Oxford Auto Fines Number Plate Traffic Filters #ANPR / Hugo Talks

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63 Comments on “Oxford Auto Fines Number Plate Traffic Filters #ANPR / Hugo Talks

  1. Do electric cars get an exemption?

    I mean, they are supposedly eco-friendly.

  2. Won’t be going there anyway. They hate the motorist . Woke beyond belief . I refuse to be treated like a criminal for buying a petrol car . Let them get on with it .. feel sorry for anyone who lives there ?

  3. They’ve been doing something similar in Oxford for years. I got fined quite a few years ago, for driving down a road which was allowed to half way, then apparently, magically not allowed for the other half! No barriers or anything obvious to tell you that you were not allowed to go beyond that certain point. As far as I was concerned, I was just following the traffic! Got fined anyway and I think the paperwork said I had gone through something like the “portal gate” (can’t remember exactly). I was outraged. You’ve got no chance in Oxford. Stupid bloody nonsense.

  4. So how are you meant to get to your job and perform onstage at the New theatre Oxford? I play all over the U.K. and have done for the past 20 years in the show called One Night Of Queen. So I guess that will be coming to an end shortly also? They’ve already stopped me touring with the guys in American and France now. Because I won’t take the jib jab. So I guess it is really time to think about plan B.


  5. Nice place Oxford. Won’t be visiting again,as a tourist. Good luck with the local economy if more tourists stay away. Time for people. to fight against these measures as we will all see these restrictions in all our towns and cities

  6. I got fined twice going to London for the protest congestion charge and eco charge ( some bs ) , they have cameras everywhere when will.ppl start fighting back and stop complying

  7. The Beast System continues to chip away at our freedoms while building bureaucracy to further suck the wealth from its people. I’m not a Yank but it seems reasonable to me to try such a program in a college city, especially one with the notoriety and prestige of Oxford. Besides, what better place to introduce such a program amongst a population with probably the highest ratio of eggheads and libtards in the nation? Thank you for your insight, Hugo, always sane and on point.

  8. They tried this in Warrington and called it central 6, there was a tremendous protest so they put it on hold, its all part of the great reset to get you out of your cars

  9. Operation Sea Lion was the name of the plan devised by the Nazi’s to invade Britain and there’s evidence to suggest that Oxford would have been their HQ so maybe that explains why the city escaped bombing during the war. Decades later the world is in a totalitarian grip squeezing the life out of it’s inhabitants one by one. Resist.

    • @HylasCryde, Thereby proving that there would have more freedom for the British people if Herr Hitler had won. What people forget with their Jew propagandised non-history is that 47 million French people came through WW2 virtually unscathed, until we and the yanks bombed and shelled the shit out of them in 1944.

      • Whatever freedoms you believe we may have gained it would have been short lived and ultimately we’d still find ourselves in the same position we are in today, under the rulership of a corrupt elite drawing up plans for world domination within a new world order. Satan rules this world and he hates mankind, there is only one outcome. Rev 19:11-16

      • @HylasCryde, 100% wrong. Herr Hitler had NO PLANS for world domination and he was driven into war by the real aggressors around him. Namely the Jewish controlled Poles, British, French, Soviet Russians and Americans. You need a REAL history lesson.

        “Hitler will have no war, but he will be forced into it, not this year but later…”

        — The Jew, Emil Ludwig Cohn in Les Annales, June, 1934 (also quoted in his book “The New Holy Alliance”).

        “The war now proposed (WW2) is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world.”

        — Brigadier General George Van Horn Mosely, The New York Tribune, 29th March 1939

        “When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this war (WW2) is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.”

        — The Sentinel of Chicago, Jewish Magazine, 8th October 1940

        “It wasn’t the political doctrine of Hitler that has hurled us into this war. The reason was the success of his increase in building a new economy. The roots of this war are envy, greed and fear.”

        — Major General J.F.C. Fuller, English historian.

        “It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted the war in 1939. It was desired and instigated exclusively by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish descent or worked for Jewish interests.”

        — Adolf Hitler

        “Germany does not want war. Hitler does not want war. He is a most remarkable personality, one of the greatest I have ever met in the whole of my life, and I have met some very great men.”

        — Lloyd George, former British Prime Minister, after visiting Hitler in Germany in 1936.

        FYI the ONLY nation with plans for world domination was Soviet Russia who were planning an invasion of Germany and Western Europe in 1940. Operation Barbarossa in 1941 was just a preempting of that planned invasion by Hitler.

  10. Parents with small children and bags of shopping absolutely love active travel especially in bad weather – but what do they matter?

  11. What an idiot, pre-programmed councillor that said:
    1) ‘Climate emergency’ and far worse
    2) 1 in 15 of our residents/citizens dies of pollution. NEVER seen polution as a cause of death on a certificate, what research, how did they die? asthma/COPD/fibrotic lung disease etc. Usual NWO pre-programmed consumable morons.

    p.s. 10 years ago I drove into Oxford on A40, after leaving M40 it goes on dual carriageway BUT 30mph. Got fined for 33MPH in 30 limit but was offered a ‘speeding drivers awareness course’ if I didn’t want 3 points on licence. Told them what I thought of 33mph as lethal on dual carriageway and never been back to Oxford since

    • I spotted the 1 in 15 nonsense as well. It’s like the country is being run by a handful of insane cults.

      • The followers are like ‘Moonies’ – but the hidden hands have deliberately planned everything that way.
        The hard bit is in determining which of them are, simply, brainwashed fools…and which of them have sold their souls in the hope of being ‘something’ in the new world order.

        Regardless, they will all find themselves to be, expendable, ‘Useful Idiots’, in the end.

  12. You know, I love driving and I think that driving is real personal freedom. We know what the future is and it doesn’t inc. Personal freedom. So no more private vehicles-just driverless uber vehicles. If we want the freedom of personal transport it will involve just bicycles that will require tax/insurance/ mot !!
    Personally despite the cost of driving my campervan i am desperately holding onto my wheels. Such freedom, and I’m willing to become impoverished just to keep my wheels. I know that sounds ridiculous but my van IS also a home on wheels. I think (they) know people will do anything to keep their vehicles and basically self impoverishment.
    All cities will have this clean air BS vehicle restrictions and then ALL towns, and at the same time fuel prices will keep rising !!! Only the rich will be able to have their own vehicles. The rich and the foolhardy (like me)

  13. I have been a resident living a various parts Oxfordshire since 1981. The City is really a no go for local residents and the council has been on a mission to make the city a tourist attraction cash cow and making it totally unfriendly to all local residents. They are building thousands of new homes surrounding Oxford but have they invested in the infrastructure… of course not!

    The reason for all the traffic jams is the constant roadworks by utility companies digging the roads up for the housing developments which the council don’t ever inspect and don’t make the developers accountable for their poor workmanship!

    The council have no morals and I’m sorry to say only interested making money for the council and themselves….. I have had 6 years of experience after they destroyed my road and drive will they reinstate to its original state as they promised to do all residents…

    I go to Reading, Newbury, Bristol in fact anywhere other Oxford city!!!

  14. Has anyone seen the film In Time? Like so many hollywood films, this isnt far off what the WEF have planned… Zoning the UK… and this is a means of doing it. I listened to a Davos conference recently which outlined plans for requiring digital access to all leisure facilities/events (almost complete once QR codes are the norm) and pumping money into leisure, ready for when international travel ends/becomes so expensive noone can afford it. Theyve got everything planned and are moving at a rate of knots. They also believe in euthanasia at 65…once we’re chipped, there’ll be the opportunity to end a persons life remotely, so we expire on a timer. 🙄

  15. Well, roads, pavements, street furniture, etc are paid for by local councils. Motorists pay a tax (VED) based on engine emissions. So anyone who pays council tax (including non-motorists) pays for the roads. It’s not just the private motorist who needs roads. BTW, speed cameras have been using ANPR for years. As for traffic filtering, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think the people talking in the video gave reasonable explanations as to why the scheme was being implemented. Private motorists seem to get very upset if they have to walk anywhere.

    • @JustAGuy, Private motorists are not private, they’re PUBLIC. They are registered keepers of vehicles, not owners of their cars, so they’re government treadmill slaves driving, that is, doing commerce with their REGISTERED VEHICLES which they gift to the government by and through registration.

      • Vehicle registration does not mean you gift your vehicle to the government.

      • Yup. Absolutely true. Another con to remove personal property and collect revenue from the serfs.

        @ JustAGuy – Then why are you registered as the ‘keeper’ rather than the ‘owner’? And, how come they can just confiscate your vehicle – eg clamps/towing/impounding?

        It’s called, ‘Legalese’, and it’s designed to trick you because you are, by nature, law-abiding. ‘Legal’ and ‘Lawful’ are two different things.

      • @JustAGuy Looks like your erroneous assertion has been roundly and LAWFULLY rebutted. LOL However I will restate what I said: Registration = gifting. Oh and that same rule applies to registration of live births – parents in their ignorance gift their offspring via the birth certificate to government.

    • @JustAGuy
      Sorry dude you are absolutely wrong, and thetruthnotdoctrine is absolutely correct, on this issue.

      I know this because my car has NEVER been registered and I have “traveled” in it for 18 years..no insurance, no taxes, no driving license, no tickets, just freedom to use MY PRIVATE PROPERTY as I see it!

      • All this proves is that you are driving illegally. Karma will be a bitch for you when it catches up.

      • This would only work just so long as you don’t get pulled over by the cops. Just having no insurance would mean that your PRIVATE PROPERTY would be towed away. You wouldn’t be the first person to get caught after many, many years, decades even of what you are doing. Good luck and long it continue.

      • @justaguy

        LOL, you go on being ignorant. I have not ONLY successfully tried it, for 18 years, But I have succeeded. Do you think the cops would have allowed me to go on my way if it was illegal? Right! Do you think I could “get away” with not have license plates on my car for 18 years!!

        wake up and learn something!

      • A quick search found this:

        Cops: 84-year-old man was driving without a license for 72 years
        British man didn’t have insurance either

        It turns out you can outrun the law, but only for 72 years.

        Police pulled over an 84-year-old driver in Bulwell, U.K., this week only to discover he didn’t have a valid license … ever.

        The retired man, who police said had trouble standing and hearing, admitted that he’d been driving without a license or insurance since he was 12 years old, SWNS reported.

        “Thankfully he had never had an accident, caused anyone an injury, and never made anyone lose out financially, by hitting them whilst uninsured!”

        Police did not release the man’s name or what penalties he was issued, but said his blue MINI had been spotted by a traffic camera that’s part of an expanding network, which identified it as being operated without proper documents.


      • Oh and let me add this important information for your understanding….. HE WHO OWES, CONTROLS! When you register your car, or your deed to your house through trust law you legally give ownership rights to the private company (State, county, etc) that you registered your property with. How do I know that? Well I also have never registered by deed to my house and I have never paid any property taxes on it? Do you think I just “got away with that” because they did not know?

        WAKE THE FCK UP and learn something before you deny something you know nothing about!

      • @Sarah

        MIght that man have been “driving” registered cars? I BET HE WAS! AND oh by the way a car that is registered new will ALWAYS belong to the entity that it was registered new to because the person who thinks he owns it only has equitable title to it and can ONLY pass on equitable title. So this man you report on absolutely was “driving” a car that had been registered at some point in its life.

        WAKE UP AND STUDY before showing your ignorance!

      • Forgive me but I am finding your tale increasingly hard to believe. But then again I took out a £10 million mortgage on a London property and haven’t paid a single penny. Do you know that under the Bill of Exchange Act 1862 once you take ‘possession’ of a ‘property’ the ‘lender’ has no claim on you. Similar to when renting a vehicle. You are under no obligation to return it. When take ‘possession’ the vehicle is yours and the rental firm by way of the said Act rescinds all ‘rights of claim’ automatically.

        Can I ask, do you have your own private land to drive around? No number plates? Do you get as far as the end of your street without being pulled over? Talk about attracting attention. Speaking of which I will wave to you if I ever see you out and about. I will know it is you because I have NEVER seen a vehicle on the roads without licence plates.

      • Seeker, exactly as I was saying, but not only do you escape property taxes you also escape mortgage payments.

      • Unless you built your own, have you? wouldn’t it be pretty much impossible to find a car that hadn’t been ‘registered’ * at some point *. The new car dealer is going to do this before a new car rolls off the lot.

      • OK, my bad! This guy was caught ‘driving a car’ not in the ‘course of his business’. That is what folks who are pulled over with no licence, insurance etc. should say to the cops: “I am in the course of my business”. “OK, on your way. Have a nice day”

      • @Sarah “Can I ask, do you have your own private land to drive around? No number plates? Do you get as far as the end of your street without being pulled over? “. Sarah you are again only showing your ignorance. First I am not in the UK so you will never see me on your roads. Second I dont know about the specific laws in the UK but where I live, the roads are PUBLIC and belong to the PUBLIC.

        Sarah “Unless you built your own, have you? wouldn’t it be pretty much impossible to find a car that hadn’t been ‘registered’ * at some point *. The new car dealer is going to do this before a new car rolls off the lot.”

        Of course I found a car that has never been registered that is why what I have done and am continuing to do is LEGAL! I bought the car brand new and have the MSO (Manufacture Statement of Origin) which is THE Title. I got that from the dealer because I knew the laws and was able to convince him that he had a duty and obligation to give it to me if I requested it. Problem is with sheep like you is you do not know the law and never ask for what you have a right to.

        So AGAIN I say shut the fck up until you study and learn something before you bash someone who KNOWS what they are talking about.

      • Why didn’t you say you weren’t in the UK in the first place? If you are talking about road traffic laws on this site is it not a reasonable assumption to make that we are talking about the UK and not some remote island, the Moon, another planet or some distant galaxy or wherever since you seem reluctant to give your precise location. It is not like laws don’t vary from country to country and even within the UK. What is your reluctance to say which country you are located in? Then we could confirm if what you are saying is true. Well, since I am in the UK, there is no way I will be following your ‘advice’ because I know full well what the consequences would be. Maybe you can get away with walking down the street brandishing a machine-gun wherever you are for all we know.

      • And talking about the UK. If I look around where I am I see many cars with great, big ugly yellow ‘DVLA’ wheel-clamps on them. How can the DVLA get away with this?

      • @Sarah “And talking about the UK. If I look around where I am I see many cars with great, big ugly yellow ‘DVLA’ wheel-clamps on them. How can the DVLA get away with this?”

        First I have NO duty or obligation to inform you where I live. Second, I does NOT matter where I live as ALL common law countries have similar laws! Therefore, what I have informed you of IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE in the UK as it is where I live (and no I do not live on the moon, that is NOT a rock, lol).

        And oh by the way, the DVLA CAN legally put wheel clamps ON THEIR PROPERTY. Do you not yet understand the simple FACT that when you register your property (yes including your children as thetruthnotdoctrine stated, the OWNERSHIP of that property is transferred to the registar. Why do you think they call attorneys attorneys? Do you even know what attorn means. Of course you do not because you are ignorant. I will save you having to look it up. Attorn means to turn property over to a new owner!!!!! That is EXACTLY what an attorneys job is.. to turn property over to a new owner.

        Study before you continue to babble on about stuff you have NO understanding of.

    • Oh my goodness! I’ve just read all the rest of the replies!

      Still…they go to show that there is a gulf of a difference between, what is, ‘Legal’ (maritime/merchant/corporate ‘Law’!, and what is, ‘Lawful’ (the law of the land). The problem is that very few people (or solicitors) know the difference.

      Judges do, though.

      So, if you find yourself up before the beak on some ‘legal’ transgression (which is always to do with the extraction of money), you will, likely, convict yourself – because you don’t comprehend the, ‘Legalese’. Which is, obviously, deliberate.

  16. Gates funded University and Masonry City, but to be honest the city has been pushing park and ride for 10 years plus when I used to travel there and all Councils do what they want without Consultation in my opinion.🤣

    • It’s also the home of eugenics – The Galton (cousin of Charles Darwin IIRC) Institute – which I believe is in the process of changing its name. I can’t think why…

  17. I had the misfortune to drive through Oxford while on holiday about ten years ago. I arrived home to a fine, I think it was 40.00 at the time. Apparantly I had crossed into the wrong lane. I saw another poor guy who accidently drove into a restricted street and pop up ramps wrecked his car, engine damage and airbags popped. The local council are evil personified. Needless to say I’ll never be going back there in a million years.

    • I live near to Oxford City. I drove two their car Park. I paid the parking fee then I paid for the bus into the city. I was not welcomed to shop in the City so the car Parking and the bus fare was a fine for the audacity to come into Oxford City! I shopped, thus serviced their shop and incidentally the shop rates! This is ignored and the truth is it is a scam to steal money from strangers who do not pay Rates to the Council! years ago all councils subsidised the Bus Companies 50% cost to keep their services running but through the years we find the subsidies are 100%. So I paid a bus fare to a company that accepts 100% from all rate payers in Britain. Britain is so full of lucrative scams that the Mafia cannot get a piece of the action! I now shop on the internet as much as possible!

      • @tamsthename, By shopping online and using big city high streets you’re just playing (((their))) game. Use shops in small towns as much as possible.

  18. Super-fit Scots doctor dies after having heart attack while swimming in loch

    Mike Wilson, 46, was training for a triathlon when he had a heart attack and died at Lochindorb in Grantown-on-Spey.

    • I’m in a triathlon club. We have around 110 members. So far from what I know we’ve had 1 heart attack, 1 stroke, 2 pericarditis and many suffering with so called long covid with debilitating fatigue. I keep trying to tell them it’s jab damage and they look at me all glassy eyed. They honestly have no idea of what’s going on in the world. All they talk about is their next race or their new bit of kit. Drives me nuts.

      • @Samantha Hergest, Some of my neighbours are experiencing breathlessness after light exertion (e.g. lawn mowing) and one or two with a persistent chest infection which they cannot shake off even with antibiotics. The coming winter is going to be a unpleasant time for some.

      • First of all, man’s body is not designed to run in an upright stance! Then the our diet are poisoned by BIG PHARMA. The Atmosphere, the Seas, the Waters, the Land are all poisoned by BIG PHARM’s products.There are no foodstuffs in any Supermarkets that are nutritionally acceptable. The Farmers have lost control of the Land and the products they grow. Supermarkets have stolen their farm products and also they have decided the price a farmer gets from his products. Just think, a pint of milk for 20pence then sold for £1.00? We accept to pay £ 5.00 upward for a pint of beer and grumble if the Farmer needs and wants a fair price for his effort! The universities accept huge grant from the BIG PHARMAs teach only the use of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, all BIG PHARMA’s products! If the bugs and snails won’t eat the farmers vegetables and fruits then hey should we. The rabbit, Deer, birds, Rats don’t eat this foodstufs then why should we? So mankind eats meal and goes to the Chemist for to cure, no not to cure but to continually ease the body of a small percentage of the resident poisons! This is a horror story that no-one is aware of until now! cancer tommy

    • The Comrades Marathon in South Africa on 28th August was a disaster too. Mzameleni Mthembu, 44, experienced ultra-runner, collapsed and died during the run. Phakamile Ntshiza, 47, collapsed and died during the run. A further 341 runners at the marathon received urgent medical assistance and 7 were admitted to I.C.U. A lot of those were likely heat exhaustion and the like but, what a disaster!

    • A Doctor of what? In the second World War when a navy ship was sunk in the Atlantic Seas the sailors had a 2 minute life span before the cold sea killed them. Other ships only picked up survivors that were in rafts!

  19. Another insightful video Hugo and love in the comments above very fiery today guys love and debates again are using a narrative this time the lovely climate change to trying to basically restrict people to do things you want to do i.e. driving and travel in about definitely think of a C use in Oxford as I am in initial base/experiment I will probably put it out to other cities at a later date

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