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  1. It is an image thing Hugo,my son was in a Metal Band but is not a Devil worshipper , in fact he is the opposite..😊

  2. I tattooed my spine some years ago with “Evil only triumphs if the good do nothing” to remind myself to stand up straight and meet it head on.
    I’m not sure all tattoos lead down a dark path, though who can say for sure in such strange times.

    • What good is it on your back? Not sure how much reminding that can accomplish.

      • By making a thought part of my body, it’s a physical as much as visual reminder esp since I can’t see it.

  3. God created us in His image because we are meant to be in a relationship with Him. It is impossible to be at peace unless we are reunited with Him through Jesus. Our spirit craves this fellowship and unity with our Creator and therefore suffers enormously until we repent and re-establish the connection with our Lord, hear His Word and live the life which He intended for us.

    • I know of no other way and the extreme anxiety brought on by the current corporate and government sanctioned and supported worldwide campaign of mass-murder has never made these words more clear. God bless you for such a concise and eloquent message.

  4. I’m glad that you took this road. One day you’ll reach many with your Christian way of thinking.
    God bless you and make his face shine upon you.

    • Leviticus 19:28 says, “You shall not make any gashes in your flesh for the dead or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”

      Agreed. Lucifer wants to pervert Gods creation. Vaccines corrupt your DNA, Transexualism perverts Gods creation. Tattoos corrupt the skin / body.

      Apparently tattoos were a pagan mourning practice.

      • Tattooing predates the mumbo jumbo by thousands of years. Otzi the iceman had tattoos and he won’t have been the first. This Leviticus nonsense smells like a way to control the masses. Just part of another psy op.

  5. Many people with one of several tattoo’s are dumb followers. Probably they are the ones who were/are social distancing, mask and vaccination fanatics.

    But more important, in the jew world order one of the seven noahide laws for NON JEWS is no idol worshipping. Besides jesus christ tattoo’s are forbidden. There is only one punishment for ‘breaking’ one of the seven laws and that is decaputation !!!!

    • What laws are these? When did Noah make 7 laws with God to *hide* behind .. (?) It was Moses who received the 10 Commandments from God in the Torah.
      Are these 7 *rainbow* colour rules from the Talmud that denies the Torah and Genesis and Creation as simply nice stories. … From which heavenly authority comes these 7 *laws* that hide within the US statute unknown to the majority of the people – and renewed by each US president since Jimmy Carter in 1978, celebrated as US ‘Education Day’ for the ‘Rebbe’.
      In a country whose Constitution specifically bans religious hegemony or partisanship.

      The US Constitution has no need of a religious agenda whose foreign roots are where it should remain.

    • I always thought David Beckham was the antichrist. He was the one that started the popular trend of biblical tattoos.
      I joke of course, think people are seriously over thinking this one tbh!

    • Jerome, how can you possibly tar everyone with the same brush? I have several tattoos that relate to my life thus far. I have been totally mask and jab free and have not allowed myself to be locked away frightened of a virus I have no fear of. I shall remain that way too. I am not a religious person although I believe I am spiritual and certainly an empath.

  6. I have serious stress yrs now and I was gonna get sone tattoos but decided not to plus having a chronic fear of needles doesn’t help but I did get my ears pierced when I was a little kid but I don’t ware earrings anymore but they’ll label anything & everything “ mental health bullshit “ especially in covi land seriously every single person on this planet has at sone point had stress from losing somebody they love to money worries marriage divorce illness etc etc etc so does that mean everybody is mentally I’ll no it doesn’t it’s just a bunch of idiots that do a survey which isn’t accurate bcoz to make it accurate you’d have to do the survey on absolutely everybody so that’s just not possible they use mental health bullshit to avoid bien held accountable for all the abuse bien done neglect etc etc etc so the mental health bullshit is exactly that bullshit everybody just tries the best they can coz that’s all you can do & yeah stress = illness I’m living proof av got the chest from hell yrs now stress is dangerous lethal and everybody has they’re own way of coping & dealing with it but lessons are never learned coz folk are too busy using folk to get money praying on vunrable people taking advantage for they’re own selfish needs all the while completely ignoring the cries & screams for help 24/7 but still parrot the same crap 24/7 it’s fucking txt book it’s a catch 22 vicious circle but that guy is gonna get singled out no matter what

  7. Although I got my ears pierced when I was 5 yrs old I will never get that done again never I still remember it hurt like fucking hell and after guy did first ear I was screaming and I didn’t want the other ear done but I did but av never forgot that bloody pain infact looking back now that was fucking – child – abuse that fucking pearceing gun was torture

  8. I’ve always thought of tattoos as a desecration of the body and I find tattoos on women even more distasteful than on men, probably because I once held women in high esteem before realizing that they are no better than me.

    As for the mental aspect of tattoos, I think narcissism is the primary motivation, which I realize flies in the face of a desecrating act against one’s body. However, I also believe that most extreme destructive behavior towards oneself and others involve the work of a demon or demons within.

  9. I’ve got 6 tattoos (or 7, depending on how you count them).

    I got them all when I was in my early 20s, because I thought they “looked cool.” And I was sailing around the world in the U.S. Navy at the time. Getting tattoos is “what sailors do.”

    Fast forward 15+ years to my completely unexpected and unmerited Christian conversion, when it was revealed to me that several of my tattoos were both demonically inspired and blasphemous.

    I also “learned” that most of what gets labeled as “mental illness” is actually spiritual in nature.

    And, that certain drugs (like cannabis) are powerful spiritual medicines (which is why our culture of death has long been so desperate to link cannabis with sin and sinful pursuits. Cannabis + deep prayer is a very different experience than Cannabis + gluttony and mindless entertainment).

    In hindsight, I think Hugo’s Nigerian friends were right about tattoos.

    I haven’t figured out what to do with the ones that I do have (leave them, cover them or try to remove them… The first two options seem like the better ones at the moment. I’m riding with option #1 as of now–it being the cheapest and most painless of the three. The tattoos can be used to evangelize.)

  10. Body modification is a stepping stone to accepting transhumanism, in my opinion. This applies to tattoos, piercings, plastic surgery, etc.

    We are made in God’s image.

  11. Yeah but Christianity was invented by people to unite the roman empire.. Its the worst most destructive religion that ever existed. Pagan tattoos go back further than the vikings.. That is our pagan heratige.

    • Christianity is the One True Religion. It is peak reason. Logos.

      In addition to tattooing, our “pagan heritage” also includes child sacrifice, witchcraft, orgies, fornication, idol worship, sodomy, euthanasia–basically all of the stuff that’s popular again now as the Christian era wanes and the world falls apart.

  12. Pretty! I’ve thought about having a tattoo more than once but I just know that within a month or two I’d be picking out faults in the design and be sick of the sight of it. I remember a guy I used to pass every morning outside Euston Station, he had a spiders web inked over his face, I can’t fathom why anyone would think that was a good idea but most likely drugs and alcohol had some sway over his decision making. At the other end of the scale I know a nurse who has a tiny dolphin tattooed on her right ankle but apart from not a blemish in sight. Each to their own I guess. Leviticus 19:28 forbids it also.

  13. Although narcissistic are seriously mentally I’ll on an absolutely huge scale 1 billion % truth fact

  14. If ever the elite could see how sheeplike the people had become then they only needed to look at how many people were willing to desecrate their own skin to be like everybody else. The people showed them they were ready to be herded.

    • Exactly, imagine what they thought when women started drawing those massive eyebrows on and then getting them tattooed. They were rubbing their hands together laughing that society was ready for take over!

      • Spot on. (Excuse the pun.) ..
        The UK race to the bottom is in freefall. On steroids over the last 10yrs. And people are trained to not want to see the wood for the trees. *Narrow minded* are ad hominems thrown around when they can’t see past the blinkered vision of a manufactured reality colliding with the real thing. The old adage still fits, despite the system’s last campaign against humanity: ‘plus ca change, plus ca meme chose’.

        A few decades ago, when this country had a future and inherent sense of self, people dressed to impress ‘booted & suited’: hospital clinical staff wore proper fitted clothing; not slopping about in baggy PJs and plastic crocks, filling comfortably into the oversized sacks and laid back with the Netflix sofa life – encouraged to do so.
        … A ward sister from 1970 wouldn’t believe the *progress* gained – with that male nurse who a year or so before convid and *identifying* as female appeared at the couch ready to perform a gynae exam on a patient who had specifically requested a female nurse. The rejection by the patient led to a hospital apology for hurt feelings to the hairy knuckled nurse. Nowt for that so closed-minded (and legged) patient.

        Mixed up people, confused, can’t see beyond the *influencers* and *idols* on the black mirrors talking at them from the living room wall – sinisterly put together by those controlling the destruction agenda.
        The last two years are the cherry on their self- congradulatory cake.
        If we can see this, it’s there for others to wake up, fast.

    • Oh ffs, what a total load of bollocks. Think I have finally heard everything now!

  15. Funny you’ve mentioned tattoos. More than ten years ago NHS management in a setting I work for, issued a policy: no tattos, no obscure hair colours etc…
    It was then, this is now: the rule of thumb is that male and female staff are tattooed and have multiple piercing, women/girls sport fancy fake eye lashes and injected lips like ‘never enough’. Obscure hair colours are actually not that dominant, but fleeces with rainbow motif on the night shifts are.
    Having been widowed and looking for relationship I told my female friend what I am not looking for in a potential candidate. Namely no debts, no tobacco/ marijuana smoking habit, no excessive drinking habit and strictly no tattoos as they churn my stomach. Basically traditionalism regarding appearance. This, to start with, defines for me a foundation for a good marriage/ relationship I was once in. Years ago in summer I wanted to have a temporary tattoo, but I was also undecisive what I wanted to have and ended up without having any. Regular tattoos churn my stomach probably because I see so many of them on staff an the patients. After I finished my ‘wish list’ for a partner, my friend rolled her eyes and I understood that likelihood that I find someone I am looking for is very low ;).

  16. tattoos and being humble which god honors are polar opposites. if you are truley humble you wouldnt get tattoos as most tattooed people are proud and want to stand out from the crowd but these days not many people dont have tattoos so better not to get them and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

    • Does that include tattoos that are generally concealed? Not everyone with a few tattoos have full sleeves. The vast majority don’t have facial tattoos. It’s a personal choice and nothing to do with standing out from the crowd. I am an introvert yet have a few discreet tats!

  17. I usally don’t think the case of demons but from a piece of indefinable emptiness that couverts into something concrete ( a death, broken relation) problem is if you get stronger psychologicall, the tattoo stays; maybe you have Than another piece of emptiness

  18. Mental illness was heritary in my case as I was born with ‘sleep apnea’ … Which meant that I could not sleep throughout my life until I realised what the problem was at the age of 50 and managed to have an operation to correct it. Common symptoms were stress, anxiety and being irritable…. With constant migraine

  19. I think tattoos are a sign of mental illness (personality disorders) along with piercings, oddly coloured (bright) hair, outrageous makeup, clothing, etc.

    I think it’s one of 2 things, the person wanting to “stand out” to get more attention, or being unhappy with who they are and believing if they can look different they become different.

    I think in women it’s more related to Borderline Personality Disorder, the chronic feelings of emptiness being a classic symptom and matching with trying to “change” yourself into something different (could also apply to trans nutters, etc) or get more attention (like trans nutters, etc).

    • Ffs, lol.
      I can’t believe anyone in this day and age could be so narrow minded!

      • You are the narrow minded one here. What is illogical about linking tattoos and eg blue hair to attention seeking behaviour? Nothing. Nor is referring to any of myriad fads installed by the cabal eg the androgyne agenda and those who have fallen victim. Go and get your booster shot

    • And you come across as a ‘Fully Rounded Person’ !
      Well done!

  20. Most mental illness is caused by inflammation of the brain, either by a brain injury or gut health. People think the mental health issues are hereditary but its the issue with gut problems which cause leaky gut, wrong things get absorbed which in turn causes inflammation around the body.

    • Hi Jane , this is very interesting. Do you know of any links , articles or books that I could read up on this ?

      • Look up y t videos: Dr Berg leaky gut, Dr Berg gut health, Dr Berg Kefir, Dr Berg Fremented veggies and yt videos: Eric Bakker naturopath gut health, Kefir, fremented veggies.

        To heal your gut which heals your body & mind….drink goat kefir (found at Trader Joes $4 or health food store near the yogurt/cheese section) or milk/coconut/water kefir. The goat kefir is suppose to be the best it taste just like goat cheese. If you live by goat/sheep farmers you can most likely buy it from them.

        Eric Bakker naturopath is a gut expert his videos are all excellent. Most people surffer from candida overgrowth he has good vids on this as well.

        you can make your own homemade sauerkraut, fremented veggies (both made only with salt & water) and kefir see yt ch Mary’s nest she is very good vids. This is easy to make.

    • Thats interesting. I was diagnosed with leaky gut and depression a few years ago. It took a year to heal with a strict diet and colonics. The depression lifted with meditation but could well have been the result of healing the gut.

  21. Good for you Hugo. Those Nigerians must have prayed for you then and we pray for you now every day. Blessings to you and love from us both Gary and Kaye

  22. Yes Leviticus forbids tattoos, but I read a book by a ministry in the US dedicated to getting people out of satanism/witchcraft. In it it mentions that a lot of tattooist are satanist and curse the needles to get demons into people, I’m not sure as I’ve no experience of those things. But locically thinking, if it’s forbidden then the devil wants us to do it and rebel against God who seeks to protect us from those things that allow demons into our lives!?

    But salvation is available to even the most tattoo’d person in the UK….call on the name of Jesus now, repent and believe what He did on the cross for you. He paid the price for all of your sins, and whoever repenst and calls on the name of the Lord, will be saved.

  23. Maybe the media are trying to draw attention to tattoo’s because they plan on inking the whole population when they force the mark of the beast on everyone. But first they need to normalise them

  24. Maybe the media are trying to draw attention to tattoo’s because they plan on inking the whole population when they introduce the mark of the beast to everyone. But first they need to normalise them. Perhaps a barcode or QR code on the forehead or wrist?

  25. Let ‘US’ go down and create man in ‘OUR’ own image.
    Abrahamic idiots.

  26. Police men and women that sport a sleeve of tatoos is potentially intimidating, especially in the summer when they wear short sleeves. Surely there should be a dress code for officers . They look ridiculous to me however. They do not inspire confidence.

    • Gang members are supposed to be intimidating. It’s not about bobbies and peelers any more

  27. I can’t stand attending a wedding where the bride and her bridesmaids have their beautiful dresses on, perfect makeup and gorgeous hairstyles only to have all these hideous tattoos showing. It really repulses me and is so distracting from the wedding ceremony. All I do the whole time is think to myself how awful they look as they are standing up front.

    • Haha, sorry. That reminds me of a wedding my relative went to.
      “There were more tattoo’s than teeth.”

  28. Check out “The Lizard Man” or “The Enigma”… Both are “performance artists” and have their entire body tattooed along with implants and other body modifications. They look pretty demonic, but are quite intelligent. Listen to their reasoning and explanations for their body altering behaviors. (Fame, Attention, Addiction, Pushing Boundaries.) Easy to find on YT. I personally wouldn’t see their show…

    Then again we have countless individuals addicted to plastic surgeries, and even tattoo’s seem to be “addictive.”
    People get one, and then another… The days of barbed wire arm-bands are gone!
    Tattoo’s are very popular where I live. Oriental/Hindu/Gaia tattoo’s are popular. (Dragons, Tigers, [Flames] Ohm, Shiva, Elephants, “The Flower of Life”, Gaia symbols, Rainbow symbols of all kinds.)
    I see them on aged 30+ people mostly.
    There may be a pain factor that some people find addictive as well.

    Admittedly I have a tattoo. From my youth. A “stick and poke” … I did it myself, with 2 sewing needles/thread banded to a rod. Dipped in tattoo ink. Then tapped into my leg. Are you tough? Don’t do it! Leviticus 19:28 If I could I would remove it.

  29. There is no one ever with a tatoo that won’t look at it one day and think, ‘I wish I had n’t done that.

    • How can you be so ‘stupidly’ sure? “there is no one ever”,,,,,,,,,,,??????

  30. I laughed so much the other day when I saw a report that much of the ink used is carcinogenic. Evolution at work and yet another self inflicted poison applied by needles.

  31. Its a swipe at creation. He he’s trying to compensate for his out of shape physique. He would’ve been better off cultivating his mind and body and spirit
    Is that a typo Hugo? Twattoo

  32. women no no, men look beautiful in my opinion with some tattoos. but this, it seems to me, is some form of standing out from the crowd in THEIR opinion

  33. I wonder if he has a snakes head on the end of his cock and his balls covered in ink. First class fucking twat.

  34. Lol …divide them and rule them in their ignorance . The essence of the beating heart and mother earth are godly . The body is sinful and satanic . Each and every one of us has that darkness within , not me I hear you shut ! , well analysis those emotions that rot your throat … spirituality is the only way out .

    • Why don’t you analyse the fake guilt you have been programmed to harbour for merely existing?

  35. I have tattoo’s I got them when I was younger football team the cross my dogs 2 black pamther cat when it was popular to have them mainly of my dogs

  36. We should frame him and hang it on a wall, just like art should be seen…

  37. I’ve noticed this too. It almost seems like the majority have tattoos now especially in 20 to 50 age group. I see it as a clear sign/symptom of the occult beliefs being promoted and becoming more prevalent in the world, along with a focus on glorifying ‘self’ and individual expression over submitting to God’s will. Hence the occult flavour of many of the images. They give away the underlying spiritual beliefs of the bearer even if the original draw was simply that they appeared cool, arty, and fashionable. There is quite a lot of ‘do as though wilt’ about it.

  38. In the past I would see most tattoos as a sign of individualism and expression of their personality.
    Probably most would regret the decision as maturity changes your world view.

    (Side note, which is why I believe the education system now require kids to stay in the liberal schooling system untill 18. You forment your political views in early adulthood for next decade of two as you mix with adults who share views around.
    Don’t want those kids listening to too many wrong thinkers at a place of work. Best to keep the indoctrination in a controlled environment.)

    Recent years I would suggest that tattoos are a sign of conformity and social acceptance amongst their peer groups. Especially women as they are more sociable conformists, community builders if you like.
    Men folk have alas become effeminate and suffer acceptance issues.
    Ironically, majority of people getting tattoos nowadays feel it’s their individualism, yet so many tattoos are of generic design.

    For me it’s a self abuse and sign they are not content with themselves. (I’m not saying all )
    If they are not content then they can go extreme and make themselves seem edgy and out there.
    A bit of a cringe one ! Anal sex was brought into acceptance between heterosexual partners and talked about even encouraged between peer groups as a quest of sexual experience. The same time , LGBT and shortly after child trans movements were being positioned into ever aspect of life. Coincidence?
    Maybe a encouraged, unnatural progression to acceptance of those groups, can’t criticize something you have done.
    I accept that nature throws out a very small minority of sexual deviations but today with have a epidemic of deviants. Why ?
    I feel they receive a protective status and gives them an untouchable position, soaring them high in the social spectrum.
    Modern individualism is ironically ironic.

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