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  1. Spot on as usual Hugo! Nou u didnt ramble. They just dont care to hide it anymore, all those sixes, in this vid and the last one about NASA (Never A Straight Answer)! what a joke.

  2. Remember that there is nothing to Fear but Fear itself. But will the asleep listen ? I doubt it very much the Dark side of the ‘Force’ is very strong with them . 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ‘

  3. Nailing it again Hugo…praise the Lord for the precious gift of discernment

  4. The people I have tried to wake up it just doesn’t penetrate, sometimes I think I’ve got them and then they change the subject.

    • Sometimes it’s best to merely “sow a seed” gently in their mind in the form of questions or general observations, as if you yourself are in the process of “waking up”. Rather than steam in with the mind-blowing realities that get dismissed outright. Then later on when something starts happening it triggers a memory of what you said and the truth starts dawning on them/they are open to look for and accept more truth.

  5. The majority think there really clever, but there already zombies and can’t join any dots, all seperate incident’s that and no memory of past errors.

    Nhs doctirs saying go private, get people poorer or real? as system is collapsing.

    Record monthly number of urgent cat 1 ambulance call outs, ie heart attacks and strokes, they need energy and food shortages asap to blame these ever increasing deaths on.

    From the 2013 trial data approx 2years before the deafhs really start obviously already started, so nearing, and peak deaths after 3 years.

    • The 2012 windfall tax on UK oil and gas was the beginning of the energy shortages.

  6. Stand in your own power guys. I was brought up to use my brain, discern what I read and to go with my gut instinct. My father always told me to take back some control of what life throws at you (however small) and look at the wider picture – this is exactly what Hugo does. Find your own way to reduce your dependency on the big corporations and the government and you take away the fear 👍

  7. Your gas and electric bills show you how to calculate your usage. Do that and pay them monthly only what usage you’ve calculated. Bingo. You’re in control.

  8. Check out why the UK government have put this contract out Hugo? LSL/Food/0017-Operatiin Ration Packs 2023
    This procurement to contract expected to last until 2030 with an extension of another 2 years

    • I don’t get what you’re thinking. Ration packs are a standard piece of military kit.

      If there are almost 70 million people in the UK and the main part of the contract is going to cost c.£68 million – that’s £1 per person for however long the contract lasts. Even if it’s 1 year, £1 per person per year is not going to cut it to feed the whole country.

      The total contract is valued at £75 million to £250 million.

      It’s for the military, of which there are approx 150,000 and the contract length is 5 years with an optional 2 more (which would require more money).

      68,000,000 / 5 / 150,000 = £90 per serviceman per year.

      250,000,000 / 5 / 150,000 = £333.33p per serviceman per year.

      It’s limited rations for a limited amount of time for a limited number of soldiers.

      It’s a nothing burger.

  9. Shane you are right, the people who are asleep will not listen and do not believe us when you try to convince them what is really going on.
    I always use cash, like you say Hugo “use it or lose it”.
    My husband is amazed at how many people pay for their beer in a pub now by card. He said he seems to be the only one buying a pint with cash. People now pay for car parks with their phones, it is just never ending.
    No one knows what I am buying with cash and that’s how I intend it to stay.

  10. No more wasting my time trying to awaken the still asleep. Sounds cold, but after 3 YEARS if they don’t see it now, I guess they never will. Now is the time to concentrate on your nearest and dearest. We will come through it, but it’s going to get rough and we need to be prepared as much as possible. Stay strong and outside the ‘system’!

    • I agree. I also saw senior Communists and National Socialists living amongst us during the so-called lockdowns – former work colleagues, people who I used to be friends with, and members of the general public, who I didn’t know who were happy for me to be excluded from society on the basis of my refusal to ‘take the vaccine’. I’m done with small talk with these people

  11. Octopus energy huh I threatend them after £32 quid mysteriously disappeared off my key meter and I got £203 free elec & 2 homewarm discounts on top of that so all you’ve gotta do is know how to play the fucking system in the first place and I am not scared to get them bloody told whatsoever and as for those media/gov satanic muppets they can go and play with the traffic and hope they get hit by a ten ton truck speeding straight at them going 100 miles an hour plus is everybody completely fucking stupid or what those big guns think they rule the roost but in local paper other day here saying folk begging to get they’re heating turned off coz can’t pay bills so just how exactly are the elec gas big guns etc gonna make a profit & same goes for all other bills so it’s gonna hit all of em at some point anyway bcoz if all the money folk have got is only enough for food n water then that’s exactly what they’ll spend it on food & water not fucking bills

  12. I am not scared of those bastards whatsoever I’d have it out with them in broad daylight in front of everybody 100 times over I’d scream at them shout at them exspose them 24/7 I hate they’re fucking guts and I’d say it to they’re evil fat ugly demonic faces coz my crazy quick temper isn’t scared of them whatsoever infact they should fear me

  13. After many months of numerological research I’ve been able to determine the origin of the satanic trifecta that is spreading its evil tentacles around the globe…it’s none other than:
    Bill Gates – 6
    Alex Jones – 6
    and this might come as a shock to many….
    Hugo Talks – 6
    666…. the mark of the beast is now revealed as the offspring that transformed from Lucifers very own spawn. I’m still yet to work out which is the Antichrist though.
    …..or maybe numerology is all bollocks.

    • Whether or not numerology is bollocks or not is neither here nor there. If there are a group of very powerful influential people out there who think its all true then we need to take it seriously.

    • hugo = 8+21+7+15=51 5+1=6 talks = 20+1+12+11+19=63 51+63 = 114 1+1+4 = 6 So, hugo talks is indeed 666.

      • It has suddenly turned very cold as I’m reading this and I can hear Tubular Bells playing on the radio….. “Get behind me Hugo”

  14. Another inside full video Hugo honestly over the last couple of years more probably further than that I’ve tried to speak to people to try and wake people up honestly particularly since the pandemic they just look at you like you’ve got to head and that you’re crazy I think the time for trying to wake people up is gone sadly all we can do is try to speak to particular those close to us and our family to Tracy we continue to wake them up and for us to prepare

  15. Hi Hugo it’s Laura again just say I’ve just had an advert on the radio similar to Iceland were doing the British Gas are going to be offering people loans for up to £750 thought about what you were saying about the Iceland video they were offering some people loans to cover their food bills obviously this is gas company offering people loans to cover the gas interesting time just thought I’d let you know

  16. Check out the journalist posting this report….
    ‘Jacob is a science reporter for He previously studied Politics and International Relations at The University of Sussex before completing a news reporting course with PA Media, where he earned a journalism diploma. He joined the Daily Express online in 2021.’
    Hmmmm since 2021 🤔 and ‘PA Media’ 🤔 ….I’m just off to check them out too….any chance I don’t end up somewhere B&MG or suchlike funded?

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