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  1. Greetings to all

    Yes I had the same! A bombardment of phone messages, from Scottish Power emails and letters. I’ve been told my gas and electricity meters are outdated and dangerous and i urgently need to get a smart meter as its over 15 yrs old, ( they’ve probably been here since the house was built), but now suddenly I need a new smart meter! Told them time and time again, like every utility company before them, I don’t want one, I’m not having one and they can waste as much time as they want bombarding me but I won’t give in. This happens every year

  2. Funny how the £400 payment to domestic customers is being paid monthly… can you guess how much? £66.66
    Can’t make this shit up!!!

  3. In Ireland the ESB knocks on your door says they have to replace/upgrade their fuse and when finished you will find your meter replaced.
    “Sure while I was there I upgraded your meter as well”.
    Like Dracula if you invite them in.

  4. This world really is a cesspit of greed and corruption.

  5. We’re being attacked from every angle. No doubt, they’re all in this together. We must stand up to them, we have no other choice unless we’re partial to living in servitude. They lie, cheat, steal, and now openly murdering us. What more does it take for the masses to start defending themselves?

  6. Was given an appointment to install a smart meter, even though I never requested one. I phoned and said I never asked for one and would never want one, yet still they insisted that now the appointment was made I couldn’t change it. But I did. Yet they still keep trying similar ruses and deceits to get one installed. Meters do not go out of date or regulation – that pure BS

  7. We get emails and texts which I just delete, going to fight this to the bitter end, hopefully theirs!

  8. huh they’ll have a bloody hard job trying to convince me coz I’m stubborn as a muel infact a muel has nothing on me and when I say no it’s no end of infact today had a think it was the woman who sometimes comes to check folks meters but this time I wouldn’t let her in I don’t trust her whatsoever and absolutely nobody is going near my meter no fuckng way thru can send me all the crap they want all just phohe em up n threaten to exspose them all over papers & net they can bugger off and I haven’t had one of those letters etc yet but no doubt I will despite fact av already told them I don’t want one whatsoever oh and I think sitting in a fucking Ice box in winter is seriously gonna wake folk up n if it doesn’t I fucking give up

  9. The word Smart reversed is Trams.

    Get off the tram or better still don`t get on one in the first place. Otherwise you`ll end up paying the fare.

    • Great comment Tanya

      Absolutely agree
      People have to say No to theses nasty things!
      …people still don’t see they are being ‘controlled’ even more with this Farce!

      Have great day Tanya
      And All

      Thank you Hugo
      and the person who sent in letter to help notify us.

      • Thank you Janie.
        I was watching a webcam recently from The Beach Bar in the Virgin Islands. Here we have a gorgeous setting and about 75% or more of the customers were just sitting there scrolling through their smart phones. They might put them down for a few seconds but then they have a compulsion to pick them up again. When you get a smart meter they give you a cute little display for the home to show how much energy you have used. It`s the same kind of thing. It`s all part of the addiction. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of getting a smart phone or meter to sit and watch one of those type of webcams for a while and just see how addictive it is from a spectators point of view.

      • Hi Tanya great comment,

        I see nearly every one still on smartphones
        I agree more people should watch ‘themselves’ addicted to them!
        Like you say why have a beautiful holiday like that and sit looking at Crap!!
        The jo-public have always been difficult!
        I was hairstylist in me day.. believe me some people expect to look like the picture they bring… I am not a plastic surgeon lol

        Cheers Tanya have great day & weekend now

  10. Got a text from so energy saying they’d phone to arrange fitting, later received a call and said no thanks. Less than a week later got the same text saying they’d phone soon to arrange fitting it. Not heard anything since. They can waste their fuel and time visiting here but no chance.

  11. i called them preemptively, and put a notice on my meter, inside and out, should they get in there.

  12. I get letters regularly from E.ON about having a smart meter which I just put in the recycling bin.
    This week the letter said they were giving a free gift if you have a smart meter put in. They are getting desperate now.
    No way will I give in.
    The strange thing is that originally, quite a long while ago now I agreed and had one put in and then my son came here and went mad that we had agreed and said we should get it removed. I didn’t think they would change it but I phoned them and said I wasn’t told about the health risks when it was put in and they agreed to remove it and they did and replaced with the old type meter and they did not charge me!
    Now I know so much more I am so glad we took our son’s advice.

  13. I called up Bulb and told them to STOP sending me letters about the smart meter or I’d change providers. Simple!!

  14. Simple, report them to offgem. For every complaint lodged the energy supplier is charged £500 to investigate, whether successful or not. That would put their gas at a peep no pun intended!!! And if everybody did it. They would all go out of business and then the real supplier, the national grid would have to step in. We the people must stand strong against this tyranny. And let’s be honest here. The government is 100% to blame not Putin.

  15. I’ve recently gone into all websites/accounts that I stupidly provided my phone numbers to in the past and ‘amended’ them. Now, no one contacts me via phone anymore.
    Win, win, in my book.

    Use cash, limit phone use, don’t download apps. Undermine at every conceivable opportunity.

    Together we stand, lovely people.

  16. Here in Oklahoma, the Tulsa area, we were forced to get Smart-Meters years ago. There were NO options and any protest fell on deaf ears. The electric company simply came out and replaced everyone’s electric meter.
    In those days, very few people knew about the future risks, nor did they worry about the extra radiation they emit.
    I tried wrapping aluminium foil around ours and promptly had that foil removed.
    The following year they did the same thing with water meters.
    Again, no customer protests.
    Back in those days there were few internet-connected appliances, but that quickly changed over the intervening period.
    Monitor and control appears to be the name of the game.
    But now that shortages of water and electric power are global, I can see how these “control freaks” will leverage their power over us.

    • They tried that shit here in the uk too but we just told them to get off our property

      • David,please help with advice.
        I am in London . Thames Water are really pushing the water smart meter on us, threatening us with their legal powers and moving us onto a higher no access charge – whatever that means.. How do we avoid installing the water smart meter? Please help

    • ‘Smart’ meters are designed to interact with and control ‘smart’ appliances. It is called a HAN (Home Area Network).

      • and if it’s made in China or Israel then I would not be surprised the Intelligence can watch the area using your CCTV cameras and smart devices people put in including these very popular and “useful” these days door cameras.

    • Oklahoma including Tulsa is controlled by that Jooish oligarch – George Kaiser.
      Compare his picture with the picture of Max Keiser (he modified his surname a bit not to be directly linked) famous basher of the banksters at the Russia Today. They are related and Max and his friend Russell Brand are both frauds and work directly for Rothschild. I reckon Kaiser is an arm of Rothschild like Rhodes was in South Africa or Paul Reichmann in Canada who later built Canary Wharf as an extension of City Of London – Rothschild’s and Co empire. Surprisingly Reichmann apparently a very religious Joo was hanging out and doing business with George Soros a complete opposite Joo who apart from the fact is the soldier of Rothschild attacking different countries (not only currency attacks) back in the days didn’t mind with his father confiscating Jooish properties in Hungary and Austria for Nazi Germany. Now you know who was behind not only Bolshevism, Zionism but also Nazism. An opportunity of the powerful Joos to steal property from less powerful Joos and Gentiles.

  17. Does anybody know how to issue a “Notice of non-consent” properly? Can one just send it and that’s all- or is it more complex than that?

    • Hello there. I have a document on my computer which details consent requirements for persons who are “Required” to be, “Vaccinated”. It has, “Key Principles for Consent to be valid”. Is that the kind of thing that you want? If so, let me have an email and I’ll forward it. Cheers. E.

  18. Could anyone advise how one can change from smart meter to old one?

    • @Tom Yes, order your new meter online and get an electrician to fit it – ten years ago they were about 50 quid. You will need to find a sparks who is prepared to do it and pay him handsomely in cash – it’s only a ten minute job.

      Once the meter is fitted you provide your meter readings to the electricity sales company – they don’t actually supply the power, they’re just agents – another company does that e.g. EDF.

      You also notify them that you have removed their meter and leave it on your doorstep for their collection – they now have no lawful right to enter your property.

      • Why do you need to pay a ‘spark’ a small fortune to do such a simple job? Is it because they are (legally) allowed to ‘re-seal’ the ‘cut-off? But you could just do that yourself anyway. The way I understand it, the ‘supplier’ owns the meter, the DNO (Distributed Network Supplier) owns the ‘cut-off’ (the main fuse) and you own the ‘consumer unit’. So even if you changed the meter you would still have DNO property on your premises (the cut-off)? Or can you just send the ‘cut-off’ back too and install your own? But what if they then come round and ‘cap’ the supply and ‘seal’ it? And you are allowed to re-seal you may as well just ‘abstract’ the electricity in the first place? All very confusing.

  19. SSE passed a number of accounts (mine included) over to OVO recently. Before they left, deducted an extra £20 from standing order and passed the inflated figure onto to OVO as recommended charge for future deductions. By the time I realised this, SSE had disconnected the contact number and email address. I can only wonder how much they made on their leaving ticket or how much they overestimated the retail value at point of sale to OVO. The latter asked me if I’d like a smart metre, so I told him why I would never have one. He found it interesting.

    • Hi PavlovsB
      good comment
      Thank you

      That’s right OVO bought them out but still use SSE in billing and no one can contact SSE anymore.
      I tried for someone ringing OVO who told me that SSE deal with it??
      It then gets sent abroad to who ever SSE sold it on to? A debt company I believe.
      Also no disrespect, but
      No-one spoke very good English and it’s just asking for money or pushing a smart meter.
      Very corrupt SSE!!!!
      Should be ashamed of themselves and OVO don’t deal with Anything relevant with SSE??
      Corrupt and robbing people here.

  20. I have had emails from octopus energy saying this too. Even logging onto their app to submit meter readings pop ups come up trying to force you into an appointment to get smart meter fitted. My house is only 15 years old. My old house had some really old meters with lots of dials on which must have been from the 50’s. Surely they either work or they don’t. Surely they can retest and certify them rather than the expense of fitting new ones? That alone tells me it’s something more sinister 🤔

  21. Hello everyone
    I am being really pushed by Thames water to install a water smart meter. Being threatened to be moved to a higher no access charge (no idea what that is, sounds scary) and telling me that they have legal powers to do it under the water industry act 1991. How can I avoid the smart meter and the trouble? Really need advice! Thank you

    • Hi Irina

      Seek help from C.A.B
      They will tell you if that Act they thrown at you is 100%

      Theses companies are throwing ‘law language’ to All of us to invoke Fear.

      Don’t allow it to make you feel that
      Fight back
      Search yourself the Act they have sent you
      And lastly tell them NO
      simple as that until they give full written instructions why they are threatening you.
      If you don’t want a meter it’s your right
      But I don’t deal with Thames water
      i under different company ok.

      Hope that helps in some way
      Keep strong don’t give in Irina

      • Thank you Janie!
        I did contact CAB – no advice on water meters there. I did contact Consumer Council Water – they advised me to place a complaint with Thames Water.
        I contacted the legal team of Thames Water – no complaint needed. They agreed that they can not install the meter forcefully, so they hopefully will seize the threatening letters.

      • Hi
        That’s good news sorry CAB couldn’t help.. they are government run
        I guess I say no more there Lol !!

        Really pleased you managed to get the information -Thames Water- ‘Can Not’ force you.
        It’s your constitutional right to say no.

        Have great day Irina

  22. I keep getting messages from them trying to get me to allow the fitting of one in my house.
    No bloody way.
    I keep ignoring.

    • Hi Andrea

      Good for you.
      My supplier hound me every time I have to contact.
      It’s a Big NO from me to!

      Have nice day now.

  23. Getting told by Octopus that the certification of my current electric metre will expire March 2024. Does anyone know what happens after that date if I don’t let them in to replace it? Do they cut you off? Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a replacement analogue metre installed now we’re in 2023? Thanks

    • @Shaun hi

      I heard octopus are trying to force smart meters saying meters are out of date as like your comment, so be careful with them as a supplier i would advise.

      My advice would be to get a second opinion from another company & think about changing suppliers.

      I can’t not say that’s the perfect solution but other than be forced into something maybe change companies before time runs out.

      Hope you get it sorted Shaun .
      Say no to smart meters for as long as we can as Hugo says in his videos about them.

      All the best good luck.

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