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116 Comments on “Coronation Street Propaganda 不 / Hugo Talks

    • I don’t watch TV anymore. Just my footie team then straight off again. They’ll have a defibrillator in the Rovers next!

      • That’s the end goal (pun not intended) for the storyline, get everyone used to seeing defibrillators everywhere because the jabs aren’t going away & people are going to keep dropping dead. It’s almost as if the videos coming from China at the beginning of all this showing people suddenly face planting dead was actually real & it was them testing the jabs ready for full deployment.

      • Second or third time @slk3339 So you watch fixed football matches thinking that they’re honourable, honest and true? LMAO! You’re still a TV dupe, 100%.

  1. Isn’t ironic Hugo talks about the black mirror that controls us through a black mirror device?

    • No that’s not ironic. Same way that in the allegory of the cave people going back in to the cave tell warn/tell others about outside isn’t irony. You sound like part of the problem.

      • Chill out dude. I was joking… What the heck is happening to people’s sense of humor…

    • How else can he do it? Anyway, he’s addressed this a number of times already.

    • Same kind of scene in the British Heart Foundation tv advert – been showing it for months.

      • … and large bill board posters at bus stops. State distributed street terror for little children to unavoidably see/fear and grow up with. As if images of dead people on every street is just normal. Kult of death.

      • Aye Id forgotten about that. I do wonder if the people that write this shit are in the know or actually considered themselves as entertainers.

    • TV Guide reads: “In the hospital, James had survived his heart briefly stopping, but Dr Handley (played by Geoffrey Newland and also the same doctor who dealt with Curtis fictitious illness disorder and Tims triple-heart bypass) explained that theyre not quite sure why his heart stopped, and he needs to stay in hospital until they find answers.” – I wonder what that will be? Well, we know for sure that it won’t be related to the vaccine!!

      • @Pete E – surprise surprise, the docs are “baffled” !!!

    • this is not new. i’ve been watching the increase of propaganda re vaccines for decades. mmr/measles is a good example. on ER and various tv shows as opposed to the 70s, for instance. there’s actually an org for making sure this happens in film/tv, has been for decades.

      • They definitely target soaps which are mainly watched by women, women generally make health decisions for their families. Women are more affected by social pressure than men and usually conform, they want to be seen to be doing “the right thing.”

      • Olivia Davide, Yes, in many ways Victorian, and early 20th century women, were our last REAL women – say up until the 1950’s where, in part, they had succumbed to the after effects of Commie Jew promoted Suffrage.

  2. Im a soap fan and fully awake. Im also not tied to watching it at the same time every week, I watch when I want to not when its broadcast

  3. I would urge everyone to search stopworldcontrol monopoly. Probably one of the best videos Ive seen about the trouble were in. Its just over an hour long but stay with it. And share it around, the f ing sheep are going to bury us if it keeps up.

    • It worries me that this documentary is immediately presented by an AI representation of a man.

      Still worth the watch, just never lose the critical eye.

      Dont forget , as sad as it is, you cant trust anyone or anything online, not even Hugo.

  4. How much is the government paying with our taxes to get this nonsense in the scripts? Coronation Street has haemorrhaged viewers since it went woke, the advertising revenue because of this would have fallen through the floor.

  5. I am not trapped Hugo and dont watch hardly anything on tv anymore but I purposefully watch this soap, including Eastenders to establish what propaganda is being pushed out. Surprisingly for the last several years Coronation Street is worse than BBC Eastenders and last nights episode was particularly diabolical, which leads me to suspect that the cabal are afraid圯xtremely afraid!

    • I don’t watch soaps anymore but I did notice quite a long time ago that they were being used to push certain narratives in a way to influence society. I’m not very surprised they are trying it on again but this time they are being so blatant about it that I have to agree they are getting worried that too many people are starting to wake up.

  6. I think Ben Franklin put it best:
    “Most people die @20 and are buried at 60.”

  7. I notice that one of the conspiracies, that was mentioned was left out,is it because the platform you post to is run by them also?or is it because, it is the biggest elephant in the room and being branded an “anti-semite” is the worst thing that could be said of anyone?You know as well as anyone they will take your channel,bank account and ruin you.But what will it take for people to stand up?When simply noting what is public record is “anti-Semitism” it is a term that in reality makes no sense,unless it is used to shut you up.You have shown in your silence the truth to all,using a platform like youtube,you are “controlled” and that is not saying you are disingenuous,it is a fact.You were “complied” to remain silent.

    • I get what you’re saying but what is Hugo meant to do?? If he gets completely banned from everywhere then we won’t be able to share his videos anymore when they are very informative without going ‘too far’. I share some videos to my family (not that they listen much) they won’t ever listen to someone like Marfoogle or Jabob Israel but my sister is coming around to Hugo because she likes his personality and isn’t to ‘out there’ with the news.
      She has a 3 year old daughter so getting through to my sister is most important to me. Hugo is helpful to some of the normies like her and if he starts talking about the stuff you want him to then yes we know what will happen
      Hugo needs to keep safe for now, truths are getting out & when the time comes we won’t care anymore and hopefully he’ll be beside us anyway 歹

      • @J I didn’t say I wanted him to,I was simply making the point,if he did what happens and this is fundamentally wrong.If you are silenced through fear of reprisals then someone or something has dominion over you,some people even use a bell at this point,every time they are of the tribe, they ring a bell,it gets rang alot and when you look it up (all on public record)it becomes a bit of a joke,there is no jeopardy on people thinking you’re a bit mad,it is a different matter when they think you’re bad.Only the truly brave will stand up.See that’s the thing,the devil doesn’t just slaughter,it blames you!it’s not enough to make people suffer,it must stand in the light and tell all how it has suffered.People may laugh at this show but the content was a thinly veiled threat.I am no fool and do not want to see anyone fall pray to this and needlessly suffer,I’m talking to people on a level and agree,you must start at a level people can take and let them find out for themselves.All the best to you and yours.

      • Thank you Hugo (more than you could ever realise) for just being you: intuitive, critical thinking, sincere; with a kind warrior’s heart. My family & friends now all tune in to your videos & share them at every opportunity and your material has “reached” asleep people. Your videos have helped us stay grounded & focused while navigating the mental & emotional red pill journey. When ive felt confused, fearful or despairing at times; needing some insight & perspective, I ‘listen to a bit of Hugo’ and always feel better. God Bless, Amigo

    • In Israel the semites are mainly the Palestinians – the Anti-Semite ploy was created as a PsyOp on day one.

      • Semites being from Shem, son of Noah, described in Genesis as ‘fair’.
        Thousands of years ago would have seen a different demographic – so the current Palestinian population are as ‘semite’ today as modern day Britons of multi cultural persuasion and appearance. Or the future ‘English’ Who will be alive to say otherwise (?)

    • The Jesuit order is in control, not the phony jooz. They’re a front, like SHilluminati

      • @(((David Phillips))), Nonsense, The Vatican and The Jesuits are Jew controlled, and have been since Vatican II in the 1960s.

        Francis Loyola, the founder of The Jesuits, in the 16th century, was a Jew.

      • Criticise the Jesuits till cows come home, even call for their hanging etc, your going to be pretty safe. Conversely, there are many everyday folk sitting in a prison cell right now for being critical of the other ones, on that basis along ends any debate

    • Thank you for the great reply I can’t reply to that actual message for some reason but hopefully you’ll see this.
      The beginning helped me see you were more pointing out what would happen & how wrong it is so thanks yes I totally agree!! I’ve read about SO many people speaking up and then…you know, it’s beyond a joke they don’t even try to hide it much anymore.
      What do you mean by the devil blames you?
      I don’t want to hear about the devil’s suffering! millions suffer everyday why does he have to be such a douche about it??
      I truly want to be brave and in most aspects of life i have been but as you say there is fear of reprisal. I’m prepared to die fighting for what I believe in and will make them ‘work for their meal’ if push comes to shove 不 but at the moment I feel pretty safe (and have a stupid mortgage) so I have that little fear that stops me sharing anything ‘too much’ or starting my little conspiracy based business idea because I know there are certain things I cant/shouldn’t say so I put it off.
      I havent long got into Christianity so I’ll have to do some more reading and try find some willpower, courage whatever to think more like you!
      All the best to you & family too

  8. Nice one hugoSome people will assert the lines from this episode angrily.
    And will be backed up unthinkingly by others.
    Soap addiction should be seen as any other addiction.

  9. Omg, can you imagine watching this crap? I’m staggered how thick people are.

      • Do you watch movies? Use a phone? Listen to music? Theyre all cult ran. Dont be acting so high n mighty like your shit dont stink n let him enjoy a bit of light escapism if he feels the need to as long as he knows what hes watching get of your high horse brother

  10. Well I watch Coronation Street but Im definitely not living my life by it I don’t get taken in by it. I just enjoy it. Yeah I do the same stuff everyday such as breathing/eating and drinking/going to the toilet/talking. But I find Corrie an escape from the boring/miserable real life we are going through at the moment. If I’m honest I really couldn’t give a shit about the so called energy crisis. It was bad enough with the Covid crap. As far as I’m concerned I have 2 pre pay meters so 2 less bills to worry about so I’m alright Jack as the expression goes.

    • By watching it you are promoting it and propagating the cult that they are. Join to offset your addiction. Cheers !

    • How can we destroy all the SMEs / small family businesses – well we tried the C0NV!D$CAM that got rid of 50% of them – well now we could try a fake fuel price hike rise and blame it on the evil Putin’s attack on Old Khazaraia, Oop’s I mean Ukraine -that should destroy the 50% that managed to survive the C0NV!D$CAM.

      The Devil is Frankenstien and the their One World System is Frankenstien’s Monster

    • You’re exactly the sort of person that Hugo is on about, a mindless slave to the system. You’re more to be pitied than vilified.

    • I enjoy coronation Street too and their are many first class actors in this. I recent people calling it rubbish just because it’s not their cup of tea. After last night’s episode l was very excited because all TV programmes follow the narrative, but by mentioning things like the MMR, moon landing, microchips in jabs and sudden collapse of a footballer, it seems that something is changing. I think it was all to wake people up. Let’s be a little more respectful of everyone’s taste whether it be programmes, football teams or music.

      • Ok so still getting some unkind words, maybe I shouldn’t of apologized.

      • @atercolourist, I have no time for stiff necked numbskulls who refuse to listen to The Truth and real facts about any given situation in today’s evil world, and watching the brainwashing screen known as tel-a-lie-vision is one of those situations. Anyone believing it and/or entertained by it is no better than a programmed unthinking bot.

    • “But I find Corrie an escape from the boring/miserable real life we are going through at the moment”


  11. Take a look at the score board during the football match scene. It says 3 and 2 or 32. They missed a trick there. It should have been 3 and 3.

    But assuming it was intentional………….
    On a chess board there are 32 white squares , 32 black and 32 pieces at the start. The global chess board with people being moved into power.
    Coronation street like most soaps is on for about 30 minutes each episode. 32 ways to die is a song by the Canadian rock band Sum 41 from their album Half Hour Of Power.

    I agree with Hugo though. They are getting worried that people are waking up.

    • How can we destroy all the SMEs / small family businesses – we tried the C0NV!D$CAM that got rid of 50% of them – well now we could try a fake fuel price hike rise and blame it on the evil Putin’s attack on Old Khazaraia, Oop’s I mean Ukraine – that should destroy the 50% that managed to survive the C0NV!D$CAM.
      The Devil is Frankenstien and the their Stitched together One World System is Frankenstien’s Monster

  12. Talk about gas lighting and hiding in plain sight: the ‘Cabal’ and ‘antisemitism’ being mentioned in the same breath.

  13. Omg 存o did anyone else notice the pink, white and blue cup the gothy girl had夷snt that a new peadophile flag ♀♀

    • Trans flag

      The ‘MAP’ flag has yellow in as well…but paedophiles are trying to piggyback the alphabet people, so…

  14. Constipation Street has been BLATANT PROPAGANDA from its inception in 1960, followed a few years later by East Benders in 1985! Looks like the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation were slow off the mark, but oh no they had anti-white Commie shit shows like “Til death do us part’!!

  15. Not watched any soaps for ten rounds plus , all Junk and this is utter proof of this . Desperation and for sure they are worried now.
    BRING IT ON !!

  16. They also took the knee before the match which even the real footballers have stopped now

  17. Yep clearly they are worried and needing to get the sheep back in the pen

  18. I’m watching the Handmaid’s tale!I’m beginning to think it’s not too far off the mark,in the future!it’s like a horror movie!

  19. They’ve always used soaps to push agenda’s. I remember seeing on the soap Emmerdale a huge ‘use contactless’ sign at the local pub bar long before it was everywhere in real life. Stuck out like a sore thumb and was always dominating the screen at every bar scene

  20. That was so bad it was funny! Like a public information film you have to watch at school!
    Casualty is also bad for slipping in propaganda and getting all political.

  21. The film the Trueman Show starring Jim Carey comes to mind.
    FAKE radio broadcasts, FAKE TV shows FAKE newspaper articles:
    ALL to keep folk firewalled off from THE BIGGER PICTURE

    • Trueman Show is much bigger than just the media, it’s about the world we live in at all, from the perspective of one individual.

  22. I used to love CS but started to go off it quite a while before we stopped watching it. I used to say t was becoming like “East Enders Oop North” ( had stopped watching that rubbish long before- what a misery-fest!) because they humour was going out of it, there were fewer and fewer likeable characters, and too many overly dramatic storylines. I doesn’t surprise me they’re using it to push their agendas at all because they were, even back when we were watching it.
    Does anyone still watch these soaps? I suppose they must do but seriously, what a load of guff. The only people who’ll be influenced by the likes of these 2 shallow bimbo characters are those who are about as deep as mucky puddles!

  23. Seen a clip of it they are get so desperate to try and brainwash people bad acting like really so bad hopefully they don’t have a job soon putting so much shit on that TV well get the last laugh

    • After reading a few comments in response to my post earlier I apologize if I sounded arrogant but I do want to clarify I do watch other programmes apart from Corrie. For example I’m into Cars and Ive recently been watching The Car Years on ITV 4 plus I like Nostalgia so tend to catch an old Top of the Pops episode on BBC 4 on a Saturday Night and I’m in the middle of watching a Drama on I player called Red Rose.

  24. Queen perfect timing on shitty energy bill, not buying that at all!!! Fuckers!!

    Because of the ZERO Business support for 3months, anyone who hasn’t fixed there energy cost come 1st October and it’s to late to fix, will pay huge amount, any high use businesses factories, chip shops, pubs are just GONE within the 3months!!

    Food will double if not triple in price.

    And nobody cares because of the queen FFS

    • I think she died months ago an the globalists have been using a double
      For that very reason.after all Charles is at the top of the new world cock suckers. Dont trust any of them

    • its as if all their behaviour has been forgiven & they have eradicated all the world’s misery & suffering!! it is some of the very worst, gut wrenching embarrassing behaviour this country has displayed & Im both sickened and infuriated at this crap.

  25. When I first came over to Canada 20 plus years ago I was not into Coronation Street at all, but my Canadian wife was. And those were the good old days of Coronation Street, Fred Elliot and The Square Dealers Association; remember that anyone? Hilarious stuff. Of course it’s shite now, we can all see that. It’s been shite for quite a while and we’ve been off it ourselves for all that time. Anyone remember Ashley, who died in a fantastically entertaining train crash, trying to rescue his girlfriend, before he died of course (would have been interesting), from the cult that worshiped an entity called Nirab? They’ve been injecting this sermonizing bollocks into Coronation Street for quite a while now.

  26. Of course the “vaccines” don’t have microchips in them. Microchips are way too big, so the “vaccines” have self-assembling nanochips in them instead.

  27. I dont really watch much telly and only occasionally watch this watch the soaps my mum is a huge fan and she mention the storyline to me the other day I said exactly what this is its complete propaganda she actually agreed however I think than a U-turn didnt actually mention the other clip within the video conspiracy theories honestly I think I know who is real when you see everything has been going on for the last two years I think Im the same one not the conspiracists they must be getting really scared because people are starting to see the truth sadly its not that many however when you do try and speak to people they dont always take it in on board because hed rather Barry the head in the sand keep up the good work Hugo

  28. Ive not watched Corrie for absolutely AGES and last night was the first time I had actually sat down put my feet up and decided to return to soaps. I used to watch them all the time through the years.
    I picked up on the propaganda straight away. It was absolutely pathetic it was almost like watching a kids after school programme like The Tracy Beaker Show.! Not only was it proper gander and mind control it was also direct insult & discrimination to those who have actually put there time to researching these topics. Molly Gallagher and Tanisha Gorey need to get back in their lanes and stay out of politics.! Sorry but thats me done with Corrie. I will not be watching it again.

    • More like Goosey Gander – Lol. Give me a good Crimewatch episode from the 80’s or 90’s to solve any day of the week !!!!!

  29. Whatever bad that coronation St is, we have another cancerous rat filled series here in Ireland fair City,its every bit as bad.

  30. I don’t watch or own a TV, but you know what’ll happen here don’t you???!!! The collapse will be unrelated to the Britney Spears OR, better still, he’ll be unjabbed!!!

  31. Oh wow, I haven’t watched a soap in over 12 years but I don’t ever remember the acting being that bad! How awful!

  32. Coincidence theorists /conspiracy deniers better up their game in the face of surfacing data of high weekly excess deaths figures…more & more high profile athletes dropping down dead… Many of the former “asleep” are starting to feel uneasy now…starting to have troubling doubts about why they’d never heard of SADS their whole lives before 2021/22. Some are becoming ready to “hear” those seeds planted by well-meaning truthers. “mmm why haven’t NASA sent another rocket to the moon in 50 years, grandpa? They just didn’t want to, son…. Yeah right. I think stealthy ridicule on teatime soaps not going to be enough to quell the turning tide….

    • I don’t believe that there is a ‘conspiracy theory’ surrounding why we have ‘returned to the Moon’ in 50 years. There were subsequent ‘missions to Moon’ post-Apollo 11. Basically, the public were bored with ‘going to the Moon’ and by the early 70s had lost interest. The public are fickle, have short attention spans and bore easily. The same would happen if we ever ‘venture to Mars’ or wherever. ‘Oh no, not another man-landing-on-Saturn mission, oh look, Corrie is on the other side, turn it over.’

      • So you are speaking on behalf of people you don’t know or have ever met telling us what they were thinking over 50 years ago, gatekeeping for the establishment by any chance?
        With all the obvious information and data prooving the moon landings were a hoax, only a gatekeeper or somome one so ignorant and uninformed would try to convince people there was no conspiracy about landing on the moon.

  33. Excellent Hugo.
    The sad fact is that is a large percentage of the population need to die because they are an embarrassment to the the true humans on the planet.

  34. Pure propaganda from itv! Trying to ridicule people who see straight through their crap tales of landing on the moon etc and also normalise young fit people collapsing from heart attacks! This is more proof that the conspiracies are real!

    • I saw the moon landings in 1969 and it was soooo fuzzy it came across as a bit spoofy then – Lol !!!!!

  35. I notice that the little bitch in that clip is Liam Gallagher’s daughter, Mollie, and is alleged to be worth a million or two. Most likely not news to the brainwashed fanatics.

  36. Yep, clearly aimed at what I refer to as the compliancy conformists.0

  37. That scene reminds me of a Nazi propaganda clip that I saw on “The World At War” where they were trying to convince German moviegoers not to believe war reports from foreign radio stations. ( What?! Germany is losing the war? Complete hogwash! )

    By the way, it was interesting to see the big 2/3 score being flashed just before the guy collapsed. I seem to be seeing the number 23 in movies and tv a lot lately. Possible predictive programming? I have a feeling that 2023 may turn out to be a rough year.

    • I have been haunted by the no.23 for decades. In movies before someone dies, the camera scrolls past door number 23 or a bus no 23 knocks them down. To top it all off my last child, was induced early and arrived on the 23rd. Chilled me to the bone. 2023 is an ending of something.

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