NASA Disney Moon Launch #Artemis / Hugo Talks

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  1. Nasa is LYING! They have never been into space! And yes I’m a flat earther! Wake up people do some research and stop listening to the brain washing box!

  2. 50 years of advancement in picture photoshopping, video editing and CGI. This is what we deal with here.
    Staged rocket launches, staged televised court trials etc.

    • by the way 92 out of 93 billions of dollars goes back to the coffers of the Families.
      NASA, Cold War, wars and other impressive government projects are perfect feasting grounds for the Families.

  3. You ask the same question as me Hugo. If any of this was real, and I believe it isn’t, why send man to moon 50 years ago, but not now? Jokers! 🤣

  4. Artemis is the Goddess of nature, childbirth, wildlife, the Moon, the hunt, sudden death,!!

    • Yes SUDDEN DEATH right in our faces but of course they can use the cover of the Moon excuse as the reason for the name! Good spot!

  5. Hugo, are you seriously a Flat Earther? Or is it just your sarcasm?
    Even if most what we see on the telly and on the Internet is fake it does not mean you cannot see the sun and Moon and planets and confirm that they are not flat disks.

    • You know the old adage… If you have to ASK… (you won’t like the anwer)

    • The moon and the sun are different entities to Earth.

      • So it Mars a flat plane too? Or do ‘flat earthers’ deny its very existence when it can clearly be seen by your own eyes? Or maybe it is CGI?

  6. If you go in the same direction until you come back to the same point then logic suggests that you’ve gone around in a circle….

    • Yes, how do ’round the world’ trips figure on a ‘flat Earth’?

  7. I can see the curvature of the earth simply by walking up a hill in my area of Nottingham and looking over the city to Derbyshire. But that doesn’t mean I am not very skeptical about the Apollo missions to the moon. Even if they did manage to get there, there was obviously a lot of fakery going on with stuff like President Nixon speaking live to the astronauts on the telephone while they were supposedly on the moon.

    • Radio waves travel at the speed of light, 186K miles per second. The Moon is only 239K miles away, on average.

      • Steve Green
        So you have approx 1.5 seconds between transmission from the earth and reception on the moon. Then an additional 1.5 seconds from any response from the moon to reach earth.
        That is a 3 second delay even if the the original transmission is simply bounced back with no delay from human comprehension and response.

      • And an 8 minute (16 minute round trip), 20 minutes (40 minutes) round trip from Jupiter. Wonder why I know that?

    • @ Geraint Are you sure that what you are apparently ‘observing’ is not some kind of CGI? 😉

  8. That money could help a lot of people on this earth.

    • Yeah those bastards literary burning money n throwing it around like confetti while rest of us are on the bones of our backsides for yrs those fat ugly evil greedy bastards are gonna get what’s comming to them fake ass losers

  9. Description of Apollo lunar module of the 60’s by Dave McGowan (parody) more including the pics at source link below (definitely worth it to read the whole thing)

    ‘While what is depicted in the images may initially appear, to the untrained eye, to be some kind of mock-up that someone cobbled together in their backyard to make fun of NASA, I can assure you that it is actually an extremely high-tech manned spacecraft capable of landing on the surface of the Moon. And incredibly enough, it was also capable of blasting off from the Moon and flying “69” miles back up into lunar orbit! Though not immediately apparent, it is actually a two-stage craft, the lower half (the part that looks like a tubular aluminum framework covered with Mylar and old Christmas wrapping paper) being the descent stage, and the upper half (the part that looks as though it was cobbled together from old air conditioning ductwork and is primarily held together, as can be seen in the close-up, with zippers and gold tape) being the ascent stage”

    • Oh, I like that one, would like to use it sometime if that’s OK.

      • Yep full your ( moon ) boots couldn’t resist

  10. Red flag, buggers are up to something, wait for it.
    I would love to press the like button on many of your comments, but although I can comment, I cannot like for some reason. Sorry.

  11. Lost episodes of Doctor Who found on NASA tapes labelled “moon landing”.

  12. Quick question, why did the US pay the japanese space agency NOT to take pictures of the supposed moon landing site????????? Now they want to go drop off stuff there to make ot look like it was real?

  13. Don’t you think that the same people telling lies also feed false info to attract the gullible among the criticisers, and in this way mix the ridiculous with the reasonable? To illustrate my point, I tried (unsuccessfully) to upload the image titled ‘eclipse of the moon’ with a black horizontal bar across the full moon face. A proof of the ridiculous! I feel your arguments are generally good, Hugo, but if you don’t have an argument it might be better not to suggest an opinion.

  14. They have never been to the moon and will never be able to. NASA have to try and justify their 51 million dollar a day budget

  15. Fun fact: Nobody on earth knows what the moon even is, or what it does.

    Anybody claiming they know is full of shit. They’re just touting belief systems.

  16. When I was a boy, I was glued to my tv watching the moon landing. Now, knowing it was the possibly the biggest lie ever told to me (there are a couple of recent ones that might trump it), I can’t be bothered to follow the “space” program period

  17. It is forever impossible to reach or land upon a metaphysical celestial luminary.. above the proven level motionless earth. “Outer space” is the imaginary physically-impossible canvas on which to paint the physically-impossible globe earth nonsense.. Propulsion in an alleged vacuum is physically-impossible.. An alleged vacuum adjacent to a pressurized gas atmo”sphere” is physically-impossible.. More CGI bullshit for the gullible to fall for

    No measurable curvature+ No detectable motion = No spinning flying globe.. Bodies of water can only ever be level.. No one needs to go anywhere “high-enough” to know these demonstrable, verifiable empirical facts of reality. Nothing complicated about truth..

    The Globe Earth does not exist: Pilots, Engineers, Submarine, Naval & Military personnel confirm the proven level motionless earth.. This is an excellent documentary.. Do not be afraid to learn the undefeatable truth of your reality..

    Shinning a light on the impossible Globe :

    • Many/most of you ‘flat earthers’ claim that the stars are CGI-created. Do you have any idea how crazy that is?? When you can see the stars with your own eyes?? You can even see some nebulae, and star clusters, with the naked eye, too (for eg, the Pleiades, the Orion Nebula, and others). Ie, the stars are most definitely NOT ‘created by CGI’. Ie, space most definitely DOES exist.

      You ‘flat earthers’ are wrong. You’re being well and truly fooled.

      What on earth is the world coming to…???

      • Yes, it really is coming to something when you don’t even believe what you can clearly see with your own eyes. There is probably a word for it.

      • I’ve never heard of the claim they don’t exist. In the bible the stars are real and created by God for signs and navigation. But the sun is not a star, and the star’s are not distant suns. They are separate categories.

  18. Have you seen The Capture. Season 1 was amazing. We really cannot believe anything we see. Although fiction I am sure it’s based on actual events. New season tonight.

  19. Hugo great video thanks . Agree totally , unless you see or experienced something yourself always keep a open mind , certainly don’t be bullied into accepting another agenda’s propaganda . Interesting that it would take the ‘ 3 ‘ attempts to get mankind back lol and a cost of 93 billion ( reverse upside down crap ) it’s simply 3 6 ‘ s . You did a fantastic video on ‘ their blue & yellow ‘ brainwashing a little time ago . I appreciate the tv is bollocks but ‘ one should know the enemy ‘ especially with the ‘ soaps ‘ the masses follow them and I’m noticing no more blue and yellow but a lot of black and yellow … 🐝 take care 👍

  20. I remember a lot of years ago when I was young and naive, the Indian lady at the local shop said she’d been back to India and all of the “backward locals” were laughing at how stupid we in the West are, that we believed we’d been to the moon.

    I shook my head in disbelief at their stupidity. Now I shake my head at my own stupidity that I could ever have believed it in the first place.

    I think one of the major problems we have in the West, particularly illuminated over the last 2 years, is our ability to believe in anything because “it’s science” and “an expert said it’s true”.

    It’s just an excuse to switch off your brain and stop thinking for yourself.

  21. Synchronicity…I’m just finishing a book called Moon Man by Bart Sibrel all about how he was chased by the CIA because he was researching the fake moon landings of 1969 I recommend it he also made a documentary called A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon. This latest “mission” is another load of BS. Thanks Hugo.

  22. Hugo, IMO you’ve asked good questions.

    Best is:

    How is it that this ARTEMIS PROJECT is a TEST to determine whether it’s SAFE to send astronauts back to the Moon, when NASA – allegedly – SUCCESSFULLY had the technology to send astronauts to Moon and then back to Earth FIFTY YEARS AGO?

    I was involved in the Network coverage of the Apollo Project. And I was actually there, witnessing the astronauts training — I had to jump out of the way for an astronaut-driven Moon-buggy (a Rover) coming my way — and, one occasion, I also had an interview with Dr. Von Braun and met with the astronauts for that mission.

    The launch was spectacular, as was the (alleged) mission, which was my focus. But still, throughout the mission, I couldn’t help thinking this question: how do we know that what we are seeing, and what NASA is officially telling us, is “the whole story”?

    Yet “back in the day”, there was “the feeling in the air” — that despite the controversy over the costs — that NASA was an honest agency trying to do its scientific best to advance interplanetary & space research.

    But since that time?

    IMO, it is always good to point out discrepancies and to ask questions.

    Against the 2009 claim that NASA can’t find (or had deleted) the Apollo 11 “moonwalk” videotapes, you can now see, on Youtube what allegedly is the complete “resurrected” video-record of those Apollo 11 moonwalks.

    Are these videotapes copies that “surprisingly” were recently (?) discovered? Were the “original” videotapes authentic? Are the supposedly-remastered COPIES authentic – and of WHAT?

    And about the VAN ALLEN RADIATION-BELTS: I recall seeing a recent (in the past year or so) video in which a NASA person was saying that NASA HAS TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO SHIELD AN ASTRONAUT FROM RADIATION FROM THE VAN ALLEN BELTS before they can THINK of sending astronauts to Mars. HUH?

    Were the APOLLO astronauts protected from radiation, or micrometeorites — or weren’t they?

    Did the USA send astronauts to the Moon and did they survive the entire journey AND their stay on the Moon — essentially UNSHIELDED, in their “moonwalks”, from micrometeorites — and then return safely to Earth? Plus, that’s TWO trips, for each astronaut, THROUGH THE “VAN ALLEN BELTS”. Unless the alleged deadliness of the radiation of the VAN ALLEN BELTS is itself a fiction, how did those astronauts — riding in the equivalent of an UNSHIELDED TIN CAN — survive the journey? (Note: did any of the Apollo astronauts ever subsequently come down with cancer?).

    According to historic revelations, the USSR sent several Cosmonauts en route to the Moon, and those poor souls died in the attempt.

    I’d like to believe that the Apollo Project actually did what it said it did. In fact, there are many videos, available on Youtube, of strange Lunar sights (UFOs? Strange land-structures?) allegedly imaged by the instruments onboard the Moon-orbiting CSM, on several missions. And there are the many pieces of equipment – such as the Laser-Ranging Reflectors that are reportedly still in-use – that the astronauts allegedly installed on the Lunar surface.

    So there is much evidence that the Apollo missions REALLY took place — as is much evidence that OPPOSES that conclusion. Apparently, each set of evidence has its disputes.

    Or was the whole Apollo Project ultimately a political — and then a financial — scam? Was it based on REAL Moon-missions – or was it produced at least partly – or wholesale – in an Earthbound Stanley Kubrick studio, while profiteers (NASA? Or?) ran off with umpteen billions of dollars — dollars allegedly destined for the Apollo Project — and now the same fate is befalling the Artemis project?

    I don’t know; I only ask the questions.

    • Since Neil Armstrong died at 82, Michael Collins died at 90, and ‘Buzz Aldrin’ is still alive and kicking at the ripe old age of 92 maybe the ‘Van Allen belt’ bestowed some life-extending property.

    • And if the ‘moon landings’ were indeed fake you would think that the ‘main witnesses’ would have been ‘bumped off’ a long time ago.

  23. In that ‘masterful speaking’ way that Freemasons have, NASA (Not Astronauts Simply Actors) often reveal their deceptions – such as having never left lower earth orbit. The agency’s formation goes back to Operation Paperclip and includes Walt Disney and other Satanists. The moon lander looks like the result of a school project with rails, foil and duck tape holding it together. It doesn’t take that much researchnto reveal the whole Apollo programme was a hoax – one that I’m old enough to have watched on TV! They use all these occult numbers – 93 million miles to the sun, speed of light 186,000 miles per second (reduces to 15 in numerology). It’s almost fun checking them all out! No one can land on the moon, anyway. Both it and the sun are ‘local’ and different light sources above our level, motionless plane. We live in a closed system beneath the Firmament and are not the product of a fictitious ‘big bang’ – a theory created to make us feel like unimportant specks in an unending universe, rather than God’s creation. Outer space, at least in the way Hollywood presents it, is a total fraud.

    • I’m no expert with numerology, but the speed of light is a physically measurable attribute and is used in many technologies that you use on a daily basis.
      It is also 300 million metres per second, which I think boils down simply to 3 using your same technique.
      Ever tried dividing 1 by 81, the answer is the basis for our decimal system….

  24. Problem with flat earth theory is it relies on psychological manipulation and false logic to make a false point to reinforce further manipulation.
    These people complain that no one will debate them, yet many have and after one or two discourses they ALWAYS without fail resort to ad hominem.
    Anyone with a basic understanding of classical physics and electricity/magnetism can effortlessly debunk flat earth theory and do so with physical real world experiments to back it up.

      • I have and also debated him.
        Two interactions and he resorted to insults.
        His theory falls flat on it’s arse from the outset, you can’t have buoyancy without gravity.
        He claims gravity does not exists from the outset, false logic based on false premise…

  25. I don’t know about the moon – everyone says we never landed on the moon – but what about the rest? What about Voyager I and Voyager II? Cassini-Huygens? Carolyn Porco was on both Voyager and Cassini, and I just don’t see that gal lying. Gov’t – don’t see them telling the truth – EVER – but I don’t see Carolyn Porco or many other scientists (despite medical “scientists” now having quite a bad name in my book) lying. I mean there are a lot of us geeks busy checking out astronomy – just seems like a lot of work for basically just us geeks. But that one sentence is probably the stupidest sentence I will ever hear – “We lost the technology”. Wait – I forgot – “Got my booster – now no more covid 😛 ” – that one’s pretty stupid too . . .

    • Of course Saturn and Jupiter exist. You can observe them with the naked eye. Or get an even better view with a telescope. You don’t need NASA to tell you.

    • @ Sharon Exactly, why go to all the bother for something that most people have no interest in? Most people think Venus is a ‘bright star’. That is how much the average Joe/Josephine knows about astronomy. And NASA sends out all these probe to bring back fake images of planets that don’t even exist? Really?!

  26. the moon is self luminating plasma like a reflection on a dome over the flat earth. flat earth is legit.

    • The moon is polarised light reflected from the sun as proven when viewing it through a polarising filter.
      The moons distance has accurately been measured by laser since the 1950’s.
      Flat earth is provable nonsense on all levels.
      Unfortunately flat earthers are too ignorant to understand the science which has long been proven through testing and demonstration.
      This is why they resort to personal attacks when their ridiculous theories are deconstructed and demolished by reasoned logic and demonstration.

  27. I’m very sure that the Moon landings were staged, VERY sure indeed, and I believe that the flat Earth theory was created deliberately to discredit conspiracy theorists and to make those questioning the landings and saying they were staged look stupid, ie that old ‘conspiracy nutjob’ thing again, as has been so prevalent in the media over the past 2 and a half years.. And in the aftermath of the flat Earth theory, genuine people have come along, believing the Earth to be flat too. It’s interesting what Hugo says at the end, because I, too, would really need to see the curvature with my own eyes to be 100% satisfied. But I strongly believe we’re living on a round planet governed by corrupt and devious controllers.

  28. Space may be the final frontier but its made in a Hollywood basement…

  29. Haha,. More lies from NASA, and its an obscene waste of money. !

  30. In Hebrew, nasa (nun-shin-aleph or nun-shin-hey, Strongs concordance H5375) is a verb meaning “to lift or raise up”. With slightly different vowel pointing (H5378), it can also mean “to lead astray” (mentally), “to delude”, or “to seduce”. And with other points (H5382), it can mean “to forget, neglect, remit, or remove”. It can also mean to lend on interest (H5378) or to borrow on interest (H5383).

    NASA is riddled with freemasons and seems to be largely or completely fake, including the ISS (very similar to the masonic goddess Isis) and Mars landers, etc. And they always seem to name their rockets after pagan gods and goddesses like Apollo (the Greek equivalent of Horus) and Artemis (the Greek equivalent of Isis). And then there is their famous runway 33 in Florida.

    Flat Earth is disinformation. They create a bunch of Flat Earth websites that also debunk NASA and then in the popular mind anyone who questions NASA or the moon landings is automatically assumed to be a Flat Earther.

    Anyone with a phone and a friend in another time zone can debunk the flat earth theory themselves. If the earth was flat, then sunrise and sunset would occur at the same time everywhere on the earth. So simply wait for sunset, call your friend and ask him whether it is sunset at his location. If the sun is above or below the horizon there, the flat earth theory must be false. There is another version of the flat earth theory that assumes that the sun is like a spot light that shines on different parts of the earth at different times. But if this were the case, the sun would need to always be above the horizon (since it is always daytime somewhere), so you could never watch the sun setting below the horizon. In all of the sunsets I’ve watched, the sun always went below the horizon.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. The sun is small and local. The moon is the same size as the sun and also is small and local. The reason you see the sun rise and fall is the same reason you can see contrails or chemtrails that SEEM to go from up in the sky to the horizon. Its PERSPECTIVE. that is all . look into it before you criticize something you know nothing about.

      • The moon’s distance has been measured by laser since the 1950’s.
        You need to brush up on your schoolboy physics as you are speaking from a position of abject ignorance having been indoctrinated by a cheap psychological trick.

      • John Davies, you speak with such authority but who has provided your information? Did you witness the laser measurements yourself? Do believe in the Big Bang? Modern cosmology has our earth careening through space at more than a million miles per hour with an atmosphere contained by the vacuum of space and our oceans being held to our spinning earth by the force of theoretical gravity. I remind you that in logic it takes only one counterexample to invalidate a theory. I won’t accuse you of speaking from abject ignorance, but I will ask you to think about these questions, unproven questions or questions that defy your schoolboy physics.

      • If the Sun is indeed ‘small and local’, say giving about the same ‘illumination’ as the Moon? Then why can see observe other planets in the Solar System? What provides the light source in the Solar System? Certainly not a ‘small and local’ sun. I can’t imagine that the Moon (or similar sun) sheds much light on Uranus 🙂

    • You can easily just go and look on a public webcam. On a flat Earth illumination from the Sun would be uniform across the flat plane.

      • @Sarah And should therefore be visible in the sky 24/7 – something flattards never build into their mickey mouse theories.

  31. More lies. It’s not like we haven’t tried to warn them! We did try to warn them

  32. I believe in the possibility of a flat plane. I absolutely don’t believe we are a grain of sand spinning and moving across a infinite universe. I can’t however explain the sun and moon. The book of Enoch suggestes portals where they enter and exit.

  33. Medya just reporting sudden death of the Artemis flight due to fuel leaks and a crack in the $22.2bn rocket. Predictable.

    So whose bank accounts were filled with $22.2bn rocket fuel …

  34. Great video, Hugo. Have you looked into the Germ theory too? Spacebusters – germ theory debunked, Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Sam Bailey at Oddysey and Tom Cowan on Bitchute. I am inclined to believe tha Earth is flat, or it is definitely not a spinnig ball…. just looking at the stars being at the same place for thousand of years, not moving like a smeared it would be if we span like a centrifuge and speeding through the vast vacuum space around a plasma hot star….. at thousands of miles per hour… I would also like to be allowed to see Antarctica and go high up to see the Earth beneath. But it´s not possible…. there is the firmament…. they tried breaking it but never suceeded. Hillary Clinton mentions it on more than one occasion. Thank for your videos. Thanks.

  35. More cobblers then! I don’t know about flat earth but we know we can’t believe anything they say anymore! Talking about a simulated world, as a long time player of Sims a disturbing thought struck me the other week, I said to my other half, what if we are really Sims and ‘they’ are ‘playing’ us? I can’t get my head around the fact that when I shake my device it makes the sim on screen vomit? How the hell do they do that?
    That would be the ultimate piss take, getting us to play what ‘they’ are doing to us and when I say ‘they’ I don’t mean humans.

  36. Here are some interesting “measurements” that are ALL masonic numerology. How’s that for science?

    Alleged axial tilt of alleged globe Earth : 66.6 degrees
    Alleged speed of Earth’s alleged orbit around the sun : 66,600 mph
    Alleged curvature drop in 1 mile on alleged globe Earth : .666 inches
    Alleged curvature drop in 10 miles on alleged globe Earth : 666 feet
    Alleged curvature drop in 100 miles on alleged globe Earth : 6666 feet
    Latitude of Arctic & Antarctic circles : 66.6 degrees
    Latitude of Tropics from alleged “poles” : 66.6 degrees
    In alleged lunar one-sixth “gravity”, everything would weigh one-sixth, or 16.66% of its earth weight
    6x6x6 =216. This is the significant encoded numerology
    Earth circumference is alleged to be 21600 nautical miles
    Moon’s diameter is alleged to be 2160 miles
    Distance to the moon was 1st alleged to be 216,000 miles
    Half of significant number 216 = 108
    Saturn is alleged to have a polar diameter of 108,000 km
    Saturn is alleged to have orbital period of 108,000 days
    Venus is alleged to have an orbital distance of 108,000 km
    Earth is alleged to have an orbital velocity of 108,000 kmh (66,600 mph)
    Significant number 216 x 4 = 864
    Sun’s Diameter alleged to be 864,000 miles = 4 x 216,000
    Sun’s alleged diameter 864,000 miles x 108 = Sun’s alleged distance from Earth =93,312,000 miles
    Sun’s alleged diameter divided by Earth’s alleged diameter = 108
    In the Bible, the World was created in 6 days = 8640 minutes
    Number of seconds in a day = 86400
    Pythagorean right-angled triangle theorem : 3 squared plus 4 squared = 5 squared
    (3x3x3) + (4x4x4) + (5x5x5) = 6 x 6 x 6 =216
    Alleged Distance to the nearest galaxy is 11.7 million light-years..
    11+7=18 (6+6+6=18)
    The nearest alleged solar system (star Gliese 876) is 15.3 light years away…
    15+3=18 (6+6+6=18)
    There are 1800 alleged “confirmed” new worlds outside of our Solar System.(6+6+6=18)
    Pluto allegedly has 18% the mass of our Moon.(6+6+6=18)
    Pluto’s moon ‘Charon’ is allegedly nearly 1/8 the mass of Pluto.(6+6+6=18)
    The alleged newest “planet discovered” 2016 (Proxima b) is 4.22 light-years away.
    4-22=18 (6+6+6=18)
    The alleged Solar System is allegedly traveling at an average speed of 828,000 km/h
    8+2+8=18 (6+6+6=18)
    The Sun was allegedly formed from the solar nebula about 4.59 billion years ago.
    4+5+9=18 (6+6+6=18)
    The Earth’s alleged orbital speed around the Sun: 108,000 km/h
    10+8=18 (6+6+6=18)
    The total alleged journey time from Earth to Mars takes between 150-300 days
    15+3=18 (6+6+6=18)
    Neptune’s alleged equatorial clouds take 18 hours to make one rotation.
    The Moon was allegedly formed 4.6 billion years ago around some 30–50 million years after the formation of the solar system
    4+6+3+5= 18 (6+6+6=18)
    Pluto’s alleged distance changes from 7.3 billion kilometers to 4.4 billion kilometers.”
    7+3+4+4=18 (6+6+6=18)
    Milky Way is allegedly moving towards Centaurus at a speed of between 150 and 300 miles/sec
    15+3=18 (6+6+6=18)
    The sun allegedly weighs 333,000 times as much as the Earth ! (33=Freemasonry)
    The alleged distance to the Moon is 238857 miles
    2+3+8+8+5+7=33 (33=Freemasonry)
    Pluto’s alleged surface area is about 3.3% that of Earth’s.
    The Earth is allegedly 24,900 miles in circumference at the equator 24+9=33 (33=Freemasonry)
    The alleged “International Space Station” Max speed is 27,600 km/h
    27+6=33 (33=Freemasonry)
    33 Americans Selected for Mars One Project reality show.
    Earth and Mars are allegedly 33.9 million miles apart
    The alleged Milky Way’s alleged diameter is 150,000 – 180,000 light-years.
    15+18=33 (33=Freemasonry)
    Saturn allegedly orbits the Sun once every 29.4 Earth years.
    29+4=33 (33=Freemasonry)
    Alleged “Comet ‘2P/Encke’ allegedly completes an orbit of the Sun once every 3.3 years.
    Pluto’s alleged surface area is about 3.3% that of Earth’s.
    The alleged Diameter of the Sun is 1,392,684 km.
    1+3+9+2+6+8+4=33 (33=Freemasonry)
    Deserts allegedly take up about 33% of the Earth’s land surface.
    The alleged Virgo supercluster allegedly contains 100 galaxies and it’s 33 Mpc across.
    216 x 2 ( double the reverence) = 432
    Jupiter was initially alleged to have an orbital period of 4320000 days
    Jupiter was initially alleged to have a radius of 43200 miles
    Mars was initially alleged to have a diameter of 4320 miles
    Speed of light was initially alleged to be 186624 miles per second = 432 x 432
    Distance to the sun was initially alleged to be = 93,312,000 miles = 432 x 216,000
    And the list goes on and on.. All just coincidence…
    In Revelations 21 : 17, the wall of New Jerusalem that is to descend from heaven to earth, was measured as 144 cubits x 1.5 = 216 feet, a perfect cube of surface area = 864,000,000 furlongs squared
    Revelations = CHAOS = in Masonic cipher = 3 x 6 x 1 x 2 x 6 = 216
    216 = 6 x 6 x 6 = 666

    • Doesn’t the actual distance to the Moon vary? Why do we observe ‘supermoons’ then?

  37. 2 observations I’ve noticed … I don’t know for sure if the earth is round or flat , never been high enough to see with my own eyes . If it a spinning globe then why have they never placed the ‘ wind turbines ‘ north to south’ in parallel lines maximising the ( dog head out of car window ) effect … there is also the strange activity of those ‘ sky engineers ‘ spending a lot of wasted time aligning their satellite dishes that they screwed to peoples homes ( so they could watch the footie on something that should be spinning faster since it’s further from the core of earth … ( their crap ) lol . Keep a open mind , study of maps is good , sailing off edge of world lol and ‘ the times newspaper first world atlas book ‘ complimented with nasa images… we are all being played against each other in a game , bit like tennis , and they are the empire …

    • Riddle me this because no one has ever explained it, and I can’t be bothered watching ‘flat earth’ documentaries just in case they have, but how do you account for the horizon on a ‘flat earth’ plane? Why can’t I see the Statue of Liberty from my bedroom window? Why can’t I marvel Sydney Opera House off an evening? Or is the horizon some sort of ‘optical illusion’? And why isn’t the Sun visible in the sky at all times? Why does it ‘disappear’ below the ‘horizon’ for part of the day? Please explain because I would love to know 🙂 Many thanks in advance 🙂

      • Hi Sarah you make some very interesting points and I don’t claim to know the answers , but neither do you offer anything . It’s all rather unfortunate . I suspect the earth is a globe as you alluded to , but if it is , it certainly doesn’t spin for the 2 observations I offered . It’s a huge jigsaw puzzle and many of the pieces are intangible 😊

      • Well, I can offer you this, I have flown at 55,000 feet + on a ‘budget’ airline and at that high I could see the curvature of the Earth begin to take place. Pity the plane hadn’t flown a bit higher but then maybe it would have fallen apart.

      • Your now typing utter nonsense , most commercial airlines fly around 30000 feet they can do about 40 but safety issues come with that . Military jets are slightly higher at 50000 . I’m in agreement with you that the earth is probably a globe but it doesn’t spin !! If it did planes would just need to hover and wait for the destination to spin round before landing …lol 😀

      • Another thing is radio waves. High frequency ones can’t get past the horizon. And longer range ones rely on ‘bouncing off’ the ionosphere. How does this make sense on a flat plain Earth. It doesn’t! ‘Flat Earth’ is pure bunkum and probably just another CIA psyop to get us to waste our time arguing over.

      • @ Andy the clue is in the name ‘budget’ airline 😉 I did wonder at the time. This is the same budget airline that landed in extremely thick fog. And also flew over another aircraft (jet black in colour) within touching distance. Very scary! As well as other similar ‘incidents’. I won’t name the airline but it begins with an ‘R’ and it owned by an annoying Irishman. Anyway, I am not here to waste my time arguing over ‘flat Earth’ nonsense. If you state such you are either 1. Mentally ill 2. Troll 3. Government agent.

      • Enoch flew in a craft eastwards has he detailed the geography of earth , it’s all in his memoir , I’m not sure even he reached the dizzy heights of 55000 feet , he didn’t say . But he may of , he was in a special craft 👽 lol aww to be sure … 🍀 😂

      • I forgot to mention but when I flew over that other aircraft it felt like I was in ‘Top Gun’ for a moment. Maybe Tom Cruise was up in the cockpit.

      • @ Andy That is like saying you just need to jump up and wait for the Earth to spin 😉 to travel anywhere you fancy. Like your plane analogy it doesn’t work – try it! – because we are in the same ‘frame of reference’.

      • convergence >< causes things to shrink into the horizon and water in the air causes lensing.

      • It has to do with perspective and the angular resolution of your eyes. If you watch a plane it will also disappear at a certain distance way up in the sky nowhere near the horizon. Things like the stars are visible because the light travels to you. Even if it is a globe (it isn’t but whatever) the horizon is not even claimed to be the “curve” by “experts”. Look it up. That is a common misconception. If you took the distance of the perceived horizon and then went out halfway there in a boat, then turned 90 degrees and went the same distance and then did a 180 you should be looking at a curved horizon if that were true. Its meant to be a globe not a barrel. As we know,that doesn’t happen anyway. It’s flat imo

      • The sun actually nears and fars but appears to rise and fall due to the vanishing point. It’s also closer and smaller than NASA and ‘Science’ claim. Interestingly the pyramid shape and capstone encodes and symbolises this effect. Think of how you would see a corridor in a hotel, two pyramids (the roof and floor) meeting in the middle at the vanishing point. The sun appearing to rise and fall is an optical illusion used to deceive men into believing the earth is a globe. The same vanishing point, the limits of the eye’s vision, along with the Earth’s topography and other intervening features mean you can’t see the features you mentioned.

      • What if you were to use a (powerful) telescope? Surely that would overcome any limits of human vision?

      • And what to you mean by ‘Earth’s topography’? Do you mean the curvature getting in the way of line-of-sight?

    • Well, that is easy to answer. ‘Wind turbines’ are in the same ‘frame of reference’ as the atmosphere. i.e. the wind and the ‘wind turbines’ are both rotating at the same speed as the Earth. Hope that has cleared that up and made you happy 🙂

      • BTW Hugo doesn’t make a big song and dance about the subject but I believe he too at the very least questions the globe lore. If you’re observant you will notice he will always refer to satellites as high in the sky 🎈and he will also use the phrase across the world rather than around the world. 👍

      • @Lol Oh that’s good, for I can’t wait for him to point out the sun in the night sky, or perhaps you’re the genius that can show us. LOL

      • Well ‘ he ‘ was rather in agreement with your ‘ fixed globe ‘ etc etc but expressed it differently . You have clearly just demonstrated that darkness is rooted in everyone ( even someone who claims to be the voice of god ) lol . You believe your perceived intellectual studies of something that has been ‘ allowed for one to study ‘ gives you righteousness … lol
        Your very obnoxious attitude will be your downfall , you have never offered any valid advice just put down many collaborators to Hugo’s comments . Your heart is surrounded by darkness , but rather than acknowledge you do ‘ his ‘ satanic works …roar pussy cat roar 🦁 lol

      • The sun being invisible at “night” (merely the name given to the state where it and its light is invisible) does not necessarily have any bearing on the shape of what we are standing on. To assume it does is.. guess what? DOCTRINE

      • @Lol, @Lol Hey, ‘genius’, where did you gain your degree in sophistry bullshit? In the flat earth plain paradigm the sun MUST remain visible in the sky 24/7, 365 days of the year, which means there would be NO SUN RISE and NO SUN SET.

  38. Another great video Hugo will miss particular point I’m not particularly great on technology but I agree it sounds slightly suss that 50 years ago as you said they were able to go to the moon and now suddenly they’re not able to and the video got lost sounds exceptionally suss if you ask me personally I don’t believe the moon landings ever happened and finally in relation to the numbers I definitely think there is something in this and I’ve tried to look to find out more on what sat in numbers mean definitely seems against us that a lot of these things and sunny here particular numbers quite a lot in the news

    • But what about the subsequent ‘moon landings’? Why would they continue and risk being ‘exposed’? At that point people were bored with ‘moon landings’, hardly anyone tuned into these broadcasts.

      • @Sarah, There were no moon landings. The whole charade was created by the film director Stanley Kubrick, of ‘Space Odyssey’ fame, in a studio. He was hired specially for the job!

        If you can still find the televised interviews of the alleged astronauts after the event, they are well worth a watch for their body language and overall demeanour gives the game away.

        “People always lie badly” – Jewish Prof. Roger Dommergue, Holocaust Revisionist

      • But still what the point of the OTHER Moon landings (not just Apollo 11)? The public had completely lost interest yet NASA were supposedly STILL sending men to the Moon? We have all heard of Neil Armstrong but who has even heard of Commander Charles “Pete” Conrad who commanded Apollo 12, the second to land on the Moon? Was Stanley Kubrick involved in this too?

      • @Sarah, ALL the moon landing settings were studio created by Kubrick for NASA, and the CIA – no man has ever walked on the moon.

        “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

        — William Casey, CIA Director (from the first staff meeting in 1981)

        “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold to the masses over the generations, The Truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

        — Dresden James

        “Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.”

        — I. F. Stone

      • Fair enough. I was only wondering why they just didn’t quit after the first one. More chance to slip up and all that. Like committing a crime you got away with the first time over and over until you will eventually slip-up. What were they thinking about? Or more likely smoking?

      • @Sarah, Governments and politicians LOVE conning and mocking the people, and in private they laugh their heads off. They’ve been doing it for a very long time, so they’re very good at it..

      • @Sarah
        Your thinking is intuitive. Just because a lot of lies have been fed to us through sick and corrupt governments, that doesn’t mean that all logic and science goes out the window. Obviously, there are many technologies and scientific advancements that have been made through space flight and visits to the moon. We can not denigh what has been achieved as we can see things such as this rocket with our own eyes. I think it looks like magic to some so it is treated that way, but there really are people who do math and engineering and testing to make this stuff.

        That being said, I do believe that in the old space race, it is very plausible that the first mission could have been faked for power and political reasons. In other words a loss to Russia at the time would have been detrimental to the space program, and although the US may have been close to being first, they could have cheated initially. This could have been achieved by using photos and video from previous unmanned flights along with staged footage. Then the followup manned missions would be real. At least that’s how I belive things could have gone down.

        The real coverup is not whether or not we went, but where did all of the money go? I am a firm believer that grand projects like this always also have a secret side project or path for the money that keeps the corrupt cronies in charge and us working like slaves. I think we are only looking at the surface and fighting over the wrong things. There is something deeper than whether we went to the moon or not.

      • @Brent Out of interest, do you classify the babblings of Einstein science, or lying mathematical sophistry? in other words, bullshit!

      • @Sarah
        I don’t understand what you mean. I feel like you are attacking me. I’m only trying to show me agreement with you about followup moon landings. Maybe I misunderstood your perspective.

        For me personally, having literally worked with a nuclear reactor, I can say that much of the babblings (bullshit) of Einstein actually make sense. How do you think the complicated radioactive fuel vs power output of a reactor is calculated? Without that math and the proper controls in place, a reactor wouldn’t be controlable to produce steady heatflow and therefore, steady energy for conversion into our beloved electricity. Sure some science is fake BS like the current health care plans based on a misused PCR test, but that doesn’t mean all of science is. Heck, I bet you’re using a wireless smart phone right now that sends data through the air via invisible packets over physical radio waves controlled by protocols. Come on. Call BS on real BS and study up for the rest. The best thing is more knowledge. Then you can see more clearly. After all science is not proven. It is only disproven.

      • @Brent, Einstein was infamous for his relativity crap, and well you know it. Einstein was a plagiarising fraud, and Tesla exposed him for what he was, and rightly made a mockery of him. Einstein was a mathematician, not a scientist!

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine
        Oh, sorry about that. I don’t post much. I did not realize that I was responding to you instead of Sarah.

        Okay. Point taken about Einstein. I studied the principles so I don’t know much about Einstein’s history. I can imagine that not all things about him are good.

        From what I know about Tesla, I very much respect him. I know his research was confiscated by the government after he died. One of these days I’ll have to make some time to look more into both he and Einstein. Thanks for the tip.

      • Third time! @Brent It’s OK and not a problem. Einstein denied the existence of the Aether in order to promulgate his ‘space vacuum’ BS, which Tesla unravelled and thereby exposed his nonsensical theory of relativity. The acknowledging of the existence of the Aether changed everything.

        I also follow and agree with the Geocentric model, that is, the Earth is a fixed globe at the centre of the universe, with the sun and moon orbiting the earth. The Stars move in the Aether. Space vacuum is a myth.

        Flat Earth Stupidity Exposed by Malcolm Bowden:

  39. Having been in the military and worked with nuclear propulsion technology and then moved on to work as a firmware engineer for various ruggedised and commercial products (some probably in your home), I have a lot of experience with project design, bringup, and maintenance. As such, I can say that no matter what age the technology is, things almost always go wrong on the first try during bringup and testing. This is why the production is broken up into “spins”, where tests are run and results are confirmed.

    A trip around the moon is a major task. The combination of hardware and firmware testing from a project like this is tremendous. I would not like to be an astronaut on this initial mission, because the chance of never coming back is very high.

    That said though, with modern technology and logging, the result of one successful or even halfway successful flight to and from the moon will bring back a huge amount of data that can be used to almost gaurantee that a followup flight can be safely manned.

    But I’m just an old software engineer… what do I know.

  40. Absolutely bang on as usual Hugo talks. Absolutely love your conclusion at the end, exactly where I’m at and how I see it! Think you would appreciate this guys channel, it’s really helped me to make sense of the world and he comes to similar conclusions as you do. This is his latest video which relates to this topic

    • I second this channel and found the same as you! His name is Will and he’s interviewed on the Revelations Radio News Podcast for those interested.

  41. Hi Hugo, I like your videos, but I hope you were just joking that the Earth is flat. Just because you never seen from up there. You never seen Jesus and God, but you know that they are there. Back to the globe, even the Bible starts that God put a round globe hanging on nothing. Satellites around the globe made enough photos and videos about the globe to proof that. But I think the Earth is looks like a banana anyway.

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