns a house at all, which we know is the plan.
      About £400 all in worse off a month, maybe £500 with increase costs of everything 🙁
      Liz wants 7% interest rate, that’s where it’s going 🙁
      That’s my part time HGV Driver, easy life style crippled, only pick up £1300 per month with overtime 🙁

    • I’m no IFA but my personal view is that all of this NWO agenda will have collapsed within 5 years.  The whole thing is doomed to fail, despite the sheeps’ hinderance.  So if you can cover yourself / get 5 years’ peace of mind, the world will be a very different, and much better place by then.

      • I agree Sarah. What we are seeing around us is something in a state of collapse and they know it which is why they are pushing so hard. All the awake are literally shining a light on this and thats why we can see it so clearly. I think it would have been utter chaos if we all woke up at the same time. The awake just need to keep shining their light so that others will eventually wake up and see the truth.

      • Thank you John! That’s just what I have done. Last week I secured a 5 year quote for £729 per year, lucky I did that as it had gone out to £765 in a matter of days. I’ve locked in and I hope and pray you are correct. Thanks again for the reply. 

    • If you can’t rent it out or significantly increase your income in the next 5 years (most people can’t) then I would suggest you speak to an advisor or investment strategist on your options. You might be able to sell equity, but seeing as this is the house you live in, it is a difficult situation to be in. I’ve calculated from current increases that if the rate is where it is meant to be that is £600-800 increases in mortgages, the majority of landlords cant afford that, and if you increase rents everywhere to keep up, your tenants can’t afford to pay to accommodate those rises, so the whole system crashes.

  2. They are not ‘considering’ increasing interest rates, they have already planned to and will do in order for us not to own anything and ‘be happy’. It’s an engineered scenario and when inflation goes further up the roof, all these new home owners will find themselves massively in debt and stuck with homes that will be rendered worthless. So they create a problem, for which the ‘solution’ will be the government who will step in and take these homes in exchange for these debts. No middle class as they won’t have businesses because energy bills will become unaffordable and nor will they own a home. Mission accomplished in the not too distant future I’d say

    • Indeed.

      But, it’s the farmers we have to, really, worry about. They are in the middle of that venn diagram.

      And it’s them we need to stay in business, in order to feed us.

  3. Looks like people with cash to spare can buy many expensive toys on the cheap very soon. Everyone has debt up to their eye balls and cannot survive the coming rate rises.
    It’s easy to blame the cabal for causing misery to homeowners but it was the homeowners whom agreed to borrow money to buy things they could not afford. Take responsibility.

    • Not everyone is in debt. No-one I know (of my generation, 60+) is in debt. Neither is my son, a generation X/millennial, after he got into real trouble and had to be bailed out by us. My daughter, on the other hand, has lots of maxed out credit cards…and children to feed.

      You can’t make assumptions based upon what you are encouraged to believe and at the same time condemn others for having done the same thing.

      There is real pain on the horizon – and, if the grid goes down, we will all be in the same boat, regardless of how ‘responsible’ we’ve been.

  4. I am surprised that Youtube have not given you 33 allowed comments .

  5. I remember interest rates being around 15% in the Thatcher years but properties were cheaper relevant to wages. I had a mortgage then but managed. We’ve had extremely low interest rates for a number of years so it’s no big surprise that they are rising but I agree that it’s going to be very difficult  for people who have got used to the low interest rates and have taken on more than they can manage when rates go up.

    • Yes,I’m of the time of the 15% rate, we survived but some didn’t and the years of the repossession began.😟

    • But like everything else people buy a house on the basis of an ‘affordable monthly payment’.  If interest rates go up for buyer’s affordable monthly payment’ to remain the same house prices have to come down.  It is zero interest rate policy that has caused house prices to increase astronomically.

  6. Housing should of crashed in 2008 its been propped up ever since with cheap money from the BOE, 50% negative equity minimum imo on majority of UK housing stock

  7. Where do people with mortgages go? In some cases, people could afford to pay it off. But does that mean they own their home?
    Ive seen videos saying that the “title of deeds” are put on the stock market in the same way as your birth certificate? So you dont actually own yor home at all?
    Which i think is relevent in this..we are currently in a “shmita year” which happens every seven years. (And its worth doing research on that alone)
    Then after 7 of these 7 year cycles, (49 years) they used to have a “jubilee year” which hasnt happened for centuries for reasons you can look up.
    Now in this jubilee year, it says that ” all homes are returned to their rightful owners” which are whom?

    • The last Shemita was September 2001, and we all know what happened then. This year it ends on 25th Sept, and they’ve already said the 24th will be a day where everyone remembers where they were. These people are evil and need to be stopped, there would be no problems if they weren’t creating them.

      • “During shmita, the land is left to lie fallow and all agricultural activity, including plowing, planting, pruning and harvesting, is forbidden by halakha (Jewish law). Other cultivation techniques (such as watering, fertilizing, weeding, spraying, trimming and mowing) may be performed as a preventive measure only, not to improve the growth of trees or other plants. Additionally, any fruits or herbs which grow of their own accord and where no watch is kept over them are deemed hefker (ownerless) and may be picked by anyone. A variety of laws also apply to the sale, consumption and disposal of shmita produce. All debts, except those of foreigners, were to be remitted. The next Shmita cycle will be in 2028-2029, year 5789 in Hebrew calendar. ” Source: Wikipedia

        So this shmita could also be what the Jooish oligarchs are doing around the world and in places like US, UK and EU in all sorts of ways to prevent the farmers from producing food, pay them not to plant anything, impose quotas because of CO2 and finally forbid access to fertilizers. This is to prepare everything for a takeover. The debt between the Joos and their Jooish banks will be forgiven but all at the expense of the Goyim whose debts won’t be forgiven. What seem like a nice Jooish custom I reckon is not nice to non-Joos.

      • I heard that they need another 911 type of event to shock the masses. And they desperately need it after these last 20 terrorist years.

      • The last one wasnt 2001. They happen every 7 years. Ie 2008. What happened then? Its the ironic jubilee year that we need to be aware of in my opinion.its well worth looking into it

    • @Dave Correct, all ‘home owners’ actually own is a piece of paper – the title deed not the land or the property. The Vatican claims ownerSHIP of all property.

      • So is that why the vatican are reportedly transfering all their assets into the vatican bank?

      • @Dave, It could be, and that could just be a front for The Rothschilds as they are the ‘Guardians’ of The Vatican Treasury – read into the word ‘Guardians’ what you will.

  8. Ohhh 😍 The Mommy and baby bear 😍 We have to fight for their World too ♥️ Thanks Hugo, hugs n stuff xx

  9. Predict there will be many foreclosures and anyone experiencing it in UK may for the reasons detailed on this webpage, consider getting a forensic audit made. I’m not in this position so haven’t used the service but may be worthwhile checking it out.

  10. How would people save to buy a house? Investment rates are lower than inflation, so any money set aside will actually lose value as you build up your “grub stake”. Unless you bought gold, I suppose.

    • so public is being pushed over “the mortgage” cliff edge by the ongoing inflation and this is on steroids now since the gold standard has been abandoned.
      1971 – (WTF) US drops gold standard
      “from 1971 onwards productivity increased while wages flatlined; GDP surged but the share going to workers plummeted; and house prices went through the roof leading to Americans’ ‘savings’ becoming inextricably tied to home values” source Wikipedia

      • And 1971 was also the year of britains new currency 🤔

  11. Unfortunately, i’m in the system… but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Our current mortgage deal ends in December, we’re on a rate of 1.99%, which when the deal ends, goes to 5.04% i think it was. Our options now are to fix again, or change mortgage deal… if we fix, the best mortgage rate deal with our current lender now is 3.99% – that’ll see us paying circa £250 extra each month, for the next 5 years – and that just on the mortgage… Bills. Fuel. Food. All going up. Doesn’t look like a great forecast…

    Personally, i’m in the camp of, we should sell now and pocket the money – but then, when the system crashes and the bank freeze the capital, what use is it in a bank? Its all a bit fu**ked innit? We’re days away from the end of the Shmita… All this worry, upset, stress, emotional stuff must be great business for the energy harvesters.

    • i also forgot to add – when you flashed up the news article Hugo, the one with £3bn and something about 0.75 in the title – thats also another 33, with the 33 years in the copy – so its got 33’s all over it…

      3, of 3bn and the 0.75, 7+5=12, 1+2= 3 – 33! 🚩🚩🚩🚩

      • @ ttnd aka Messenger Charles – then why would you want to appear as two different people? Messenger Charles is ‘new’ and replies in normal font – whilst ttnd always comments in bold.

        You have commented as both in this thread.

      • @kerenibus When Hugo changed the format this week the default handle was Messenger Charles, which I use on my blog. In the old format it’s thetruthnotdoctrine – anyone viewing my blog would know that I am known as Messenger Charles – perhaps you should pay my blog a visit and learn something.

    • We sold up in May. We had no mortgage to pay off but, we were in France where moves are being made to remove land ownership. Currently one of us is in a residential caravan in one country, whilst the other is in a small cheap (at the moment) rented house in the other.

      We have plans afoot to buy another caravan as it will, at least, be another cheap to run asset (which could house family) and money not in the criminal banking system.

      However, there is still ground rent to pay which is reasonable this year. Who knows about next year…

      We have considered buying gold, silver, monero etc, but it’s not easy to make decisions when the ground below your feet is constantly shifting – which is obviously a major part of their plan.

    • @B kennelrley You cannot buy a house at all, all you can do is purchase a Title Deed to a house (A piece of paper) so you NEVER own it. In fact you cannot BUY anything, you can only PURCHASE things = lever them into your possession unlawfully!

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