Electric Cars To COST MORE To RUN Than Petrol / Hugo Talks

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  1. The only way to stop this is by massive violent arrest of all the globalist and administer the death penalty, no trials needed anymore! We can never win this war by letting the state terrorists alive. They will always try to sneak out of taking responsibility. Any non-violent solution, sorry, that station HAS PASSED!

  2. I’ve noticed a common thread with all government policies..they are all scams.

  3. Agree with you Hugo. We are not going to be part of this system. We have bought a fire pit ( cheap one) for emergency so we can cook food on it if necessary. We have bought solar lights also. We can survive, just use our imagination.
    In storm Eunice we had no electric for over a week and managed.
    Like you say just fear mongering.
    How do we convince others though who just just go along with it all.

    • https://www.ghillie-kettle.co.uk/ is a very useful piece of kit, as is the Kelly Kettle. There may be others. You can heat water for hot water bottles or drinks etc. Any scrap wood will do. Of course, not everyone lives in a situation where these can be used. There are paraffin cookers available quite cheap, and hurricane lamps etc. Most people should have something like this as a standby in case a road gang cuts through a cable, or similar!

  4. Bought a shed nearly three years ago and have been filling the bugger up with everything I need to survive a winter such as that which is coming. Camping gas stoves (two) all the gas canisters I will need for them, food, dried, tinned, packet, toiletries, you name it it is in there. I have four cats so have had to stock up for them too, I now have literally tones of cat litter (won’t be able to get that soon) and food for them also. I have got security on the shed that would be good enough for Fort Knox. Also, I am now arranging to have my door locks on my house changed to security locks, I see a huge surge in burglaries coming soon. Nothing is impenetrable, but you can sure make it real difficult for them. I have venetian blinds up at my windows, burglars hate those, they are likely to pass your and go on somewhere else. Like another said on here, I too have bought solar lights, leave them outside all day bring them inside at night, you don’t need sunshine just daylight they work fine.
    You just need to sit and think about it, it’s amazing what you come up with. I am 65, female and not in good health, but still have fight left in me. WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS, JUST USE YOUR HEADS.

      • Try to get the ones with the highest lumens as they are the brightest, I got mine from Amazon, but you can get the anywhere now, just look for the best deal. Their safer than having candles everywhere, but I do have a few church candles just in case. Try to get the church candles they last about 150 hours, there huge and heavy and safer than the small ones.

  5. We need to start arranging common law court trials for these criminals..after all those courts are ours to use

    • Good idea, we also need to think about where we are going to put them when they have been convicted, how about the super prisons they have built for us, there’s room for 30/40 thousand in each, at least they won’t go to waste hey. I new they would come in handy and what irony.

  6. there’s a photo of a bill estimate to replace the batteries in a Chevrolet Volt hybrid car (which they don’t make anymore) the “estimate” is $30,000.00 US dollars. The car went 70,000 miles.

    in gas, is roughly 5,800 gallons, at $5.00 per gallon. 5,800 Gallons on a 20 MPG engine is like 116,000 miles. Much higher than that this Volt’s 70,000 miles

    2) the byproduct of burnt gas is carbon dioxide which is necessary for plants to live. Greenhouses purposely pump in carbon dioxide to help plants grow. In return they give us oxygen.

    The byproduct of used batteries is LANDFILL and God knows what kind of poisonous offset that leaves IF they every break down.

    I don’t think we can post photos here. If you are on telegram you can see the photo of the bill here https://t.me/IWTT2021/13741 if you’re NOT on telegram, you should be!

  7. Thanks for sounding the alarm on all the stuff that’s going down. The term “Beast System” becomes more understandable every day!

  8. Their more self respect and decency in sitting in the dark with candles and eating cold beans than to simply engage with the new upvsnd coming beast system. Maybe this is the dark winter thats been mention in the last 2 years to come now.

  9. The electric car is a necessary cog for the driverless motorways in their new world order agenda, so what do they do? They rub the noses of their good little followers in shite. They have no allegiance to anyone but their own, the spawn of Satan.

  10. People who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ will escape the trap of the New World Order because Jesus will take us home beforehand in the Rapture of the church. The ones left behind wil have a choice, accept the ‘mark of the beast’ or be terminated. That will be their final chance of accepting God or not. Those who are terminated, will be the ‘Tribulation Saints’ mentioned in revelation. They will be saved even though they will lose their lives in this world.

    For those who are Christians right now, need fear NOTHING as we’re going home VERY soon! Some think it could be as soon as this year.

    For those who are not Christian, accept that Jesus died for all our sins. Repent and accept Him as your Lord, He will not turn anyone away, ‘Whomsoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved’.

    God bless you all.

  11. £1 per kWh lol…
    Petrol is rated at about 46 MJ per kg, and a kWh is 3.6 MJ, so there’s about 13 kWh in every kilo of petrol. A litre only holds 719 g of petrol. So, call it about 9kWh in a litre of petrol.

    A quick google shows that petrol engines range from 20–40% efficiency, so you can expect to get 2–4 kWh from a litre of petrol…

    A 60 kWh battery is therefore equivalent to only 15 to 30 litres of petrol.
    Current UK petrol price average is £1.70 per litre.
    So we have £60 vs £25.50 to £51…. In real money…
    However, road load drops with fuel consumption but a battery always weighs a tonne….

  12. Me too Hugo, I will never go along with this system. I will die on this hill if I have to and I mean that.

  13. Plan appears to be, those that survive to 2025 area which won’t be that many, will be driven around in self driving super efficient short range as lugging the battery is bad taxi’s, short distances only, as they’ll need to return to base to recharge frequently, long distance will be trains or a thing of the past, you stay in your sector.

    Oil Downtrend, Gas uptrend, Wheat Flat, Soy Beans uptrend.

    Expect the Fuel Shortages especially Diesel to rocked the fuel prices over the the £2 per Litre October area.

    Also expect Power Cuts to save energy to stop them having to do power cuts, mid October aswell, just a way to close down industry like a lockdown, no power, no industry,.

    They won’t get a lockdown again EVER 🙂

  14. me 2 mate. I am not going to be a part of that shit system either. I’d rather live 10years in the forest with freedom, than a lifetime as a slave in theirt smart city

  15. There’s still far too many fools who are fast asleep, who still believe that they live in a democracy, and that the government has their best interests at heart. Many will still be bleating words along the lines of, “Why would governments want to slaughter their own people”, as they shiver and die in their unheated and unlit homes, unable to buy food because the supermarket shelves are empty. We tried to warn them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOC1qEGqCRU

  16. Had a email from Mercedes asking if I wanted a new sprinter an electric one, on a full charge it does 96 miles, could go to work but wouldn’t be able to get home so that’s a no. Last year opec, Russia and Iran got together and agreed to slash production by 10% to push the price’s up, but no one tells us that little tit bit do they, stay frosty peps.

  17. Spot on Hugo!
    It would be good to check if the same is happening in France in terms of electricity bills considering they are 80-90% nuclear power.

    As far as I remember residential electricity in Mexico is free. Perhaps time to feck off to Mexico then.

    The Phoenicians want to extort more money from people. Because they own energy companies have a monopoly they can set whatever prices they want. On the other side they want to push people who have more cash reserves to invest in solar power (only 23% efficient) – this will mean a lot of roofing companies will make money on installing these systems (I reckon some portion subsidised by the government which automatically makes it al least 30-50% more expensive – basically corporate/government scams (it always is the case when they subsidise)). So they extort money both ways from poorer people who cannot switch to solar power and heat pumps (who are just after people on welfare who are already set by the system) the ones who decided to invest in flats / apartments rather than houses. Then the middle class that can afford solar power and will be buying Lithium Ion batteries from Chinese companies who again are owned by Phoenicians (Black Rock, Vanguard, State Street, Fidelity). In the past they were more subtle now they can and do shovel stuff down your throat.

    I am more inclined to think that this agenda is basically their Plan B that eventually become Plan A. They knew that this financial chutzpah / bonanza is going to eventually collapse so well ahead of time they came up with all sorts of ways to take money of the people.
    I think in 2017 they introduced this auto-enrollment to investment funds for employees as a pension scheme as a mean to protect their retirement. Can you believe that?
    Regardless if you can change these funds to the better ones from 2017 the steady growth has defaulted in 2020. Do you think it is going to be better next time? I think after cryptocurrencies this government scheme is the way the banksters / Phoenicians / Sick Lords / The Families suck out liquidity out of the population. It’s insane that they can still sell this crap as a means of protection.

    By the way Hugo Ofgem is not a government agency like MHRA is not a government agency either – they only pretend to. The gov.uk veil is getting thinner and thinner. Don’t know where Ofgem is based but MHRA (allegedly a body approving vaccines and other poisons) is based in Canary Wharf. It speaks for itself.

  18. I will be joining you Hugo ! No way will I be part of their system x

  19. Another great video Hugo, thank you, like usual I have sent on to others…

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