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UK Govt NOW DON’T Recommend Jabs For Pregnant Women / Hugo Talks



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  1. You go I’m not surprised by their sneaky underhand tactics honestly as long as we just don’t comply and don’t get a smart meter will be fine

  2. I saw a video on the other day that stated that the Yellow card stats were being binned because they did not give suitable information??

    • Well I suppose it’s not suitable for their agenda if the millions of harms and deaths attributed to the jibbies are displayed somewhere.

    • Yes, it wasn’t fit for purpose and they admitted they knew before the jab was rolled out.

    • @Shane – oh, you mean UK Column are binning their own Yellow Card summary on their website?

      • No the UK government have binned their data because it wasn’t showing what they wanted, it actually shows that not a single person on the planet should EVER take the covid jabs as it will kill them sooner or later. Anyone who has taken even a single dose is on borrowed time, you have at most 5 years left to live.

      • @robertalderson2 – in that case I stand by my first comment : I suppose it’s not suitable for their agenda if the millions of harms and thiusands of deaths attributed to the jibbies are displayed somewhere. MSM never referred to it anyway, it was ignored.

  3. Hi Hugo it’s Laura again sorry I put that last coming up by mistake put it under the wrong video comment section also to the person above yes I believe in relation to the UK column yellow card data they’ve actually instead of putting out the figures weekly that I’m moving them to monthly thanks for the video Hugo

  4. OMG..Some serious crimes against humanity .. A f year too late you b studs

    • Crimes that the perpetrators think will go unpunished…. they’re in for a huge shock.

      • One of our neighbours is a nurse at the local hospital. She used to go to work and come home in her uniform, but not any more. They have probably been told to keep a low profile. She can see my poster in our window with the number of deaths to date. Seems to be more people studying it lately.

  5. That Campbell shill is not a doc..He was a nurse

    • An extremely well qualified one though it has to be said which makes it so hard to stomach considering the amount of pro jab material he churned out. Recently his videos are questioning the whole shabang and YouTube have taken down material that dosen’t fit the government narrative. All a bit too late for those dead, dying or maimed though.

  6. It’s all just so pathetically transparent – how can anyone believe anything the government and doctors tell us???

  7. So often the case. The conspiracy theorists turn out to be closer to the real world than the ‘experts’ and ‘the science’. Cheers Hugo💉💔

  8. Absolutely NOBODY should take this toxic muck, not just pregnant women!!!! I’m ignoring all of this, and if any of my friends start rabbiting on about convid, then I just have to change the subject or walk away from them. I had a very awkward conversation with one of my church friends on Sunday morning, just awful.

    • I don’t know what the conversation was, but if they believe this stuff then i am guessing that they are not saved.
      If they had the poison then they have blood on their hands due to the MRC 5 cell culture.

    • Do what you have to to stay sane, Carolyn. Although if anyone brings it up with me I will feel compelled to calmly but firmly call it what it is : negligence and murder. On the bright side the news might make more people realise they’ve been conned and treated like guinea pigs.

    • Carolyn….Hold the line!!!…a rough winter ahead….best wishes….

      • Triple darted and boostered = Immune System heavily compromised (destroyed) + Fake Fuel Price Hikes to create fuel poverty = Mass deaths over the winter plus they are dismantling the farming industry and food system – anybody would that think they are expecting a worldwide mass depopulation event, so much food will not be needed with so very many less mouths to feed.

    • My congregation is the same unfortunately. SPI-B’s influence on the, gullible and closed minded has caused a lot of division and heartbreak. It appears that some people are just too stubborn and proud to ever backtrack on their belief that they are in the right. They’d much rather die and take others down with them instead.

    • A young lad serving me in Lidl asked me what my Stand in the Park badge was. I said ‘It’s against the jab, the Kill Shot’. ‘Oh’ was all he said, but I hope he gave it some thought.

    • I knew this at the beginning. I told my brothers and sisters not to get jabbed, and that they’re lying to you.. They looked at me as if i were the mad one.. You see! I had my awakening in 2019. Jesus Christ is the truth, life and the way.

      It is the poison from hell!! People do not understand how evil these people in power are, we’ve been living in a matrix for a long time (wolves in sheep’s clothing). They hate” Jesus Christ”
      We are ruled by foreigners, all done deliberate (puppets) of the masonic Jewish cabala bankers who rule over us,
      Heirarchy of the churches has been infiltrated by the demonic especially the Catholic Church, (Vatican) this is happening in every nation in the world… People are dying. To usher in the NWO (communism) for the world, under the guise of health.. Then they will implement a new world religion (chrislam).
      The bible will be banned..
      A church in my city took out the pews and the centre focal point, cross of Jesus gone.. My soul was screaming no! No! This is an abomination.. Then I saw a young women dressed as a priest, .. Modernism is from hell! To destroy tradition! Leading the people astray..
      Last days are here and the chastisements are happening. The signs are everywhere. Gospels of christ need to be in all hearts.. So people can see the abominations taking place under our noses..
      The bible is the food of life in these times..
      People who don’t know the gospels will be easily lead astray.. By the demons!
      Never be afraid, put all you faith in Jesus christ he will deliver you.. But your faith will be tested by many false Christ’s and doctrines…
      See that you do not go astray in these wicked times… We forgot God and the commandments at our own peril… For so long people thought they were their own masters and could do what they liked? This is a lie from the Liberal, leftist freaks, when you tolerate everything you believe in nothing… As the devil likes it! So many liars and deceivers abound..
      “Woe to you who call evil, good and good, evil. Bitter for sweet, people have lost their anchor in God almighty! So many drifting on the sea of lies..

      ” If you abide in my word, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”
      There is only one name given under heaven by which we must be saved, the name above every other name..
      Jesus christ is that name!
      God bless!
      Christ is king!

    • Just ask your reticent ‘friends’ what do they Not Get, about a minimum 98% recovery rate, for a cov/flu/cold type, like illness ?
      If they can’t face the prospect of a 2% chance of catching something, then they need to lock themselves in a hermetically sealed room!

  9. So Let me get this straight, the data was manipulated before when were lied to but now this data is good data? It seems like we haven’t learned their game yet. they manipulate data on both sides it’s most likely not the shots whatsoever that are causing this it would probably be the same numbers if you removed the shots it’s something else and they are just dividing everyone those things are most likely not even dangerous and are most likely sailine.But as soon as the human mind thinks that it’s dangerous it becomes dangerous so now you will probably see worried sick mothers2be. They know what they are doing. We are the fools!

  10. Their logic is shocking. “These judgements reflect the absence of data at this time”. So it stands to reason that their “data” to make judgements with over a year ago was even less – so why hand out jabs like sweeties to EVERYBODY when you know nothing about the possible harms and consequences?? Talk about negligence! Or as many of us call it, murder!
    I hope this helps people see they’ve been had, good and proper!

    • I asked a Dutch friend over a year ago…was it true thousands of Healthcare workers and Nurses REFUSED to comply with the mandating….they said…..”NOT ENOUGH DATA ..the risks to the unborn and Mother”……quite shocking the coersive tactics….

  11. I went to see my consultant a few weeks back and they questioned me as to why I didn’t have the poison! I will be showing her this when I next see her

  12. Too right dear GinaW! I have to say that I’m absolutely dreading the autumn, when the jabbing campaign will be so awful and aggressive. My goodness I always thought the flu jab campaign was ridiculously aggressive, but this convid thing is even worse!! I will, however, stick to my guns, and carry on as I’ve always done, focussing on healthy lifestyle and diet, and ignoring all the ghastly jabbing shit. If there’s another lockdown, I will simply ignore it and go outside as I always do!! I’m continuing to be a rebel, and I shall stay that way, no matter what anybody says!! Also I will take cod liver oil capsules daily during the autumn and winter to boost my immune system. Yes I’ve had major surgery this year, but that changes absolutely nothing in my book. Apparently Moderna are now suing Pfizer for stealing their idea!! Honestly you couldn’t make this shit up!!! All anyone needs to do at this time of year is just be sensible about their health and take good care of themselves with a healthy lifestyle and diet, and as we all know here, nobody on this planet needs those lethal, toxic jabs! If I get anything in the post or a text message, then it will all be dealt with appropriately. We’ve all got to stand real firm and stop these extremists from destroying us.

  13. Don’t worry dear Ericka, I will!! I’m scared shitless about what lies ahead, but trying my hardest to keep really busy with plenty of positive activities otherwise I would go completely nuts!! I want to make the most of the time to play music and do everything that makes us happy, so this morning I went for a lovely ride on my trike and then later this afternoon I bought some food for our local food bank which I will deliver tomorrow. Whatever happens in the autumn, I’m going to stay strong and tough, cos that’s the only way to be. Hubby and I have faced tough times before, and we will stay strong as we always have. So glad we have our Christian faith which makes all the difference in bad times. I’m determined to keep thinking positive and not panic about what is happening, and so stay strong keeping busy, calm and upbeat. I know what is right, and I will live my life the way I have always done. We all must stand strong and firm and ignore these extremists!! I will stand up for myself, I have absolutely no time for bullies, so they will get absolutely nowhere with me!! Thankfully I don’t need to go to the doctors’s surgery for anything where they have treated me like dirt for refusing to wear a mask! I will go to the local hospital instead for my blood tests, and if anyone tries anything there, I can fight my corner. I may be only 4ft 11, but nobody messes with me!!!!! Take good care yourself hun. I’m so glad we have each other here for support.

  14. A man in Italy has come back from a holiday in Spain and is now the first person to have AIDS, Monkeypox and test positive for covid all at once! Whether you think these things are real or not, what a clown show we’re living in eh!

  15. Bastards, they should be tried in the Nuremberg trials.

    • Nuremberg was just a circus show. Very few fall guys. The important ones went to work at NASA, EU Commission, NATO and UN.

      Again, why is everyone expecting a legal system controlled by them to be suddenly on our side? Seriously folks.

  16. This is definitely gonna wake a lot more folk up that’s for damm sure and they’re gonna be livid there’s already folk who have been vaxed that now see it and jumped shit to our boat now & they’re livid to fucking evil demonic satanic distorted sadistic pedo narcissistic scum 2 faced lying evil hypocrites all of them they actually are sooo stupid that they think they can lie then backtrack and get away with it when the evidence is crystal clear how can anybody trust those retarded freaks murdering scum bring on the civil war coz it’s gonna happen for sure

    • But seriously, how do you really feel about those behind this genocidal agenda?

      I hear you, and I need to pinch myself every day to convince myself that this is really happening, and has been happening for going on three years. For crying out loud, went I venture out into my community now seems so alien, I swear almost half of the people are still wearing masks. It’s absolutely mind boggling and heartbreaking at the same time. God help us!

  17. Absolutely right Geraint. What has happened is evil beyond anybody’s comprehension, and I’m so glad that I never had any of these lethal jabs, and I never will. Such a tragedy for those who have though, and the worst thing is that so many jabbed people have absolutely no idea of the danger they’re in, and you can’t tell them! Even now I can’t make my husband listen to me and face the truth. He’s triple jabbed, and no doubt he’ll have more this autumn. He had the first 3 without telling me which was just awful. I worry about him all the time now, as well as all my family and friends. I’m the only one who hasn’t had anything out of all of them!! When I got the dreaded call from my doctors surgery about it, I just simply said “no thanks, not interested, goodbye” and slammed down the phone! After that there was one letter and another phone call, and then I was thankfully left alone. This year will be totally different though, I’m sure as the government’s getting increasingly desperate to flog this crap. The flu jab is also this year made with MRNA technology, and it will be forced into people’s arms with the booster convid crap, so dead bodies will be piling high after that! I bet after those two jabs, people will die in the surgery! This is going to get much, much worse, so we have to stand up and fight for those we love and ourselves. Truly terrifying times ahead folks. So many people already dying each week from SADS, it’s absolutely horrific!

    • Hi Carolyn, all the same for me. I have managed to stop my 15 year old from taking it even though he wanted it. His dad is so chilled about it all. He’s a scientist and believes the the whole narrative.

      Will pray for good people who cannot see this, cannot independently think for themselves when it comes to this subject xx

      • Hi Lorna, I totally agree. My husband is also a scientist, and whilst he hasn’t taken the vaccine he still believes part of the narrative. I was watching a video that really made me think about how some people can see this whole thing so clearly and yet others cannot. They were explaining that people who were questioning the narrative were those that had experienced situations in their lives that had forced them to question authority. People who for one reason or another have had to fight the system, whether it be the medical system, social services, or the legal system etc.
        Interestingly the people who complied were those that had always trusted the system, were well educated (university etc) and had had no life experiences that had forced them to ever question authority. I see this in the people around me all the time. Scientists, doctors, teachers all complying because “it’s the right thing to do”.
        What I will add however is that unlike many, I absolutely hold no malice to any of these people. Most have made their decisions based on their experiences as we have. It breaks my heart that elderly loved ones genuinely think they are helping others by taking the vaccine and I pray their safety every day. Take care and well done for protecting your son xx

      • I’m a scientist too. Though I tolerated the academic indoctrination, I have always kept an open mind and read widely around my subject and have broader knowledge base as a result (as well as better outcomes professionally).
        Many of colleagues are, how can you say this….. Educated Pork chops. Yes they studied hard to answer the questions in the way that was intended and got their degrees. But many are unable to think critically for themselves and are happy to be pigeon holed in their narrow areas of expertise and happy to defer to others like themselves and unquestioningly believe whatever they are told as long as the authors have the correct set of letters after their names.
        Universities are partly to blame as their degree schemes are merely lessons in compliance not innovation. They do not engender a passion for life long learning and do not tolerate alternate perspectives on any narrative, this is punishable by lower grades….
        The whole scamdemic had a stench to it from the outset, and as soon as I began to see censorship of perfectly viable information from people who had personally nothing to gain and everything to lose, then that stench was confirmed.
        I actually learned a tremendous amount over the past 2 years, no doctor is coming anywhere near me from now onwards, unless it is to pronounce me dead or in the rare circumstance that I require a prescribed drug for which there is no natural alternative.
        People need to be confident in their own abilities, a few weeks research on any particular malady and you’re going to know more than any average GP. I’ve even heard stories of modern G.P’s googling ailments in front of the patients during consultations….. Be your own doctor, be your own best friend.

      • Lorna, direct your ‘scientist’ husband to Kary Mullis and his Publicaly stated views, with regard to the PCR test and how it was designed to function.
        Then, IF he cannot see that the whole world was and has been Locked down on the strength of Fraudulent Lies, then Sad to say there is NO HOPE for your Hubby!

  18. Someone needs to stop this lethal roll out immediately! Please someone intervene!!!

  19. Oh how I remember well Carrie Johnson telling every pregnant woman to get the jab. What an evil cow! Just how can she sleep at night, knowing she caused all those miscarriages and stillbirths!

    • The only saving grace is its mainly the Covid zealots and leftie loons that jabbed their kids.
      Enough of that DNA contaminating the planet as it is.

    • … An insult to the beauty and majesty and life giving manna that is the wonder of the cow.

      That stringy spiritually manged deadbeat worshipper of Crowley does only as she/it wilt.
      God help the offspring.
      The rot is generational in them all.

  20. This is democide the information for not giving it to pregnant woman was in Pfizer documents as of December 2020 ,still births and women losing their child before birth has ran into the thousands in this country up by a 800% before they stopped calculating this info

  21. How many times has a government of this nation said something was safe when actualy it was a killer…..TO FECKIN MANY !

  22. The cabal keep hammering on about carbon footprint, zero emission etc. They are giving everyone the red herring to focus on so they won’t have the mental capacity to think about their own triple jabbed status.

    The best way to tackle a problem is to always find the source of the issue. Since the cabal sees all the useless eater as the source of the problem, the real policy had always been to rid these useless eaters from the face of the earth.

  23. In Ireland, they are still playing the coercion radio adverts on radio Kerry tonight. It’s disgusting they would target people in such a vulnerable state. I spent a lot of time posting online about this subject, to try and counter the lies being pumped relentlessly by the mainstream media. For sure they have blood on their hands, as they knowingly lied with the intention of causing harm, and this should never be forgotten.

  24. Dr John Campbell – love him or hate him (I’ve been seriously frustrated with his push, push, push the jabs and refusal to consider science) has done a video about this, and he’s done it “read between the lines” to say do not get it. Because the Stasi at YT have him on a warning of being banned for “disinformation”.

    I’m sick of hearing about all this misinformation/disinformation shite, it’s called having a different opinion.

    I’m sick to the back teeth with all these lying mother fuckers. They all need to DIE.

    • Of course he refused to consider anything but push the jabs. That was his job. Now he’s on the back peddle leg of the agenda with the *light* siders (two sides of the same coin), and doing the same know-nothing govt spout as when he pushed the poison – that be sure he never took himself.
      How many millions of terrorized viewers did he deceive and cause to harm with his immoral snake oil lies and trust-in-me-i’m-a-dr (nope, a ‘nurse’ qualified in Psych).
      The bewildered under the influence of a talking head on their scrying device.

      People believe liars because they’re led to; and it’s easier than the difficult truth, which is awkward and ugly and unbelievable. Lifting the lid on ugly is the breath of truth.
      People are about to be hit by a tornado – it won’t be truth, but tons more confusion. Because confused people obey the order followers such as this ‘nurse’.
      He needs jailing on an isolated island with all the pushers, for the rest of their lives.

  25. Re- Sassenach, wow, you may have something there, ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper I have rebelled against authority, had total mistrust of them. I am now 65 and still a rebel, will be until the day I pass over, where I will STILL be sorting them out no doubt.

  26. Australia has a 74% misscarriage rate normal 16% there really trying to reduce population there arent they.

    New jab they skipped human trials, why bother going to ignore them any way i guess.

    Russia cuts off gas supply to Europe and Czech already saying power cuts soon.

    Volcanic eruption cooling the earth fast going to make for a cold winter, guess it fixed global warming

    • Could you please provide the link to where this information is stated, I am unable to find it.

  27. That technique is known as covering the governments legal arse..they did the same thing with the rona bs..they downgraded it on the hcid section on the 19th of march 2020..they know full well the herd are too lazy to read the website…they can then say…well we did tell you so we are not legally liable

    • Exactly, it’s like not reading the small print. But you agreed anyway.

    • Under cover of their corporate ‘legal system’ they do enjoy immunity from financial punishment and a corp(s) can’t be jailed. Under the law, however, that’s a different matter. They knowingly and wilfully committed crimes that caused harm, injury & loss to people. Their crimes have and are making victims, and the wrongdoers are culpable under the law.
      But it’s another matter altogether to find a judge to take the case – as indeed Bliar said two years ago that “all our people are in place”. That would imply all bases were covered at every level and in each branch of the system (masquerading as a public domain for service to the people).
      … One such matter was the case of medical fraud brought by the Bernician against Hancock as Health Secretary two years ago – and prior to the death shot roll-out – regarding the govt’s downgrade of covid to flu from the HCID list (that you mention).
      The judge decided that as the downgrading notice had been made available to the public (albeit hidden away on a voluminous website that the BBC doesn’t mention, and which the instant-Twitter generation wouldn’t think to look at) – that no fraud had been committed. Clearly a judge of the letter of the *system* but not in the spirit of the law. And one of those Bliar “people”; another order follower. For now anyway.

      • Yep I my opinion the only solution is through the Common Law Courts as the legislature are all compromised criminals with who knows what skeletons in their closets

  28. 2023, Stage 3 medical trials end. Remember? It shouldn’t have passed stage 1. Because of the mass dropouts and deaths but, “they” marked 2023 as the date for the end of injection stage medical 3 trials.

  29. What is a Woman? What are the Government guidlines regarding pregnant men?

  30. Pregnant women are historically one of the most precious and protected demographics in our society.
    It is a little bit late now that the damage has been done.
    Back 2021 we were talking about getting these traitors hung for their crimes, but it seems they will be allowed to slink off to quiet retirement while the next batch of useful idiots is primed for inaction.

  31. This has become boring now, so one tracked, its sad, tired, and worn out. You offer nothing anymore Hugo. Smart this, smart that, government this, government that. What about the infinitude of things to focus on that are NOT those things? Poor, its like moanbait for people who cannot think outside of cyberspace. Go outside lol

    • You can’t blame what you see in the mirror, its ridiculous and amateur. The point is, human civilization is collapsing because it is built on a lie. What do you expect? You are nothing without cyberspace Hugo, so who is pulling who into what here? Turn your computers off. He’s always going on about turning your phones off, why not turn off the whole of cyberspace and discover outside reality, for fucks sake, its embarrassing. Just sit back and watch the demise and don’t get involved. Thats what our survival skills are for, not watching shit on screens by people who are trapped in cyberspace.

  32. Psalm 23:1–6
    4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

  33. robertalderson2
    Broad sweeping statement – Backed by real evidence WILL be very informative and helpfull to many!

  34. The bloody BBC have just hit back hard on this one Hugo, check out their website, bastards are trying to say the jab will in fact help with pregnancy and there is no concern at all. It’s total false rumors started on social media.

    • I remember my nephews girlfriend getting it & she was still breastfeeding her son – uggghhh – he was sooooo sick after she had it – I was enraged

  35. how disgusted I am and I said it a long time ago. all these people, supposedly «kind and brave»,doctors and others who allegedly now say everything that we knew. I hate them. they are not heroes, they are traitors. too late.they say this now, not because they decided so, but because they no longer pay money for it, and secondly, because the regime itself told everything quietly for chaos, for complete disappointment in everything with people

  36. Oh no quick to many people are popping their clogs we better back track a bit so we can blame someone else, there are way to many supposed unexplained deaths which is a joke in itself, as if they don’t know what these people are dying of. If they really don’t know there would be panic in the halls of power thinking that they could be next but there isn’t so of course they know. Jib jab no good, massive crime against humanity. Stay frosty.

  37. There’s a vitally important video on you tube that everyone should see. It’s an interview on “Journeyman” with Professor Sucharit Bhakti who is warning everyone about the dangers of the convid jab. Sorry I don’t have the link, but will try and find it for you all. This guy explains everything about the dangers of the jab as clear as mud, and he says at the end that it’s worse than playing Russian roulette with your health, so he knows what he’s talking about.

    • I was doing some research on various things and it just shows the lengths these creatures will go to enslave us. A company was seeking to patent human DNA and it went all the way to the supreme court where the request was denied however it was ruled that if changes were made to DNA, then it could be patented. I suspect that when it comes to recognising people’s human rights,anyone with altered DNA will no longer be classified as a human and treated accordingly. They will just be another product, a barcode as they will be merged with whatever has altered their DNA. I suggest everyone share this so that people are aware of how far these entities are prepared to go. They cloned sheep. Who knows what else they are doing.

      The U.S Supreme Court ruled today that “naturally occurring” human genes cannot be patented because they are a “product of nature,” meaning that they cannot be claimed as a human invention. But it also permitted patents based on laboratory reconstructions of human DNA, known as complementary DNAs, or cDNAs.

      “Myriad did not create anything,” Justice Clarence Thomas wrote for a unanimous court. “To be sure, it found an important and useful gene, but separating that gene from its surrounding genetic material is not an act of invention.” And “groundbreaking, innovative, or even brilliant discovery does not by itself satisfy” the requirements for winning a patent.

  38. Oh my goodness, something really awful has just occurred to me which I urgently need to share with you all here. As the flu jab this year is also made with MRNA technology, the same as the convid jab, then there could be boosters for that every couple of months with the convid booster!! Oh please someone tell me that I’ve got this wrong! But these monsters are capable of absolutely anything are they not!! Please someone give me your opinion to this. My friends and family will be having this flu jab too, and I’m really panicking now!! As Professor Bhakti said very clearly these jabs are absolutely lethal! We all know that here, but my friends and family don’t! They’re all horrifically brainwashed, and that includes my dear husband too!! Please someone help me, I’m shit scared here right now!

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Sorry to hear you’re getting upset.
      Is it going to be a ‘combined” jab (convid +flu in one) do you know?

      • I keep reading that people aged 50 to 64 years will not be eligible for NHS flu vaccines in 2022/2023! Meaning if they want one they will have to pay.

        “NHS has published its guidance for its 2022/2023 NHS Seasonal Influenza (flu) Vaccination Programme, and it has removed eligibility for those under-65 and secondary school children aged 11 to 15 (those in years 7 to 11). This is a surprise. This is likely to have been due to funding pressures and ministers’ desire to adjust the country to live with Covid-19.”

        I see that mrna flu jabs are in trials right now but I don’t know if they will be “ready” to be used on the public this flu season?

  39. The title of the interview with Sucharit Bhakdi is called “Perspectives of the Pandemic: Blood clots and beyond.” It’s on Journeyman TV, and this interview was done a year ago. You can find it on you tube, definitely needs sharing!! I found it while watching Carl Vernon’s videos which are also very good. Hope this helps everyone. Take care everyone. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

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