The MOTHER Of All PSYOPS Has Begun / Hugo Talks

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  1. Several points here: First, though if I need to go to the doctors I have to wear a face nappy in the waiting room, Charles here can go right up close to hundreds of the plebs with no worries at all. Some danger from the covid there then! Next, we all need to remember that any parliamentary decision regarding new laws have to go the the monarchy to get royal assent. All the laws put in place over the past 70 years that now repress, silence, spy on or punish us ever more have only become laws through the rubber stamping of the queen. She could have said no at any stage, but as far as I am aware never did.So much for her ‘loyalty’ to the plebs. Finally, interesting story bridging the gap between corrie’s psy-op the other day and the death of Lizzie is the story of the chip shop owner celebrating her death and who came under attack from many of the locals. See the story in the Mail, but check out the photo of the blackboards in her shop window. More making the connection in the minds (a limited thing in many, I know) of the plebs and those horrid ‘conspiracy theorists’.

      • I fancy fish and chips, shame I don’t live near enough! Jaki certainly had a nice collection if truths in her window!

  2. Some interesting observations:

    Preparations for the queen’s passing were made years ago. In Scotland, they were named Operation Unicorn-

    A rainbow appeared over Buckingham Palace 20 minutes before the announcement of the queen’s passing. Another appeared over Windsor castle.-

    [Anybody noticed the dreadful amount of geoengineering of late with the totally unnatural cloud formations and colours?].

    Sandringham House was put on Airbnb just hours before the announcement of the queen’s passing:

    The collective fascination with unicorns in recent years and the rainbow symbolisms are most interesting as is the inauguration of Liz Truss two days before- and all happening in Scotland, a hotbed of freemasonry in the area of Balmoral!

  3. Ahhhhh 10 days of Royal lockdown lol!
    If people want to riot they should cut off the city of London and the local airports.
    Personally I would advocate nuking the district!
    For the good of mankind!

  4. They’ll soon get fed up when King Charles the poodle of the WEF is sat in his palace being served fillet mignion, champagne and caviar by his servants, while the people can’t get a tin of beans and Marie Horsionette suggests they should eat cake.

    This is the problem with people like him, he believes he’s an expert on architecture, farming, the environment, etc, and because of who he is everyone politely agrees with him, leading him to believe he’s a genius, but he’s a half baked intellectual.

    So when he brings in his insane green policies and his lifestyle doesn’t change at all assume no one elses life has changed either, and he’ll believe he was right, he has no understanding of how hard it is for ordinary people to survive.

    The best thing he could do is before becoming king – move to a council estate in Wales and live off £100 per week – then come back and tell us how your grand ideas will work – fucking muppet.

    • You’re the muppet, the puppet of Satan as a Conspiracy Theorist fool, doing his work. Well done, give yourself a pat on the back, you clever little boy.🤣

      • “Gavin” you are part of the conspiracy, you purveyor of the pink oboe 🙂

      • @Gavin Jackson “‘Conspiracy Theorist’ – a derogatory put-down term dreamt up by the CIA to discredit those who questioned the official narrative of the JFK assassination.”

        — Kevin S. Shipp – former CIA agent.

        “Conspiracy Theorist someone who questions the statements of known liars.”

        — Unknown

        “‘Coincidence Theorist’ – someone who believes the statements of known liars and votes for them.”

        — Brother Charles

  5. I wonder how many people will sit and watch the King`s speech on Christmas day ?

  6. Well I’m going to have a 17 day holiday, and not one tear will be shed by me! I bet there will be millions of other people who will do exactly the same too. Totally agree with what you say dear Hugo about people crying over someone who they never met. How absolutely bonkers they are! The old hag was 96 and had a great life, dying peacefully. Darius Danesh on the other hand died tragically and suddenly at the very young age of 41, and there was no outpouring of grief for him! Such a lovely young man he was too, taken far too soon.

  7. Loving the woman with the crown necklace and snake print shirt in the first few moments. I’m sure her dress choice was a coincidence.

    • As I’m sure was the dark skin gentleman’s checkerboard shirt. How insightful of him to match his king’s handkerchief.

  8. The media are doing their level best to whip things up but I don’t see the same ‘outpouring of grief’ that there was over Princess Diana.

  9. England hasn’t had a decent queen since Boudiccia and she was half Roman! As for a King worthy of title, that’d be Aurthur! Oh, forgot, that’s just a ‘myth’ or ‘legend’ isn’t it? We’ve been so lied to about the history of our peoples, our lands, cultures and laws. These parasites are Hostile Enemy Forces who feed on us as ‘resources’ to nourish the Demiurge Demonic Darkies.

  10. He is a champion of climate change and was one of the first to announce a New World Order during the pandemic and a proud member of the WEF, he is the actual member of the WEF who created the Great Reset. The Royal family’s expenditure have nearly tripled over the past decade, reaching £87.5 million in 2021. The monarchy is a strange display of wealth and power at a time when many people are struggling to heat their homes and feed their children but people do like to gaze them.
    See what is unfolding in The Netherlands, this is the lay out to the digital currency.

  11. She go I agree with you on this video I can’t believe the crowds outside and when I heard people saying God save the King I also thought the same I think most people in place there I thought it was 10 days that was bad enough but you’re telling me 17 that’s insane I’ve only picked up on bits of it but it’s driving me crazy you’re ready you can see where they’re going with this and likewise I also wondered if this is all going on what’s happening that we don’t know about I’m honestly I nearly had a slight fall of my mum last night you can’t speak to people on this comment or on this particular situation she said to me that’s all she’s ever known was the Queen and I’m like well what she ever done for you or she’s always been there she replied it’s crazy Betty because it’s best to take nothing we know what’s going on and interest and I pointed outAs I said I am I pointed out to her the situation with Virginia Roberts and she said that she is protecting her son as I pointed out would you protect a paedophile basically you just can’t speak to any of these people keep up the good work Hugo

  12. Do they put us into mourning lockdown?
    2022 year is a such a disaster, Queen’s deaths is one disaster too much.

    Following how Netfix portrays the Royal Family it is a breading ground for narcissists. Of course in the palaces owned by the banksters the same is going on or even worse.
    The main thing is that this dynasty is a judaizing family but Charles in one of his past letters did mention that someone should look into Jooish dominance but it could also be just one of the bombs thrown since Windsors are Joos themselves just by looking at them – Charles is also circumcised. The old custom of the kings, yeah right. The old custom of the Joos you mean.


  13. @Hugo! You are so wrong on this. The Rothschilds absconded with ALL the Royal wealth decades ago, and this was proven in 1992 when the queen went cap in hand to John ‘Maastricht’ Major for a mere £52 million for a refit of the Royal Yacht Britannia, which he refused. No monarch worth billions would have done that, nor suffered that humiliation!

    • No. You are wrong on this, ttnd. They hold verifiable shares in Qintec (look it up). And that’s just one Rottenchild/RF partnership. Who owns Serco? Blackrock? Vanguard? They have layers and layers of well-hidden wealth over the last three or four centuries.

      But why spend your own ill-gotten gains if you can try to leech more?

      • I think you are right, why to spend your money if your mates print it? If they refused to print in this particular occasion I reckon because 52 million was probably way too much for the task. The Queen cannot be that lavish.

      • She could not be seen to be that lavish. After all – she was so frugal that she heated Buckingham Palace with a two bar electric fire…

        Whilst collecting £1million per year from renting ‘her’ seabed to wind-farm companies (who were, quite possibly, owned by some faction of, ‘The Firm’).

      • And if you believe ‘Boris’ it was a one-bar electric fire and she used ‘tupperware’. Even in official photos you can see large radiators all over the place, huge fireplaces with fire-tongs beside them indicating that they are in use, and often lit in any case. And we are expected to believe that she huddled around one-bar of an electric fire like a skint student?

      • @kerenibus You’re missing the point. The queen LOVED the Royal Yacht Britannia, and had she the dosh in the bank she would have financed the refit herself, but didn’t. That tells me she hadn’t the wherewithall to pay for it. The Rothschilds own and control ALL the Royal wealth – they’re puppets in EVERY sense of the word.

      • @ttnd. No. Whilst you may be somewhat correct about, ‘Royal’ wealth, I am talking about the enormous amassed fortune from her maternal ancestors, the Bowes-Lyons.

      • So the Rothchilds are conservators and the ‘royals’ are what Britney Spears once was. Or, in simple terms, the Rothschilds keep all the royal dosh and hand the ‘royals’ some back as ‘pocket money’.

      • I think its a “pawn shop” who owns what?The pawn brokers give you credits for your property and then it sits in limbo.hence “I loaned out the nation”this way everything is kosher,no one knows where the Rothchilds begin and end,everything hangs on the wall of their pawn shop.You can of cause rent it back but it is not yours,it will return to the shop,that is how they work,things are in two places at once,as terrible as it sounds the queen walks the underworld without a head because it’s on the wall of the Rothschild pawn shop,tnd is right she could not pay for the work herself as even if she had the money,it was not hers to alter,as the second she tried it is hanging on the wall of the shop,that is money magik.She had to make contact with the real owner and ask permission.

      • @kerenibus They have no wealth other than what The CROWN Corporation in The Square Mile apportion to them, as Mr Rothschild deems fit. It really is as stringent and simple as that. In the meantime they instruct their media whores to continue publishing their BS RICH LIST lies about the queen and two-bit billionaire people who are really paupers when compared to the kings of The Jews – the Rothschilds with their worldwide TRILLIONS.

        If you look at the history, re The Jews and monarchy, you will quickly discover that they hate monarchy with a evil zealous and jealous loathing that you would be incapable of matching. From Charles I, through to Louis XVI of France, and all his family plus the nobility, and then Czar Nicholas and his beautiful family – all dead at the hands of The Jews. Now rest assured The Queen was fully aware of the danger that she and her family were in, and knew that one step out of line would mean curtains for her and her clan.

        As my dad used to jokingly say, when I was young, re the Jews: “Your queen, our country.”

        Re the Bowes-Lyons land, that was still the Queen Mother’s when QE II made her request to John Major for the £52 million in 1992.

        I think Baldur covers the Royal landed estates situation quite well. I was going to say it was just wealth on paper to which there was no ready access in order to convert it to expendable cash.

      • I have heard that Buckingham Palace is the biggest council house in Britain.

    • I think the monarchy has been turned into an expensive theater long before the Westminster become a competing soap opera to the Coronation Street.

    • ‘a mere £52 million … addition to ….’ The public pays for national trust used and enjoyed privately then the public are charged for entry, for example. Anything with ‘national’ or ‘England’ as in Bank of (not) or ‘Royal’ is an alarm bell on con. Yes, it’s said that Rothschilds ‘own’ the royal lines and that’d be no surprise at all. Point being, they’re all imposters.

      • Exactly! That’s it in a nutshell!

        Take Waddesdon Manor. Owned by the Rottenchilds then, ‘gifted’, to ‘the nation’ – on the proviso that ‘they’ manage it. Result? The serfs pay for the upkeep and pay to look around whilst the Rottenchilds enjoy their cost-free luxury mansion,

    • It wasn’t really a ‘yacht’ though; more the size of a cruise ship.

  14. Did you see the black and white checkered handkerchief in his top pocket, during his TV tribute? I got a picture but dont know how to upload it here

  15. Multi task virtue signalling in action people…brain dead zombies wearing gloves and masks on there 5th jab PCR testing daily whilst socially distancing waving a Ukrainian flag paying sky high fuel bills all whilst crying for a dead paedophile they don’t know. Multi tasking at its finest.

  16. Teresa has hit it on the head. Hugo is right: all the ‘Royalist apologists’ here need to switch off their black mirrors (and turn off ‘the BBC’) and look at the facts: get your heads out of the sand. Until 2020, I was a Royalist. Until… we were subjected to the ‘engineered’ Plandemic which has systematically taken down our country, destroying businesses and families while being used to remove our freedoms and destroy the NHS. Anyone here who doesn’t understand that this Plandemic was ‘planned’ needs to do some simple research. I suggest starting somewhere easy, such as Schwab’s ‘The Great Reset’, then work backwards: these Globalists have made no secret of their long-term intentions. All the grief that has transpired since March 2022 has been done on Queen Elizabeth’s watch, my friends. Teresa is correct: the Queen has not honoured her Oath to protect and cherish her subjects, to uphold our hard-won Constitution’ (such as it is) and uphold our sovereignty. As the Head of the Church of England, she stood by as our churches were closed to worshippers, but were allowed to be turned into jab centres administering poison to people. Let’s not forget the blessed souls who breathed their last alone, their nearest and dearest forbidden to stand with them by their bedsides. My heart breaks for those families. I only have to remind you that the Queen ‘knighted’ Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. Wake up, people, please… and fight this tyranny.

  17. Hugo, lets start with so what? I want to experience how far you can debate this…

  18. He looked a little bewildered, looking over his shoulder. His hand looks strange too. It almost looked as if there was a square box/shape under his skin.
    May The Almighty help us all. Run to Him, Repent and be saved.

  19. The name of Jesus Christ has never been as frequently mentioned as the only saviour on CNN in decades the producers must be fuming, every cloud has a silver lining .

  20. Where was the queen recently when Klaus Schwab’s indoctrinated leaders brought in the toughest of Covid lockdown measures in the likes of Australia, NZ and Canada. Freezing bank accounts of Canadian truckers who protest or anyone who financially helped them out. No she sat and watched while her citizens where subjected to these illegal draconian measures.

  21. Anyone hear him mention ‘Global community’ in his speech?

    • Karl Marx: ‘Religion is the Opium of the People’

      Governments, Newspapers, and the Church, the mouthpiece of the Government, indoctrinated and cajoled its young men to volunteer and fight in a foreign war for freedom.
      ‘Your King and Country need you!’

      Most of the young Soldiers, unaware of what war actually involved, were told it was for their families, lives and freedom. They would be heroes in an adventure of a lifetime.

      As the death toll rose and the years advanced, those less willing to volunteer were conscripted, shot, and imprisoned.

      And the wounded returning were no longer seen as heroes; their ‘King and Country’ no longer really wanted them.

      Millions of men went to their slaughter in the ‘war to end all wars’, but how quickly we all forgot. Neither did it stop any future wars, as they were, and are, perpetuated and encouraged by those who profit from them the most.

      And, as the church goers dwindled, a ‘new opium of the people’ appeared.
      The TV.
      We are now in a situation where most of us have lived in relative peace and prosperity. We have no real knowledge of Wars aside from the media and the computer war games that have developed over the past fifteen+ years.

      History shows us, the culling of the populace is nothing new, it has been carried out many times, by the policy makers and money lenders who plot and play us as chess pawns in their long and artful games.

      Fear, and ultimately hatred have always been their weapons of control and manipulation.

      I don’t want to be opiated, controlled or manipulated.
      I want to question, and to have an opinion.
      Real freedom to think for myself.
      Some things are worth fighting for and that is not the conflict of a war, it is to make a stand in whichever way I can.

      Fear will not control me.
      The media will not control me.
      And, I will never willingly bow down to tyranny.

      So, It goes without saying the TV is now the drug of control for the population.

      How much longer now, before ‘King and Country’ decide they want more fodder for yet another phoney war, to cull the population?
      Ramp up the Patriotism, create panic, fear and hatred and sell it to us as an adventure?
      We are in dangerous territory and must stay alert.

      Nineteen in 1914, my Uncle was one of the first volunteers who headed to France and was dead in a trench six months later.
      How many more like him have we all but forgotten?
      And how are our lives now? Are we similarly heading in the same direction as those before us?

      We must never forget.

      • @Rah, And Jewish Bolshevism/Communism (Judaism) is the biggest religion of all.

        “If you really are serious when you talk of Jewish plots, may I not draw your attention to the one worth talking about? What use is it wasting words on the alleged control of your public opinion by Jewish financiers, newspaper owners and movie magnates, when you might as well justly accuse us of the proved control of your whole civilisation by the Jewish Gospels? We are intruders. We are subversives. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war (WW1) but of nearly all your wars and revolutions in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone….And the end is still a long way off. We still dominate you. At this very moment your churches are torn asunder by a civil war between Fundamentalists and Modernists, that is to say between those who cling to our teachings and those who are striving by slow steps to dispossess us.”

        The Jew, Marcus Eli Ravage, Century Magazine, Vol. 115, No.3, Jan. 1928? (An article for The Century Magazine, Vol. 115, January 1928. No. 3).

        Jews caused the war (WW1), the Jews caused the outbreak of thieving and robbery all over the country, the Jews caused the inefficiency of the navy.”

        — Henry Ford

  22. My question is….while everyone is distracted, whats happening/being planned behind closed doors

    • Exactly! There will be so many pubs and businesses closing, but we won’t get to hear about because the morons are in mourning, it’s an absolute shocker!

    • Probably to bring in digital currency as money now invalid and will need re-printed to be legal tender.

      • Money with the Queen’s portrait on it is NOT invalid. I just spent some today.

    • Take your pick from economic collapse, cashless system, China/Taiwan, nuclear situation, tsunami, meteor, earthquakes, directed energy weapons, floods, fire, weather manipulation, more convid, monkey pox, triple dart finish vaccine deaths and sudden adult death syndrome are the norm.
      The fall of the west is well underway & imminent

  23. Absolutely pathetic and just watch the huge fuss reg the funeral that’s gonna cost billions or a shit load o money anyway they’re all fucking disgusting it’s an embarrassment I couldn’t give a shit n 17 days ffs plus has everybody forgot how big ears treated princess Diana short memories huh plus what about all the kiddos dying of cancer etc where’s the big fuss for them huh and all our kids in care that they stole bien used abused battered bullied raped sold starved murdererd where’s the huge fuss for them oh of course our kids in care get ignored taboo absolutely disgusting but yet the bloody queen snuffs it n folk can’t suck up they’re ass quick enough i remember few yrs ago Charlie boy came up north scotland to my town big black hawk helicopter the works I completely ignored it I wouldn’t even go anywhere near I was in taxi going home from doing food shop and couldn’t care less whatsoever so no I don’t give a shit

  24. O the great deluded masses. There is no hope for them. They’ve had the majority of their hard-earned wealth extorted from them via illegal taxes all their life and STILL they do not see it!

    • Charlie-boy also has the inherited wealth of his forebears (and ours) who were (and they probably still are) involved in Rio Tinto (with the Rottenchilds), the mining industry in Nottingham, Smiths Bank (in Nottingham), and the silk trade from the Levant.

      A cursory look at his peerage background (on the Queen mother’s side) throws up directors and governors of, amongst others, ‘The Levant Company’, ‘The East India Company’, the BoE and Jardine Matheson (who profited handsomely from the ‘Opium Wars’).

      They were, also, directly, involved in the so-called, ‘Glorious Revolution’, (via the Cavendish-Bentincks) which usurped the British throne in favour of William of Orange.

      I’ve only scratched the surface there. This family are very near the top of the cabal pyramid and have made themselves unimaginably wealthy on the back of unimaginable human misery.

      If only people knew even the half of it.

  25. 10 days of mourning, what’s that about? . Its already doing my head in! Now the queen has passed they need to get rid of them all. People sure have short memories!

  26. I think you’re either one way or the other on this. ‘Just a 96 year old woman died’ vs the longest reigning monarch in UK history, part of a bloodline that stretches back over 1000 years and the weight of that history, generation to generation, the only monarch the majority of people have every know, never put a foot wrong, dignified and elegant, bodified pagentry and tradition, the epitome of Britishness, patron of hundreds of charities, in our homes every Christmas since I can remember, head of state of numerous countries, I could go on.

    For me, you can’t be a British patriot and hate the monarchy, it’s part and parcel of being a Briton. Anyone who has been in the army knows who they serve, and it ain’t those in number 10. I haven’t been in the army but I had a friend who said they made them chant on exercises something akin to ‘We serve the Queen. We will die for the Queen’. I think some people have just become numb to royalty because of the rise of plastic celebrities, but she was the real deal, and the gravity of the situation, the changes that will come are just going over some people’s heads.

    Gotta think the global cabal stuff and conspiracy stuff has only come across in the past 50 years or so (that she’s an adrenochrome drinking satanic pedophile pedovore reptilian illuminati head witch), the monarchy stretches back 1000 years in comparison which is not just her history, it’s our history too as a nation. I mean, she was related to the people that ruled the British Empire, kings and queens that had a say in all of our wars that shaped us as a nation to who we are today etc. Admittedly she didn’t have an impact directly on my life as she didn’t on yours, her reign, as opposed to those predecessors was like you say was more muted than others. Nevertheless, our monarchy has had a profound impact on our isles and the world at large.

    • In principle, a form of monarchy can work very well. Back in the days before these usurping squatters destroyed native culture and society, there were communities comprising relatives and extended kinfolk amongst whom were those families best suited for certain functions. Each community would have their administrators, their warriors, philosophers and wise men or judges. There was an over-arching King for the collective of communities and one King of the country with his Queen to perform the ritual and sacred functions on behalf of all; their characters were beyond reproach for ultimate respect, trust and prosperity.. They were all of the same people as the kinsfolk. Enter the invaders …… every despicable crime imaginable from low characters can be cited about those whose bloodlines killed entire family lines to eliminate the native leaders so the people became directionless and weak. I wish she did die, but they don’t. Like parasitic lice, they body hop to a new vassal. Calulate the obscene wealth of that btch and mongrels, think what it has cost us all.

    • @Scott Our Monarchy stretch back far further than a 1000 years:

      1 Kings 9:5 (KJV) Then I will establish The Throne of thy kingdom upon Israel for ever, as I promised to David thy father, saying, There shall not fail thee a man upon The Throne of Israel.

      Jeremiah 33:17 (KJV) For thus saith The LORD; David shall never want a man to sit upon The Throne of The House of Israel; 

      1. Adam (B. C. 4000-3070), Eve.
      2. Seth (B. C. 3869-2957).
      3. Enos (B. C. 3764-2859).
      4. Canaan (B. C. 3674-2895).
      5. Mahalaleel (B. C. 3604-2709).
      6. Jared (B. C. 3539-2577).
      7. Enoch (B. C. 3377-3012).
      8. Methusaleh (B. C. 3312-2344).
      9. Lamech (B. C. 3125-2349).
      10. Noah (B. C. 2943-2007), Naamah.
      11. Shem (B. C. 2441-1841).
      12. Arphaxad (B. C.2341-1903).
      13. Salah (B. C.2306-1873).
      14. Heber (B. C. 2276-1812).
      15. Peleg (B. C. 2241-2003).
      16. Reu (B. C. 2212-1973).
      17. Serug (B. C. 2180-2049).
      18. Nahor (B. C. 2050-2002).
      19. Terah (B. C. 2221-1992), Amtheta.
      20. Abraham (B. C. 1992-1817), Sarah.
      21. Isaac (B. C. 1896-1716), Rebekah.
      22. Jacob (B. C. 1837-1690), Leah.
      23. Judah (b. B. C. 1752), Tamar.

      24. Royal Judahites – Pharez to King David and Yashua Messiah and Zarah (twins) Zarah to Ireland and British Monarchy.
      Origins of the Royal Judahites and Canaanite Jews explained:

      25. Hezron.
      26. Aram.
      27. Aminadab.
      28. Naasson.
      29. Salmon.
      30. Boaz (B. C. 1312), Ruth.
      31. Obed.
      32. Jesse.

      Kings of Israel/Judah

      33. King David (B. C. 1085-1015), Bathsheba.
      34. King Solomon (B. C. 1033-975), Naamah.
      35. King Rehoboam (b. B. C. 1016, d. 958), Maacah.
      36. King Abijah (B. C. 958-955).
      37. King Asa (B. C. 955-914), Azubah.
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      39. King Jehoram (B. C. 889-885), Athaliah.
      40. King Ahaziah (B. C. 906-884), Zibiah.
      41. King Joash (B. C. 885-839), Jehoaddan.
      42. King Amaziah (b. B. C. 864, d. 810), Jecholiah.
      43. King Uzziah (b. B. C. 826, d. 758), Jerusha.
      44. King Jotham (b. B. C. 783, d. 742).
      45. King Ahaz (b. B. C. 787, d. 726), Abi.
      46. King Hezekiah (b. B. C. 751, d. 698), Hephzibah.
      47. King Manasseh (b. B. C. 710, d. 643), Meshullemeth.
      48. King Amon (b. B. C. 621, d. 641), Jedidiah.
      49. King Josiah (b. B. C. 649, d. 610), Mamutah.
      50. King Zedekiah (B. C. 599-578).

      Ezekiel 21:27 (MCV) I will OVERTURN, (the Throne), OVERTURN, OVERTURN it: and it shall be no more, until He come whose right it is; and I will give it Him.

      First overturning:

      The Prophet Jeremiah takes King Zedekiah’s daughter (Tea Tephi) to Ireland where the descendants of Zarah, son of Judah, twin of Pharez are already living:

      Kings of Ireland

      51. Queen Tea Tephi (b. B. C. 565), marries Eochaidh, a Prince of the scarlet thread, later King Heremon, descended from Zerah.
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      Lia Fáil at Tara, Ireland

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      84. Roighnein Ruadh.
      85. Finlogha.
      86. Fian.
      87. King Eodchaidh Feidhlioch (reigned 12 years).
      88. Fineamhuas.
      89. King Lughaidh Raidhdearg.
      90. King Criomhthan Niadhnar (reigned 16 years).
      91. Fearaidhach Fion Feachtnuigh.
      92. King Fiachadh Fionoluidh (reigned 20 years).
      93. King Tuathal Teachtmar (reigned 40 years).
      94. King Coun Ceadchathach (reigned 20 years).
      95. King Arb Aonflier (reigned 30 years).
      96. King Cormae Usada (reigned 40 years).
      97. King Caibre Liffeachair (reigned 27 years).
      98. King Fiachadh Sreabthuine (reigned 30 years.)
      99. King Muireadhach Tireach (reigned 30 years).
      100. King Eochaidh Moigmeodhin (reigned 7 years.)
      101. King Nail of the Nine Hostages.
      102. Eogan.
      103. K. Murireadhach.
      104. Earca.

      Second overturning:

      Kings of Argyleshire

      105. King Fergus More
      106. King Dongard
      107. King Conran
      108. King Aidan (d. 604).
      109. King Eugene IV. (d. 622).
      110. King Donald IV. (d. 650).
      111. Dongard.
      112. King Eugene. V. (d. 692).
      113. Findan.
      114. King Eugene VII. (d. A. D. 721), Spondan.
      115. K. Etfinus (d. A. D. 761), Fergina.
      116. King Achaius (d. A. D. 819), Fergusia.
      117. King Alpin (d. A. D. 834).

      Kings of Scotland

      118. King Kenneth I. (842-858).
      119. King Constantin I. (862-876).
      120. King Donald II. (889-900).
      121. King Malcolm I. (943-954).
      122. King Kenneth II. (971-995, d. A. D. 995).
      123. King Malcolm II. (1005-1034, d. A. D. 1034).
      124. Bethoc, married to Crinan, Mormaer of Atholl and lay abott of Dunkeld.
      125. King Duncan I. (1034-1040, d. A. D. 1040), Sybil.
      126. King Malcolm III. Canmore (A. D. 1058-1093), Margaret of England.
      127. King David I. (1124-1153, d. A. D. 1153), Matilda of Huntingdon.
      128. Prince Henry (d. A. D. 1152), Ada of Surrey.
      129. Earl David of Huntingdon (d. A. D. 1219), Matilda of Chester.
      130. Isobel m. Robert Bruce III.
      131. Robert Bruce IV. m. Isobel of Gloucester.
      132. Robert Bruce V. m. Martha of Carrick
      King Robert The Bruce statue Stirling Castle Scotland
      133. King Robert I. (The Bruce) (A. D. 1306-1329), Isobel, daughter of Earl of Mar.
      134. Marjorie Bruce m. Walter Stewart III.
      135. K. Robert II. (b. 1317, 1371-1390, d. A. D. 1390), Euphemia of Ross (d. A. D 1376).
      136. K. Robert III. (b. 1337, 1390-1406, d. A. D. 1406), Annabella Drummond (d. A. D. 1401).
      137. King James I of Scotland (A. D. 1406-1437), (16g grandson of King Alfred The Great) m. Joan Beaufort
      138. King James II of Scotland m. Mary of Gueldres
      139. King James III of Scotland m. Margaret Princess of Denmark
      140. King James IV of Scotland. (b. 1473, 1488-1513, d. A. D. 1543), Margaret of England (d. A. D. 1539).
      141. King James V of Scotland. (b. 1513, 1513-1542, d. A. D. 1542), Mary of Lorraine (d. A. D. 1560).
      142. Queen Mary (also known as Mary, Queen of Scots) (b. 1542, 1542-1567, d. A. D. 1587), Lord Henry Darnley (d. 1567). (Mary became Queen when she was just six days old. She was deposed as Queen in 1567 and was executed in 1587 ).

      Third and final overturning:

      The British Royal Family Line

      143. King James VI. and I. (1603-1625), Ann of Denmark. James became James I of England (A. D. 1603-1625) in 1603 while still King James VI of Scotland.
      144. King Charles I (Assassinated by the Jew tool Cromwell)
      145. King Charles II (1660-1685)
      146. James II (1685-1688)
      147. Queen Mary II and William of Orange (1688-1702)
      148. Queen Anne (1702-1714)
      149. King George I. (1714-1727), Sophia Dorothea of Zelle (1667-1726).
      150. King George II. (b. 1683, 1727-1760), Princess Caroline of Brandenburg-Anspach (1683-1737).
      151. King George III. (b. 1738, 1760-1820), Princess Sophia of Mecklenburgh-Strelitz (1744-1818).
      152. King George IV (b. 1762, 1820-1830)
      153. King William IV (b 1765, 1830-1837)
      154. Queen Victoria (b. 1819, 1837-1901), Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha.
      155. King Edward VII. (b. 1841, 1901-1910), Princess Alexandra
      156. King George V. (b. 1865, 1910-1936), Princess Mary
      157. King George VI. (b. 1895, 1936-1952), Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother) (b. 1900, d. 2002)
      158. Queen Elizabeth II (b. 1926, reigned from 1952), Philip Duke of Edinburgh
      159. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (b. 1948) Now King Charles III

    • Fair comment Scott. I’ve always felt that the Queen’s impact was a kind of soft power and influence achieved through public engagement, with both world leaders and with the general public, and as someone who’s apolitical but still engaged with the elected government through her Royal Prerogative, all of which I think constitutes a useful counterpoint to the elected government. I tend to think that a republic would have bore down on the people with even greater tyranny than we saw in the last two years. Like most people I have never personally known the royals, and I’m not carried away on a tide of emotion now the Queen has passed. I think it’s a matter of personal grief for her own family. However, I think it’s churlish not to acknowledge that the Queen was a diligent Head of State throughout her long reign. As for the new monarch, that remains to be seen …

  27. To Right robbing filth and get away with it and also get away with sex’s grimes by paying the victim with our money and tacking his little titles away god save us from these FUCKERS

  28. Read Isaiah 23:14-18 Is is possible that this is referring to Queen Elizabeth? Just a thought. The christadelphians have an interesting take on this. Do the research.

  29. Brain washed and sycophantic crowds waiting in line to shake hands with a vampire just so they can brag online about it even those a handful of “new Britain’s” in the crowd can call home with something to talk about. That body language showed a 100% how uninterested he was in any of those zombies.

      • Yes, check his expression at 2:42. That woman is shaking his hand and talking, but he’s not even looking anywhere in her direction.

  30. I’m not sure what’s wrong with you Penny, it is just an opinion and many people have differing views. I’m thinking like Hugo it’s true what have they done that’s soo good and how have they served us can’t see it myself either. Never really worked out the point of these guys.

  31. Haha penny you mad cow you know places like this are for those seeking the truth the queen is a parasite have you never wondered how the 1st king tricked everyone into following him everyone is equal what makes these people special there only respected because of brainwashing who in their right mind would want to be a lesser being to a king or queen if it was Jesus Christ walking barefoot helping people you could call that man a king but these bullies are the opposite they steal land and monies live in massive fortresses with jewels and gold while children are starving to death all over Africa and Asia on a massive scale you have to be not a full bob to adore these cunts

  32. I wonder why Boris just said “the BBC came to see him a few MONTHS ago and asked him to refer to the Queen in the past tense and he was overwhelmed with emotion”?

  33. I’ll be glad to be rid of the lot of them, the queen called us selfish for not taking the jab and yet she could have fed and housed most of the world and still had change. They’re not interested in us unless we’re skivying for me, I can’t stand the bloody lot of them or their hangers on.

    • I totally agree. My grandad was due to receive a medal handed out by the Queen mother I asked if he wanted me to go with him (though neither of us were royalists) as he was in his 80s and of poor health, his reply to me on this issue has never left me and I’m proud of it he said “tell her to stick it up her arse’ only following up with ‘the war was a lie” grandad was a fireman during the blitz.

      • What do you mean ‘the war was a lie’? The Second World War definitely happened. And I suspect the First World War too.

      • The war was a lie i imagine was regarding the reasons we fought and who the real enemy was not that it didnt happen.

      • Good for your Grandad. Can’t verify the varicity of this information but I learned that Firemen clearing up after the ‘blitz’ found unexploded shells in the debri of hit buildings by the German forces which, stamped into the shell casings, read: ‘Made in Great Britain’. They were obliged to sign a document binding their silence to the Official Secrets Act. Also, I’ve heard it mention that ‘the Blitz’ was executed by Churchill’s forces; the incentive being to rile the people up for renewed anger against Germany after 2 years of relative calm as most sensible people (i.e. the public) didn’t want the war. This action would also act to rouse the USA operation into action.

      • I don’t believe this one bit. Some of my relatives were in the RAF during the Second World War. They bombed Germany and even destroyed German tanks in France. There is no way that they were blitzing the UK, such a statement is utter nonsense.

      • @Sarah, By saying “The war was lie” he was stating loud and clear that the reasons for WW2 were a lie. The whole damned thing was labelled as: “The Good War”, when the opposite was The Truth, and here’s why:

        “The Second World War is being fought for the defence of the fundamentals of Judaism.”

        — Rabbi Felix Mendlesohn, Chicago Sentinel, October 8, 1942

        “World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine.”

        — Joseph Burg, an anti-Zionist Jew

        “The war wasn’t only about abolishing Fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so prevented this war from breaking out without firing one shot, but we didn’t want to.”

        — Winston Churchill to President Truman 1946.

        “We made a monster, a devil out of Hitler, therefore we couldn’t disavow it after the war. After all, we mobilized the masses against the devil himself. So we were forced to play our part in this diabolical scenario after the war. In no way could we have pointed out to our people that the war only was an economic preventive measure.”

        — US Secretary of State, James Baker, 1992.

      • @PavlovsBitch Interesting, have you got any links or sources for that claim? I do know that Churchill provoked Hitler in the August of 1940 by bombing civilian targets in Berlin, for a month, and openly admitted it, but I had no idea that the RAF was used against its own people, unless of course, they used Polish pilots like they did in the Battle of Britain.

        “They cheered me as if I’d given them victory, instead of getting their houses bombed to bits.”

        — Winston Churchill remarked after the first Nazi air raid on London Sept. 7, 1940 which killed 306 people.

      • I thought Lisafer meant that but as I don’t believe the reasons given for the wars were they real reasons, as if. (We are given plausible reasons but never the real reasons.) So, I just assumed we were on the same page as far as that goes and thought it might be something else that was a lie.

      • Luftwaffe disguised as RAF Lancaster bombers flying over the UK dropping bombs? The RAF were in combat with the Luftwaffe just over the Channel in France taking out their Panzer tank divisions. And most of the RAF aircraft would not return home. And all the while the RAF were dropping bombs on the UK, eh?

      • Sarah better change her/his/their handle after this thread lol…
        Br 77

  34. The Hunger Games have commenced.

    This is where it gets a bit tricky,. Notice energy issue is gone, bye bye 1000s of businessess nobody.cares.


    • Oh dear..Take a look for Jimmy Saville speaking on taking a girl to meet Phillip. He was always one to drop hints.
      These people are and were utterly satanic.
      Your words are careless in the face of their victims. Of which you will be one as they leech you dry as time goes on.
      The lack of discernment in society is utterly shocking.
      Patron of Freemasonry Lizzie. Didn’t even try to hide it.

      I’m sure that they appreciate your tears for the energy harvest going on currently.

    • “All the world’s a stage” William Shakespeare. Do some research! Question everything.

      • Your vocabulary has been exposed, br77 scarping the bottom of the barrel these days….

    • She hasn’t earned my respect because she DID NOT honour her Oath to the people. Hence why we have and have had, parasitic British governments which believe Parliament is sovereign. That is not the position!

      • Once again Hugo I couldn’t agree more. Absolute load of nonsense and the sheeple lap it up! As soon as they switched the CGI off yesterday I was getting ex colleagues crying about it 🙄 and these are supposedly educated people. Seriously there is no hope!

    • LOL – Seriously – Why??? because you saw this on TV? It’s called brainwashing seriously – get a grip – if she really cared about the people of the world. Why did she not do something about the extreme poverty that also rocked the world during her time on the planet – why did she not even do something about the pedophiles IN HER OWN COMPANY! Why did she keep taking taking taking from all the commonwealth countries. Useless leaches, strutting around like the peacocks they all are – the lot of them.
      The only one that ever actually used her title for bring issues into the light and aid to the suffering was Diana – period!

    • She lost my respect and that of many others when she gave Royal Ascent to the immoral same-sex marriage Bill in 2013 – hardly ruling in the fear of God!

      • She rubber stamped every single statute eroding our freedom and culture! Too many to mention.

      • @Guy That’s what happens when you get a powerless Constitutional Monarch – she just followed orders from her so-called ministers.

      • @Jean, And WEF is just code for Rothschilds! Klaus Schwab is just a protege or lackey of Kissinger’s, and Kissinger is 100% a Rothschild errand boy, like Soros.

    • You come to his channel and tell him to shut up? What a fucking asshole you are. Fuck the dead queen and her fucking spawn.

    • Penny do you not know about the Canadian children that were selected to go on a picnic with the Queen and Prince Philip and have not been seen since ?

      • ‘Supposed’ fact checkers claim that she never visited British Columbia in 1964 but ‘fact checkers’lost their credibility som etime ago. This link describes several incidents and that she was found guilty by a Court in Brussels for that (or similar crimes).

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