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  1. I agree with Hugo that this is clearly idol worship. He sums everything up perfectly so I don’t have much to add. I’m listening to this video with a big smile on my face πŸ™‚
    God bless Hugo and all

  2. Have anyone noticed that Holly “the wolly” useless TV presenter apart from jumping the queue, she’s wearing a Face nappy? Did President Moronic wear one? King chauffeur? Macaroni? Beakan? Disgusting human being already trying to push the face covering for this coming winter. It is a matter of 24 Hours to start the covid19 fearmongering campaign again.

    Last year, they tried after the men’s European football finals but couldn’t.

    Then Monkey pox for two months. Failed..then oh wait, Ukraine war distraction then women Euro finals then energy price because of “war” then cost of leaving then Queens death .but now time to get the πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ back into the stable with Ya need a booster and Flu jab to protect the NHS.. again.

    While they had 6 months since Boris the 🀑🐸🀑🀑 was exposed together with SAGE controlling group to be a farce. Nobody from Sajid the butcher to invest all that money sent to the pocket of zelensky into preparation of the winter season flu. 25 million Pfizer vaccine were purchased last April for this winter . Check out. This is being pre planned.

    People are just as Hugo SAID.. brainwashed sheep’s. I’m glad we got a community United and knowledgeable her.

    Keep spreading the truth.. the truth hurts. Get ready for the new sub variant more deadly than Omicron..”the monarch”. AKA .. leader of WEF

    Never give up on our freedom people

  3. Completely agree Hugo, I watched a bit of the service and found the religious aspect did not sit comfortably with me at all. I felt that the monarchy did not reflect the ideals of the creator in any aspect of their lives. There is no love and compassion or any sense of humanity.

  4. To all my fellow awaken tribe, I’m so grateful to be in a community which have defended our rights from day ONE the plandemic under the guidance of Hugo.
    Big pharma and scumbags in the government still trying to hide under a big curtain of SHITE. They, together with the disgusting journalist in the MSM looking for thousands of excuses to cover up the deaths due to the vaccine causing blood clots and myocarditis in those vaxxed, double and triple.
    Anyone from SAGE, Hancock and Sajid have gone to the Maldives ( guessing ) on hidden holiday and left behind their disgraceful tsunami of loved ones lost.
    We have to carry on with our crusade to bring those squirrels to stand trial for this unforgettable atrocities.. including Bojo ” the clown”
    This is the latest cover up headlines.. long covid19 can cause blood clots and myocarditis.. really?  

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