News Roundup / Boris, Truss & SPIN THE WHEEL / Hugo Talks

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56 Comments on “News Roundup / Boris, Truss & SPIN THE WHEEL / Hugo Talks

  1. I haven’t watched this morning for yrs I can’t fucking stand that Hollie bitch or phill so fake & pathetic it’s embarrassing and as for truss bitch she can fuckoff and do one and that circus freak show blooby Johnson is speaking out of his ass as per a sick fucking joke as per

  2. All in front of your Eyes, very clever Psychology.🤣🤣 PREPARE FOR SHIT TO HIT THE FAN WITHIN THE NEXT 3 WEEKS in my opinion and then the asleep will be on their knees for sure .
    Nice hand signals by the Corrupt Philip Twat.😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. I am waiting for……..
    Phil “Due to high food prices this week on spin the wheel we are giving away a years supply of free sausages.”
    Holly “That`s the way to do it.”

    Gawd strewth give me strength.

  4. Oh that twat, the one who was leaning forward trying to look confused when he interviewed that flat earther (I forget the flat earthers name now, I gave up on him, too slow minded or part of the plot. You decide). I believe the latter! Staged, rigged and I actually am so fucking glad I don’t consume their shit anymore.

    Anyway, great content, loving it 😉

  5. It’s all a puppet show! Always has been, the marionette is the devil pulling the strings of the rich and powerful on earth..

    I’ve known this for a long time by the grace of God!
    While everyone was caught up in the trance of the nineties, I knew darkness was afoot.. Materialism, money, money,sex, drugs, big house, car.. All is vanity!! Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!
    I reject the things of this world.. As long as I have Jesus Christ in my heart I am Rich, beyond compare!

    I was once but a filthy rag, caught up with porn, gambling, fornication, lust, drink.
    But the Lord took it all from me .. I have no desire of the things of old, I left them at the foot of the cross.. This was in 2019 with my encounter with the “blessed virgin Mary” i was ashamed of what I was, in the presence of purity… The holy rosary brought me to the foot of the cross, where I confessed all and forgive all.. Now I am celibate and sober and fighting the good fight… I want everyone to feel what I felt.. I promise you! It’s an amazing grace..
    Just put your heart and soul on the alter of mercy before our (Lord Jesus Christ) if you are true in heart he will hear your cries…

    Once I was poor in heart, all the riches in the world could not change that..
    Only Jesus Christ can change you… Mighty in works and deed, his mercy is a fountain of pure love.
    When he touches your heart it will hit you like a tornado with a love so fine and pure..
    You will cry a river of tears of joy… Believe! It happened to me!! But I had to go through a lot of pain and torment…
    “Hope in Christ ” never give in, never give up.. When everyone else doubts you. Hold fast to Jesus Christ he will never leave you..
    Trust in him, these are not just words they are true..
    He is my best friend and brother! I have no other!
    I know the glory of Jesus, he knows each and everyone of us.. Run to him and he will cleanse you of your sin..
    I pity those poor in heart and spirit..
    Jesus is the vine, we are the branches, God is the vine dresser prunes and cuts off the branches that do not produce good fruit..
    All glory is the fathers in heaven!

    • You are richer than all the billionaires of this realm who suppose themselves to be wealthy.

      What you have is beyond price.

      God bless you and keep you, and hold you in the palm of His hand always. 🙏

    • riverhope99, “This was in 2019 with my encounter with the “blessed virgin Mary.”

      Interesting, how did you have an encounter with a dead woman who is still in her grave awaiting the resurrection!?

  6. What’s with the 666 hand signs from truss and that twat Scofield, by the way how old was that lad he left his wife for when they met ???

    • Matthew McGreevy was 10 when they met. How sweet to take him under his wing! 🤮

  7. Paracitic members of Parliament all turn my stomach and feel sure many people are realising they are all puppets.

    Believe Boris in his parting speech also spoke about strengthening the Union. That tells me it’s the opposite and the Union is under threat. Good job I say as if the Acts of Union between Scotland and England are made null and void ( not repealed) it could be the best move for either Country. Certainly England.

    • ..endgame: to divide & rule.
      “Communism always fell on the rock of England”. Marx.
      “It was fated that England should be the first of a series of Revolutions, which is not yet finished.”
      — Isaac Disraeli, father of Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister on bringing in communism

      And a mention in yesterday’s media about devolved Humberside.
      And not to forget the city *regional* mayors of London, Bristol, Manchester with more *devolved* powers (but no authority) – who report direct to the UN’s green agenda. … Recall the April 2020 rollout on steroids of councils’ convid/sustainable/speed limit/road lanes blocked with plant troughs & cafe tables. None of this came direct from central govt, but was rubber stamped from the UN – likely buried in the agreement signed by Mrs May just before she left office re the Zero Carbon by 2050.
      … The same Maybot who signed the Marrakech agreement in Dec 2018 to take the hinges off the UK’s back door to Africa++, while spouting ad nauseum that for Brexit (migration) “no deal is better than a bad deal”.
      Fussing with the blinds at the front window while the rear wall gets wrecking balled.
      And she a vicar’s daughter. Lol.

  8. Spot on Hugo!
    As you said Truss is not worth even a boo.
    They have a group of paid provocateurs working around Downing Street to provoke naive protesters to let go of their anger, some end up in a Police van while the provocateurs carry on business as usual.
    It’s a theater and they enjoy the play.

    All these “distastes” (plagues): COVID, Ukraine, petrol, electricity, gas is all to force people to use their savings so the money changers have enough money circulation going on before the Great Crash I believe.

    on Telegram I am also being asked by some bots I think if I know about the event. It looks generic not genuine so why would the Intelligence point to that or ask people to express their opinions about something being that is about to happen? It could be they just use the opportunity to research the opposition that happens to use this controlled platform.

    Russell Brand is promoting “Don’t Pay” on 1st of October action.
    It looks like these pawns of Rothschild orchestrate new actions naive people will happily participate in (who wouldn’t? they put most of the people against the wall, right?) to forget that they are sick and dying of the poison vax.

    Exactly I don’t know anyone who won the prize. I only heard some stories of people’s life being destroyed by big money prizes because they spent everything on alcohol, hookers and died in a car crash in a luxury car. It could also be that these were made up so people accept poverty better.

  9. I have said it many times on here,
    We are pheasants .
    Always have been to the royals/wealthy/elite.

    It’s not going to change
    This hole last 3 years, has been coming for years .
    All planned .
    all that was needed in between
    was the common man/woman to earn them enough money to finally do what is happening now.

    Hold strong &
    Love the people
    who really love you
    And let this Shit Show just carry on
    because it’s not going to change .

    Only We can do that, by not allowing this Insanity to crash us mentally and in spirit

    Have great evening all
    And thank you Hugo great video.

  10. Truss has got her purple dress on then, showing her allegiance to her masters. Gawd those twats schofield & willobooby …puke. All the world’s a stage

  11. I see the Health Secretary is anything but.
    Just like other nations in the West.
    Inverted and clearly laughing at the populace.

  12. I have a pay as you go meter. I spend £2 a day on electric and less on gas and it’s a three bedroom decent sized semi

  13. Looks like the sudden heart attack propaganda has started again. Just watched Coronation street where a supposedly health footballer suddenly suffered a Cardiac arrest. Is this the preparation to normalise sudden deaths over the coming winter?

    • Predictive programming galore! Also on the subject of tv, Peppa Pig, aimed at pre-schoolers, had its first same-sex couple featured this week, Penny polar bear has two mummies!

  14. In some countries, Unkown Deaths are higher than Heart attack and Stroke together, no idea why ofcourse.

    Reckon Liz will save the day, so the energy prices where never going to be that high anyway, all just fear and lies as always.

    Something BIG is coming in October, could be Marburg that’s gone dead for ages, expected April area, or Fake UFO’s lots of chatter there or WW3/

    Fun Times, Stay Frosty people!!

  15. Truss is schooled by the WEF. Says it all really !!!

    I’ll try and add a link to an insightful hour long documentary titled ‘Monopoly’. It simplifies the trap we live in and how easy it is to be screwed over by ‘The System!’ If I can’t get it to paste here go to

  16. I come across this man, he seems to be shadow banned on YT as Hugo.
    He actually says his story he moved from urban farming to countryside, he also does not waste too much time on government and news which is positive.

    UK is different than Canada and there is no cheap land in here but it’s good to listen to this man because he lays world, 21/30 Agenda stuff in a clear way. I hear strong conviction in that man not just doom and gloom prepper marketing.

    • I cannot agree more with this man but I also don’t accept people who give up on the civilization. I agree that the GOV, central banking, corporations, Big Pharma, Big Tech, MSM all are fucked but these traitors can be rounded up and sentences to death according to their crimes.
      That is why this off-grid life can look impressive but at the same time looks a bit too good to be true especially in UK where population is high and proper off-grid is possible maybe in high Welsh or Scottish mountains definitely not in England.


  17. Did yiu hear about the Comrades marathon in Durban, South Africa? In the entire history of the race up to 2022 there have been 8 deaths.

    This year 84 people were admitted to hospital, 3 dead, 2 critical, 7 in ICU (reports vary in time but that’s the gist of it).

    Nothing to see here, it’s a coincidence, we don’t know what caused it but they probably drunk an energy drink, did some gardening, or inhaled some climate change.

    But it definitely wasn’t the jab.

    • I have been told that around a hundred people were taken to hospital at this year’s London marathon, normally only a few are un well in normal times.

    • Exactly
      Good comment

      Anyone with no brain cell…
      Do not believe what is actually the truth , SMH!

      84 that’s a lot ain’t it

      • I knew at least two had died, one an experienced ultra-runner. 8 deaths in 101 years of its history then…nowadays expect 3+ in one race! It’s ok this is fine, Coronation Street says so!

      • Hahaha Gina
        I was just about log off so glad I hadn’t ..
        O that’s funny ,
        Your so right tho
        If Corrie says it’s cool.. then who am I to argue lol

        Have great evening Gina

  18. Nice catch with the reporter name. “Chris” also being a fractured christ. Those coprophilic inbreds absolutely love to mock the cattle with names as well as numbers. Phil my can (petrol) , no vax joke covid, BJ, “Johnson”, Caressing a Dick, Hancock, the list goes on. Lizzy Truss? 🤔 Truly lies?, also sluts is there (anagram). Its fun for the first five minutes then you realise you have a life to attend to. I commend Hugo’s efforts because you would be there forever pointing out all their crap which must take its toll after a while. It’s also quite a clever way of having a never ending source of content, because their antics never end. Eternal! . I concur with “Do not engage!” I didn’t even know “we” had a new “pm” until watching this video 🤣 🤷‍♂️. Winning

    • Lel

      Thank you for making me smile with the names lol

      Good comment
      Have good day

  19. I’ve won something by ringing in to a Talk Radio show, back in the 90s. £250 of book vouchers. Woohoo! So it does happen. Also got to chat to Tommy Boyd live on air, once about cannibalism, and again about the Church of Satan. Those were the days…

  20. Another informative video Hugo thank goodness the pantomime over the whole summer of the so-called leaders race is over trust honestly my new name for her is least trust again the purple dress she is showing her hand I’m sure she is part of the WEF is young leaders scheme is she not also immolation to the heart attacks and the sudden deaths yes the propaganda on Coronation Street they definitely trying to show people what’s going to happen over the next few months never watched this morning it’s an absolute joke but people still am watching and going along with all the shoes you can’t tell them any differently don’t want to listen to the truth, Laura

  21. I didn’t see that episode of This Morning but if the guy has pre pay meters he won’t need his energy bills payed for as there won’t be any. I know as that’s what I’ve got. This morning clearly didn’t pick up on that.

    • Pre-payment meters are billed though. (top-ups are supposed to cover the bill) That is where ‘Mr Money Saving Expert’ got it all wrong.

      • Yes Sarah
        Estimated at our expense

        They estimate Everything we do!

        Shame they not fooling anyone around here
        Thank goodness

        Have nice weekend

    • Exactly Jon

      All a load of propaganda
      vileness ..
      For M-media to enjoy
      continuing ..
      Insulting the
      ‘common people’ as we are all classed as.


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