Ireland 🇮🇪 Pronoun Court Case / Hugo Talks

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38 Comments on “Ireland 🇮🇪 Pronoun Court Case / Hugo Talks

  1. The problem is, the more this propaganda is pushed, the more brainwashed kids will feel emboldened to use their own pronouns… Have you seen the most ridiculous ones who wish to identify as cats or birds…?! Absolutely ludicrous!!

    • I saw one with a transgender thing and their pronouns were frog. Honestly, it’s fucking nuts we put up with it.

    • @Al Isaiah 3:12 (MCV) As for my people, children are their oppressors (infantile Cultural Marxists), and women (Marxist feminists) rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

  2. You got it right Hugo. Pronoun nonsense only exists in courts or on MSM. Disregard the insanity.

    • This branch of the Burke family are from County Mayo which is in the province of Connaught, not Ulster. Mayo is in the Republic of Ireland, not the North.

      • @Not Amused, Northern and Southern Ireland are artificial man made constructs, with Southern Ireland being a recent invention (1920s). However, Southern Ireland is predominantly the Tribe of Dan, and mostly Roman Catholic, with the Tribe of Judah being predominantly Northern Ireland and mostly Protestant. As an example, and in contrast, my ex-wife’s family were Protestants (Judahites) from Southern Ireland, so you will find that members of each Tribe are spread all over Ireland and cannot be defined by modern boundaries.

    • The island is divided politically into the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, I do know that and I am familiar with the history of this island. We do not refer to the Republic as “Southern” Ireland anyway; it would be a misnomer for a start, seeing as County Donegal is the Northernmost county and yet is in the Republic. Neither is the political entity called Northern Ireland totally aligned with the ancient province of Ulster, as 2 other Ulster counties, Cavan and Monaghan, are also in the Republic of Ireland.
      Regarding the theory of the indigenous people of Europe being the descendants of Israelite tribes, I am aware some people believe this, but I do not so I will be neither discussing nor arguing the matter. Thank you.

      • @Not Amused, Politics is man made meaningless nonsense, and it changes nothing in terms of demographics and geographical locations of certain ethnic groups within Ireland. Ireland is part of the British Isles and has been politically a part of Britain for far longer than it’s been ‘separate’ or ‘independent’, which is really an illusion with Southern Ireland in the EUSSR.

    • Makes sense according to scripture. Where does Mary fit in please from Judah as Joseph was not the father of Jesus?

  3. I have got some pro nouns of my own to dish out if I ever bump into anyone who would like me to use them to communicate with them. But just like the other comments on here I’ve never come across anyone wanting me to use any. Shame.

  4. I believe that the most important questions we should be all be asking ourselves when looking at mainstream AND alternative media is –
    1. WHO is telling me this ?
    2. WHY are they telling me this ?
    3. Why are they telling me this NOW ?
    Excellent research Hugo!

  5. This is all to do with sociology and part of the priming for everyone. In the new world they want to create and the hierarchy constructed within it you will be labelled according to your status. For eg your social credit score of 4.7 out of 5 may be prime citizen. If you are a complete outsider you will be referred to as an animal or rodent. The great reset will also reset the labels human beings are referred to such as boy , girl , man , woman etc.

  6. Having lived in both England and Ireland, I would agree that the Irish people are not quite as irreligious as the English; most people still have their children Baptised, Confirmed, have their First Holy Communion and get married in church even if they aren’t regular Mass goers. Most funerals are church funerals and churches are packed out for them. However, it’s nowhere near as devout as it was just a few decades ago and I’d say it’s more culturally Catholic than genuinely Catholic these days. People are mostly “luke warm”.
    However, the main political parties and the MSMs are absolutely determined to drive the Catholic Faith out of public life altogether. Not other religions so much, mainly the Catholic Faith, as other denominations of Christianity are too small to have much effect on the Irish public’s consciousness in the Republic of Ireland. They’re always very careful about how they deal with Islam! I would go so far as to say they are ANTI-Catholic. The Burkes may be Protestants, but as the issues they are protesting about are also articles of the Catholic Faith, they are bound to draw publicity on themselves. I do think it’s possible they may be “controlled opposition” though. As you say Hugo, Enoch Burke could have stuck to his beliefs on biological sex without it going so far and he hasn’t been imprisoned for refusing to call a boy a girl, but for breaching the order to stay away from the school which would not have violated his religious beliefs at all. I’m all for standing up for the Faith but they do seem to enjoy stirring up controversy and courting publicity. Hmmmm!

  7. 25 years after it was first aired Father Ted gets a remake…
    “I hear you’re anti-postgenderist now Father….how did you get into that sort of thing…should we all be anti-postgenderist now….what’s the official line the Church is taking on this”

  8. Believe NOTHING, Question EVERYTHING.
    Looks like you’ve unearthed another gem there Hugo. You’re spot on with the persecution of Christians too. Keep up the good work.

  9. Loxism: the intense hatred of white people by jews. They make it very clear that they want literally destroy us.
    Maybe you make an article about it, Hugo. If you do you prove to be for real.

    • @Jerome, “A Jew will say he was beaten, but will never say for what.” — Russian proverb

      “The Jew cries out in pain, as he strikes you.” — Polish proverb

  10. Perhaps this is deliberate propaganda by the msm and controlling elites to promote liberalism and cause further division and loss of core values. Combine this with the “so called” current issues “plandemic, cost of living crisis, climate agenda, energy crisis, coming food shortages”. These will lead to civil unrest and break down of law and order. Maybe, there will be a call for return to old moral values….where the leader of a one world religion ( part of the New World Order) will be set up to assume that mantle. Remember the Hegelian dialectic. Ask yourselves which current religious leader can command an audience with all the world leaders…. no matter what their political persuasion.

    • Interestingly enough David I’m sourcing a book for a customer called “The One World Religion” by someone called Gary Kah, working at a secondhand bookstore called Tanglewood Books here in Vancouver, B.C. I’m briefly mentioning to this customer that he needs to look at Hugotalks channel as he very adeptly whittles down a lot of information into managable chunks. The previous post of Hugo’s that mentioned the Lucis trust highlights their candidate for the new messiah for this one world religion, a reincarnation of St Germaine. Check that one out if you haven’t already.

  11. Surely, teachers address pupils by their first names, so why their ‘pronouns’ need to be an issue?

  12. Lots of people working in the civil service now use pronouns at the end of their emails

  13. I saw one with a transgender thing and their pronouns were frog

  14. Hugo after the Christians, it is everyone else that will see the real antichrist for what he is and they will be living in hell on earth. But it will be too late for them.
    It’s at the door, and some people may have time now but it looks like many have been handed over,
    and they really need to worry.

  15. I agree Hugo, this reminds me of the story of the Irish Christian bakers a while ago who were persecuted for refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple!

    • Interesting… we had the exact same news story in California back in 2010. The news is nothing but psych warfare which they use same stories worldwide to control people with.,..

  16. Pronoun confusion is a deliberate and abusive communist tactic to keep people off balance. It plays on the natural fears of decent people who would not want to cause offence by calling a man a woman or a woman a man.

  17. All bullshit. I don’t believe the MSM’s lies. Whatever they say, assume the opposite, because inversion is what these scumbags deal in as their stock and trade. The other day, I saw evidence of MI5 posing as members of the general public when phoning up LBC’s James O’Brien

  18. I’ve just replied to someone on Youtube and if Hugo wouldn’t mind I thought I’d post this here as well. I think it relates to what most of us are thinking.

    Sassenach 1
    I believe that the most important questions we should be all be asking ourselves when looking at mainstream AND alternative media is –
    1. WHO is telling me this ?
    2. WHY are they telling me this ?
    3. Why are they telling me this NOW ?
    Excellent research Hugo!

    No point in anyone ‘asking themselves’ those questions. They need to ask someone who already KNOWS the answers. But unfortunately there aren’t so many of those around. And even if someone DID present them with the answers, it’s most likely they wouldn’t believe it anyway. Such is the depth of the mass deception.

    Sassenach 1
    It’s not about someone presenting you with the answers , it’s about doing your own research This is exactly what Hugo does in all of his videos. For example – 1. WHO is telling me this ? Do they have a conflict of interest? 2. WHY are they telling me this ? What are their possible motives? And 3. Why are they telling me NOW ? What could they possibly gain? Once you start researching more you can start to see patterns and things start to make much more sense in the bigger picture .

    @Sassenach 1 I know what you mean, it’s just a pity one has to spend so many years having to do the arduous and misleading research when those who already know the truth are aware that it’s not something they can convey over the proverbial cup of tea. You’ve chosen an appropriate name by the way. 👍

    Sassenach 1
    I agree that it can seem that way sometimes. The rules that I go by are trusting my gut instinct and looking around to see how this information relates to what I can see in the REAL world.The fear and confusion is very much part of the whole psychological game. Another thing I find that helps with other people is finding a piece of information that THEY can personally relate too …and that will be different for many family and friends. So for example a Government article might help an elderly relative ( think U K Column) question things more, whilst some of Hugos videos will appeal to someone younger. As I say it can appear that the truth isn’t getting out but believe me, MANY people are quietly questioning the narrative now, they just haven’t got to the stage of verbalising it yet. This whole thing is a game of perception.
    ‘ Power lies where men believe it lies.’ … and I don’t believe they are as powerful as they would like us to think !

  19. Basically it is an Irish arm of Intelligence.
    We think of Intelligence as some office building and secret agents and spies running around but in reality most of them are bored to death rich cocksuckers who don’t mind doing some acting between their gym and sauna. They were born to this and continue after their parents – the only thing they know is subversion.
    While we watch spy movies and think these people are special, selected because of their intelligence, skills and abilities but it’s quite opposite.

    Quite often they run similar agendas as independent families. Their bigger or smaller fingers are in the pie (money pile).

    If evangelical Christians that means those who critizeze the Catholic Church the most. Decentralized like the Joos so views of evangelical pastors same as rabbis can be 180 degree different.
    You mentioned all have biblical names, if all have Old Testament names e.g. Aaron, Jeremiah, Sarah, David, Daniel etc. 90% this family is a Jooish family.

    I would not be surprised if they use these Evangelical types or lone crazy Christians to carry out false flag events (e.g. some shootings) like they did decades ago e.g. fake assassination of John Lennon (a Joo).
    Read Miles W. Mathis for more details.

  20. The objective of this fake trial and fake imprisonment is to scare all the teachers not to try the same.
    I reckon that lady doctor in US named Gold (I reckon Jooish again?) that was recently put in jail is a similar con.
    It’s to scare all the doctors not to try to oppose the agenda.
    The Families have to clean up their ranks and make all people in line before things go South.
    They must run similar projects higher up (you won’t see them on TV or underground media) to vet their people as more and more get fed up.
    That is why ultimately the Joos want robots, drones and autonomous kill vehicles because these will not question their orders.

    They used the slaves to build their industries and palaces but since Amazon is close to replace people with robots they don’t need slaves anymore.
    As we speak at stores there is less and less people at the checkouts people use self-checkouts (should be called machine-checkouts or robot-checkouts). Me doing a self-checkout would be not to charge myself for the items and walk out the store. So what we do is not really a self-checkout (especially when a camera is recording your face).

  21. Hugo another great video just to say I’m a busy mum to 6 kids so sometimes I watch your videos when I see them on a daily basis or other times I do a few at a time this is a fourth video of watch today very informative and insightful all of the all of your videos are Jesus does see that people are persecuted in his name and I think that’s what’s happening and there is definitely an anti-Christian narrative out there the transnational gender narrative is huge and you can see how the trying to push it I think it’s important that everybody does their own research and general that you come to your own conclusion that way I agree my don’t normally tells me if something feels right or something is right and I go with that

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