Queen 💀 Announcement Forthcoming / Hugo Talks

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145 Comments on “Queen 💀 Announcement Forthcoming / Hugo Talks

  1. Zero carbon Charlie aint going to be too popular while people freeze to death this Winter…
    I think the monarchy is now finished.
    Time for a constitutional republic and transfer of lands from the monarchy back to the people.

    • @John Davies, And you think presidents are cut price monarchs? LOL You disappoint me, for this has to be the silliest comment you have ever made. Oh, and tell me, who is going to oversee this utopian distribution of lands?

    • The only problem with that is which people get the land, bet the everyday folk wouldn’t get a look in. Don’t get me wrong I think the same but there is no point, it would be swallowed up by some establishment belonging to the same people.

  2. The lyrics of the National Anthem have been changed:

    ♫God save the King
    His fascist regime
    There ain’t no future
    In Truss’s Britain..♫

  3. So the new prime minister meets the Queen two days before the Queen dies.?mmmmmm Could it possibly be that Liz Truss knew she was going to BPM weeks ago and the footage we saw her shaking the Queens hand as the new p.m. was filmed weeks ago? It’s all bullshit isn’t it. Thanks 🙏

    • Or it was filmed months ago. The Queen made no public appearances at all the recent jubilee events, she was just “seen” in the distance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.
      Maybe she’s been dead for a long time.

      • @Rob, I tend to go with “They’re still alive!” conspiracies, and this one, like Diana, fits the bill nicely. It’s a bit like Ratzinger who retired and didn’t die, as Popes usually do, before a new Pope is elected.

        I think the queen is hail and hearty and has retired to one of her cottages on one of her estates, and handed over the reins to Charlie the Green Horse jockey.

  4. Getting criticised on fb NOT for mocking the Queen’s death, but for posting as I normally do and NOT mourning.

  5. My son told me at ten in the morning that someone came into his coffee shop and said that she had died, so it wasn’t the best kept secret anyway, I have noticed the race baiters have come out in force even though most need to read up on historical events rather than just repeating lies. Rip Queen liz.

  6. Strange how all the haters start crying crocodile tears in the streets…
    Bit like when diana died…
    Never known such a pathetic nation that thrives on misery and negativity…
    I will say though didnt see one face nappy in the crowd but come winter the subservient cowards will wear them again as told by there masters

  7. Just amazes me how so many that didnt like they queen including other peoples nations have jumped on the crocodile tears boat…
    Personally im not interested in the royals…
    They offer me nothing and what they really do nobody really knows…
    They known about her dying this year for a longtime…
    Anybody with half a brain cell must of known she wouldnt make this year yet some i spoke too said she only been ill for a the last few months….
    Its no surprise at all

  8. I agree with U Hugo, she sworn in the new PM and then she was gone, did someone… 🤔, then everything moves so fast for the King, we haven’t even put the body to rest! (The agenda is playing out quit timely) So now as the head of the Global Reset…’ we should really be saying ‘long live climate change’ 🙄

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