InfoWars Govt Network Connections (3 hour documentary)

Video From Captain Titus Frost

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  1. Hugo how many days in front of your self are you working …

  2. Anyone recall in the late 90s Bill Clinton was asked what he thought of Alex Jones and Clinton said he is doing a good job for us.
    I thought there was something a bit dodgy about Jones back then.

      • Bravo , I just wondered why you commented on a video a few minutes after a 3 hour video was uploaded and then admit that you hadn’t had time to watch , but you have time to converse … I do not have a agenda , I’m simply a ‘ watcher ‘ .

      • Andy, who watches the watchers???
        I do and I can spot a shill within several characters of text….

      • A shill …lol , please stop your embarrassing yourself . I’m a simple full time road sweeper with a admiration for Hugo lol

  3. Can’t bear to look or listen to it. Satanic,disturbing torture.

  4. With you, as with all the others, perhaps it would be wise to exercise extreme caution when it comes to accepting as truth everything you have to say? I subscribe and always listen but there ARE times…

  5. I couldn’t watch it all even though I watched it via Fb but I can’t watch no more of it but I get the hint Info wars Alex jones is fake ass

    • A sprinkling of truth.
      I bought nexus magazine from the 1990’s until mid 2000’s.
      Then ten years later some millennial I work with starts talking to me about some well known conspiracies that I am well versed on but missing big chunks of information, then he recommends Alex Jones to me… Yes I knew he was a loud mouthed MOSSAD shill from the get go….

      • Dane as Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins ..They scrounge .one of the unsuspecting sheep

  6. I’ve only watched 38 Mins so far and I have already made my mind up. Well done Hugo for presenting this to us all , excellent.:)

  7. If it was a choice between Alex or Hugo, it’s Alex every day of the week..
    I hope Christ does not return anytime soon, Hugo will say He is controlled opposition too…

      • The New world order is eating your childrens livers ….. that’s why I have 33%off your Bullshark Testosterone soup powder. Oh they are killing your grandparents so I’m also slashing prices on Omega 3 oils.
        Fuck me, even Stevie Wonder has the “eyes to see” that fat fucker is a shilly piece of shit.
        If you have more than a million views and are banned to fuck your a shilly piece of shit until proven otherwise in my book.

        Hugo is one of the only people I have consistently agreed with from dot and it has been a learning process. Very often as the narrative flips I jump down another hole 🕳 and there’s Hugo digging the same vein.

        If Hugo is a plant 🌱 then I am left only with some bloke from Cardiff who I think is a low level mason anyway 😂😂

      • Dear oh dear, where do you ppl come from.

      • Smart people are NEVER wrong?
        Strange how so trusting ppl are of everything.

      • Strange comment.
        Do I have to agree with EVERYTHING posted by Hugo?

      • @Paul Watson, Anyone who trusts the shabbos goy, Freemason shill, Jesuit gatekeeper, Alex Jones, must type ALL his comments with his forehead. You ain’t got a clue! LOL

  8. The lyrics to the Counting Crows hit 1993 song ‘Mr Jones’ recounts the time that their lead singer met boozy bartender Alex Jones who was working a shift in the New Amsterdam Pub located on the High Street in Worthing.
    Verses from the track include;
    🎶”Mr. Jones strikes up a conversation
    With a black-haired flamenco dancer”🎶
    (apparently she slapped him for calling her a Fesskin fence hopper )
    🎶”And pass me a bottle, Mr. Jones
    Believe in me, help me believe in anything
    ‘Cause I wanna be someone who believes, yeah”🎶
    🎶Mr. Jones and me tell each other fairy tales
    And we stare at the beautiful women
    “She’s looking at you. Ah, no, no, she’s looking at me.”🎶

    • So who was Mrs Potter?

      ♫ If memories are like movies
      Then dreams are films about ghosts♫

    • Sorry :(Got that back to front 🙁 I do apologise 🙂

      ♫If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghosts.♫

      • This account is rather more truthful unlike the one above…apparently the song was inspired by the actress Monica Potter who starred alongside Morgan Freeman in Along Came a Spider. She was present during studio recording and received a copy of the fourth take which she later returned after finding out that subsequent recordings sessions had been ruined in production.

  9. Full of Hot Air with a splash of Hollywood. Just listening to him I grimace. Yuck!

  10. I can’t watch all this crap (not the documentary but the presentation) but I did skip in a few minutes and the Iodine supplements lol!
    Most iodine supplements ARE radioactive as artificially produced Iodine IS a mildly radioactive substance.
    Kelp tablets are cheap and safer than manufactured Iodine to ensure the thyroid has enough Iodine, but if you normally use sea salt to flavour your food you have nothing to worry about.
    The Thyroid accumulates Iodine, including the radioactive version in the event of fallout or ingestion of radioactive supplements. The whole point of issuing Iodine to populations after radioactive events is to saturate the gland with the non radioactive substance so that the radioactive substance is evacuated through the kidneys and bowels and not retained for extended periods by the thyroid.
    Poland for example issued the tablets days after Chernobyl, too late for any beneficial effect and the epidemiology suggest the issue had negative health effects overall…

  11. I’ve never watched Alex Jones, being from the UK. What do you think about the UK column? They seem legit, but doesn’t everyone at first…

  12. The whole World is a Psyop. Left is white. Black is yellow. Trust no one. Especially your next door neighbour who is probably a police informant. Have a nice day and stay safe…

  13. Watched it at 1.75x speed, meaning it took me about 1 hr 45 mins; just a bit tricky following the parts that he plays back fast, as they’re about 2.25x speed when coupled with my settings.

  14. Sorry, I was down until the guy started whining about China and Russia. Muh ebil China, muh ebil Putler. Jews are behind all of this. Anyone who denies this fact is suspicious in my book.

      • @julesokxxx ALL FOUR CEOs of the jab manufacturing corporations are Jews! Communist China is controlled by The Rothschild Jews! Bolshevism is Judaism is Jewish – period – full stop – end of!

  15. I watched the whole thing and I think it goes beyond the whole ‘controlled opposition’ concept into some really dark places. What I did notice late on was Alex Jones giving it the old ‘three sixes’ hand signal when being intercepted on camera. I’ve also read in different places that Jones is actually Bill Hicks, which would tie into the theory of him playing a character. Who knows? All the world’s a stage, that much we can be certain about.

    • @Adam, Jones is a Jesuit gatekeeper, hence you will frequently hear him invoke Yah’s (God’s) name, that is, faking his alleged Christianity. He is a lying whoreson, 100%. Eternal torment awaits him – there will be weeping, wailing and the gnashing of teeth.

    • Are we really going to fall for the fake billionaire populist psyop again in Trump (Zionist shill)?

      • Banned bump stocks by executive order.
      • Approved of red-flag gun laws without due process.
      • Assigned Fauci and Birx to Covid-19 task force to fuel fear and lies about Covid-19.
      • Started the emergency lockdowns on non-essential small businesses for Prep Act countermeasures.
      • Rubber stamped Operation Warp Speed for rushed experimental vaccines with no long-term safety data in humans.
      • Signed executive order 13887 to support Big Pharma vaccines for financial backing.
      • Pardoned an Israeli Mossad spy instead of Julian Assange.
      • Funded liberal governors with incentives for masks, ventilators, testing and restricting freedom of movement with Big Pharma appointed HHS director.
      • Did not indict the Clinton crime family as promised.
      • Facilitated Big Pharma regulatory capture at the CDC, FDA and NIH.

  16. White House Statement – Press Secretary.

    “When you are not with where the majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme.

    That is an extreme way of thinking.”

    Adolf Hitler also was aware of this psychology.

    He writes in his autobiography, Mein Kampf, that people are not united because of love, love has no power, all power comes through hatred.

    Create hatred and they will become united.

    He may have been a lunatic, but sometimes lunatics have great insights.

    This is a great insight into mob psychology.

    Behind all the quarrels and conflicts there are isms.

    Whether those isms are religious or political, they create conflict, and conflict ultimately leads to violence and wars.

    All political ideologies are based on hatred.

    The religions all hate each other.

    All nations are rooted in hatred, they all hate each other.

    This world is full of hatred.

    What is the greatest courage?

    Non-acceptance of false knowledge is the greatest courage.

    Even if sometimes you seem to be united you are always united against something, against the common enemy, never otherwise.

    Are you not aware that people living in the darkness of belief slowly become incapable of coming into the light of intelligence?

    Their eyes become incapable of seeing anything but darkness.

    Whatsoever is residing within you has to be known, because knowing that becomes a fundamental revolution in life.

    Knowing the truth becomes the transformation of life.

    Don’t start with enmity, otherwise you will destroy life and your whole energy will be engaged in destruction, and existence is creative.

    Existence is not there outside you.

    It is inside you, it is your very inside.

    And existence is not apart; you are part of it, organically one with it.

    You are existence, existence is you.

    Who is going to solve it and how?

    Existence is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived.

    And you should be perfectly aware what the difference is between a mystery and a problem.

    A problem is something created by the mind; a mystery is something which is there, not created by the mind.

    You can enjoy it, you can become one with it, only when you are creative.

    Life itself is interdependence.

    Everything is related, interrelated, connected.

    Nobody is independent and nobody is dependent, everybody is interdependent.

    It is a cooperation.

    It is a deep cooperation.

    Life is not separate from you, to be tackled as a problem, it is you.

    Who is going to solve whom?

    Humanity, freedom, intelligence, love has to happen, it has not happened yet, it is something yet in the future.

    It is only a potential, it has not become an actuality.

    And what more joy can there be than making this potential actual?

    What more adventure you can hope in life?

    What can be more ecstatic than making a tremendous effort to introduce humanity on this condemned earth?

    Up till now unions formed in the names of nations and religions have not been unions of our love, but unions of our hatred.

    All politician’s making this earth poisonous have found this method effective.

    So you know that if the poison of hatred is spread forcefully, anyone can be made to unite.

    Our whole conditioning is against love, but the strategy is very subtle and very few people become aware of the phenomenon that we are brought up to hate.

    Is it not possible to stop the division of humanity which is done on the basis of thoughts.

    Marxism, Democracy, Socialism, Communism.

    Is it right that for an insubstantial thing like thought, we should kill human beings?

    Russian, Chinese, American, African, European, Asian.

    Is it right that your thought and my thought should make our hearts enemies of one another?

    Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan, Jewish, Atheist.

    This is how the whole world is divided by thoughts.

    All ideologies are basically mobocracy.

    It cannot be otherwise.

    The mob always believes in lies, because the majority consists of fools.

    You have to ask the fools who is right? what is right?

    Always the mob follows.

    The mob has no standpoint of its own.

    It is a chaos.

    Somebody raises his hand, the others follow.

    The mob are like sheep.

    If you live with fools, do you have to accept their foolishness?

    The politicians become afraid only when something really significant is happening, and now they are becoming afraid all around the world.

    It is happening!

    • Utter shite. You’ve been brainwashed for decades that Hitler was the boogey man when in fact, he freed his people from the pits of hell- the Jewish banking cartel and his country and people were destroyed for it, then a barrage of lies made up so that nobody ever tried National Socialism again. The evidence against Holohoax is massive, it’s scientifically proven an hoax and mathematically, the Jews fabricated it for money and money they made. Today you’re all enslaved by the banks you fools.

  17. I’m pretty sure this video is put out by the long-winded guy who runs The Last American Vagabond website. I got through 1 hr. I really found him rambling too much, as usual, and see he’s not showing us constructive reasoning. He mentions Derrick Broze in this video, who (Derrik) plainly shares his past connections with the wrong crowd, has since distanced himself from them and “grew up” to see things differently. He now tries to form communities of anti-government (peaceful anarchists) followers, without much of a viable plan. I don’t get involved in this stuff because how do I know who’s telling the truth or not? What their involvement is, who is doing what to who and why. So, I am taking this video with a grain of salt, as I did with Derrick Broze, Tim Pool, Alex Jones and that whole clique of rambling male testosterone gatherings. And stating “connections” shows nothing about what they are doing and why. Not the best research. The reasoning is nearly dead-ended in the first hour.

    Deep state sounds like a euphemism for being backed by bigger money to make a bunch of testosterone filled boys upset, intermingled with fairy tales and lies along the way. They just invoke the mass crowd mentality at the height of their paid tasks.

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